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Husqvarna 122

Husqvarna 122

122C, 122LD and 122LK
2.8 from 17 reviews

Reliable unit

Bought the 122LD in 2011 and it has proved to be very reliable. Starting usually no problem. Press the primer bulb a few times, set to about 1/2 choke, give 4 or 5 short pulls then a full pull and it almost always bursts into life. Push choke in after a few seconds. It did have an issue the other day when it was completely dead - no spark. Kill switch checked out OK with multimeter but the insulation on the wires was squashed where it entered the orange plastic housing. (I hate the way everything is encased in plastic these days.) Fixed with a few wraps of insulation tape.
Not the most powerful unit and the head needs cleaning regularly for the auto line feed to work but it does all we need on a steep 1,500 sq m rocky block. The split shaft is great for transport as it fits into any car boot.

Purchased in July 2011 for $329.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Grass Type Short grass, Tall grass and Thick, heavy grass or weeds


This thing is a difficult to start. Very fussy. When I leaned out the oil mixture a tad it started and ran better. It is quiet but to achieve this quieter operation feels like it has been choked(restricted) as it doesn't really rev out well. Lately I have had issues after it runs for about 5-10min it will just die. Have taken in under warranty but I doubt anything will come of it. The line trimmer my Dad gave me 20 years old runs and starts better than this thing. This husky is cheap. Even the shaft feels like it's made from paper

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Runs but far from great product.

This trimmer has always run well enough for me.
- would always have take around 10 pulls to start.
- placement of the fuel filler cap is poorly designed and can be extremely difficult to grasp properly to unscrew with just your hand, you may need some sort of tool to assist.
- the off button stopped fuctioning shortly out of warranty, shop said not economical to repair, i have to stop by pulling spark plug cover off.
- it's quieter than other 2 strokes I've used,
- the string load is easy to use, reload and functions well
- vines and longer grass runners cause no issues with this machine unlike others I use which tangle around the shaft at the head.

In all I think reasonable value for money but could probably find better.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


Only about 16 months old and stopped working. Took it to repairer who told me that the part required to fix would cost $130 and $88 labour. Not worth fixing. Very disappointed with this product. I bought what I thought was a reliable brand looking for longevity and I would have been better off buying a cheap brand. Very unhappy.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

122LK trimmer Rubbish machine.

Purchased after my e-bay one died after 8yrs talked into buying this rather than more expensive model by the salesperson. Not a great machine at all had it back for repairs 3 times in four months, now the motor is run in its a little better but overall poor quality rattles like anything and does not handle bigger trimmer lines at all.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

The great mistake

I purched the machine one week ago, used for about 30 minutes and it hasn't started since. I now have to take back to the dealer 100 kms away then possibly go back to pick it up. I hope (judging by other comments} this isn't the start of a nightmare. Yes the price was compatable with Ryobi but the Ryobi I replaced it with was 7 years old. Has this been a $189.00 lesson?

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good brush cutter, two warranty repairs so far but!?!?

Bought Oct 2016, used only a few times whilst we were building as we had a lawnmower man, now moved to half acre block 6/17 and its reliable, powerful, good quality cutting cord and release (unlike others than snap regularly) I'm that happy I've now bought a husqvarna ride on mower too.

8/12/17 - reloaded cutting cord last week, easy as, and still love this machine!

2/18 - found split in fuel tank, where plastic has been joined in manufacture, took to dealer, replaced no trouble. Dealer returned full of fuel. Happy days

3/18 - pull start broken, spring inside broken. Took to dealer, replaced starter cord and spring unit under warranty no trouble.

Good machine, but hope its trouble free from here, given its maybe been used less than 8 months!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Rubbish product

I purchased this 18 months ago because my cheap one died. In that time I have got it to start almost first attempt ONCE. Every other time it hasn't started, I've had to leave it for half an hour, and then about half of the time it will eventually start. It's been serviced - made no difference. Appalling waste of money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Good so far

The machine cuts well, the higher power and speed seems to use less trimmer cord than the Ryobi curved shaft trimmer. This means I don't need to rewire as often. Head holds about the same about of cord as the standard Ryobi head. I can trim about twice as fast when going though the rough stuff compared to the Ryobi bent shaft half crank trimmer.

Generally this trimmer does what you expect at this price point: less vibration being a full crank trimmer rather than half crank, slightly less noise, bit heaver (but not hard to maneuver) well balanced at the handle. I'm short, only 165 cm tall. The trimmer is clearly designed for someone much taller than I, however I still find good ways to hold the trimmer at strange angles to trim, edge under many different conditions. I experience much less strain with this machine compared to the Ryobi curved shaft machines.

My only complaint is probably more from the mower shop than the trimmer itself. It was purchased from GYC. Upon first and subsequent uses, the machine didn't handle anything above 10% throttle well. After bringing it back to GYC they adjusted the high speed screw on the carburettor and it works much better now. Before it lack of power meant it couldn't do edging, now it edges like it is on a mission.

In my opinion, the diameter of the cutting head should be greater. I believe there is enough power and robustness in the system to warrant a longer cutting line.

