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Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun

Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun

1110H (10m), 1120H (20m) and 1130H (30m)
2.0 from 250 reviews


Zero stars actually...it is cheap and is cheap! Used 3 times then water gushing from inside reel. Waste of time and money.
Have taken it back and got a refund. Back to Hoselock...more money but have one 3 years old and as good as day one and worth the extra 75% cost

Purchased in March 2019 for $99.00.

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Thank you Gordon for your feedback, we are sorry that you had a negative experience with our product. Thank you, your Holman Team

Lasted 2 days before failing

I wish I'd read this review site prior to buying. The Holman website was excellent and gave me confidence to buy the cheapest retractable hose reel at Bunnings. Installation was easy, and although the pressure from the 12mm hose is significantly less than my previous (larger dia) hose all went well for about 24hrs. Day 2 I pulled the hose out and it locked. Then when I tried to retract it the hose retracted about 500mm then locked. Another pull and and it retracted another 500mm. Sometimes it wouldn't retract at all. I then pulled out 19m and it wouldn't retract at all. I'm taking it back to Bunnings for a refund and will buy a Pope one instead. Holman, if you are reading this, some notes on troubleshooting would be appreciated on your website and an increase in quality.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

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Hello Matt H, Thank you for your review. Your Holman Team!

Don't waste your money

Just after 6 month of usage, the hose no longer retract fully. Then I tried to change a hose inside by following the instruction book. It just didn't work, and the whole thing broke. Don't waste your money on this !

Purchased in September 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

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Hello Jayden, we are very sorry to hear this has happened to your unit in such a short time. Your unit does come with a 2-year replacement warranty. If you need assistance with this, please call us on 1300 716 188 for further assistance. If the spring has failed, then changing the hose will make no difference to the unit, so please return the replacement hose with your docket for a refund also. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Retract failure and poor customer service

Received a 30m Holman hose, missing lid to start with basically told lying as it doesn’t happen must of happened at bunnings, then retract failed. Returned and got nylex brand! Great product so far

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $134.00.

Hello Scott, You did call us in regards to a missing lid. You were informed that we did not have any in stock, however, rather than waiting 3-4 weeks, we sent you a replacement from a returned unit, which you were happy to have posted to you. This was not new and you were very unhappy when it was received. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the lids to arrive! It is a shame we did not hear from you in regards to your unit failing, as we absolutely stand by our warranties and would have been more than happy to have this replaced for you! Thank you, your Holman Team!Hi Holman team, I wasn’t told a time frame for a new lid, on the returned call I was told they found one which I wasn’t informed you was sending me a secondhand scratched scrappy lid, No I didn’t bother calling after the unit failed... already had enough with your sales team and ‘taking my word for it’ I’m sure you have the emails from your loverly team member coral? Or do you want me to share that here? Thanks ScottAnd why did you delete first comment? Cause you went back into assuming no receipt when I’ve already responded that I indeed have one? :)

Very average for price

Have read all the reviews and replies regarding this product. My retraction failed so pulled apart out of curiosity. Spring badly rusted and broken. Incorrectly fitted O ring was cause

Purchased in June 2015 for $180.00.

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Hello Ron, thank you for your review!

No Problems

I have 3 different brands of hose reels and have had the Holman for 6 months and is working fine for me. The hose itself is a better quality than one of the alternatives. Hopefully it lasts a lot longer.

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings for $100.00.

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Hello Chris, thank you for your review!

Waste of money

Absolute waste of money, 1 month out of warranty and it won’t stay out, just continually retracts! Don’t buy one! I will be buying a manual one next time and definetly not a Holman!

Purchased in October 2016 at Bunnings Warehouse for $97.00.

Hello Nick, if your unit is indeed just outside of the warranty period, we will honour this and exchange it for you. Please contact us on 1300 716 188 with your proof of purchase and we will organise a replacement unit. Thank you, your Holman Team!Holman came through with the goods and supplied me with a new unit, thanks Holman. Top service!

