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Health Insurance Comparison

Health Insurance Comparison

1.5 from 2 reviews

Rude and Agressive.

I did a comparison online. As usual you can't actually get any results unless you put in details including phone number as they are marked mandatory fields. Within less than 10 minutes I had an aggressive sales girl on the phone. I explained to her I hadn't had a chance to have a good look as yet and that I hadn't ticked any options requesting immediate call back. She got a bit aggressive with me and said 'well don't put in your phone number next time'. I explained to her that the site marked the phone number as a mandatory field so I couldn't get the comparison results without entering it but at no time did I request a call back. Her aggression escalated quickly (I could literally hear her sigh and eye roll) and repeated over and over 'you shouldn't of entered your phone number, you entered your phone number, don't put your phone number in next time'. The fact that the system wouldn't allow the comparison to be done unless all mandatory fields including a verified phone number where completed and that providing the information for that purpose was not the same as requesting a call back was completely beyond her comprehension. I understand perhaps some follow up is ok, but give people a couple of days or ask if they would like one. Shame as I was a genuine customer they have now lost not because of the call back but the attitude of the staff.


My last keyboard keystroke and they were ringing me

If I wanted to speak to someone I would have called. I had provided all of the information required and asked for quotes. No. They rang within seconds. I said I was busy which is why I was make an online enquiry - they would call back. I dont want you to call back - I want to see the quotes you promised! So tired of these comparison companies who steer you toward their best commission outcome. Its certainly not about the consumer. Dont bother!

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