Cannot live without my Hug a Bub!!

Out of all the baby "equipment" (pram, bouncer, cot, etc) we purchased during pregnancy, the Hug-a-Bub has been by the far, the most consistently used - and the most reliable for settling baby. I had included it on my Babylist registry and a friend gifted it to me. We spent about $600 on a Nuna leaf swaying bouncer (plus the Wind device), which is an excellent bouncer, but at under $100, the Hug-a-Bub wins hands down as a value for money item. I always wear it as a backup on walks in case Baby plays up and doesn't want to sit in the stroller anymore. As testimony to its effectiveness, Baby is asleep in the Hug-a-Bub right now as I write this review. :)


I chose the Organic Lightweight because Baby was born last summer, and it offers a bit more breathability. I am still using it in winter and it doesn't feel flimsy.

Extremely portable; just wrap it up and pop it in the pram or nappy bag

Keeps mums and dads hands-free to do other tasks, including housework and even moderate workouts

Baby can switch from rear facing (towards chest) to outward facing with the same tying method.

Excellent value for money

Easy to wash

Made of organic cotton and every purchase plants a tree!

Australian made


Tying it correctly takes practice! Thankfully, there's lots of help available on YouTube and the Hug a Bub website

Baby has to be a certain age (3 mo from memory) before he/she can rest in it

No head and neck support (although Hug a Bub do have another model that features this)

Purchased in January 2019.

Lots of information provided

Have not used it yet but feel educated about its purpose and safety from documents that came with it and to have step by step instructions as well as video is great!

Purchased at Baby Bunting for $120.00.

The Best

Just bought this for my friend. We used ours from 3weeks-2.5 years. Loved it. My husband and I could both use the same one without any problems and he is a foot taller than me. Absolutely the best investment/most used baby product we owned.

Purchased in July 2019 at Baby Bunting for $99.00.

Love it!

I love this wrap so much. I’ve just bought a second one. My baby girl is 4 months old and not a day has gone by that I haven’t used it. It’s super soft and just feels like another layer of clothing. I always put it on before I go out even if I have the pram, just so I can settle bub easily if I need to. I have a structured carrier too but this is a lot more comfortable while she’s still little.

Purchased in February 2019 at Baby Bunting Online store.

Must have!!

When my little girl was just two weeks old my husband got sent to sydeny for a month with the army. without the hugabub I would not have gotten a single thing done it's so convenient to go shopping or just for when she's being fussy. Best thing I have bought, i am even thinking about purchasing a sling for quick trips.

So glad I purchased! Absolutely perfect

My daughter is 3 months old and has to be carried for hours to go to sleep, after researching for hours I decided on getting the hug a Bub organic wrap. Honestly the best thing I have ever purchased. It comes with picture instructions which look complex but it's super easy to put on after the first go, bubba is super secure and comfortable and I can do almost anything while wearing her, cleaning, eating, hair and makeup etc. I'm so happy I purchased this and I seriously have no complaints, it's perfect.

Wonderful product

Absolutely love this ring sling for my toddler and also my Newborn. The material is soft and comfortable and the colour is perfect, just as pictured. It’s a great product that makes juggling two kids under two a lot easier. I would definitely recommend this ring sling, it’s a fantastic product.

Great comfy baby carrier

I'm currently using with my newborn and it is great! I have tried other carriers with my first child and they seems to have all the weight on my shoulders and were uncomfortable. This carrier/wrap suits my shape (short and big busted) and I don't feel like I am straining anywhere. I've done groceries and chores around the house whilst bub sleeps in the carrier (especially when unsettled). I would highly recommend.

Great carrier

Love this sling. I have tried a few different types of carriers and this is easiest and fastest to get on. The baby loves it and she usually falls asleep in it. Great when she is a bit fussy. The fabric feels sturdy yet is still breathable. Great that it is also organic.

Easy to use and bub loves it

A simple, easy to learn wrap that keeps baby close and happy. After two tries tying it each by hubby and I we got the right tightness to keep her up high enough but still comfy. She settles quickly once in. Offers good weight distribution but our bub is still under 4 kg. Can easily wear her for a few hours. The pocket is very convenient when out for a walk.

Bit of a learning curve but worth it.

I have been using this with my newborn daughter (she is currently 5 weeks) - definitely a challenge to learn how to wear it correctly, I think the instructions included are unnecessarily complicated. I'd recommend joining local baby wearing groups, or watching youtube videos to help you get the hang of it. One tip I can offer is to put the wrap on tighter than you'd think you should. Bub enjoys it too, but I imagine we will need to transition to a different carrier after she reaches 3-4 months.

