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Wished I knew about product review before I bought this rubbish .

My honda 216 is a little over a year old , in mid February 2019 was the first time I'd struck the problem with the rear wheels locking up when pulled back. As with most things these days when ever i strike a problem I'm straight on the net , there were video clips and advice on how to fix the problem and I also discovered it mentioned in owners manual " how to adjust drive cable" .
I took machine to a honda dealer for a service and mentioned problem , while mower was at shop I rang honda and asked rep about problem .
Got mower back and was assured it wouldn't happen again. On the 35 -3-19 I rang honda and asked what now machine is locking wheels again . They took notes and said it would be passed onto tech dept and someone will contact me , today the 28-3-19 I rang honda about my problem , was told tech dept wanted more info , my question was why didn't they ring me , if I'd waited for them I would never have known . In my eyes they've had a go at repair , now I believe I'm entitled to a refund ...... but we'll see !

Purchased in November 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $899.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Weekly

Average mower

Honda products as you would expect, are built with a certain quality. And there is no doubting the build quality of the HRR216K9VYUA is typical Honda. The starting is 10 out of 10 Brilliant....The self propelling system, does struggle at times with the wheels just spinning and the operator having to push and shove to get it moving. A more aggressive rear tyre pattern even studs could have been fitted. The catcher is of good capacity but does lack a grab handle to assist with emptying. The width of the cut is good, the twin blade system is a mystery to me but seems to cut the lawn ok. Honda for as long as I can remember have always struggles with wet or damp grass and this model is no different. I find I have to cut slowly and back out occasionally as the motor loses power when the going gets really tough. The blade disconnect system is a wonderful idea, but really loads the motor up when engaged. I even had the motor stall on the odd occasion. The biggest problem I have with this mower is the sheer weight, I bought this self propelled model as I thought it would make mowing easier with my dodgy back. Whilst going forward using the self propelled function is great, reversing and manouvering around trees to me is terrible. With an average back I struggle a little as a lot of effort is required to pull the mower backwards or change direction. So I rate this mower as a 6/10. Should be a 5 but the Honda build quality gives this product an extra point.

Purchased in September 2018 at Honda Dealers for $899.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Weekly

Love it

Great mower easy to use recommend to any one in the hunt for a new mower.
Easy to start and comes with a great price tag. Look no further than a honda.

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Weekly


I have used honda self prepelled mowers for 22 years and always been very happy with the product untill their latest model it is under powered struggles through long thick grass cuts very poorly the wheels spin so you have to push it just a very poor mower all round very dissapointed honda should be ashamed of their product

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Piece of crap

Ive bought honda products for many years, motorbikes whippersnippers generators etc ive read a few comments about this model I just wish I had reviewed the comments before I bought it. As ive always trusted honda to be a very good brand that has never let me down however I am very disappointed that Honda has produced a model like this. It does the most poor quality cut, hard to push, does not cut low enough and the front guard bites in the grass. We live in an area where we don't get a lot of rain but for the average persons lawn to mow I would not recommend this mower to be suitable in my opinion. I am highly disappointed that Honda has produced such a piece of equipment as far as I am concerned in my opinion they should all be recalled as this model is giving Honda a bad name after many years of producing good products. I am very disappointed in this model. However the rest of my Honda products I have found to be of a very high standard.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great mower

In 50 years if mowing i have just bought this self propelled HRR216VYUA. It is very user friendly. I only use the mulching setting and mainly on very thick buffalo grass. It cuts beautifully and I find it very easy to control and does cut backwards so I'm surprised to read so many complaints. Plenty of power and speed is very fast also. It even pulls me up slopping ground.
Highly recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

I enjoy doing my lawn now.

I have purchased other brands before and they got the job done but nothing like this does.

This mower gives a nice even cut without leaving the grass blotchy / patchy if you know what I mean. It also fills the catcher to nearly 90%, others are flat out reaching 70% before dropping clumps behind the mower. (Please note if you are going to mow wet grass EVERY mower will clog up, have to be a little doppy to mower long wet grass anyway ay?!?!).