Poor retraction

After less than a week of operation, I was frustrated the reel was jamming on retraction, so I checked inside the inspection window. I found the rubber belt was off the gears, meaning the hose wasn't being fed properly onto the reel and was bunching up in one spot. I have spent an hour trying to get the belt to stay back on the gears, to no avail. So, I thought I'd check the web for any troubleshooting tips... then I stumbled across this site with many others reporting the same problem. If this is a design flaw, WITHDRAW IT FROM SALE and fix it!! Don't keep requesting people take their faulty product back for a (likely faulty) replacement. People won't do that - they'll choose another brand. As for Bunnings, I hope they're reading these same reviews and stop trying to sell them in bulk at the front of their aisles (Hmmm... I should have suspected they were trying to get rid of them). Where's the duty of care to customers from wholesaler or retailer? This isn't a dollar-store cheapie. This is from a reputable company sold in a major hardware store. Next time, Hoselink for me.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

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Hello , thank you for your feedback, it is important to us, even if it is negative as without this we cannot continue to improve and develop our products. Thank you, your Holman Team!

POOR quality unit.

My wife gave me a 1150 (30m) retractable reel for my birthday just under 3 years ago. Stopped fully retracting about 4 montha ago so now have to wind about half of the hose around the outer reel!! Not what we actually wanted!!! Phoned your Co. in Perth and , rightly, was told it is out of warranty. BUT spare parts are not available and the rewind mechanism is NOT replacable, Sounds to me, after reading other reviews, these machines are the same as any other "cheap " imports. Have them for a couple of years then chuck them out !! Will NOT be buying another one for $130 again. $60 will get me one with a 30m hose and if it only lasts for 12 months, I" still be ahead. Poor unit for Aust made.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hello Bazza2, thank you for your review.

Look at Other Reviews & Reels before buying

Purchased the reel on 12/1/2017 and on 22/1/19 it stopped retracting so 10 days out of warranty ! Contacted Bunnings who basically said tough. This is my 3 Holeman reel luckily the other stopped working during the warranty period. Time to look at other brands, I believe others have a longer warranty on the mechanics and stand buy their product.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hello Stephen, we do indeed stand by our warranties. We are more than happy to honour this. Please contact us on service@holmanindustries.com.au for assistance. Thank you, your Holman Team!Very impressed with the prompt response to my review from Holman, I contacted Holman Service who were very helpful and I now have a new replacement reel. Well done Holman you haven't lost a customer and based on that service I would recommend others contact Holman direct if you have any issues as their agents (Bunnings in this case) were not prepared to go into bat for a customer. Once again well done Holman, I agree you definitely DO stand by your warranties !


Less than 12 months old and I don’t have the receipt. Believed that this was a reasonable quality product but very disappointed. Rubber belt the drives the guide to recoil the hose evenly across the drum continues to come off. This in turn allows hose to build up in one spot on the drum and stop the recoil. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hello Kim, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear you are having problems with your retractable hose reel. Your unit should not be performing this way. We are happy for you to exchange it for another, if the unit is within the given 2-year warranty period. Please contact us on service@holmanindustries.com.au for further assistance.

Poor Quality entry level retractable units for the warehouses

Purchased from Bunnings Dec 8th 2018. Installed a couple of days later. Returned Jan 14th 2019 as the case split . Screws pulled apart and reel started making loud noises when pullin hose out. This is what I rec'd from Holman

"It is very unusual that which happened to your unit. We do not make another type of retractable unit, only the 3 different sizes.
We are confident that a replacement will not give you any trouble!
If you are looking for a more robust unit, you are welcome to look at other brands from the premium range available at your local Bunnings stores. We only produce spring-driven entry level retractable units for the warehouses."

