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Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun

Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun

1110H (10m), 1120H (20m) and 1130H (30m)
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I had bought 2 of these hoses for the front and back of my house, after about 8-9 months both hoses started leaking internally. Trying to repair these I opened the hose reel to find a really inferior standard hose connection fitting inside, not sure how Holman expect these product to not leak when these hoses constantly retract and extend. so I fixed both worked for about 2-3 month, the same issue again. Terrible products, I have had a couple of hose reels from other manufacturers at my previous house, which lasted well over 7 years without the need to repair. I expect better for the price. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, there are better manufacturers out there.
I am now currently in the market to replace both these useless products and will not buy another Holman inferior product.

Purchased in May 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $110.00.

Cheap nasty garbage

Just buy a decent one. These things are no good.
I bought two and both have cut water pressure in half, which is bad if you already have low pressure .
Just no.

Purchased in August 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $150.00.

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Hello Trev, thank you for your review. This is not a common complaint and we are sorry to hear that our retractable reels are not suitable for your use. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Terrible; so sub standard it’s unusable

The multi function head fitting is so badly made that it pops right off as soon as you turn on the water. Don’t bother buying this product - it’s expensive and unable to be used. I shall be returning it tomorrow and avoiding this brand in future.

Purchased in September 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Hello linda, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear your hand gun is doing this. It is under warranty and you are welcome to have it replaced. 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Team!Thank you. Firstly, allow me to correct some misinformation in my review - I did not pay in excess of $200 but discovered on the weekend that it was $134. I maintain that the item should still have been usable for even the cheaper price however when I returned it, I swapped to a more expensive and different brand to try and avoid future difficulties. I had to pay a builder to mount the unit on a cement post so it was a frustrating and expensive exercise due to the poor quality of the item. Given the number of negative reviews, perhaps Holman should consider implementing quality assurance measures.Thank you for your feedback Linda. Your Holman Team!

Repairable query - Nice to have good customer service

I had had the 20M retractable hose for a while and the cold weather has worn out the Tap to Reel part. I called their customer service, and [Name Removed] was fantastic on the phone and sorted me out with a spare part replacement. Nice to have products that are repairable, and good customer service is a really nice bonus.

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Hello Mr Hall, thank you for your review. We are happy to help! Thank you, your Holman Team!

Doesn't go the journey.

Have purchased 3 Holman retractable hose reels in recent years. 2 out of three gave out after 3 years. The most frustrating problem is the hose coming off the reel inside the casing. Once that happens, you are gone!

Purchased in September 2016 for $139.00.

Hello TQ, thank you for your review. we are troubled to hear this is happening to your units as it is not something we have heard of! The hose is connected to the internal fitting with a snap-on adaptor, then secured with a saddle clamp. there must be considerable force pulling the hose for it to come away by its self! The hose can be re connected to that internal fitting and we have support videos on our website to help customers , if needed, fit new hoses. We will certainly pass this to development for them to investigate. Thank you, your Holman Team!it's just too much hassle. The hose that has slipped off the reel has also dislodged the belt that steers the hose into correct position. The online reviews of this unit are not encouraging re longevity. I'd probably save time and frustration by just buying a Hoselink which has far fewer negative reviews and longevity issues associated with it. I also have problems with a 30m unit where the hose guide return mechanism can be problematic. I do realise you have to walk the hose back into its 'home' at a reasonable speed (not too fast) and have done this. Appreciate your concern, but problems with 2 out of 3 is not a good sign, particularly the problem I complained about...the product should last longer than 3 years. Only one of the 3 has. Regards TonyThank you Tony!

Hose has stopped retracting

Hi team,
I purchased the a above hose reel at great expensive to myself approximately 4 to five years ago for my B & B which I know has had very little use. I read that a large number of owners of this product have had the same issue as me with units much younger than mine.
I can see orange ?teeth sitting in the base of the unit. I assume this is the retracting mechanism broken.
Unit ID is 1625.
What would you suggest to rectify this issue please.
Cheers in advance

Purchased in May 2015 at Bunnings Warehouse for $199.00.

