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So happy we found this company

We moved from our previous provider about 4 months ago and so far our experience has been exceptional.
We are a family of 5 with 3 young children, all in good health. This means we use our cover primarily for the extras and so far it's been amazing. Everywhere we have gone has taken our cards and we receive the benefit on the spot. We receive a 75% rebate on the total cost rather than a set amount which sets it worlds apart from our previous provider.
We have not yet used the hospital admission so I can't comment on that.
I would also note that the staff at the call centre are exceptional. Absolutely outstanding actually. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and always follow up with a friendly text or email to check in. To be honest this alone is enough to make me loyal for life (assuming they don't change).
All in all this company has been a breath of fresh air in our lives and if the providers I've given my card to are anything to go by then many others are feeling the same way. The response is always "ah health . Com lots of our customers are coming in with these cards and all are raving about them"

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Please read reviews and do your own research

Initially I was inquired about health insurance through iselect. I was mislead from the very beginning quoting when I have to go into hospital for anything like tonsillectomy or wisdoms teeth I’m covered. Just pay the excess. This is very misleading because they take the teeth removal out of your dental extras so if your covered for $650 for dental and it costs $600 per tooth, your not covered so there’s another $1500 plus your anaesthetist and then there’s your excess of $500.
Also it clearly says my policy includes things like tonsillectomy and adenoids, so when my son needed a tonsillectomy I thought sweet were covered. The surgeon sent me a item list and my out of pockets were estimated over $2500 I thought that’s what my health fund will pay. Called them up and no that’s what I pay. So what do you pay for? Well the hospital fees and that’s it. Wow what an eye opener.
I also saw an osteo 2 weeks ago and using hicaps it was declined, thought I haven’t used any of this extras before so called them up and they had him down as a dentist. I’m still waiting for my 65% refund 2 weeks later. Just not good enough when you call and they say it’s been approved it will be in your account Monday and that was last week.

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Useless !!

Terrible company and horrible staff. Asked for a yearly summary of payments but refused to supply so sent 94 receipts instead. When I called to again request was told that was all they were going to supply. Useless!!

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Once bitten twice shy!

Watching the adverts for iSelect I thought I'd ring them (mid March 2018) and find out what was on offer from Health Funds as dreaded April 1 was fast approaching when Health Funds increase their prices. I explained my situation to the iSelect Consultant and what my fund was going to do and he came up with a figure of $245 pm with Health.com.au......about $35 less than my existing fund.

I was ecstatic as this is a significant saving and better in my pocket! They organised the transfer from the other fund and I thought things were hunky dory.......until.......I received an email from Health.com.au saying that as I was a new member I wouldn't have received notification yet that my monthly payment of $245 from 1 April would rise by 11%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt like I had been mislead and that this practice is unethical and outrageous soooooo BUYER BEWARE!!! Let me clarify.....I was mislead to believe that the $245 would be the ongoing monthly amount with Health.com.au........after 1 April, after all that was the whole reason for the switch.

I sent them 2 X emails stating what had happened, how I felt and asked them to refund my $$$ and did not receive a response to my emails or the repeated request until I rang (waited over 15 minutes to speak to someone) and spoke to someone who has reimbursed me and closed my account with them. Thank-you!!!

I'm happy to say that I've returned to Bupa and their customer retention area has given me a great deal and incentive to stay with them.......and now I'm happy again :)

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Premiums have increased by 10-12% every year. Customer care actively try to reduce your coverage, or

If the current rate at which health.com.au raises its premiums continues, in 10 years time, my health insurance will cost around $90 per week, or $4680 per year, for a single male.

I joined health.com.au when it was in its infancy. Year on year, premiums have risen by an astonishing amount (10-12% per annum), well above the national average. And my cover, in particular, has been raised more than the average yearly increases for other health.com.au customers.

When questioning the company as to why the rates have gone up by such large amounts, only standard and unsatisfactory responses have been provided, which relate to the reasons that private health insurance is raised in general (increase in costs due to hospital equipment and procedure costs). I have been told by customer service, in no uncertain terms, that if I did not like the price increases I was more than welcome to shop elsewhere.

They punish you for being a long-standing client. I can quote them saying that because I was a client since the beginning, that 'naturally' prices would increase more for me as I was receiving lower rates for joining the company in its infancy. This is the only type of business I have run into where you are punished for loyalty and assisting them to grow their business.

You are actively encouraged to move to lower coverage by unfair, poorly-regulated, annual price-hikes. They push you to their cheaper products, leaving you open to lacking the appropriate cover when you need it most.

Anyone thinking they're getting a good quote today, or getting some sort of special, rest assured that they will make sure they more than make up for any initial savings you may receive.


As for my review on making claims:

I have not had to use any hospital cover so cannot comment on claims made for that service.
However, I have not had any issue with claiming on the following extras:
- Chiro
- Remedial Massage
- Dental (cleaning and fillings)
- Health Maintenance (gym membership)

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Good cover, fast claims processing

We are with them now for about 5 years and never had any issues or rejected claims. Could not be happier.
Hospital or extras, within the policy limits, no problems.
Online claiming is easy as.