Love it.

Love the support the wrap provides. The online tutorial on how to wrap it is easy to follow. It took me a few weeks to really get the tie perfect, now I can do it in a matter of seconds.
Having the pocket is very handy and I like how the wrap folds into the pocket when not in use.
I’ve washed it and put it in the dryer several times, it has lost a bit of its original stretch but it is still good. I’ve used the same wrap for two babies in addition to my Moby wrap.

Perfect for around the house

My baby absolutely loves this carrier. It can be tricky to learn how to put it on, but once I got the hang of it I was using it pretty much every day. Baby is so right up against my chest without any clips or straps in the way, puts his to sleep very quickly.

A comfortable way to wear my sweet baby.

Once I figured out how to tie this gorgeous fabric wrap it was amazing. The 100% cotton sailor stripe design looked great with my style. I wore it with my 10 week old & was so happy with how comfortable it felt. There was no back or shoulder pain. I enjoyed housework, school pick up and afternoon walks. My husband likes wearing our bub with it also. The fabric is strong and soft. Now I know how to tie it (it took just a couple of practices, don’t give up of your sleep deprived) I can tie quickly and easy.

Love It!

I love my new Hug-a-bub! I actually thought my stretchy-wrap days were long gone with my 10kg 5 month old... but I was wrong. It turns out the Hug-a-bub's organic cotton fabric is much more supportive than the thin modal of the other brand I was using previously.
I was able to wear him comfortably all morning at the beach, without getting a sore back.
Plus, aside from looking super cute, it was also the perfect sun protection for mummy's shoulders too!
I only wish I had tried the Hug-a-bub sooner, as I loved wearing my tiny daughter in a stretchy wrap. Structured carriers are great, but there's just something so lovely about wrapping your baby up against your body.
Thanks so much Hug-a-bub. I feel really good supporting an Australian brand and I'll be recommending your product to everyone - especially the parents with chubby babies like mine!"

Happy Baby Happy Mummy

The hug-a-bub is a lifesaver! I highly recommend this product. The carrier material is soft and is comfortable for you and the baby. It is quiet easy to tie the wrap though it does take some time to get a hang of it but Hug-a-bub has helpful videos. Baby sits nice and cosy in the wrap. No strains on your back or shoulders either as the way it ties spreads the weight of baby equally.

When baby was much younger, he didn't like put down for naps therefore I'd be stuck on the couch all day. This carrier has saved me from being stuck at home on the couch to doing things around the house aswell going out. I'd go for a walk everyday to get some fresh air and baby would snuggle up to me and fall asleep in a matter of minutes! (I lost weight too just from walking nearly every day because baby acts as weights! :) )
Baby is nearly 6 months and we are going overseas and my hug-a-bub will defintely be coming with us.

Best thing I was ever introduced to!

I was lent a hugabub from a friend to try out and I loved it so much I bought my own! It was so helpful when bub was small, it kept her happy and content. It helped build our bond and was great when out and about, no bulky pram to struggle with! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with a baby!

The Best Baby Carrier

I have 4 kids and I've used my Hug-a-Bub for all of them. We started out using a popular navy carrier from Europe. This was an inferior product. The Hug-a-Bub supports the baby's head when you walk, bend over, tend to your toddler. It suppports your back and does not pull on your shoulders. It frees your hands (none of this one hand on baby's back or head while you do things); you can cook, hang washing on the line, push a trolley or pram. And shop. By God you can shop in the Hug-a-Bub! Because bub is being carried by you; they're content for hours. It's big enough for dads to use. My husband used it all the time. It's super easy to put on. It is the best baby product I have used. My youngest is now 3yrs old and I have kept mine. I loan it to friends but I'm keeping it for my daughter's to use. It's a special thing because it brings you so much comfort and beautiful bonding memories. All those snuggles. Also great if they are sick, a reflux bub (had x2 of those!). A bub that feeds a lot (can whip out your breast and bub feeds happily in there). It also protects them from the sun because of the way it fans across your shoulder. Annnnnd it's Australian made, owned and designed! Even better!!!!

Excellent ring sling.

This review has two main components, what do I think of ring slings as a carrier, and what do I specifically think of the hug-a-bub one.