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Hello Pete, thank you for your review, you are welcome to call us on 1300 716 188 for assistance. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Failed 1 week after the warranty expired

This product is made of bad quality.

Firstly, during the time we have had this, the hose didn't retract properly and got stuck anywhere between 1 to 2 meters of hose left dangling out. It would take 4 or 5 attempts to pull it out and back to get it to go back correctly. I had to cut off appro 5 meters of hose to ensure there was enough room inside the casing so as not to get caught up. This helped slightly.

Now a couple of weeks ago as I was using it and there was a clunk inside the casing when extending the hose and now it won't click in and stop at any given point, I have to stand on it to keep it where it is.

Really disappointed with this

Purchased in May 2017 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

Hello Chris, Sorry to hear you have had problems. The Hose Reel is still under warranty, it has a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. Please take it back to Bunnings and have it replaced.I bought it May 2017, its now June 2019. That's 2 years alreadyHello Chris, obviously we are happy to honour warranty. Your unit should not have failed so soon. Please give us a call on 1300 716 188 and we will assist with a warranty replacement.

Extremely disappointing products

I purchased the Holman Auto Retractable Hose reel about 6 years ago. My first impression was a good product, however that did not last long. The supplied spray gun failed within 2 years, I purchased metal multi-function spray gun. It failed within the 2-year period. I had it replaced under warranty. The second gun failed. I decided to investigate the problem. I found small pieces of metal in the nozzle. Looking further I found a small spring (part of the flow control) had rusted out. I removed that and the gun worked OK. No auto shut off, but that was OK. The next the tap adapter failed. Looking at the inside of the adapter I found that the small white grips that hold the adapter to the tap adapter were broken. I replaced it with a brass one. The most recent failure was the Retractable Hose Reel: it would not retract. I was told the unit cannot be repaired. So I decided to dis-assemble at look at it myself. I found that the spring had snapped. I would not buy another Holman product. Yes, it was 6 years old, but too many problems caused by poor quality design/ material.

Purchased in January 2013 at Bunnings Warehouse for $100.00.

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Hello Teddymobbs, Thank you for your review!

Bad locking system

Bought from bunning. It working fine for the first year. Love it. Until this second year. It's starting to get malfunction. The locking system failed. Sometime lock sometime not. So I'm struggling to use it. The retractable system is very powerful. Can cause injury when you don't expect it to retract. I can't find the receipt. So..... my hubby is my back up. Wish me luck .

Purchased in March 2017 at Bunning for $150.00.

Hello Natt, we are sorry to hear this has happened to your unit, it is indeed under a 2-year replacement warranty, so please call us on 1300 716 188 and we will assist you further. thank you, your Holman Team!Hi team. I'm glad to hear from u. But I still can't find receipt to prove that. I'm oversea Anyway; I will call u once I'm back in Sydney.. Cos I'd love to get it fixed as it still new & working. Only the locking mechanism that not working properly. I thanks. Nattok Natt, please do contact us when you are able.


I have wanted a retractable hose for years and was so pleased to receive one for Christmas. But my joy was short lived because it kinks constantly when in use. It is so annoying to find the flow of water ceases and to have to go back to undo the kink, not once but several times each time I use it as I move around. My old hoses had to be manually wound onto the storage reel but were kink free, resulting a more user friendly product overall. I couldn't recommend this brand.

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Hello Grandma M, thank you for your review. Kink free hoses are not suitable for retractable units as they need to be tightly wound inside the unit. We do not hear often of the retractable hose being a kinking menace...the guide and layering system does help prevent this. We do thank you for your feedback and as always, your comments will be passed on to our development team for review. Thank you, your Holman Team!Thanks for the prompt response. I'm not sure that I made myself cllear though, as the Kinking is not when the hose is being retracted onto the reel. That aspect is fine. However when the hose is partially or fully extended it kinks persistently while in use, limiting or stopping the flow of water. I then need to walk back to the spot where it kinks and untwist it. That's the aspect which makes the hose annoying to use.


Bought two of these, threw the Bunnings receipt away, installed one, motor broke after a couple of weeks, hose is still lying around in the garden, other still in the box, will both go in the bin and my faithful old pope will come out of retirement.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $130.00.

