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Hipod Roma

Hipod Roma

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Wasn't expecting good quality. But 100% is.

I had already bought mother's choice car seat online through target for $169.00 which is amazing then couple weeks lately I was searching for the same brand too buy second when I came across hipod Roma for a fraction of the price $129.00 and saw how great the reviews were. Once I payed and received my second car seat via postage I said to myself I wish I found this the first time I purchased online through target. Amazing quality definitely will grow with one of my new born twins highly recommend! Either way I got two great car seats from target online.

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Hi Sez, thanks for your review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Hipod team.

Good enough & very light

When I first installed this seat in our car, I was pleased it was a very light seat and capable of using it on an airplane (one of a few seats apparently approved by airlines).

However I think the slim nature of the seat and its lightness contributed to an alarming level of side sway/slack when installed in the car - can you imagine in a side impact (God forbid) how much the seat itself will move along with my child in it. But I soon realised this inability of the Hipod to be side-rigid in the car is just the nature of the child seat secured only with the seat belt instead of the much more rigid Isofix mounts. So a $15 Isofix strap from ebay soon solved this issue ie. in addition to the standard seat belt, I locked down the Hipod with this additional strap into the car's Isofix mount, and it's made the child seat far more rigid side-to-side.

My rather petite 4 year old daughter fits quite well in it, and there appears to be room for her to grow into it a bit more. So for the price it's good child seat, with a $15 Isofix strap it's a great one.

One final thing - it's Australian made!!!! How about that!!!!

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Thank you for your review! Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss the movement of the seat with us in further detail. Kind regards, The Britax Team

Good all round seat

This seat is easy to install and use. My child seems comfy and nearly always falls asleep when riding in this seat. As for cleaning i find removing the cover a bit tricky as the harness needs to bed removed to take the cover off, considering the price is reasonably low compared to many other seats on the market, this seat is most definitely worth taking a look at.

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Hi Emma, thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Hipod team.

Comfortable and affordable

I had ordered this car seat online from Target for my 18 months old son. It is comfortable and very lightweight. My little one enjoys the drive seated comfortably and securely in this car seat. Being lightweight, its very easy to carry around as well. It is medium padded which gives more space and comfort to my little bub during the long drives. Overall a good product for its very affordable price.

Does a good job for it's price.

I had ordered it online from Target and it arrived in a nicely packaged box. Lifting the box itself gave me an idea that it is very lightweight. I also had a doubt till I unboxed it whether it would fulfil all the basic requirements of a car seat since it was so light. But I was surprised after I opened it and set it up. For it's price, it was comfortable enough for my kid and I was also able to strap him securely in place. It is easy also to carry it around since it is lightweight. Overall, it is an affordable car seat that serves it's intended purpose.

Worst car seat

It's so awkward to strap the baby in this seat, straps are always twisted and securing the straps when you are in a hurry will make you swear. Don't feel my baby is safe in this seat. Also the sides are too prominent, baby can't see you if you seat next to her. Our brother in law bought it for us and we are about to change it.

babies love it

I never thought there were any differences between various car seats. My second baby used this seat and she was really calm in the car compared to how my first child was. I had put it down to personality but recently my first child sat in the seat and said it was more comfortable than hers and that led me to think that their different level of tolerance for the car had something to do with the car seat. So if it's the seat that led to a calm baby in the car, then that's the best car seat.

Good affordable seat

We didn’t go all out on a car seat because we only drive a few times a month. This seat does exactly what we need and is rear facing to 12 months. Our baby is a happy traveler so it mustn’t be uncomfortable.

I do find it easy to accidentally forget to tighten the side strap that holds the seat in place while rear facing. On a few occasions I’ve had to pull over because I’ve neglected to do it, if it was somehow more obvious I would have rated 5 stars.

We’ve had a couple of vomit incidents in it but you wouldn’t know. The cover is removable so cleaning is pretty easy.

Excellent Car seat. Easy to Set up

The car seat was easy to install and easy to use. My son found this seat very comfortable as he always falls asleep in the seat (And stays asleep!). Cleaning is pretty easy and storage was ok. I would recommend this seat to others as it provided more padding than the other seats I had looked at the same price point.

Great seat very similar to the expensive one in the other car

I grabbed this seat for my work car, I was a little worried about buying such a cheap seat that it wouldn't be as nice for the little man.
Installing it into a hilux was difficult, though that more about the hilux then the seat. My son seems to enjoy this seat more then his other seat.

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Hi Seb, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. We're glad your little one is enjoying his seat. Warm regards, the Hipod team.

Great baby seat

Very good seat for the price. Very easy to install and It will get bubs right through to 4 years without the need to change seats or spend more money.
Made from Quality materials
Buying online was simple and I got it after 3 days it saved a trip to the store.

