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LG GT-442

Latest review: We bought this LG GT-442WDC fridge (441 litre) as a replacement for an over 30 year old Westinghouse 512litre fridge and am pleased to say that it is a GREAT fridge. It was delivered and put in

Samsung SR400LSTC

Latest review: There are lemons in every product right? After 18 months the freezer door didnt close and noticed the back panel starting to protrude. Turned the icebox around and closed, but panel

Westinghouse WTB4600 / WTB5400

Latest review: This is a great fridge. We bought 2, a left and right hinged and put them side by side. Almost twice the literage of a double door fridge for about the same price! The fridge and freezer Compartments

Hisense HR6TFF Series

Latest review: 2 and a bit years out of warranty the temp in both fridge and freezer is well below what is required. I was advised by the service department it probably needs re-gassing at $180/litre for around 5

Haier HRF-224F / 261F / 297F / 335 / 422

Latest review: I purcahsed a HAIER 422ltr top freezer/ refriferator in September 2017, everything worked well until the first week in November 2018, The freezer is perfect, the humid weather over the summer period

Kelvinator KTM4602 / KTM5402

Latest review: Ideal for a family of 5 persons. Very quite and works perfectly fine. Tried kelvinator products for the first time, but i must say that this one is very

Samsung SR399WTC

Latest review: Nice size fridge The fridge section failed and was repaired less than 12 months ago. The same issue is happening again. When you have a family you are reliant on the products you use to be of

Westinghouse WTB3400

Latest review: Love internal space even though still considered a small or compact fridge for small apartment. Impressed with freezer and ice cube compartment. Consistency of temperature is reasonable especially

Mitsubishi MR-508E / MR-560E

Latest review: Bought this to replace our 15yo 420L Westinghouse, now keeping the Coopers Ale cold. What's to like: Great value for what we paid. The size in a squat compact configuration; meant we were able

Westinghouse WTB4604SA / WTB5404SA

Latest review: Received an email asking for a review on our recent purchase but the link appeared to be locked. Fridge looks good, temperature choices are good and easy to adjust, space/interior design good.

Samsung SR471LSTC

Latest review: As with many here, we have experienced the freezer door extremely difficult to reopen....can be quite annoying. Have also found it to be relatively noisy at times like others. Our fridge section

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 517L Top Freezer

Latest review: As per title, Great looking fridge/freezer that does it's job perfectly. Frost free, keeps my veggies fresh, all round awesome performer. Easy to use, parts are easy to get...As in interior

LG GT-279

Latest review: I bought this fridge purely on the strength of other Product Review comments and it has not disappointed. This is by far the best fridge I have ever bought. It is almost tardis-like in terms of

Mitsubishi MR-385E / MR-420E / MR-455E

Latest review: The size is right fit into my kitchen, the space is enough for my whole family and i love the internal layout which seperated my food clearly It looks good and neat, it’s easy close and open as t

Samsung SR343LSTC

Latest review: Freezes over after a month of operation, then pools water at the bottom. Can only be resolved by thawing outside the house for 24hrs, but then the whole cycle starts all over again. Apparently

Hitachi R-V405PT5INX

Latest review: Perfect temperature at different levels. Ergonomics of the whole pattern inside is perfect . It's the only refrigerator that has a 5 year warranty. Most of it's components are Japanese make up and

Sharp SJXP580G

Latest review: We replaced our french door with this fridge. Freezer space is good, can get lots in there. Fridge is good also, lots of space for everything. We've had it for around a year now and have had no

Sharp SJ244V / SJ308V

Latest review: I thought i was tne only one having these issues! Bought the sj-308v in april 2015 but less than 3 years is unacceptable for a fridge of this price point. it is out of warrenty but intend to fight

Beko DNE 25020

Latest review: The fridge is really poorly constructed, most of the sensors are part of the fridge construction and not replaceable, unless you cut holes in the back of the fridge blindly till you find it, then

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 380L Top Freezer

Latest review: We were trying to buy a refrigerator and was searching online. Got positive reviews for refrigerator. When went to buy the worker was suggesting to purchase that one. After buying was thinking

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