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Stay Away From Harcourts Mandurah

Harcourts where managing our property for 3 years and let the tenet smoke inside the BRAND NEW house the whole time. Every rent inspection report and phone call we were told it’s great and the house is immaculate. We lived 1500km away and when we finally moved back into our home and we picked our keys the property manager told us how wonderful the house was and we will be please to see it.
So when we opened front door and the house stank like an ashtray we were upset to say the least. And the house wasn’t cleaned properly, dog hair tuffs in the corners, kitchen covered in oil residual, oven trays broken, internal walls absolutely filthy.
And the smell was bad, Do not use harcourts to manage your property.
We will never deal with them again for anything.


Honest, Reliable, Knowledgable Professional Experience

Jim Kapotis from Harcourts Thomastown Rata and Co is an agent worth recommending and dealing with while we sold our home. He made us feel comfortable and was full of knowledge and lots of help throughout the process of selling our home. Jim gave us lots of feedback after each open so we knew all up to date information about how were going. Jim always did what he said he was going to do and look after OUR best interest in the sell of our home. We have happily SOLD with the PRICE that we were happy with and are about to embark on our next journey. Jim has even extended his service even after the sale of our home. Thank you so much for the honest and reliable, professional service you provided.
Jim kapotis is an agent worth contacting to receive and all round service experience.


Great new property manager

Just a quick review, to say well done Harcourts , on my new property manager Hayley! Great communication and really cares for the property and the tenants (im sure the owner too!)


Unprofessional & deceitful

Be warned, we had a terrible experience that cost us dearly.
Rachel Luo of Harcourts in. Vermont South is an extremely unprofessional & dodgy agent.
She Discriminates & uses deceitful tactics to sell property. Shame on your disgusting & manipulative behavior. I cannot understand how she still has employment at this agency or how she holds a real estate license. REIV have been notified.

Harcourts Vermont south

STAY AWAY!! Terrible agency, terrible agents in particular Rachel Luo & Jimmy Lu.
Unprofessional & lack people skills. I cannot stress enough you do not want to leave your most valuable possession, your property in their hands. They were discriminative & displayed dodgy tactics. Rachel Luo was very deceitful & manipulative & upon relaying this behavior to the owner Frank Chen he dismissed it & these agents are still working at this company. Shame on Harcourts. Vermont south, disgusting agency that does not belong in such a beautiful suburb as Vermont South. They are bad energy & bad news. Go elsewhere, there are plenty of great & reputable agencies in the area.


A property manager that actually cares!

I have rented for a number of years and have never had an property manager that has been as helpful or responsive as Carli at the Thomastown office. I would gladly recommend this office to any friends or family looking for an agent based on the service I have received from Carli. What an assest for a business to have!


Harcourts Paramount Gregory Hills - Uninterested in any effort to sell our home

No effort in selling, not interested and not a finisher, won't let us out of contract and contact was minimal and had to be chased all the time, wont use again!


Less than one star would be more appropriate

Had the worse experience with Harcourts Gumdale and their staff. Inexperienced beyond belief, the property manager Gabby Dowd who signed us out had a different interpretation of the damages listed on the entry report and has withheld bond money for damages listed from the previous tenant without telling us the amounts or forwarding the accounts for repairs. Fairly confident there are laws that need to be followed and you cannot charge anyone an amount without informing what the charges are.

They are selling the house we were renting and all our neighbors can hear during all the open houses is the agent inside the house swearing and abusive language the entire time he is there. Professional????

We have been charged damages on a property that was already damaged when we moved in. Having some young upstart stand there and call me a liar without doing her due diligence. I run and own a very successful business and would not get away with treating any of my clients like these people do.

So if you enjoy being treated like a second class citizen, being called a liar and like watching your dying father and blue care are there get treated like crap while their agents visit the property then these are the guys for you.