Only negitive to this mower is the 4 separate height adjustments, just don't know why it wouldn't have 1 lever to adjust all four would be a lot easier.

In the yard now I will only buy and use Honda items. They are all quieter (except the chainsaw attachment), less vibration and so easy to start. Little more expensive but well worth it.

I have also purchased :
1. GX25 Honda bent shaft whipper snipper,
2. HHB25 Honda blower,
3. GX25 Motor head with chain saw and Hedge clipper attachments.

Still have to buy :
1. Honda GX35 powered Atom edge cutter. (Picking one up today).
2. Whipper snipper and blower attachment for the motor head so I can get rid of the actual whipper snipper and blower but only to minimize the amount of motors to service.

Hope this helps guys and gals.


Date PurchasedApr 2017

Best decision ever

I dont normally review, actually this is my first review but what a great product.

This mower is amazing from the start, its effortless single soft pull, easy start auto choke systems is so fluid its timeless..

Its 4 stroke 75db engine is so quiet the need for hearing protection is a thing of the past. (Please note this is my opinion only and not necessarily the same opinion expressly by Honda Australia)

There is also no playing with the idle control, it doesnt have one. The torque is so good it idles effortlessly through all grass heights without the need for an idle control and allows for the bow and stern to be adjusted independently, creating the perfect cut.

Its unique twin blade mulch function does away with the need for a bin full of grass as it dices up grass finner than a sous chief and sprinkles these fine nitrogen rich grass particles back in to the lawn.

Its also features a 21inch cutting deck which means less time in the yard compared to previous models owned, something that will save time for the avid gardener.

The only thing this mower is missing is someone to push this well built beast around and the only place I choose to shop is bunnings. The Staff are great and always happy to assist without hesitation and the Honda Rep was super helpfull in making an easy choice.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


This is by far the best mower i've ever owned. I actually enjoy mowing my lawns now :D

-Can and will cut ANYTHING!
-Self propelling is smooth and she goes like a dog shot in the behind!
-Will cut through long grass, sticks, and weeds with ease
-Large cutting deck means the job is done in half the time it used to take me
-Seems to run on fumes! I can mow our front and back lawns which takes me on average about an hour or more 2 or 3 times before needing to refuel it!
-The mulcher is really great, its so fine its like its not even there!
- The engine and shazzis is really non stick, so grass and even petrol should you spill any, just rinse right off very easily.
- The pull start is really easy to do as well. It doesn't rip your shoulder joints and just takes a little pull to get her going, and once she's been mowing for a while, its even easier the subsequent times!
- Cuts well even on a steep slope and doesn't grind on concrete even when cutting the edges of a path etc.

-The only ones i can think of is that grass gets stuck between the chassis and the wheels making the rear wheels lock into place and not spin. You need to get a knife or the like in there to get the grass clippings out to get the wheels to spin freely again.
- the little spaces where the bag sits under the flap need to be cleared fully to allow the steel "handles" (for lack of a better word) sit deeply into the recessed bits. They fill up with dirt and grass clippings as you mow, so you need to do this every time you empty and replace the catcher bag. Otherwise the catcher bag sits too high up and it doesn't catch your grass, it blows out the top onto your face LOL. (learned that the hard way loool)
- The grass doesn't really get flicked back into the length/back of the bag so it seems like its full when really its just that the first 1/4 of the bag is full. You'll need to empty the bag or just tilt it back so its clearer at the front part again. But the catcher holds A LOT! You don't need to empty it hardly at all!

Overall i'm very very pleased with our purchase and highly recommend it :D

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Bad choice

Bought a Honda thinking this would be my final mower, it was a pile of rubbish, after half an hour took it back and got my money back,
At the lowest cutting setting it barely makes a dent in my lawn, was told they are set up for American cutting conditions... well this is Australia. I can say I owned a Honda for 30 minutes. Pile of rubbish, what good is a mower if it won’t lower low enough to cut your lawn

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Honda Was a Poor Choice!