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Hi Ron, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. We're glad to hear you found our car seat easy to install and of high quality! Warm regards, the Hipod team.

Fantastic car seat

This is an all around fantastic car seat, my 3.5year old can still rearface in it.
Recline is fantastic! Super comfy! Even my car seat hating child loves this seat.

Only down fall is installing, i have installed many car seats and this is the most difficult, especially to install forward facing i would highly recommend a fitter unless you 100% know what your doing.

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Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. We're glad you liked the recline and comfort of our car seat. If we can assist you with anything regarding the installation in future, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 363 358. Warm regards, the Hipod team.

Good value car seat

Easy to install. Good value, we bought this for my husbands ute for occasional trips with our son. Our son actually prefers this car seat to our more expensive Britax, the buckle doesn’t press into him as much and he sits more upright so can see more out the window. We don’t use it that often so cleaning hasn’t been an issue. I do worry that it’s not quite as safe as the more expensive ones. It just feels a little less secure - my toddler has more room to move around, it doesn’t keep them strapped in as well, which I imagine wouldn’t be good in an accident - but I’m not an expert and it’s passed all the Australian car seat certification checks so I’m comfortable using it for short trips.

Wow! Strong built, carefully designed

Hipod Roma car seat is carefully designed for newborns and very easy to install. The seat cover can be removed for cleaning. We wash it on Cold temperatures with minimal spins. Initially we were concerned about its fitting but good one.
Even though it is at lower price level than its peers, it does its job with perfection. The only drawback I see is it is usable only till 4yrs of age. Should be something like newborn to 8years. Am I asking bit too much ehh? hehe

Could be a little better

We chose this seat because it was the cheapest at the time but i now wish we had shopped around a little more. Bub is at the wriggly stage (8 months old) and placing him in the seat is a real battle. Maybe all car seats are the same when it comes to wriggly babies? We need to keep bub down as low as possible to enable the seat belt to pass over his arms. Once this is done, the harness clicks in very easily. It seems comfy enough with thick padding but i think the fabric might be on the warm side in the summer and i will be looking for a coolish liner. We paid someone to install the seat even though it is one of the easiest seats to install. Adjusting the seat belt is fairly easy.

Affordable nice baby car seat

Quite easy to set it up with good enclosed instruction, very good & safe for new born baby.
Been looking around and this is a good baby car seat with a very reasonable price.
Very sturdy build as well, not very heavy, nice polyester fabric so it's easy to clean.
Baby and mother are very happy!

Easy to use

We have this car seat in my husbands car and it is wonderful.
Easy to set up and install, very simple to adjust far easier to set up than my more expensive branded seat.
Great room for growth with the child and this price is so affordable. Very happy with its performance

Perfect seat for both toddler and newborn

Love this seat!
Easy enough to install with clear instructions for both forward and rearward facing.
Have one for my toddler and one for my newborn and both seem very comfortable in it.
Leaves enough space at driver and passenger seat to sit without having to have seats too far forward.
Bought first seat as it is one of the few car seats approved for airplane travel. Also had good instructions on how to install in airplane seat and felt really solid and stuck.

Could not love this seat any more!

The baby seat for newborn to 5 is a brilliant option

This baby seat was very easy to install in my holden astra. Fitted beautifully .sat furm and safe .my grandson thought it was the ants pants .he fell asleep asap when on the road to home .the extre padding around the little babies head and there bodies safe .light weight.held tight .

Good car seat quite large

The car seat is easy to use and install although the carseat is quite large and just fits in my mitsibichi lancer it seems comfortable for my daughter and we live rural so we have many long hour trips to town and she has no issues sitting in it and has used it since birth.

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Questions & Answers

I am buying this seat used. For grandmas car. Wanting to know if it will fit in a 2011 Hyundai i30
1 answer
Hi Wylderose, thanks for your question. The Hipod Roma dimensions are; Rear facing (approx.) - L: 74.5cm, W: 44cm, D: 57cm Forward facing (approx.) - L: 72cm, W: 44cm, D: 40cm We hope this helps, kind regards, the Hipod team.

Hey all, I have just ordered the highpod Roma for my car which is a rather small car (peauget) and I was curious if it's going to fit, I originally had a mother's choice installed and it's rather chunky and sits awkwardly.
1 answer
Hi Maddie, thanks for your question. This is a difficult question to answer without knowing your vehicle however I can provide you with the approx. dimensions; Rear facing - L 74.5cm W 44cm D 57cm Forward facing - H 72cm W 44cm D 40cm Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like any further assistance. Kind regards, the Hipod team.

Can you get replacement straps for these seats?
1 answer
Hi Davconn58, thanks for your question. Please give us a call on 1300 303 330 with the series number information from your seat so we can point you in the right direction. Kind regards, the Hipod team.


Price (RRP)$129
Age Range0-48months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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