Thank you Beth

I would like to thank Beth from the Cranbourne office for all her help. When my partner was unable to meet at an inspection Beth arrange for an inspection out of the normal hours. We are extremely happy with the service we received from Beth.
Alan and Debbie


S.A. Agent ignores genuine buyers making first enquiries

Nigel C. of Harcourts, in the Fleurieu Peninsula/ McLaren Vale area office has many properties listed on the internet for sale. As a buyer from interstate, I rely on the internet and email to make initial contact with real estate agents regarding properties that might be worth a look. Firstly, so many properties for sale in SA say "contact agent" instead of listing a price, or even a buyer range/ guide. It is very frustrating! I have emailed Nigel C of the Harcourts McLaren Vale office on several occasions and he never replies. I ended up ringing him (several messages later) and the property that I was enquiring about had only just been passed to Harcourts. The price was going up from where it was previously listed by about 30%, so I forgot about it. Then, I saw other places listed with him, for expressions of interest by a certain date. Made email enquiries, which were ignored. (I cannot call endlessly from work!) The EOI dates passed and websites not updated, so I emailed again. Weeks later, still ignored. Nigel, you obviously have more buyers than you need. A one sentence reply would have been enough to answer my emails. Not good enough!


Disappointed with Property Management

Initially experienced good service but when one of our tenants gave notice, Harcourts were unable to find a new tenant for 5 weeks in fact they said no one even inquired or attended the open houses for the 5 weeks. Initially we had the Xmas holiday period and I took that into account however it got to February and still no results. Tenants moved out and no rent for 2 weeks. I did my own research and found that properties were moving in the area during this period. I rang to discuss my concerns and found that the office was short staffed in the property management area and no one was there on this Monday. I suspect this had occurred more than once and believe that inquiries may have come in but may not have been addressed quickly enough and prospective tenants moved on. I got a new property manager and they had the property let within 6 days of taking it over, they explained they had not experienced any quieter than usual period during January and February and had let 6 properties the week we joined them. I have now moved all my properties to the other manager. I feel the ongoing management of the properties was acceptable but was very concerned that without enough staff to manage all the properties it may result in mistakes, short cuts and unhappy tenants. I think it's very important to have enough staff to manage the properties and for the well being of staff.


Terrible Property Managers

Don't use this company if you want to protect your property. They side with the tenants, and the contract you sign with Harcourts changes at their whim. No Integrity! They also have a large turnaround of staff so you have to keep repeating instructions specific to your property even though those instructions should be on file. No worth the money to engage.


I will never deal with Harcourts ever again

It all has to do with me buying this house last year.
I said to the real estate lady that I wanted to buy this house, but she said another person put in a bid the day before & I would have to put in a bid; which I did.
All because of this lady in Tullah who was not happy I was bidding on this house in town, her friend wanted that house and [name removed] made my life difficult.
Taking days to reply to emails. She even suggested I reconsider buying in this town, all because I asked how the water was.
After I won the house I asked for the keys to be left in the garage behind a rock. She said I should go to her office to pick it up even though I said I would have my 2 kids in the car waiting for till she got to work, if she even went to work that day. She would not put the keys in the garage yet as she said the papers had not been signed, even though I handed over all the money for the house. She waited till it was all signed & then she left a key wrapped in a towel under the back door; I nearly did not see it as she wrapped it so many times. As if a town of 150 people would just happen to check under the doormat.
On the page listing, it said the house came with a cabinet. When I rang [name removed], she said the planks of pine is the cabinet, I said that was not shown in the photos, a rosewood cabinet was pictured. She just blew me off.
Then a few months after that, she cornered me in the mixed business shop that she rents and had a go at me about the cabinet & she would not let up until I mentioned the police.
A few more months pasted & in that same shop I was talking to the lady on the other side of the counter; there was only me & her in the shop. The next day the police came to my place for an 'off the record' talk with me about complaints they received from [name removed] pertaining to my visit yesterday & also what I said about the price I paid for the house. The police quickly realise they were lied to & took off, never to return.
I reported this to the state manager for Harcourts in Tasmania. He said he did a thorough investigation (that included NOT talking to me) & so he took her side. I emailed all the rest of the CEO's of Harcourt in Australia & their General Manager about what had happened, it has been months now & not even 1 email or anything.
While I was trying to buy this place in Tullah, I rang another agent in Queenstown to see if he could take over from [name removed], he was sorry but he couldn't, which is a pity as he was quick to answer my emails & we got on well, even thou he could not help me
I was lucky I had a heart attack 2 years earlier, as I don't think it would have lasted with the way I was treated by [name removed] from Harcourts Tullah & subsequently, Tony Morrison CEO of Harcourts Tasmania.
Do your heart and ulcers a favour and give this low life of a company a wide berth


Harcourts Keilor East

Vendors beware of Basil at Harcourts Keilor East. Charges through the nose on advertising fees and then after your property passes in at auction, completely ignores your property and puts it in the too hard basket.
This downturn in the property market really shows who the good and bad estate agents are.