Hard to pull backwards. After I got it the Smart Drive Control went out on it. The warranty covered getting it fixed, but would this happen again after the warranty has expired? Well it did, today, while I was mowing in 95 degree heat.
I had to finish the lawn pushing the mower and without the Drive Control it is heavy to push.
It states on the mower "easy start." It isn't! It has electric battery powered start, but it won't start from one mowing to another, say two or three days. So I bought a can of ether and I have to open the air intake, spray ether in it, close it up and then turn the key and it starts.
It also has a gas turn off petcock you turn to shut the gas off after use. Odd that it never occurred on any of my previous mowers. I am disappointed in this mower. None of my previous mowers ever had any of these problems.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Don't buy not worth the over priced price tsg

Don't buy Honda. brought my new honda mower as I was over 2stroke mowers and family members raving about honda.first time I used my self propelled I couldn't pull it backwards and it kept stalling in 3inch tall grass. Went back to the store and they said I must be pushing it too fast (its self propelled) so Itried to slow down the speed nope still stalls. Then this week I hit something hard in the lawn and bent the crank shaft . The auto blade shut off doesn't work when you run over something. Thanks honda for making such rubbish mowers .never buy this mower

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Very poorly made mower.

After buying the mower problems started right away. First was the difficulty pulling it backward. Occasionally the wheels turn but usually they lock up - very difficult to use. I tried cleaning and lubricating the drive cog assembly but made no difference. Next, the rear drive wheel bolt snapped. I reamed out the hole and put in a heavier bolt which has worked fine. The bolt that it came with was like something from a toy! After that one of the front wheels kept falling off. Had to re-attach it and now carry a wrench with me for when it happens again. The wheels themselves wore out very quickly within the first year and are expensive to replace. I expected much better from Honda as I have been using their mowers for years and love them. This mower is built like a cheap toy but no fun at all!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Wast Of Money

Honda used to be good that is why I bought one,wrong!!!! This thing is a piece of garbage ,wasted my money.Cant pull it backwards and has been the same since new.Been back to the dealer three times and it ended up being my fault apparently,gets grass under the drive that causes the problem.Hello it is a mower and I cant be held responsible for crappy engineering !!!!!!!! These things are lemons ,waish i could get my money back and buy something decent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2016
1 comment
The only way to fix the "not being able to pull back syndrome" is to remove the drive and replace the nylon bushes. They dry out and bind up.Had to fix it myself,the dealer couldn't Look on YouTube it explains it all on there !!!!!!!.

A breeze to use!

If you are sick of pulling the handle and pushing through thick grass then this is the mower for you. It is so easy to start and glides easily through the thickest of lawns. The catcher is simple to empty and I find the mower very reliable. The first major service was expensive but worth the effort. It is very dependable.

Shockingly-Terrible-Back Breaking-Don't Buy.

Purchased in May2017. As a gardener, I wanted to replace my Rover and thought I'd choose a top of the line Honda. What a mistake. This thing is so heavy to push, the self propelling system just doesn't work (even when catcher is empty) and doesn't pull backwards (repaired twice already). The catcher has a stupid lip for it to hang off which fill with clippings so you have to clean it out regularly with your nail. The wheels are worn out after about 40hours usage! Doesn't like to start after being on a dirt road (trailered) for one km. Should I continue???? Just so poor. Do not waste you money.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Back breaking self drive system

Mulched really well, thought I would never use catcher again, starts easily. That's all the good stuff. The self propelled system is a cheaper version of the commercial series and is really hard to pull backwards, had mine in to be repaired as Honda sent out an update but came back no better. You can't adjust the drive speed unless you don't push the drive all the way and make to belt slip. Returned it to Bunnings for refund. Wish I had read the reviews on here, would have saved time and money.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not as good as the old type

Pretty poor. I live 1 hr form the place where I purchased the mower. It is very challenging to fix even simple things like the belt which keeps coming off.
Mine has done very few hrs and it drives me mad. Have to see if i can get the old one going again.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

warning dont buy this model

under-powered wheel adjustment replaced each wheel has to be adjusted/small grass shute clogs up/ very heavy/back driving wheels slip tread not suitable had more problems with the honda in three years than my old mower of thirty years now back in shop again any more trouble i will buy a different brand and give it to charity with a warning about the machine warren

