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Relative ease of operation

Anyone contemplating this model should do some comparison research. Top of the line HRX21 - - - - with electric start, self propelled, bag or mulch clippings and clutch driven blades are an impressive array of features but with a couple of reservations. Labelled as assembled in the USA, that`s the closest you get to an import guarantee, given the various Honda videos and online adverts praising the neXite polymer base and claims of a limited lifetime warranty on all HRX units, don`t be misled by the promo`s, Honda Australia gives 2yr on all parts of the mower including the base. We chose this mower as the one offering the nearest to our requirements. Even though Honda has a reputation for reliable rope pull starting attained over time the electric start was viewed as essential for purely personal physical restriction reasons. In addition all other brand electric start walk behind/push mowers considered had the restriction of requiring the start battery to be removed for external charging, the Honda seems to be the only small engine with on board charging capability, plus uses a regular standard SLA battery readily accessible and easily sourced at end of life. The self propelled function is a clear winner, although we would have preferred front wheel drive the rear wheel propulsion is satisfactory, to be able to set speed was a considered requirement as not many others offer this. The bag/mulch director is the one disappointment on this mower, we find the mechanism is easily clogged, wet or dry and adjustment becomes almost impossible until the sliding section is cleaned. Mind you the owner manual clearly mentions this as a possibility. The clutch driven blades are the ultimate in safety, This is a very heavy mower powered by a large and somewhat thirsty engine, required of course to propel the machine on its solid base and drive the blades, considerable effort is needed to elevate the mower to clean underneath or tilt to drain engine oil, promotional material claims the base being non metallic won`t rust, that`s true but attention to cleaning blades clutch assembly and bag/mulch slider is still required for premium operation. Generally a satisfactory performer as it is quite a new experience compared to `bare bones` mowers.
Leigh T.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great Machine!

Very nice machine! I do various of runs throughout my yard and it makes my lawn look mint everytime! I like the latch to dismount the excess grass and the capacity is also quite big which was what I was after. The motor inside has plenty of power and hasn't broken down within the time I have bought it (about 9 months ago). I recommend this mower to anyone who is after great performance at a reasonably good price with that reliability that many mowers do not offer!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Not happy Jan

Ok for the record I have 3 mowers and was a Honda fan so I decided to upgrade to the self propelled HRX 21. I have lawn all year round thanks to living in the tropics, so at times my lawn gets think. I mow regaruly weekly or more. But even mowing at a high cut and a very low travel speed the mower struggles to bag the clippings. I have probably the greenest lawn in the street and my lawn is usually the envy of most lawn nerds, I now have to half cut the lawn then cross mow to get the finish I was use to and taking a lot longer. I’m not a big fan of the small bag shute and obviously the new blade setup is not suited to think buffalo grass. Leaving clumps of clippings over my nice lawn wouldn’t be doing Honda any good advertising.
I think this mower is more suited to the American market, maybe their grass jumps into the catcher.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

I'm Lovin' It

This mower is great, no issues, plenty of power in the 190cc engine and starts 1st or 2nd pull. I've had this mower about 18 months, used for 250m2 flat lawn weekly, sometimes twice a week and the cut is great. I'd never go a non-self propelled mower after this. The variable speed settings makes it easy to get the right speed and the ability to have the engine and self propelled on while the blade is not spinning is exactly what i needed to get up my steep driveway. The composite deck is not a problem, i was slightly concerned at the start. My only concern is the fixed blade, if it hits anything I've read it destroys the engine/mower, if that happens the cost of replacing will hurt.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Gose well. Have only one esu. It seems to lock weels sometimes.

Mowes well. Starts just about first go only the weel locking is a real pain. When on a hill or sloppy ground
It gives you grief. But over all a good mower for the price. You just have too love Honda. It just keeps going. And serving. Well the air filtering system will its so clean. Too good. Cheers

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Really nice mower

Just purchased one of these to replace a Proscape self propelled mower. Don't be put off by the composite base as opposed to steel or aluminium bases. The base on this is tough and stands up to punishment. The choice of 7 speeds makes mowing so much easier and the fact that it can also be pulled backwards while cutting (my old mower could not) makes things so much easier when getting into tight spaces. It starts instantaneously which my wife loves. It almost makes mowing the lawn fun.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

A few refinements required.

Three improvements would make it great.
Individual wheel adjustments. Why? Front are easy to adjust but the rear are an absolute wrestling nightmare! A lot of skinned knuckles right there!
When the bag starts to get full, the rear end becomes too heavy. You have to put pressure on the handlebars to keep the front wheels on the ground.
The mulch/catcher adjustment jams with build up. Have to physically stop the mower, clean out and adjust. Can't do on the run unless you give the lever a good kick.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great Mower

Im a mowing contractor and have been using Hondas for many years now. The 216 was very good but when the front wheel axle grommets wear you start getting an uneven cut.

I was very cautious about buying a plastic mower but when I saw Honda was providing excellent warranty conditions I was finally persuaded.
The individual wheel height adjustment gives much better stable even cut, I'm always impressed when I look back at the lawn I just cut. With careful adjustment to the mulcher control you can seriously reduce the amount of clippings without the lawn looking like it was mown without a catcher.