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Hello, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear this. Your unit comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. We can assist with this, please call us on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Won't retract, terrible straight out of the box

Bought this house reel for 130 and it just screamed low quality when I set it up, the retracting mechanism worked some times at best would pull in 3 metres. Would never buy another Holman again

Purchased in April 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $130.00.

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Hello David, our apologies this has happened with your new unit. It is indeed covered by a 2-year replacement warranty. Please have it exchanged as we are confident you will have no issue with a replacement unit. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Have two of these, both failed and hard to get Holman to supply parts

I have two of these hose reels, one is a 20 Metre and one a 30 Metre. They are just over three years old and they began failing about a year ago (yes I should have gotten them replaced under warranty then, but don't use these until summer, so kept putting it off till it was too late).

Both don't rewind the hose properly as the belt is somehow oversized and keeps slipping and jamming stopping the hose from being evenly distributed on the reel upon return so it just piles up and stops.

I phoned Holman twice to try and get a replacement belt and their response was that the person I had to talk to was not available, left messages and received a call back, I phoned back and somehow within those two minutes he became unavailable again and have not received a call back since. Tried emailing, twice, no reply whatsoever.

So I stripped one of the reels down and removed the belt, it seems as if it would not stretch but it simply does not fit snugly on the cogs, thus the problem.

Since I can't get a belt replacement, my intention is to possibly remove the gearing and move the hose manually side to side when returning the hose to the housing. Alternatively I will put up a tyre rim and hang the hose on that.

Just disappointed in the lack of response or help from Holman in me wanting to purchase a replacement belt...…..seems I wasted my money having only gotten three years use out of these two hose reels (only ever used them about 20 times in total in that time.

Thought I'd warn others and seeing lots of others online having the same problem I would certainly try another brand if I were to ever take a chance on a hose reel again.

Update: They sent me a belt replacement, I fitted it and exactly the same the belt slips off the cogs because it is too long, just bad design....avoid at all cost.

Purchased in February 2016.

Hello Len, I have been in contact with you yesterday and this morning and I am just waiting on your reply so we can rectify the problem. Holman Team.Yes, seems the review prompted some action. Not impressed that hose reels of that cost only last a couple of years before failing just after the warranty runs out. Will see if the replacement belts fit and work then will add an update to my review.


Zero stars actually...it is cheap and is cheap! Used 3 times then water gushing from inside reel. Waste of time and money.
Have taken it back and got a refund. Back to Hoselock...more money but have one 3 years old and as good as day one and worth the extra 75% cost

Purchased in March 2019 for $99.00.

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Thank you Gordon for your feedback, we are sorry that you had a negative experience with our product. Thank you, your Holman Team

Lasted 2 days before failing

I wish I'd read this review site prior to buying. The Holman website was excellent and gave me confidence to buy the cheapest retractable hose reel at Bunnings. Installation was easy, and although the pressure from the 12mm hose is significantly less than my previous (larger dia) hose all went well for about 24hrs. Day 2 I pulled the hose out and it locked. Then when I tried to retract it the hose retracted about 500mm then locked. Another pull and and it retracted another 500mm. Sometimes it wouldn't retract at all. I then pulled out 19m and it wouldn't retract at all. I'm taking it back to Bunnings for a refund and will buy a Pope one instead. Holman, if you are reading this, some notes on troubleshooting would be appreciated on your website and an increase in quality.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

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Hello Matt H, Thank you for your review. Your Holman Team!

Don't waste your money

Just after 6 month of usage, the hose no longer retract fully. Then I tried to change a hose inside by following the instruction book. It just didn't work, and the whole thing broke. Don't waste your money on this !

Purchased in September 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

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Hello Jayden, we are very sorry to hear this has happened to your unit in such a short time. Your unit does come with a 2-year replacement warranty. If you need assistance with this, please call us on 1300 716 188 for further assistance. If the spring has failed, then changing the hose will make no difference to the unit, so please return the replacement hose with your docket for a refund also. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Retract failure and poor customer service

Received a 30m Holman hose, missing lid to start with basically told lying as it doesn’t happen must of happened at bunnings, then retract failed. Returned and got nylex brand! Great product so far

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $134.00.

