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Tooth does not exist, despite being just extracted!!!

Today i have had a tooth extracted. Quite a loss, not pleasant, traumatic. It was done very well by the dentist,however, imagine my surprise, claim was denied. This is a second time in a row. Health Partners said the tooth does not exist.
I am humiliated, embarrassed, in front of full off people in waiting room. With gauze tampon i am supposed to keep pressure on, i have to explain myself for about half an hour, about non existent tooth just extracted.Two weeks ago, same thing, complicated restoration on ..according to Health

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Health Partners Gold Hospital for Maternity

I took up Health Partners Gold Hospital (comprehensive) cover when I was planning on having a baby. They were AMAZING to deal with. Service was exceptional whenever I had to contact them, they reimbursed me quickly and without fuss. I never had to do anything for the birth/hospital fees - it was all easily taken care of.
Additionally, they sent me a wonderful hamper of baby gear as my due-date was approaching, and signed me up to their maternity/new baby online education programs. If i lived in SA (which i don't) I could also have had help from their midwives.
I would highly recommend this policy for anyone looking for insurance that covers maternity!

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Pam, what great feedback! We're so pleased to hear you're happy with your hospital cover. Thanks for sharing and choosing Health Partners.

Health partners optical

Health Partners optical
Few months ago I visited HP optical first time because my sight went down
They check my eyes and the optometrist said you have to get to use to were the spectacles
Then they show me the expensive frame and lenses. Out of pocket more then few hundreds. Then for few months I was not happy, I was cleaning my glasses few times a day. Then I went back check my sights and they told me I have a catoract. Why they not send me to a eye specialist after first visit they said then that I have a cataract?
Now I have done one eye second next week, but I lost in few months more then 1k because they suc me in.

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Another health partners chemist disappears

20 years with this lot and it’s time to say goodbye - premiums going through the roof, real lack of choice and the chemists they are associated with keep disappearing in the north. Not good enough for what we pay for.

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Hi Sinman, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please feel free to call us on 1300 113 113 and our team can chat about other cover options that might suit your needs more. I can reassure you that our team work really hard to replace any pharmacies that have chosen to leave our network. Many thanks.

Excellent service

I recently had a hip replacement and was able to organise in home physio as well as some additional help. Health Partners were fantastic in the lead up to the operation and throughout my recovery. The customer service was excellent, I could not fault them.

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Thanks for the great feedback – I'll be sure to share with the team. Hope your recovery went well. Thanks, Angela

Best Health Insurer

Very pleased with all aspects of this insurer. Doctor also agreed that Health Partners is very good at processing claims. Cannot fault Health Partners in any regard. Keep up the excellent work.

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Appreciate your feedback Anna. We're very pleased to hear that you're happy with us :) Thanks again, Angela

Couldnt get better health cover if i tried!!

Been with Health Partners almost 18 years...signed up when i got a job with the Credit Union who handed me the paperwork for Health Partners to join at a discounted rate. Have never had 1 single problem and have paid out on every claim....and ive made many!! Couldnt be happier with the service ive recieved over this time. Dont think there could be a better fund out there. Im in for life Thanks Health Partners.

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Hi Trudy, Thanks for the 5 star review. Our team work really hard to provide our members with the best service possible. And 18 years - wow! Thanks for being such a loyal member. Angela

Peace of mind

Having had several surgeries and rehab it was such a comfort to know we were fully covered. All bills were covered and my rehab gave me an excellent start to recovery. Dentist is the best we have ever been to and we make use of the pharmacy discounts frequently, would hever think of switching health cover.

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Thanks for the great feedback Wens! Glad to hear you're happy with your cover and the service we provide. Many Thanks, Angela

The best insurer I've ever dealt with!

Having been privately insured most of my life, I've dealt with the best and the worst health insurers. Health Partners ARE the best and I plan on staying with them for a long time! I deal with all their participating pharmacy's, optical stores and my dentist - all just fabulous and much, much cheaper! Phoning and visiting their service desk is always a delight and I've even been saved money by their suggestions on policy! How good is that!!

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Thanks for the fab review Ali and for being such a loyal member – it's greatly appreciated. Looking forward to being your Health Care Provider for many more years to come. Thanks again, Angela

little gem of a health insurer

This was Scott Pape's recommendation from Barefoot Investor. Not for profit health insurer, so I guess more back for us. I did my own research and compared what each fund pays back on average each year, and this one came up trumps. I have heard form friends they have great customer service, i haven't been with them long to qualify that, but my friends are fans. They have real cheap physio out of pocket. And pharmacy huge discounts. Kids got menningicoccle vaccinations super cheap (they are super expensive). We only paid something like $37 for them, compared to like $125. And you need two shots, so it gets expensive. my son is booked for an operation (minor) and there is no excess to pay. So far, so good Health Partners!

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Thanks for such a great review. We're glad to hear you're happy with your Health Partners cover. Our team work really hard to provide our members with the best possible service. Many thanks, Angela

Kids Dental

Awesome professional dentists at Health Partners.
Not only are the visits free for kids, the dentists make the kids feel comfortable which is great peace-of-mind.
Would recommend Health Partners to anyone.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback Nick! We're very pleased to hear you're happy with our service. Thanks again, Angela

