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Hisense HR6TFF527SD (526L, Stainless)

Hisense HR6TFF527SD (526L, Stainless)

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Water leak

Water leaking all through fridge cant work out how to fix it seems to be coming out of top part of fridge near light. Not sure how much warranty came with fridge. Cant even remember where I bought it think it was jb hifi. Have pulled out looked underneath doesn't seem to be a water tray

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love my fridge

I bought this fridge after my old one started to rattle. Once i got the hisense fridge my power bill droped and my beer was colder . I highly recommend it to anyone who has an old fridge and needs a new one asap . This is the fridge for you

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Works well

This fridge seems to work well. It does get a little bit warm on the side of the fridge but not always. Good size for 2 to 3 people. The stainless steel look can leave fingerprints on the surface. Easy to adjust temperature and can switch compartments when away on holidays

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Looks Tech Savy

After 4 mths of ownership i think i can write a review on its performance. The plus side that i have come to appreciate, is a light in the freezer. It also has a digital readout on the outside of the door that lights up every time you open the fridge and stays lit for approx 15 seconds after you close it. This looks very impressive but is not helpful at all because it only lets you know what your temp setting is .... and not what the actual temp is. It is also there so you can adjust the temp within their preset settings. The BIG downside for me is that where we have our fridge in the kitchen , it is against the wall that backs on to the lounge. Every time it starts i can hear the fridge through the wall as it is not as quiet as our old fridge that we replaced. This being said, it did come with a 3 year warranty and i can live with the motor purring as you do get use to it. All in all for the price its OK.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

A great fridge

This fridge is very easy to clean
You cannot hear it as it runs so smoothly
I've found the food is keeping very fresh
The inside of the fridge is so well thought out that I'm actually able to see all my food at once without having to move items around too much.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

good for fridge, not so great for freezer

Both the fridge and freezer can maintain the temperature that I set. It's very quiet, almost silent. My only minor complaints are the ice trays are too small for its size, and I wish there's 1 more tray in the freezer. The energy efficiency for its capacity is also a big plus on electricity bill!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great Value for money and superb looking

We are using this fridge from last 1+ years and have had no issues with it. The temperature is maintained and nothing to complain in that department.
It is pretty quiet and you don't even know whether the compressor is running or not.
We clean our fridge on monthly basis and to be honest with you, just wipe it with a multipurpose cleaner spray and you are set.

Only cons I could think of it is the Door handles, the bottom one went a bit loose, so I had to tighten it.
Other thing will be cleaning the trays!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

It is a good fridge

Very happy with this fridge. You can adjust the temperature to the fridge & freezer with the digital front panel. All shelves can be moved around to suit yourself, (front & side) very easy to clean. Freezer/crisper shelves run on a sliding roller rail system. Keeps very cool due to the seal they have used. The suction is great/sometime hard to open just after closing. However, one year later, the bottom right side shelf fractured, but that is where i had glass water bottles. I am a little disappointed with the stainless steel application, very easy to scratch. I have a stove, oven & microwave all stainless & they have not scratched anywhere near like the fridge. Overall they are minor things.This fridge holds a lot of food and is quite big.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

I love this fridge.

This fridge is amazing. So much room. So quiet. Easy to clean. Love the glass shelves, they have this grip sort of stuff on them as a non-slip feature. Light in the freezer is awesome and bright. The ice cube maker is fantastic.
Only bummer is the freezer is a little small and the sides get really hot (outside)

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Perfect fridge for a family

So I had this fridge for 3 months now and I must say it is perfect. Yes, it is a large one but what can you expect when you are buying a 527L fridge. Maintains a good temperature, features like super cool, alarm and holiday are just amazing although the alarm is not very loud. All compartments are large to fit your things easily. Best part is vegetable crisper, now I have two more compartments to put my veggies. Further, the price is low than any other brand of same size and hisense provide 3 years of warranty unlike all others that gives just 2 years. I m happy with this product and would definitely recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

No ' bells and whistles' but does the job.