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hello, thank you for your review. Our retractable units are indeed the best priced with the longest warranty periods! We do stand by our units and assist our customers if any of our units fail, as you were informed, you were most welcome to return it for an exchange. Our apologies you did not receive an instant reply to your email contact as we are in the height of our busy period, however, we do strive to answer all our customer queries as quickly as possible. As always, we are available for any queries on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Team!I, along with most people on this site, would rather a product that lasted and not have to worry about any warranty. I should not have had to return it and buy another brand as it only lasted one month before starting to fall apart. Longest warranty? Pope 3yrs on reel 10yrs hose Hozelink 5Yrs and Nylex 2yrs on reel 12 Yrs on hose as per Bunnings site. "Our apologies you did not receive an instant reply to your email". I do not expect an INSTANT reply but didn't get a reply until I posted on facebook three days later.

Lower pressure than Premium makes but has lasted well for me- rewind is a bit too strong

I have had a Holman 30 metre purchased Bunnings for three years now. It has worked without a hitch except that the 12 mm hose is probably 10 or 11mm. At that thickness and 30 metres long it doesn't have the pressure of shorter fatter hoses. Retractables work best if the hose is out straight without looping onto itself and then to be walked in to the reel housing. I found my Holman to have one heck of a powerful rewind, too strong really. I think the manual that came with the unit had instructions on how to lessen the retraction tension.
So whilts it doesnt have over a thousand reviews form once only reviewers like another retractable, I can say it is an ok unit. I also have Nylex and Gardena retractable hoses on other reviews.

Date PurchasedMar 2015
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Hello Alex, thank you for your review! Your Holman Service Team.

Very disappointed & no response from Holman team

I bought a HOLMAN 30m retractable hose reel from Bunnings Old Noarlunga in SA about September last year 2018 but haven’t kept the receipt but have Credit Card evidence of the withdrawal. The hose reel slider only works occasionally when rolling & unrolling so jams all the time. The hose reel is almost unusable & only 5 months old. I have sent 2 emails to the Holman team as per the email address on this site & have received no response so far. Batch no. Is below

Info from inside the lid is 17/50 & >PP< XW30
Regards Rob

January 30th 3019 Update: Absolute rubbish

I bought this hose reel in September 2018 & it has only worked periodically ever since. Now it won’t retract at all. I not have the Receipt but the batch no. Shows that it is still in warranty. I sent 2 emails to Holmans as per these Product Reviews & got no reply. I eventually rang the phone no. also from this site . and asked for them to supply an email to confirm that it could be replaced. Returned to Bunnings & exchanged for a fair bit more expensive Gardenia. This hose reel is chalk & cheese compared to Holman. In conclusion, product & Customer Service is dry much below par!!

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hello Rob, you are most welcome to return your unit to Bunnings with your docket and it will be exchanged for you. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Rust marks make unit look terrible

We purchased a Holman Retractable hose real 30 just on a year ago from Bunnings and about 5-6 months ago started to shown signs of rust marks. The rust marks have got worst and and look terrible (i have photos available). I have tried to clean them off but the stain still remains and looks dreadful. The hose real is also under a large eave.
The rust mark are running right down the side of the unit.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hello David, we would recommend a mild solution of CLR. We do see this uncommonly with mud wasps nesting in the screw holes also, so please be sure to spray your unit to keep them away. Thank you for your review, your Holman Team

Poor quality

Purchased in 2018 worked fine until a month ago when noticed internal leaking on investigating found that the inner black reel was rubbing against hose line subsequently causing a hole in hose. Unable to rectify due to connection design. Disappointed for money paid and length of use. Did not retain receipt, as product looked good on purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hello poppy, thank you for your review. This may be the guide that is not layering correctly. If your hose now has a hole in it, it can be replaced ( see manual) however, it may have caused water to enter the drum so it would be preferable, if your unit is within warranty, to have this unit exchanged. Please contact us on service@holmanindustries.com.au and we can assist you further. Thank you, your Holman team!

30m grow hose. Poor product.