The weight distribution (light front ) makes it easy to turn.
Would like to see a 2.5 litre fuel tank.

Blades seem to be wearing well, Its still early on so I'm going to find out how the transmission holds out and also all those extra springs.
I'm very impressed so far.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

21" of of cutting power

I have owned a lot of mowers in my time and as a lawn contractor by trade, I cannot go past the honda series. the 21" makes quick work of even the toughest lawns and doesn't skip a beat. I have tweaked the revs up to 3500 for a little more grunt to cut through the thick stuff as at factory it is set in the low 3000's which slows productivity. Overall these models are hard to beat and not many competitors come close

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Very good

Very happy with this purchase. Feels solid. Love the fact that you don’t have to mix oil with petro. Powerfull enough and you will appreciate the large catch baskets. It’s quite heavy as it is however it’s feels like is not very well balance a specially when full of wet gras, it has tendency to easily go out of balance meaning front up.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Blade performance

I was looking for the best wide cut lawn mower and was told by sales at Redcliffe Lawn Mowers that the GVC-190 was the big bad boy all the pro's use.

Since I was only mowing my clean LAWN that I hold so much pride in I went with the Honda self drive GVC-190 at a cost of over $1000.00.
Not happy with the service life of blades as they are soft (Not Heat Treated)
OK to manoeuvre and unlike some others is easier to push when required with drive diss engaged.
Easy to use but this is where the good stuff ends and my disappointment starts,
Now less then 12 months old and doing half a summer and a full winter I have had to replace (2 main cut blades) and just now October 2017 replaced AGAIN the main blade as well as the 1st cut blade.
I had them checked and found the to be nothing more then "MILD STEAL" Pressed metal.
Past mowers : Mass Port single bar & Victor Corvette disc & 4 blades lasted 18 months to 2 years.
Honda GVC-190 require replacement 3 times a year at the very least.
At around $40 per set with a dissatisfied customer discount of 20%.
The sales person said Honda were hard to deal with and that the rep only swings by twice a year in announced and that it would be better for me to chase Honda up. WTF Pay a grand plus for a lawn mower from Honda.
NEVER AGAIN HONDA YOU WILL DUD ME or anyone I can tell about it.
I would have loved to supply photos of the blades but no attachments links were on the page.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Easy to handle

I live on almost an acre block and it is a massive chore to mow the yard. I find this mower light weight and easy to start as the old one I would have to get my partner to start. Starts first go. I still hate mowing yet I enjoy using the new mower so not as much as a chore to have to mow the yard now. I love my partner for purchasing this. We sometimes argue over who gets to use it. He he.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Awesome machine

I bought my hrx217 last August, It's my first honda for my business. Runs great and very light considering it's size. The only problem I have is I operate on the coast and the blades don't last long because of the sand. I asked the local dealer and they told me you can't get a conversion kit to use swing back blades.... so I made my own have been using it for about 2 weeks. The mower is even better now

Date PurchasedAug 2016

some doubts

This is a good mower for suburban lawns.
My problem arises because I ventured out from the lawn. This mower is designed for US conditions: rich soil, high rainfall, tall grass not so many rocks. Australia is not so kind. I've hit a rock and bent the crank shaft. Honda will not replace the engine in Australia, so this $1500 investment is now useless.Poor after sales service from Honda in this country.
not happy.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Fantastic mower

Best mower I have ever had. It's an amazing machine. Starts first time every time and it's fairly easy to manuvore. The engine is huge with plenty of grunt. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone from weekend mower to contractor. The gearbox on these things are also fantastic.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Absolutely fantastic!!

I picked this mower up used (but only a year old) a few days ago and got to use it on one of my jobs yesterday. I must say Honda has definitely lived up to my expectations, and in many ways exceeded them! This mower is a dream come true compared to my old 19" Morrison and 16" Rockwell push mowers. The Honda is light, massive, powerful and fast (at times I was jogging to keep up with it!). The transmission is fantastic and I love the blade brake system. I have not played around with the Versamow function much yet but it looks great. Starting the mower is very easy and I don't need to choke it which is great. One thing I really liked was the HUGE 88L catcher. I can mow so much more now without having to empty the catcher. This and the self-propelled function have cut my mowing time in half! Overall I am very impressed with this mower and I really look forward to using it again next weekend! :D

Date PurchasedDec 2016

A quality mower, but not for everyone

I purchased a top-of-the-range Honda HRX217HYU a few months back, so I've now had time to give it a fair working out on my large lawn. I decided to replace my EGO Electric mower which was simply too underpowered for the job, and which lacked the battery capacity to cut such a large lawn area, around 1000m2.

I'm happy to say that the Honda is an overall excellent mower. It does a great job of getting through my tall grass, even when it's been damp throughout the Tassie winter. The mower starts pretty well, though not always on the first pull. Once you get used to the speed control it works well and gives you a good range of speeds to choose from depending on how fast you want to walk. While the Honda is louder than my previous electric mower it's not overly noisy and I must admit to liking the distinctive "Honda" engine sound. The bag is quite large and so takes a lot of clippings before needing to be emptied, and the whole mower has a nice solid feel about it. The quality of the cut is excellent, though the weight of this mower leaves deepish tracks when the ground is damp.