I've only used it several times, shared between 3 different properties, however I'm pleased so far. If I experience any of the problems like the other posts, I'll definitely update this review. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

No More Husqvarna products for me

This whipper Snipper (122C) looks like a quality product and it does cut the grass edges well and is very quiet to use........but i have had a gut full of Husqvarna I should have bought a Stihl, Warranty is hard to get They have had to recall these things worldwide because the fuel tanks split, yes mine split they replaced the tank took 2 weeks Husqvarna should of handed my money back then mine is a LEMON .used it a hand full of times then another fuel leak LEMON. Man i am real sick of this crap whipper snipper just rebadged chinese Crap , So please Google the fuel tank problem before buying a 122C,
Shame Husqvarna Shame

Date PurchasedJun 2011

Can't fault the unit I purchased

Bought the Husqvarna 122c to replace the old McCulloch MT300X. Used the Mac for many years but required too many parts replacing it was false economy to repair. Got the Husky at a great price (end of season), not used it much but its a dream to start (even the wife starts it easily) it can tick over without the cord spinning which is a great feature in comparison with my old unit. Powered through the areas in mt garden without issue, seems to be slower reving than the old unit but powers through everything I've thrown at it. In my own experience I'm delighted with its ease of starting and performance (although only owned for a few weeks at present), If it proves to be unreliable, I'll update my post. Reason for selecting a Husqvarna is I use one of their petrol stone cutters and its a good machine, however the strimmer is in the budget end of their range.


I bought my 122LD after my cheap Bunnings snipper died. Well after a few hours it did not start anymore. Took it back to dealer and he fixed it, was the kill switch wires cut and making contact with each other (known issue I was told by dealer). Have had it now for several years and have discovered it to have insufficient torque to power the extra attachments.
One thing I do like is the availability of parts. I am having some tuning issues with mine and am going to get it fixed.

I have owned my machine now for 7 maybe more years and I have finally got the machine to run well. It was maybe 2 months ago when I was not getting a spark at the plug lead so I pulled the machine apart, reset the coil, then re tuned the carby and she runs very well. Although in the eight years I am onto my 3rd caby, second throttle trigger, kill switch, throttle cable, pull cord assembly and fuel tank.

Date PurchasedSep 2011

nearly burned badly

I have the misfortune of owning a 122LD. The fuel tank burst on the weekend covering me in petrol and causing a chemical burn on my hip. I bought the trimmer in November 2013, unknowingly, this was 19 months after the recall in April 2012 for the same problem. The machine is in the recall serial number range. I first emailed Husqvarna with no response then I rang Husqvarna who advised that I should take it to their dealer as it was not their concern and they would not honour their recall. I will be contacting the ACCC for further advice to either get it fixed, replaced or refunded. If you would like the opportunity to own any Husqvarna can I suggest you place whatever amount of cash it costs in a heap in the back yard, cover it in petrol and light it up because if anything goes wrong you are on your own. Terrible customer experience from the supplier and a lemon of a machine.

Good reliable unit.

Purchased a 122C in December 2014. Used it about 4 times since then, no problems to date, starts usually 2nd pull.
Nice quiet unit no need to high rev it to engage the clutch and is very easy to change cord. Hopefully it will keep going well for the next few years.

Update: Now Dec. 2015 and unit is still going well with no problems.
The unit has been difficult to start cold for the last few yrs. Solved with a quick squirt of Nulon "Start Ya" from Supercheap now starts first time everytime.

Purchased in December 2014 for $189.00.

Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Short grass

Hard or impossible to start with poor local backup

Don't do it. Should be good but is an absolute lemon. Very had to start and the local dealer is no help. The old Husqvarna brushcutter was much better.
Complained to Husqvarna Australia and they said they would replace it but haven't heard anything since.

So far Stihl has been the best brand I have ever had.
Good ideas
Will not go. Poor back up.

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Finally fixed. It only took 9 months. Never again.

husqvaarna 122ld great machine

[name removed] you must have bought a lemon . I bought a Husqvarna 122ld line trimmer 3 days a go I was a bit woried about purchasing one but I tell you what I am glad I did it is the best line trimmer I have used very easy to start very quiet .I have a Honda as well and I reckon it is better then my Honda. I would recommend this machine for sure love it.
easy to start very quiet and cuts grass well and very good on fuel great unit for the price.
its only early but cant find any at the moment

Husqvarna has lost premium status.

Worst trimmer i have ever purchased with numerous faults-recalls after little use. Leaky fuel tank-would not go and abnormal noise. I was not informed at a recall on leaking fuel tank fault by either the dealer or huaqvarna.When warranty repairs were carried out it took more than a week for repairs.
It looked ok.
Bad warranty-poor quality-unreliable.

Questions & Answers

Trying to get hold of carby mixture service tool for 122LD. Any ideas?
3 answers
Tried eBay? Also try youtube for alternatives.I don't think they want you to play around with the settings. Try the agent you purchased it from as they may be able to help you or adjust it for you free of charge under warranty.Thanks guys. Found the tool on eBay. Looks the right one.

I was looking at buying the 122c line trimmer Husqvarna,not sure if it's anything like it's brother the 122LD ? Any advice would be welcome.I would only use it for grass and edging.
3 answers
My only advice is DON'T buy it. I looked at both Bunnings and Masters and Bunnings seems to have IMO a better range. Look at Ryobi or Hitachi. Also the more cc's the more torque it will have. Husqvana in my area are only sold in mower shops at the end unit of the lane of units. From what I read they do not like to honor warranty claims not that I have experienced this yet. My model falls within the recall S/N but is hard to see as the plate has been scratched (NOT BY ME). I believe it was the distributors who tampered with it to avoid a costly claim. I have no proof though.Also Bunnings will warrant you product no questions asked as long as the warranty period has not expired and you keep your receipt.Thanks for you quick reply I thought that might be the case.Cheers, I'm looking at buying A Victor Tornado TTB 2230 and replace the head on it.


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Handle TypeLoop HandleLoop HandleLoop Handle
Price (RRP)219349
Auto Return Stop SwitchYes

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