Well, ring slings in general first. I love my ring sling for certain situations and use it almost every day. It is an excellent carrier to quickly throw on to pop into the shops, or get a few chores done around the house (I use mine almost every morning to carry my daughter while I unlock and tend to our chickens. However, this is not the type of carrier for you if you intend to carry a baby (particularly a larger baby) for long periods, especially if walking or standing. I did use if for a couple of few hour stints when my daughter was a newborn. But even these were mostly while sitting (she was napping). I mostly limit it to less than about 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour or it becomes uncomfortable. For longer bouts of babywearing I use a wrap or buckle carrier, but these take a little longer to get on and get fitted, ring sling is super fast if you leave it threaded.
Ring slings can also have a slight learning curve to get them fitted comfortably (spreading the fabric over your back and shoulder is key) and I have found I had more success when my daughter was a bit older and more patient. If you are having trouble, attending a local baby wearing meet or finding a consultant can really help.

As for the hug-a-bub sling in particular, it is beautiful! I have the Eucalyptus Dreaming colour way and it is gorgeous (and quite gender neutral, not that I think that really matters in a carrier). It is comfortable to wear and didn't need much breaking in. It is well made, and still looks new, despite several months useage. The weave is quite cool and I can see myself comfortably wearing in throughout the summer. I have also received many compliments on this carrier when wearing it in public.


Cant get newborn to sleep. Put in carrier. The snug fit calms burps and puts to sleep. Is so comfortable and easier than it looks to tie up. Baby was born in winter and this kept her nice and warm and could breastfeeed in it. It has a really convenient front pocket for keys amd money. Baby loved it. Keeps them nice a close to your body which is where they are used to.

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Hi Laura, thanks so much for the lovely review, we are so pleased you and baby are enjoying your Hug-a-Bub. Just a suggestion - we don't encourage parents to put items in the pocket, it's more for storing the wrap itself. Just in case anybody bumps you and the object presses into baby.

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Questions & Answers

What is the weight limit on the hug a bug newbie?
1 answer
Hi Angel, the official weight limit is 3.2 kg. If your baby is smaller or premature, it is possible to use Newbie but you would need to check with your health professional first. We hope that helps. Kind regards.

Hi, I'm after reviews of the Hugabub RING SLING, not the wrap? Could someone please comment?
7 answers
I am a certified babywearing instructor educated through Die Trageschule Dresden. I love the Hug A Bub ring slings, especially the new mesh one. It's cotton weave is cool and easily washed. I also like that they use quality rings and fabric from a ethical manufacturer. I have not seen any other mesh fabric slings out there. I also like that the fabrics used are not too thin/thick or cheap run of the mill cotton. Hug A Bub has great customer service and good instructions to help if you are unfamiliar with using a sling. I love ring slings because they are beautiful easy and compact. I feel like a natural mam in a ring sling. When I wear other types of carriers, I feel like I am going on a trip and have my baby packed in a back pack:)Hi Mandi78. Just wondering if you ever purchased a hugabub ring sling? I'm thinking of going down the same path. If so how did you find it? Thank you RhiannaHi, I don't have a HugaBub ring sling. I was looking for a light cotton everyday sling as I don't want to wear out my beautiful P-Sling. I have a silk blend P-sling in slate grey. Although I wear it casually, It's quite dressy and I have had quite a few mums stop to ask me what type of sling it is. Also, I have a BreezeBaby (same as Taylor Made Sling. Absolutely swear by it for bathing an infant. I could never manage a bath, too awkward. My 'Seven' sling lives in the car and is my arms free kit when holding my young bub while collecting my toddler from daycare. Wear any sling on your shoulder and not your neck or you will soon feel neck pain. Practice without a baby in until you feel what's right positioning. Had a Natures Sway sling and regret selling it off but, at the time, I felt compelled to minimise.

Is it worth me getting a hug bub even thou my baby is now 8kg? I previously had a carrier but it was soo uncomfortable, has anyone used the hug a bub with a bigger baby
2 answers
It's really hard to say. I've got a big baby, and still use it every now and then. My guy weighs about 11.5kg now. I can't exactly remember but he was probably 6-8kg when I bought it. You could always Google or eBay a Moby Wrap and find a cheap one to see if you like it. I didn't realize a Moby Wrap is the same as (and a more generic name of) a hug a bub. And, as good as the hug a bub is, I would have tried to find something cheaper before committing had I known what they were called :).Hi Julie, I'd get a woven. I had a hug-a-bub and was amazed at the difference in support. Hug-a-bubs and Mobys are invaluable for small ones, but as they get heavier, more support is warranted. Wovens can get expensive. I recommend starting out by going to a local baby-wearing group. They normally have libraries and you can try varying carriers there. Otherwise, there is the "BWBSS Aussie Babywearing Support" and the ladies in that group can help you out.


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