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Hisense HR6TFF342 (342L)

Hisense HR6TFF342 (342L)

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Save your money don't buy it

Fridge now 3years old and constantly leaking, sometimes when closing the fridge the freezer door opens and if you didn't notice it, have a mop handy. Worked really well at first then after 3years becomes faulty..dont buy it.
Fridge temperature - poor control, my vegetables are frozen inside the fridge
Design- door handles are good
Space- lots of space in fridge for storage.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

perfect fridge for single person

My fridge maintains perfect temperature, never needing adjustment, has attractive lines and is strong and easy to clean and operate. The compartments are good and it seems long-wearing. recommend it, my model is 342B and the price was right. It is also compact of space and suitable fr tight spaces.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Horrendous waste of electricity and food

No wonder it is discontinued. Wish I knew beforehand how much trouble this would be, bought it at Good Guys after the old fridge died. Was a great fridge when it was new and no troubles.
Even survived moving house.
I have never had so much water inside a fridge and even in the crisper trays and on the shelves.
I defrosted it myself and it was great for about a month and then the water happened again. I have become a sort of expert at defrosting this fridge which I have to say is honestly a pain in the neck.
I threw out so much food through the water puddles.
Now I am going to look for a good brand that is well known and can be reliable.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Pathetic excuse for a fridge

Will never deal with hisence ever again. After being convinced to buy the fridge from good guys we have had nothing but trouble.. first it was seals lost our food several times. Then it was doors not staying closed seal again.. then it was false advertising of stainless steel because its peeling of fron wiping with just a damp cloth (NO CHEMICALS) and now we have had to switch off because of it getting extremely hot on sides and around seals. Almost to hot to touch..

Date PurchasedMar 2015

This fridge keeps leaving puddles of water on my floor!

Condensation keeps building up in freezer leaving large pools of water in front of the fridge and it has ruined my timber floor!! Did it when 12 months old and had service guy out who drilled a bigger waste hole in back. Then 10 months later same thing happened again. Service guy put new seal on back of freezer compartment to insulate motor from freezer better. It fills up with ice and needs to be defrosted. If I would turn it off for 8 hours, it would work fine again, service man told me but I bought a frost free fridge that I now have to defrost. I had Westinghouse for 28 years and never called a service man out. Don't think I will ever buy a Hisense anything again.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Never again! What a lemon!!!

Brought this fridge from Harvey Norman after sales guy convinced me it was just as good as a fisher & paykell!! 3 year warranty sounded good too. It's now 2 years and the fridge isn't working, took 4 days to get a repair team out which didn't solve problem. Awaiting whether I'll get a replacement. Meanwhile it's 30 degrees in northern NSW everything's gone off, and the customer support people really don't care. They have lied to me, avoided answering my emails and have done nothing helpful for me. Don't go cheap spend the extra money and get a quality product, never had a problem with my F&P in 12 years till it died and I was happy with that.

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Update: Hisense arranged a store credit and we now have a Westinghouse side by side fridge freezer, they also refunded me $130 for spoiled food


Bought this fridge just over 3yrs ago. It was replaced under warranty just under 3 yrs old. Had the replacement now for 14mths & it has now stopped working. Luckily i got an extended warranty.

Not yet convinced

I bought this fridge two weeks ago from F & W City.
I bought a new fridge because the old one (an ancient Fridgedair) had the death rattles when it switched off, would run more often than not and frosted up so I hoped to save power and money.
Upon initial start-up, the sides got so hot, I could hardly touch them. After several hours, it seemed to settle down and appears to be working well.
However, when it starts up (every couple of hours for twenty minutes) it is unbelievably noisy! The instruction manual states that a trickling sound (the refrigerant) is not a fault, yeah, well tell me something I don't know but it's the other weird sounds it makes that's bloody irritating.
It squeaks, it pops, it whines and it murmurs. Since it's in a bed sit, it wakes me in the night at crazy hours.
The squeaks may be the air vent flaps moving? Like a dry shaft pushing through a seal? Does it have air vent flaps?
The pops sound like some sort of diaphragm over extending. I wonder if it's got diaphragms.
God only knows what the murmurs and the whining is all about.
My beer isn't icy cold like I like it either. I'll run the spirit level over it again as from what I've read (after the fact of course) leveling seems to be quite important with a slight tilt to the rear

No problems what so ever..great fridge

Looks great, doesn't make much noise at all..keeps everything nice and cold..no problems with leaking and yes i am a happy customer..Great 3 year warranty and service and installation from the Good Guys was excellent.

Condensation? Read this!