We needed to replace our fridge, that finally failed after 15 years of faultless service. Our small freezer of over 20 years also failed and we wanted to downsize to 1 fridge freezer and after much research decided on the Hisense HR6TFF526(S). Though not a 'glamorous' fridge,despite the modern 'stainless steel' finish, it does the job. For the price, I would say it is good value for money, particularly compared to other brands and models that offer many options, but at the end of the day, their performance is no better. On the down side, the fridge we replaced was 470 litre and this model is 526 gross litre but I cannot fit the same amount of food in this fridge and certainly not in the freezer. A 3 litre milk has to be stored in the door as it will not fit inside the fridge, nor will any tall bottles. The shelf adjustments leave little flexibility unless one is removed completely. I hope the door continues to take the weight from storing the milk and taller bottles in this position. The freezer has a fixed compartment for the ice which interferes with storage, as does the sloping interior, but we have adapted to this difference in the design.The fridge is very quiet, only occasionally making a few odd noises, but this does not seem to effect its efficiency. The only disappointment I have, with the fridge, is that the 'lacquer' protecting the stainless steel around the door has worn off. It is obvious and unsightly but does not affect the performance of the fridge. This fridge accommodates a family of 5 adults and does a good job, I only wish the interior design was better but after looking at many models, it suited our needs and budget. I hope it continues for many years to come.

Disappointed - Don't waste your money

Bought brand new, broke down after 2 weeks fridge stopped cooling and freezer over froze everything, technicians had to come out twice to repair it after same fault happened twice, and after basically pulling fridge apart discovered it was poorly put together to start with, lost hundreds of $$ of food... refused a replacement or money back unless it happens a third time.. Don't waste your money, spend the extra $$ and buy a well known brand.

It's been good

We've had this fridge for about three weeks now and it's been good. It's a fridge.. it keeps things cold. Finish is good. It's very quiet. It's new. It has cool LED lights in and on front panel and a built in unplumbed water dispenser. You could probably put whatever you like in it though.

Looks Can Be Deceiving. Don't Buy This Fridge!

It might look like a great fridge and it is an excellent price!

But you get what you pay for.

At just 18 months old, we've returned our fridge under warranty because the freezer just can't maintain a cold enough temperature. It's not cold enough to freeze ice cream (in fact it has a consistency of water) and our meat and vegetables are mushy and the ice is cold but just not rock solid frozen. Hardly the thing you expect from a brand new fridge or a fridge you expect to maintain for several years.

Go with a well-known and well-built brand, don't buy this Hisense fridge.

Freezer stopped freezing 2 yrs & 11 months after purchase

This was the first non name "brand fridge" we've bought. We bought it because it was on special at the time and $400 cheaper than any other similar sized single door stainless fridge The Good Guys were selling in 2012. I always do my research before buying big ticket items but it was too early for much realistic constructive negative feedback at the time so went ahead and confidently bought it. We're happy with it for the most part. I liked the layout and the bright flouro lighting inside plus I won't buy a fridge without an ice cube tray. The plastic tray on the bottom of the fridge door was pretty flimsy and broke off within the first 6 months through normal use. The freezer has now stopped working with a month remaining on the warranty. Takes hours to make water mildy cold and nothing freezes any more. Claiming under warranty. Not very impressed this has happened as any fridge we've owned prior has lasted many many years and only sold for a new one due to leaking water underneath, failed seals or a general upgrade after 10 or so years. My next fridge purchase and any after that will be a name brand again. To a new buyer that's looking, I wouldn't recommend a Hisense fridge as there's better quality ones to take home and this model seems to have largely the same issues across the board which is not a good sign. There's nothing wrong with buying a cheaper product, but the manufacturers have to realise it's got to function properly if they want repeat business.

So far so good

Great looking fridge. Freezer & refrigerator work well. Good size. Ice cube maker was a bonus. Quiet operation. I gave this fridge an extra star because it was great value for money. It is a bit power hungry, but I knew that prior with the star rating.
If I have any problems I will edit this review.

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Leaking down inside of fridge on to the floor after just 3 years. Not happy!

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Questions & Answers

Why is the fridge leaking water?
1 answer
See my post above.

hey guys....had this fridge for about 2 weeks now and seems really good but i have one concern that the freezer door suction is not as good as the fridge door and i am getting some condensation on my food in the freezer although everything is frozen, is this normal?
2 answers
Why not call the Hisense Customer service call centre - they stay open til about 7.00pm week days and were very helpful to me when I had a problem with my Hisense TV ( I also have their fridge but no problems with that!)increase your freezer temp a few degreases colder

The freezer works but fridge not cold at all had pc board replaced but still not cold even on super cold only 18 months old. Any ideas?
2 answers
We have had no problems with our fridge and this appears to be a technical issue ,the person concerned should go back to the supplier and ask for a replacement fridge as long as the warranty is still valid the store where the fridge was purchased should be able to tell you about the warranty and she could also pressure them. Consumer Affairs is another option and they offer valuable advice on matters like this. No overseas manufacturer likes bad press so apply some pressure its amazing what can be achievedcould be low on gas also check door seals and fridge temp setting could be set to low


HR6TFF527SD (Stainless)
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateMar 2012
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