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Easy to deal with. Good value

I went hunting for the most basic hospital only health cover to avoid the medicare levy surcharge and health.com.au provided the most competitive and lowest rate. It's difficult to say if it's worth it in terms of things it's covering as I don't really expect to get anything out of it other than avoiding the surcharge. I like how it has ambulance cover though in the extent that I do have an emergency. Things may change as I age and actually am more likely to require more comprehensive health insurance. The process of signing up was easier, and the customer support was helpful and easy to deal with.

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Happy customer

They offer great value for money and they always provide great customer support. I have found health.com.au to provide the best coverage for my family. I am very happy with them..

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Everything in the fine print!!

Customer support fine and policy easy to establish mainly because, as we found out much to our dismay, everything is in the fine print!!! Three recent claims, fairly standard, have all been rejected because it is not covered.

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Never had a problem, im also surprised about these negative reviews

every time i had to make a claim it has been easy and quick. Every time i call the person i talk to has great customer service. my cover is a bit expensive though, i have my wife and my 2.5 year old daughter, and we only use this to go to the dentist a few times a year and glasses every year. i have to pay 90 per month.

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Ombudsman has represented me 3 times against this dodgy company - BE WARNED!!

Be warned about this dodgy company !

I have had three nightmare claims with them and am now very qualified as a customer to legitimately warn people away from them.

I have had the Ombudsman go after this company THREE TIMES. Yes, three separate times for 3 surgeries that were clearly covered under my policy WITH an approved Medicare item number AND supporting documents from my specialist.

On all three occasions they have automatically rejected the claim even with all of the supporting documentation and all three times received a warning from the Ombudsman until they eventually paid up. It took many months for my hospital and surgeon to get paid each time.

My favourite experience with this dishonest and unethical company though was ..... receiving an email inadvertently sent to me, their customer, by accident from a staff member who was bitching about and running me, my surgeon (a professor with the Royal Women's Hospital) and the Ombudsman down. It was gold.

A few minutes after she realised that she'd sent the email to the customer instead of her co-worker she rang me, trying to bluff her way through downplaying what I had just read. The arrogance and attempt at minimising what she had just done was breathtaking.

In this email, the staff member admitted to having overlooked my claim in her inbox for over six weeks, admitted that her manager had told her to "just reject" all claims and then went on to say "here we go again with this customer". It was a frightening insight into the bad ethics and illegal practices of this company (and others no doubt).

I found this company through iSelect, who I have since found out have shares in this company and as such pushed me towards signing up with them.

I will never trust or use iSelect again because of this experience.

For more than ten years I was with Medibank and Bupa and never had a single problem with a claim.

Health.com.au waited until a couple of days before my scheduled surgery to start hitting me with emails requesting "further documentation to support the necessity for" my surgery. I had, on all three occasions already paid the surgeon and the Anaesthetist in full after having received the go-ahead several weeks earlier from Health.com.au

I am a contract manager by trade and am pedantic about detail and getting things signed off clearly in writing. Even with this, and emails from them accepting my proposed surgery and Medicare item number they were still able to cause me a nightmare to the point where the Ombudsman was calling me the afternoon before my surgery to tell me it could go ahead.

I cannot put into words how distressing and upsetting it is to be mentally preparing yourself for major surgery with children at home only to have your life put into turmoil by this company and their no-pay tactics.

The Ombudsman advised me they have had a lot of complaints about this company and that their internal paperwork is in breach of the law. Yet they are still operating inspire of so many complaints and warnings from the watchdog body.

How they are still in business is beyond me but I feel so sorry for elderly or unsuspecting people who sign up with them knowing the hell they will put them through should they need to claim.

Most people would get bluffed and bullied by them and give up but I was lucky enough to know my rights and got things in writing from them. You have to be tenacious and relentless with this horrible company.

My nightmare started two years ago with them and I am about to move back to my old provider but I have stayed with them on principal to make them pay as they were clearly trying to frustrate me into giving up and changing provider - hence getting them off the hook for paying.

They have now paid and I'm moving back to my old provider but I'm hoping this review saves atleast one person from the horror of dealing with this shocker of a company.

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Fantastic health cover

I'm actually surprised by these reviews. I've been with health.com.au for 6 years and have never had a problem, I go to the dentist twice a year, the physio and sports massage regularly and I get two new pairs of glasses a year. I use my card at all these place and only pay the gap which is always small. I once had to have a colonoscopy and only had to pay 250 instead of 1350. There customer service is really fantastic. I would highly recommend them. Slightly more expensive than most funds but you pay for what you get

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Mostly good and a few gripes

The bottom line is my premium has almost doubled in the 4.5 years I've been with them so I am cancelling it.

I had my first baby and went through all that with them which was mostly fine. One time though I was confused about part of my policy and had to call like 3 times and speak to different people, all whom gave me conflicting advice, until I finally got a clear answer.
Communication from them is poor, and it's very hard to find detailed information about your policy. Also I thought under my policy my children would be covered at no extra cost. That wasn't the case, I was paying double for my child to be covered as well so straight away cancelled that.