There are a few downsides however and these should be considered before you decide to buy. This machine is heavy and large and so despite it being self propelled, it's not the easiest machine to manoeuvre around tight spots. I dislike that one has to adjust the height of each wheel rather than a single height adjuster. I've also found the wheels slip on a mild slope if the grass is damp (about 20 degree slope), requiring the operator to push against the slip. I bought the self propelled model because I felt it would make the job easier, especially as I get older, but I'm not totally convinced it does. The weight of this mower, at least for me, partially offsets the benefit of the self propelled engine. Maybe it would have been just as easy (and cheaper) to buy one of the lighter non-self propelled Honda mowers. I feel this mower is best suited to large lawns, with minimal slope.
Either way I'm happy I have a Honda because I feel they are the best quality mower on the market at present.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Top of the line

I own two of these for a lawn maintenance business. The nexite body definitely lives up to it's reputation. The cutting width makes quick work of even larger size jobs, and the inbuilt mulcher makes it easy to change on the spot. The variable speed control works a treat, as does the blade brake. If you want a top-quality mower, this is it! The ones I have are currently 1 year old and have cut hundreds of lawns. No mechanical issues as yet, just general maintenance. Beautiful machine.

1 comment
Thanks for the review JT. It is great to hear that your HRX217HYU is perfect for your lawn maintenance business. -Sarah

The best is worth it

For anyone looking for a self propelled mower you simply won't find better than this. It is so flexible In regard to speed, cutting modes (rear discharge, bag or mulch, or combinations of these) with plenty of power. This enables the user to find a mowing mode that suits exactly the type of lawn, terrain and physical ability of the operator. These modes can be easily changed on the go as conditions change. A truly magnificent, safe machine with legendary Honda reliability. It may cost a little more than some others, but it is worth it.

1 comment
Thanks for the review Bobby Mac, it it great to hear that this mower has exceeded your expectations. -Sarah

This mower makes the job of mowing on steep ground easy!

I purchased a Honda HRX217HYUA self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower in late-2015 to take care of the 450 sq.m of buffalo grass on my sloping (1:6 or 10 deg) residential block on the mid-north coast of NSW. I have used it several times and found it to be fantastic - it starts first time every time, has adjustable driving speed to match your preferred walking speed, is relatively quiet at full revs and is easy to operate. I found it is best to mow when the grass is just damp rather than wet, because there is a little bit of wheel slippage on the wet grass that requires some manual pushing to overcome. If I had to list any improvements, I would suggest more rugged tyres on the driving wheels. The mower leaves a beautiful, even finish on grass that leaves my garden looking like a bowling green!

Questions & Answers

There are three self propelled versions, one has what looks like you use your thumbs to drive, another has a rotary knob selector in the middle and the last is a rod with a yellow button on it, which is the best to use?
2 answers
The mower I purchased is the one with the yellow button on the lever. ( HRX217) That button is pushed in to engage the blade while the motor is running. The mower with the drive levers is the HRR216 and comes in 2 versions. One with a Blade brake and the other with an Engine brake. I am not familiar with a mower with a knob selector, unless you refer to the mulch selector lever (which has a green knob on the end of it) which is feature of the HRX 217 model. If it is a black knob, then that is the fuel tank cap on the HRU196 and 216 models. The latter are designed for the commercial market. Which is best? I guess that is a personal thing. None of these mowers are light, which is why I chose a self propelled version. As my wife will use it from time to time, I also went for the electric start as she is just not strong enough to pull start a mower engine.One was Hydrostatic drive Then there was a select drive Then there was a smart drive

Can you get gripper wheel treads, ie rubber and not the plastic ones provided. have been looking at reviews and have looked at this model at Honda dealer in Ballina, NSW and am keen to purchase. Only issue is I have a large lawn with sloppy sections stapo53@bigpond.com
1 answer
I have seen people put screws into the rear wheels for extra traction

I would like to know the difference between the two honda motors, 160 and the 190 please?
1 answer
Hey Bert, My thoughts are that the 160 is a 160cc motor while the 190 is the 190cc version because you can feel and hear more power in tools equipped with the 190.


Honda HRX217HZU (Electric Start)Honda HRX217HYU (Recoil Start)Honda HRX217VKAHonda HRX217HYA
CategoryPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $1,529$1,329$699$829
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrol
FeaturesBlade Brake and Quick-Start MotorBlade Brake and Mulching CapabilityBlade Brake and Mulching Capability
Catcher Type CollapsibleCollapsibleCollapsible
Catcher Capacity88 L88 L
Cutting Deck MaterialPlasticAluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy
Cutting Width533 mm533 mm508 mm
Height of Cut19 mm to 100 mm19 mm to 100 mm95 mm to 102 mm
Number of Blades222
Weight46.1 kg43.6 kg45 kg
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)3 year(s)5 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine TypeOHC (Overhead Cam) and OHV (Overhead Valve)OHC (Overhead Cam) and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameHonda GCV190 OHV/OHCHonda GCV200 OHV/OHCHonda GCV200

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