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Hestia H100

Hestia H100

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Ok but not worth more than $100

once you find a good place to put the monitor the image quality is really good, it's easy to set up once you get used to setting it up as well. however disappointed with the sound. When baby cries it doesn't pick it up unless the baby is loud, and there's constant static. I wouldn't pay more than $100 (which is what we bought it for at the baby expo), if you're willing to pay more than $200 better off going with angel care and spending the $300.

I've exchanged it once already

The first system I received had two black lines down the monitor's screen. No hassle with exchanging it but the new set I received has sound issues. It's a bit crackly/static-y even when volume is on 3 it's already very noticeable. Otherwise I really like the product, video quality is decent. It's easy to set up.

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dont buy this monitor. It's useless. For $175 online my Aldi monitor for under $100 works better. The sound is terrible and on max volume cannot pick up much sound at all, oh except white noise and static.. Which on their website claims no annoying white noise or static - interference free

Had To Return Two For Diffrent Reasons

The first monitor I got had lost pixels (a black line down the screen) returned this for another one, this worked well at first after having it plugged in for 24 hours it stopped working and wouldn't regain a signal, I tired all the trouble shooting option and will be returning this one also. I'm very disappointed with this product after reading so many great reviews.

Very Handy

I asked around at several stores which monitor was highly recommended and I'm glad I made my purchase based on their advice.
The Hestia monitor is so easy to set up and the functions are also easy to use.
The picture quality is clear and the range option is fantastic.
It also comes with night vision which is handy at night.

Not Happy Jan!!

Quality of image is great and auto night mode is handy BUT system is useless because it doesn't have a zoom function so you're continuously disturbing your baby while adjusting where the monitor sits. The monitor comes with a plastic plate which you fix to the wall....who does this?? The camera off of the plate can only sit on flat surfaces...no way to clamp it onto the cot...very clumsy design. The point of a baby monitor is to be portable, functional and multi use which this is NOT. Arghh what a waste of $200 incl postage!! Try another brand for sure - picture quality alone isn't worth the purchase!

So far ticks all the boxes

We've been using our Hestia monitor for over 5 months now and I'm quite happy with it. Super clear image and sound is clear also. The battery life is good and gives me about 4 hours of the charger. I found the bonus stand that comes in the pack very useful when adjusting the camera. I found it very easy to set up and not hard to navigate at all.

Waste of time and money.

This product is bad. Spent $200 on this monitor and 2 rooms away it is out of signal coverage. The monitor will not pick up a signal unless I'm within 2m of the camera. This was from day 1. I will definitely be asking for my money back.

Great value & works great!

An amazing baby monitor and so easy to use. I've been using this monitor day in and day out for over 15 months now and it is flawless.
Great range and I have never had any drop outs or static. The battery usually lasts me at least 4-5 hours of the charger which is way more then what I need.
I have just purchased a second camera and we use it as a spare when travelling to see family.
Hestia is really the monitor of choice for mums and I am glad i made my purchase.
Great screen quality and battery life

Fantastic Baby Monitor

A real godsend being able to see what our baby is up to without disturbing them! We purchased this brand because two other family friends are using it and highly recommended Hestia. The monitor has a large screen displaying the picture. Infrared picture is nice and clear. Good range and has a clip so you can wear the monitor around the house. I can usually get 2-3hrs of the charger to work around the house whilst keeping the monitor on me just in case I need to check up on our little one. Great monitor and I really couldn't go without it.
good range and portable with good battery life

Does what's expected - but no bells and whistles

This is a good video monitor, the camera is good and the monitor works well. I just find myself wishing for a few more bells and whistles (e.g. time and date and room temperature) for the money it cost - I got it on special with an extra camera for $199.

The monitor is very lightweight, so it feels a little flimsy and can sometimes feel hard to hold onto - I've dropped it a few times but it hasn't broken. It also runs out of battery quite quickly, so I need to plug it in whenever I'm not using it. I think this has to do with the sound sensor being very sensitive, so it triggers the monitor when there is louder than usual traffic or the white noise machine is running.