Was good to start and now I think the premium increases are insane (%12 this year) and they change your policy details without properly communicating exactly what's changed. So I will be cancelling.

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Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!

Health.com.au are the worst Health Care Provider and are a must avoid for everyone.
They promise you the world and are Cheap BUT BEWARE! If it's to good to be true it always is.
I attempted to make a Major Dental claim to be declined being told we needed to wait another 9hrs before our claim would be valid...Due to 12 month waiting period from previous provider cover... They didn't even want to try and help or discuss a possible solution to avoid loosing me and my family as customers.
What a scam of a Health Care Provider, Please take my advise and avoid.
I'm going straight back to NIB whom I shouldn't of left in the first place, But got sucked in by the cheaper fees advertised.

Insurance claim madeYes

Disappointing customer service

Up until today, I have been satisfied with the insurance and the customer service that Health.com.au provide. I was so satisfied that I decided to become an advocate and got my wife to sign up too. I was told that I would recieve a $100 gift voucher for the referral... great! It never came.

I called up a few weeks after I received a text message saying the gift card had been sent and was told that it can take up to 10 business days to arrive and the recent public holidays may have delayed it further. A few weeks later I called to tell them that the voucher had still not arrived. The representative told me that this had happened to a few customers and he would look into it and arrange to get a voucher sent out to me ASAP. This also didn't happen. When I called back a few weeks after that I was told that the voucher had been sent, signed for and received over a month ago. I followed up with Aust Post who informed me that the $100 voucher was sent with no signature required. I asked to speak to a supervisor at Health.com.au and relayed this information back to her. She told me that the Aust Post representative had made a mistake and that she was looking at documentation that clearly stated that a signature was required upon receipt of the item. I called Aust Post again who confirmed that no signature was required nor obtained and emailed me through documentation showing as much. I called the Health.com.au supervisor back who again told me that she was looking at documentation that stated that a signature was required upon receipt of the item. I told her that Aust Post had sent me through documentation showing that no signature was required. I asked if she could send through the documentation that Health.com.au had showing that a signature was required. At this point she informed me that she did not have any documentation, and after placing me on a hold, could not locate any such documentation. She then stated she wasn't talking about my specific case she was just speaking in general terms. What the...?

So now after trying to fob me off several times, the supervisor has told me that she won't be able to investigate the matter any further today but will talk to her operations manager on Monday to see if they can resolve this problem. So disapointing.

Health.com.au, I thought we were friends but you stuffed me around and that's not how friends should act. I'm sorry but I think we might have to break up.

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Horrible Fund

Do not use this Health Fund. My husband is very sick and need to go into hospital urgently only to be told if he has another problem while being operated on they will not cover him if he needs to be resuscitated, they call it special circumstances. I called the Health Ombudsman and they said they have to cover him he is only not covered if he has to have another surgery but they still refused to cover him and so the operation had to be cancelled and now waiting to go through public sector. How disgraceful.

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Used to be so good, now terrible!

I was a health.com.au customer for 4 years and have just changed my health insurer. When I joined with them they had the best product out there, especially in terms of extras cover. In 2014 they told me they would be changing my cover, I would be paying more and losing some extras but once I had children they would be added to my policy at no extra charge. I agreed.
2015 I lost more extras.
Had a baby this year and called to add him to my policy only to be told it would be more expensive. Their reasoning was because I had a single policy, it would only be free to add my child if I had a family policy. Considering this "new policy" was sold to me under the guise that my child would be added at no extra cost and at NO time have I had family cover I was very unhappy.
I have since sealed health insurance providers.

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Very limited rebates

No rebates provided for post natal Nursing or breastfeeding Lactation Consultations. Not on par with most other health funds. Would not recommend.

Insurance claim madeNo

Terrible, agree with all the negative reviews!

The price was ok, definitely not the best. Impossible to make claims or speak to a person, OR get a consistent answer. Ended up terminating mine and my partners policy. Quick to take your money and say no or make any claim impossible.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolutely do not sign up

Initially signed up because they were competitively priced. Have put the premium up regularly by large amounts (e.g $60 last month) whilst removing features of their premium cover I.e IVF. Unwilling to negotiate. Difficult to make claims even though you're paying absolute premium. suspiciously easy to set up. Questionable affiliation with iselect.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

If considering changing over my current health insurance from Medibank Private, is there a waiting period incurred on claiming? I am looking for health cover that is basic and easy to claim where necessary. I am not a high user of medical treatments. Thanks Kathlin
1 answer
Most health funds have waiting periods for various procedures. This is normal and usually in place to stop people getting cover just as they need treatment then stopping cover once all their treatment is complete. Im not sure on what specific policy health.com.au has in this regard. However, many will waive the waiting period if you are transferring from a previous equal/higher level of cover or even as as incentives to switch over. My advise is simply to shop around and ask all your questions before committing to any health fund. As I have previously mentioned, my experiences with health.com.au have been good. I am personally not a high user of medical treatments and it works for me personally. I have also found it easy to claim but i have only used the HICAPS system of claiming. Hope that helps

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