Supposedly had an offer for my home, but never saw it in writing. Only to find out today that the supposed prospective buyer bought another property, which was smaller, for $40k more, when we were told that the buyer wouldnt budge on the offer.

Told not to do an open inspection as his offsider was having Saturday off!
Also, on another open inspection, there were no flags or signs to promote the property around the area.
Saw Basil two, three times max after the property passed in at auction.
Then to top it off, would not even compromise on adjusting the over the top advertising fees.
Do not waste your time with this "real estate agent".


Stay Away From Harcourts Broadwater If You Are Renting

Recently Harcourts Broadwater has been giving Notice to Vacate premises to tenants in properties, with cheaper rent, that they manage. They tell the tenants that the property is for sale or owner wants to renovate. But it is a lie. They want you to move out so they can increase the rent to a ridiculous amount the moment the tenant moves out. They will keep increasing rent every time the lease is due for renewal. Some of the properties have major issues and they do not want to do any maintenance and will keep increasing the rent regardless. In some properties, where they say it has been renovated, the property still has original water damaged cabinetry. The renovation was DIY repair job by the owners. A paint job, lick of paint, may be new carpet and everything else not fixed at all.

Even their sales properties are overpriced. Contact from sales staff is very slow. If you ask questions, they avoid the question altogether. Their sales tactics seem very shifty compared to other real estate agencies.

Overall, my experience with Harcourts Broadwater is not good. I would advise not to deal with them. Best to use other real estate agents.

Money comes first with Harcourts Broadwater. You will regret dealing with them. Best to stay away.

So disappointed

I had an unauthorised transaction come out of my account from Harcourts Blue Kardinya with out any of my permission.
I would not recommended !!! They have dissapointed me so much!


Great service

I have found Cassie Kritchely of Harcourts Coolangatta to be extremely helpful, professional, kind and attentive when assisting me whilst renting on the Gold Coast and would highly recommend her.

Harcourt Campbelltown Top Notch

I've had the pleasure in multiple dealings with the Harcourts team from sales, property management to dealing direct with the owners of the business and from every individual i can certainly say they are extremely fair, even if i don't like what they have to say sometimes they are only doing their job and always working hard to achieve the best and most amicable result for all parties.
Their attention to detail is the best in the country by far in regards to property management, some other reviews state different but they provide a great service for the landlord and tenant which i've experienced first hand on both sides of the fence.
They have also sold properties for us and again i cant speak highly enough of our entire experience in dealing with the Harcourts team.
I feel some people are unrealistic and don't have an open mind when it comes to the job at hand, i personally take my hat off to the good people at Harcourts with the enormous task they take on day in day out and most of the time with a big smile on their face.
We hope to continue our working relationship with them for a long time to come as they simply make our life much easier and stress free

Harcourts Rouse Hill are slow, lazy and incompetent

We engaged Harcourts Rouse Hill to manage our property in Kellyville Ridge late last year, but it has been a nightmare since day one. First they didn’t do thorough background checks on the tenant prior to him signing the lease and he has been causing problems - leaving shopping trolleys and trash all over the apartment block and we have been getting complaints from neighbours.

Secondly they defend the tenant and his poor hygiene at every opportunity explaining that he personal issues. Honestly - that is not our problem, we are paying Harcourts to manage the tenant and keep the property in good condition and clean. When we ask for them to actually do their job they shift the blame onto rental laws in NSW, saying their hands are tied and there isn’t much they can do.

Lastly, they are very slow to respond to emails using excuses like being short staffed regularly. It takes multiple reminder emails and phone calls to get them to actually respond. When they finally respond the response is poor and not the outcome we were looking for.

We have made a compliant to the CEO of Harcourts and he delegated the issue to his National Manager - who spoke well but hasn’t taken any visible action to make things better.

Would definitely not recommend Harcourt Rouse Hill to anyone looking for a Rental Property Manager.

Don't do business with them

I have been a renter with them, and it was a big mistake. Don't keep their appointments, and now they still have not returned my bond after leaving the premise by more than a month. Argh!

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