I wouldn't be with another Health Fund

I love their services, especially that, for the important categories they have their own clinics,
I have been a member since 1974, so that should tell you something.
The Optical services are excellent, I use the Modbury (SA) Offices, they provide all services including the most up-to-date diagnostic tools. I was diagnosed with Cataracts ten years ago and within a couple of months had been to a Specialist and had them operated on. The cost was minimal after benefits. Now, because of my age I see an optician once a year and they take care of the plan. I can't complain about the cost and selection of frames and lens, they have a huge range to choose from and the "gap-free" ones are as good as most others. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I can't say anything is wrong, because I'm completely satisfied.
Although I hate visiting dentists, I do go to their clinic at Modbury (SA) and except for the odd occasion the treatment is quite comfortable and, even when there's a hint of discomfort, the Dentist and her assistant do everything to remove the discomfort. Mine gives me advice when it's needed. After benefits the charges are minimal. The support staff arrange appointments and give appropriate reminders. I can't fault them.
Their Pharmacy services offer benefits on none PBS prescriptions, which we take advantage of for specific medicines. The pharmacies, take part in a scheme where they offer 20% discount off all but prescriptions, This is applied even if an item is discounted, unless stated in-store. One Pharmacy didn't comply, so we stopped using that particular one. There are quite a selection of Partners to choose from, so we were not disadvantaged.
The only Partner that we simply don't use any longer was a Physiotherapist who hurt both me and my wife with his treatment. However, the wide choice of Partners didn't leave us disadvantaged. I have used a Chiropractor for many years and he gives me excellent service, which is partly covered by Health Partners.I also regularly use a Podiatrist who is excellent, whose fees are reduced by the Health Partners benefits.
My Hospital treatment and room charges are fully covered and here in SA there are perks such as News papers and TV included within the benefits.
Some very expensive home treatment or monitoring devices are covered, some fully, because the benefits are very generous, for example I required a Machine to manage a certain Health problem, which was costed at $1,200. Health Partners benefit pay $1,000, so I bartered and the supplier gave me a discount of $200, so it cost me nothing, During my 34 years I've purchased several health devices and I can't remember them ever costing me any more than my contributions.
We took out the highest and most comprehensive plan available in 1984 and some years we save hundreds over our contributions and other years, they win. Up to now we're probably a few dollars down over the 34 years, but now we are older we tend to be slowly gaining. I can't think of anything any other Health Fund could offer me to make me change over to another, apart from some minor glitches explained above, which have not been the fault of Health Partners, we are completely satisfied.

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very limited rebates

No rebates provided for post natal Nursing or breastfeeding Lactation Consultations. Not on par with most other health funds. Customer service staff were rude to deal with. Would not recommend this health fund.

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Extremely helpful and accomodatiing

I would like to extend my greatest thank you to all the staff at the Goodwood branch, especially Kate. Incredible customer service. When I thought I had broken my brand new glasses, Kate found, and had ready, a replacement set just in case. A very helpful Matt was able to repair mine. Nothing seemed like too much trouble. Highly recommend them.

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Poor Customer Service!

Moved to Health Partners from another private health fund, but wish I hadn't. Phoning the call centre was upsetting. I phoned twice and spoke with 2 different people. They were both extremely unhelpful, not friendly and both progressively rude. I will be leaving Health Partners after this experience as it has left me in the dark prior to surgery. At least I am covered, but not a nice experience at all. I would give them a miss to be honest. We pay enough without the extra burden of unhelpful staff.

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Lacking choice

Have been with HP for many years but now find them to be expensive and only get good cover if using their providers, many of which are not convenient to access, This system of private health no longer supports choice, which Is main reason for private health cover. Will be shopping around.

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Put wrong prescription in, no real apology..!

Nice people but terrible optical lab. They put + rather than - lens for one eye. Went back and was fobbed off until they checked. No real apology, no refund, and replacement was delayed. Wouldn't go back.

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Good value gone

Used to be good value and the service is great > But good value no more. Been with them for 10+.
Price keeps going up along with less services. I had to opt out on paying $68.00 a month on the Gold Extra because of this.
Ambulance cover used to be ok but now one will only get two trips per year to the Hospital. Lol! Not much good when you get older and may need Ambulance more than two trips per year.
I decided there for to go with Phoenix. I get better coverage and UNLIMITED Ambulance cover!
My suggestion; Shop around.

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Very competitive covers, excellent customer service

Moved to HP from BUPA mainly for their much better optical benefits. They have some very competitive and comprehensive extras and hospital covers. Their customer service is amazing, also love the frames and sunnies range in their optical stores.

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Premium up by 10% and ambulance cover reduced to one per year

Whilst the national average for increase of premiums is 4.8%, this year they once again tried to slug me more than double the national average plus they have downgraded the ambulance cover for most if not all policies to one ambulance per year. I have been with them for years and never made a claim, yet this is how they treat me. In the meantime their budget for tv advertising appears to be unlimited. Adverts every night and in one ad break this evening, there were two ads together.
Clearly they have their priorities wrong: treat existing customers who don't make any claims, like dirt but try and entice new customers by spending money on advertising that they should be spending of f'ing ambulances.
No doubt trying to recoup the lost members from their ambulance downgrade mistake (one insurer I spoke to said they had taken many enquiries from Health Partners members looking to move because of the ambulance nonsense).

The one time I needed to speak to someone, the person spoke like a computer; refused to answer many of my questions and refused to put me through to a manager. I can well imagine how it would be with them if you needed to make a claim: and that was something I decided I never wanted to have to go through with them.

All in all these people may be not for profit but in every respect that I have experienced, they behave as if they were the least caring, greedy, unhelpful commercial insurer you could imagine. I have now moved to another fund.
My advice: stay away from Health Partners, there are better funds out there.

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Anyone from NSW and have used their Top hospital cover with Health Partners? Wondering about NSW people's experiences claiming hospital. Not interested in extras experiences as we don't claim enough to warrant paying for extras.
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Do I still have ambulance cover with gold extras?
1 answer
Hi Alex, With our Gold Extras cover you're covered for emergency ambulance. For individual limits or more info, just give us a call on 1300 113 113. Hope that helps, Angela

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