Date PurchasedJan 2015

worst mower i have ever bought

this mower blocks grass in the wet the main problem is the small outlet that goes to the catcher it is now 3yrs old and the motor is stuffed stick to cars honda because you can't make mowers thats for sure i paid top dollar for this mower mainly because of there name

Date PurchasedJan 2014

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Questions & Answers

I'm surprised at so many bad reviews on this mower. I was just about to get one. So if this is no good, can some one recommend a self propelled mower for residential use that is great? Not looking to spend much. I will need it to catch well as there are weeds.
1 answer
Hello Mr. Smurf. I still use an HRR216 in my landscape maintenance business and have learned a few things that seem to help it perform adequately. But first of all, it is a little smaller than the HRX217's I normally use (great machines!) so it fits into some of the small townhouse yards we need to mow. The motor starts and runs just as well as other Honda models, which is a plus, not having to spend much time trying to get it started and running well and there's enough power for any mowing job. The main complaint I have is the difficulty in pulling it backwards but I found a couple of things that help: make sure you are not pressing on the drive levers at all while pulling back as even a slight touch on these engages the forward drive. Also if it is sluggish or locked when pulling back, just give the drive levers a nudge forward which usually helps loosen up the drive wheels. It's usually still a bit of an effort pulling it backward but these little remedies seem to help most times. As for the other problems such as loosening wheel nuts, broken wheel bolts and tire wear, these are easily fixed and not overly expensive. So it's not the best mower Honda has ever made but with the ever-reliable Honda motor it's still one of the best I've found within the price range.

I have no prob pulling this mower back- Im 6'4 280pounds..lol- but yeah weird how its hard to push when engine off?
1 answer
Well l you like to help you but my mower is back at the dealer as after 4 weeks fixing it l still can not pull it backwards so it's gone back to the dealer again.

Have honda hrr216vka after a little while mowing I find that I cannot pull the mower backwards the wheels lock. I have removed wheels and cleaned the pawls but still cannot pull the mower in reverse. This is very frustrating as I have a lot of ground to cover and many obstacles which require that I pull the mower backwards to negotiate. What do I need to check next to be able to fix the problem?
2 answers
Sorry to hear Lilmac, I see other people have had this same problem, but I never had it with my mower. Some returned their mower to a Honda dealer and have had it fixed, I think. Is it still under warranty, they have a two year warranty. I sold my HRR216 and have purchased another mower. It still had eight months warranty left on it. I just could not put up with its shortcomings.I checked all the settings as per honda tech fix to no avail it still locks up back wheels at times mostly when everything has warmed up I think it is a design fault and basically cannot be fixed I have left mine at honda dealer in disgust!


Honda HRR216PKU (2014)Honda HRR216VYU (2014, Self Propelled)Honda HRR216VKU (2015, Self Propelled)Honda HRR216VLA (2018, Self Propelled)Honda HRR216K10VKUA (Self Propelled)Honda HRR216VXA
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Price (RRP) $779$899$533$579$799
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
FeaturesMulching CapabilityBlade Brake and Mulching CapabilityBlade BrakeMulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Self-PropelledMulching Capability and Self-Propelled
Catcher Type CollapsibleCollapsibleCollapsibleRigidRigid
Catcher Capacity67 L66 L66 L66 L
Cutting Deck MaterialSteelAluminium AlloySteelSteelPlastic
Cutting Width533 mm530 mm533 mm533 mm533 mm
Height of Cut30 mm to 100 mm30 mm to 100 mm30 mm to 100 mm102 mm to 279 mm30 mm to 100 mm
Number of Blades22221
Weight41.1 kg34.3 kg40 kg34.3 kg
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)4 year(s)3 year(s)2 year(s)3 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement160 cc160 cc
Engine Type4-StrokeOHC (Overhead Cam) and OHV (Overhead Valve)OHC (Overhead Cam) and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameHonda 4-Stroke GCV160 OHV/OHCHonda GCV160 OHV/OHCHonda GCV160 OHV/OHCHonda GCV160cc EngineHonda GCV160 OHV/OHC

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