I bought 2 grow hoses. I liked that the storage size was comparatively small. The first one blew a hole before I got it out to the garden bed on its'first use. I exchanged it at place of purchase. The second one I used 10 or so times and it blew a hole while connected to a pressure washer. The third one I used less than 10 times and the first time it was driven over by a car it blew several holes. Also, the rubbery texture makes it more difficult to drag around than a conventional hose. As well, they are not suited to use with a sprinkler as the amount of pressure required to expand the hose diminishes the output of the sprinkler by about half.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Thank you Lawrie, perhaps you should consider a heavy duty trade hose if you will be running over it and using a pressure washer. Thank you, your Holman Team!Driving over hoses is never a good idea but most normal hoses can take a bit of abuse.

Good for 2 years

Used it for two years, great. Then 2 days after the warranty expired the hose fitting on the auto reel let go/broke. I retrieved my instruction manual and proceeded to lock the reel safely to guard against getting hands caught. The manual instructions differ from my model. "place the locking bars [plural] in the nearest secure holes on the auto wheel. Ensure that both locking bars (on each side) are placed securely in the holes on the auto wheel before proceeding" I only have one locking bar not two and the holes on my reel are so far apart that I can't safely secure the locking bar and gain access to the hose fitting attached to the reel.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hello Judi, not too sure why you needed to lock the drum? were you removing the hose perhaps? If so, the arm will hold securely. There are 2 arms on the 30m and only one on the 20m. If you unit is indeed just outside the warranty period, we will happily replace it for you. Please send a copy of your receipt through on the following and we will assist you further. service@holmanindustries.com.au Thank you, your Holman Team!Thank you for your response. Apologies for the late reply but have had tradesmen in the house and couldn't get to the computer. Meanwhile, I spoke to Bunnings and they invited me to take it in and have it replaced. Excellent response from Holman and excellent response and service at Bunnings.

Poor Quality Product

We bought 2 for our big house. We installed one. Just after 2 weeks, it stropped working as it kept on retracting at the same place. The self layering mechanism had stopped working. Returned both of them. Big botheration & waste of time. Poor quality product. Do not recommend to buy.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hello nitin, thank you for your review. Please return this for a replacement if it is within the warranty period. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Waste of Money

Had it for 6 months. The first time I extended near the end (i.e. not fully) the spring mechanism failed and it will not retract. This is is a waste of money and I expect is available from a council hard rubbish collection near you. I should have read the reviews and not purchased as most reviewers recommended. Holman must know this is a dud but keep selling it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hello, we are sorry to hear you have had a disappointing experience with our retractable unit. This unit is indeed still covered by our replacement warranty and you are welcome to return it to Bunnings for an exchange. We are confident you have no such issues with a new unit. thank you, your Holman Team!

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Questions & Answers

I have two Holman 1120H hose reels purchased from Bunnings last summer but I have not kept the receipts One of them won’t lock when the hose is withdrawn and the nozzle is leaking on the other one Is it possible to be provided with some instructions about how to fix the locking mechanism ? Is there a fix for a leaking nozzle ? How long is the warranty on these hose reels ? Are these common problems (based on what I have read online) covered by a general defective goods recall notice ? Thanks David C
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Hi David, The warranty on the reel is 2 years so I’d be taking one back (at least) and contacting Holman for a replacement nozzle for the other one. My Nylex reel that replaced the Holman one is brilliant (but about $60 more expensive). Cheers Matt

Hi, I have a 20 metre hose reel that won't lock in place when pulled out. The number under the cover lid is 1639 is this still under warranty? Thanks.
1 answer
Take it back, get a refund and buy a Hoselink 20m online. A bit dearer butquantum quality difference,

Hi my 20m hose I purchased 4 months ago, It no longer locks. I purchased from bunnings but no longer hold the receipt....where do I find the batch number.
2 answers
Take it back, get a refund and buy a Hoselink 20m online. A bit dearer butquantum quality difference,I don't have a receipt

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