The camera won't angle downwards when its sitting on a horizontal surface (e.g. shelf) making it very hard to mount above the cot, where you would get an unobstructed view. The solution to this is to mount it on a wall, but this is not always possible, so it reduces the camera's viewing capacity.
Great camera and night vision is excellent - you can see the baby breathing!
Monitor runs out of battery quickly unless the baby's room is silent at all times, and the camera does not angle downwards on a horizontal surface, making it hard to view a cot from above.

Excellent & Reliable

We went through 3 other brands before trying the HESTIA H100, I wish we found it sooner. Crystal clear sound and video, no interference (and we have a lot of wireless gadgets in our house). My wife and I are amazed with the quality & the option of adding further camera units. Would highly recommend this unit to anyone, after trying 3 other brands this is the only unit that performed flawlessly.

Generally good with a few glitches

Good quality baby monitor with excellent range. The picture is quite clear and great that you can have multiple cameras.

Battery life isn't great, it only last a few hours off the charger. And when the charger is plugged in it is actually quite hard to stand the monitor up as it falls over from the weight of the plug.
Good range, clear picture, multiple camera option
Poor battery life and hard to stand up when charger plugged in.

Simple and all we need

It's so Easy to keep an eye on my bub now.
Hestia is so Simple & easy to use. It's so easy to set up, I even set it up before my partner got home. All I had to do was take it put of the box & charge it for 3 hours & it was ready to go.
The screen is so light, I just pin it to my pants if I'm hanging the washing outside or if I'm moving around the house.
Very easy to setup

My search for the perfect baby monitor

I was given the task by the wife to pick the right baby monitor, after she had given up the search because of the many options available. I don't have a great deal of time to spare, so I started my quest by researching the different brands and reading what other parents had to say on the web. The one that most definitely stood out to me was the Hestia H-100. Feedback from the majority of other parents was great, and the features were what I was looking for. Prior to purchasing this baby monitor I would constantly walk into our sons room and watch his chest go up and down just to make sure he was ok...first time dad I guess!
The feedback from most retail staff on this product was also positive and what really sold me was the quality of the image on their screen. Simple to use with limited buttons and well designed to be portable, & the range and frequency were much better then other options out there.
I choose the Hestia monitor over 9 months ago and we love it, so I've written this review to provide my experience to other parents.
250m range, digital audio and 320x240 colour resolution screen

Simple & Useful

As a first time mum I really wanted to purchase a monitor that would help me keep an eye on my bub and be reliable.

I am confident to recommend this brand to other mums who are looking for the same thing. The range with the Hestia monitor is great and all the reviews mentioning "screen quality" are spot on. I can always easily see what are little boy is up to day or night. The night vision is good and the compact design is perfect, which makes it genuinely portable and I can take it with me all over the house. This was defiantly one of the best buys for me and my baby.
4 Camera option

Started off good but went bad very quickly

I purchased the hestia h100 a couple of months before my first child was born. I had never heard of it but was told it was the best seller at Babymode. I didn't actually use it till my son was 3 months old and it started off good. Great picture quality and no static. However a few months later I noticed it wasn't charging and as it was under warranty I has it fixed which the customer service for it was great and a quick turnaround. However, fast forward 10 months later I had the same problem again. It was no longer under warranty and I was told or was a wear and tear issue. I find this hard to believe considering it lasted me well under 2 years and it was a problem I had encountered only a few months in. The customer service this time was disappointing, they said I was better off purchasing a new one and by this time I was expecting my second so needed to look into getting a second camera anyway. The issue being wear and tear after only a short amount of use is rediculous. To finish the whole kit off, the charger's insert bit fell apart in me when I tried to see if I could somehow charge the monitor in a certain position... I suppose this was wear and tear too!

I won't be purchasing another one even when I was offered a better price because I encountered the same problem twice and it didn't last me very long. It had potential but the quality was beyond upsetting. No warning, nothing just left me without a monitor overnight.
Picture quality
Product overall quality was pathetic

Must have been designed by Parents!