Hello Scott, You did call us in regards to a missing lid. You were informed that we did not have any in stock, however, rather than waiting 3-4 weeks, we sent you a replacement from a returned unit, which you were happy to have posted to you. This was not new and you were very unhappy when it was received. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the lids to arrive! It is a shame we did not hear from you in regards to your unit failing, as we absolutely stand by our warranties and would have been more than happy to have this replaced for you! Thank you, your Holman Team!Hi Holman team, I wasn’t told a time frame for a new lid, on the returned call I was told they found one which I wasn’t informed you was sending me a secondhand scratched scrappy lid, No I didn’t bother calling after the unit failed... already had enough with your sales team and ‘taking my word for it’ I’m sure you have the emails from your loverly team member coral? Or do you want me to share that here? Thanks ScottAnd why did you delete first comment? Cause you went back into assuming no receipt when I’ve already responded that I indeed have one? :)

Very average for price

Have read all the reviews and replies regarding this product. My retraction failed so pulled apart out of curiosity. Spring badly rusted and broken. Incorrectly fitted O ring was cause

Purchased in June 2015 for $180.00.

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Hello Ron, thank you for your review!

No Problems

I have 3 different brands of hose reels and have had the Holman for 6 months and is working fine for me. The hose itself is a better quality than one of the alternatives. Hopefully it lasts a lot longer.

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings for $100.00.

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Hello Chris, thank you for your review!

Waste of money

Absolute waste of money, 1 month out of warranty and it won’t stay out, just continually retracts! Don’t buy one! I will be buying a manual one next time and definetly not a Holman!

Purchased in October 2016 at Bunnings Warehouse for $97.00.

Hello Nick, if your unit is indeed just outside of the warranty period, we will honour this and exchange it for you. Please contact us on 1300 716 188 with your proof of purchase and we will organise a replacement unit. Thank you, your Holman Team!Holman came through with the goods and supplied me with a new unit, thanks Holman. Top service!

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Questions & Answers

My 30 metre hose has become very stiff and hard making it difficult to retract. My question is this, I would like to replace it with knitted flexible one, what is the max. diameter of the hose to be used ? I realise that you can only fit so much on the reel and a thicker hose will take up more space than a thinner one. Regards Rudy
2 answers
Hello Rudy, this unit takes a 12mm hose. Do not use a reinforced or high kink rated hose if you wish to replace the existing one.Thanks for your reply, would you class knitted non-kink as reinforced ones ?

Hose will only retract about two metres after 7 month's use. Batch no. xW20 1834. Purchased at Bunnings last Christmas but my husband has lost the receipt. What can I do please?
3 answers
You are within warranty period. Take it back to Bunnings for a refund...don't accept exchange for a new one. They are not designed to last in my view. Purchase another brand. TQHello Grandma M, this unit is indeed under warranty. Please call us on 1300 716 188 for assistance with a warranty replacement. we are sorry to hear this has happened to your reel and will get it sorted for you. Thank you, yourThanks. We located the receipt after I asked the question and we have a replacement hose and reel now. Hopefully this will last longer than the first one!

This is the second time in one year my new 30 metre Holman hose has stopped retracting. I have bought 2 from Bunnings in the last 12 months but didn’t keep receipts. Can you please tell me how I can get this hose fixed? I don’t think I should have to keep replacing them in such a short period of time
1 answer
Hello Toby, without a receipt it is going to be very difficult for this to be exchanged. This illustrates the importance of retaining receipts for warrantied products, once a receipt has been discarded, it is difficult to establish age of the product or if you are the original purchaser. You are welcome to send a photo of your faulty item with the batch number visible from under the lid, however, we cannot guarantee we can replace an item without proof of purchase. We will take the batch number of your unit and, in good faith, add 6 months, however, if the batch number is still beyond the warranty period, we will not be replacing your item. Our email is service@holmanindustries.com.au Please contact us. Thank you, your Holman Team!


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