Originally I had some severe condensations issues with this fridge after owning it for about a year and the issue went on for a lot longer. This fridge has worked well, nice and cold and a fair amount of space for the price, but it would constantly leave puddles on the floor and defrosting didn't seem to work.

I would recommend this fridge to anyone first moving out of home, or for a single person not needing a lot of space. You will need a screw driver come time to defrost, unless you want to defrost it for more than 8 hours.

How to correct the condensation issue:

It turns out that you do a deep defrost to correct the condensation issue! You can remove the back wall of the freezer and you will find that there is a tiny drain under the cooling elements that can get frozen up - this is where the condensation wants to go.

To remove the freezer back wall, you have to remove the ice cube compartment and all screws you find in your way. You remove the back wall by pulling the top of the back wall toward you while pulling upward on the wall. If you've been having condensation issues, you will find it all frozen up at the bottom. I poured boiling water over it until the water could eventually drain out of the tiny hole at the back.
Reliable and inexpensive.
Requires quite a bit of work to defrost it properly.

Great fridge for people with low income

This is a great fridge and does an amazing job, it is also a looker ;)
It's a conservative size given the internal capacity.
It chills quite fast, ice cubes were solid within an hour.
We haven't had any problems with it at all.
The only complaint I would have is that the power plug isn't flat, but it's recommended to give the fridge a 7cm gap from the wall anyway, so it's not really a problem.
inexpensive, standard 3 year warranty

My fridge is still going strong 5 years later.

Purchased in June 2014.

See review above - HiSense fridges have problems with condensation and leaking water

The fridge we had has had perpetual problems with condensation, and at one stage stopped cooling altogether. Our problems mirrored the other poster above - HiSense promised to send a contractor but didn't. A part was sent for us to fit. Many weeks of complaints, and then the advice was. Turn it off for 24 hours. Well, it worked at the expense of food that had to be thrown out. After that, the condensation problem has recurred again. Don't know what can be done other than to sell it off to some poor soul. You may wish to google HiSense fridges and you will find that the condensation, the responses and the poor customer service are common themes.

I'm having the same problem with my fridge. I rang up Hisense and they told me to make sure the fridge is tilted and the temperature is cool. We did all this and it fixed the problem for a few days, but I still have a lake under the bottom two drawers in the fridge. Did Hisense end up fixing your fridge? Im a little hesitant to call them out as they said that if it was due to tilting or temperature they were going to charge me the call out fee. However if it was a manufacturing problem they would either fix it or replace the fridge. We have had the fridge for 18 months now and this problem started about 2 months ago out of the blew. Do you have any suggestions? ThanksI have that problem & I just purchase a new one this January 2013. I'm so annoyed & the leaks outside near the front door & a little puddle below the vegetable tray inside. urggghhhh. Help pleaseHello Mattina and Narnz, after a bit of fiddling, this is what seems to help. Firstly, see if you can fiddle a bit with the temperature control inside the fridge at the back, try and see what helps (made mine pretty much in the middle, neither too cold nor too warm). Secondly, make sure the front legs on the fridge are raised slightly so that the fridge is leaning backwards (slightly, not by much) so that the door closes easily enough with gravity and makes a good seal. Both measures seem to have helped but do not explain the initial problem. You will note on some other websites that a fridge needs to lean slightly to the rear so the water can drain to the back. Good luck.


Buy something not made in China. It may cost you a few bucks more and not come with a 3 year warranty, but at least you will have a better product.
Well priced and 3 year warranty.
A lot of condensation in the fridge and freezer compartment, so mutch that there is a puddle of water on the floor on a daily . Light switch broke within the first month. After a year, 3 emails and a telephone call to Hisense I am still waiting for them to have a look at the unit.


The fridge looks good and is easy to clean. if you can put up with the noise then its ok cheers.
internal glass looks good.
quite noisy clicking noise sounds like a loud clock.

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HI , where is the clicking noise coming from? 1. inside the freezer compartment ? 2. From the rear of the Refrigerator? 3. Does it stop, when the Fridge (bottom) door is open?

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone have a weird knocking/popping sound at all? Fridge is three years old
2 answers
not for me, but I've only had it for a year and a bitas long as the fridge is working dont worry to muth could be a lot of causes compressor ... gas etc useley not a problem

Just bought a 2nd hand fridge and both side are red hot is this normal?
2 answers
Usually the sides are warm on fridges but not red hoton first run sides will get hot

my hisense fridge its making noise on the back like generator any help please?
1 answer
Did you solve this issue? I have the same problem.


Hisense HR6TFF342 (342L)
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Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateOct 2010
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