This was my second attempt with baby monitors. When we came home with our second child we were definitely more savvy and informed about what we actually needed from a baby monitor.
Our first monitor was a complete failure to say the least. I am happy to say we are very pleased with our new choice, which is the Hestia video monitor. I wasn’t after features and gimmicks that I would never actually use, I just wanted a digital monitor that would allow me to clearly see and hear our babies at night when they were alone asleep in their own rooms.
The Hestia video monitor has excellent night vision and really provided me with a perfect image at night. This has given me such peace of mind and freedom to relax, and finish all the things I couldn’t get to during the day!
The audio component is also just as good, and the option to add additional cameras was perfect for our family situation with two children under 3.
The sales girl at the store we purchased our Hestia monitor from said that it was the most popular brand, and I can see why.
Great Screen quality

does the job well

I bought this product as a replacement of my old Oricom monitor. The price was attractive and really worth it in terms of quality.1.) Range : I place a camera unit in my bedroom on the 2nd fl. The monitor could be used as far as a few hundred meters away on different floor. There is no interference.2.) Night / Day mode : good quality3.) Sound : a Lot better compared to our older oricom monitor.4.) Look and feel : Light weight and good looking design.5.) 4 Cameras available : This is perfect for me because I move my baby from rooms to rooms so I can have up to 4 cameras to 1 monitor!So overall, I would recommend this product to all mums!!
4 cameras

good but not great

We purchased this momitor as our friends have used it and my husband found it online for $180. I wanted a camera because our bedroom is the opposite end of the house and to be able to spy and check if I really needed to get up was a bonus! It is very easy to use and has been very reliable when it is plugged in and the customer service was excellent when I checked a few things with them. I wish that I had researched the features alot better before our purchase because after using it and speaking to other mothers with camera monitors I have realised that some key features are missing. Though the clarity on the camera is fantastic there is no way of turning it off in that it comes on with every noise (other cameras have a button to turn the camera on once the baby is making noise) which means that our bedroom lights up like a christmas tree every time she wakes. we have turned the brightness down to zero and its still very bright. There is also no way to turn down the sensitivy in her room which means passing cars sometimes set it off (my husband has stuck some felt over the microphone to try reduce this). It is also very loud which is great when we are watching TV or around the house but even on the lowest vloume it can be pretty loud in the middle of the night, I lay it flat on my bedside table to reduce the shock of it coming on. The battery life is very good and is does make a quiet little beeping sound when the battery is low but it could do with a longer warning time and maybe a louder beep! I also started to notice that when I was turning the camera on just to check on her that she would start to stir. I have realised now that the camera sometimes makes a clicking noise when it turns on in her room so sometimes checkiing the camera would actually wake her up if she wasnt in a deep sleep. The power supply to the monitor in our room also constantly buzzes
Very clear camera, easy to understand and use, good battery life
no option to turn off camera, no way to change noise sensitivity in babies room, quite loud and bright even on lowest settings.

Great monitor!

There are loads of monitors on the market but I decided to buy the hestia h100 after reading the features and reading the reviews. I am glad I did! The picture quality is clear, I have overridden the voice activation feature as I want the monitor to be on all night so if I wake up I can just look over at the monitor and see that my bub is sleeping fine. I have the monitor plugged into the wall all night so the battery life isn't a problem, but it does me fine all day without being plugged in. Downside for me is that it would be handy for the camera to swivel more and maybe an attachment to fit onto the cot.
Great picture quality
More swivel on the camera and attachment parts to fit onto the cot

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, can any one advise how the box works with 2 cameras? Does it only work for the camera number it is set to? Does it automatically scan?
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where can u buy this baby monitor from?
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I bought ours on Ebay but the seller has none for sale at the moment. I'd suggest getting it online - search for chuckles hestia and see how you go. Cheers Vince

Has anyone had issues with the monitor unit turning off overnight even when the charger is plugged in? I'm not talking about VOX we have had a few instances when the unit has powered off cos of low battery even though it was left on the charge overnight
2 answers
Hi Teddy, If you go to Chukles.com.au and send the team an email they can help with any issue. I also found this number 1300 88 29 44 give them a call.I did. It was apparently due to wear and tear with the charger and the insert in the monitor.


Hestia H100
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