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Husqvarna 236 E Series

Husqvarna 236 E Series

2.9 from 33 reviews

Value for money

50yr old farmer, always bought Stihl.
Have 2 Husq 236 saws (the tooless 236e plastic tooless cover fails).
Owned these 2 little rippers for 7 years supplying most of the firewood for 4 combustion heaters around the farm.
Superb value for money.

Purchased in May 2013 at Wagga for $249.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Not made as good as before

Runs fine cuts ok, the bar and chain is thinner than older model , this could be something why the spocket has worn down quick starting to slip the chain, under 2years old, light use, my last 14 inch Husqvana lasted over 15years before sprocket worn and started slipping chain,

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great for around the house

Hasn’t missed a beat and got through some larger than expect trees. Light but powerful it’s size. Very easy to use, no trouble starting . Felt safe to use. Not sure how it would last as a commercial saw but for the price, it is s worth it. I would recommend it for any handy man use around the home

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great little saw, not sure what one you guys are talking about

I read the reviews and I was hesitant. I needed a saw and picked one up for $249 aud on sale. I'm not sure if the saw has been revamped or not, but this thing is great. No starting issues, plenty of vibration mounts and everything is tooless (fuel, oil, blade adjustment). Comparing this to our stihl ms170, it is a superior product. It has more power and better features. I've been doing some tough work in my average and haven't had an issue.

For people having hot start issues, I can almost guarantee it is because after refuelling, fuel goes to the one side and priming does nothing. Simply tilt it to the left if you leave it for too long. You can actually see when there is no fuel in the primer. All up, great saw with plenty of top features and plenty of grunt for it's size

October 1st 2018 Update: Great little saw

Got it for a song at $249 and its a pearler. Not sure if it's been revamped or what but it runs great and the build quality is top notch. Comparing it to our stihl ms170 it has more features, everything is tool less and has a slightly bigger motor.

Only thing I don't like is the chain adjustment can be a pain to tighten. I think it's because it gets gunked up so I have to give it a little clean and sometimes use a flat blade to rotate it.

Overall top little saw, no issues with starting and I've caned the dirt out of clearing our massively overgrown average.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Bloody awful piece of crap,save yourself the trouble.

Let me start by saying, avoid these like the plaque. I've got 3 three of these infernal things. They ALL suffer from the same aliments. The Air filter cover screw retainer threads in the housing all come loose very early in the piece, the engines never quite run right and you are forever trying to adjust the Carb. The Carb adjustment screws have a anti tamper design which is very infuriating and requires a special tool. Most of my Stihl's have user adjustable screws and the adjustment stays spot on for years. The adjuster for the chain tension is weak in design and if someone reassembles it wrong, it's damaged. On the Stihl, this can't happen. Just go and buy a Stihl. The MS170 Stihl is the same price and even though some people knock the MS170, it's miles in front. I've got one and it's been fairly good but not perfect. The MS310 Stihl has been absolutely fantastic. It's going on 18 years old with heavy use especially on huge Iron Barks and still works like a charm.The chips come out that fast and hard that they sand blast your legs if your standing in the way! Stihl pole saw has been great and just bought a Stihl Mistblower which seems to be another piece of great Stihl equipment. Just about any serious contractor,tree feller or council worker all have Stihls in my neck of the woods, this alone says a lot. One just has to watch the serious people who make a living using outdoor power equipment to soon get a grasp of which brand offers them the best value/reliability. You may pay more for Stihl, but in the long run, even with light use you will be in front financially and suffer a lot less agro.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Stihl next time bye bye huski

Look to be fair my chainsaw gets a real work out every year and goes how ever it is temperamental to start (choke on cold till it kicks then choke off or it will flood and wont start. I find Huski service is just plain woe full a bit like (samsung re electronics) when it comes to warranty utter crap actually. I have replaced the clutch unit once already another about to go and the brake bar twice plastic piece of rubbish. The idle from day one has never been great service centre just upped idle speed which means chain rotates when warmed up in idle mode real safe NOT basically do yourselves a favour and buy Stihl. Service centre were aggressive and contemptuous I am fairly reasonable to deal with and spent alot of time around small engines so find their attitude uncalled for.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Great little saw

Bought one of these when my cheaper ozitio's died (that's 2 ozito saws). The 236e starts every time hot or cold and keeps going.
Yes you have to pull out the choke each time you start when its hot but its not actually a choke once the saw warms up, it becomes a switch & it just sets the saw carburetor & throttle up to start hot, and it works too.
My only real complaint is the chain lubrication, it is just a hole in the oil tank that drip feeds onto the chain and it cannot be adjusted. So, if you leave the saw overnight you will wake up the next morning to a pool of oil under the saw.

Also I would not overheat the saw either because the bottom end isn't even made from metal, It is a metal sleeved heavy duty plastic case which in my opinion is pretty dodgy. But others have the same system & it works, but I have to ask; "for how long will it work?" because all plastic goes brittle eventually. If I had done more research I would not have purchased it for this reason only. .

Date PurchasedApr 2018

good value solid little work horse

We read some of the poor reviews and we must own a different saw. It's brilliant. Easy to use and cuts everything it's designed for with ease and more... We are going to upgrade to do bigger logs on the farm and will stick with the Husky. My in-laws Stihl can't start the one they got at farm fest last year.... (ok so that's exaggerated but it is a heap more temperamental). Oh and we have a Husky ride on 2nd hand and Husky brush cutter that was given as a gift - both terrific and equally as reliable.

Date PurchasedAug 2013

236e...Goodbye Husqvarna products, hello Stihl!

I have to agree with all these terrible reviews. I bought one second hand of a wood customer for $250 for light work. He claimed it had only been started a couple of times to prune his fruit trees. It certainly looks brand new. I shouldn't have been so trusting of the guy and should have tried to start it at his house. What an idiot I am! 9 months later, no one has been able to start it. It has zero to very weak spark. So I bought a new ignition coil for it. It still won't go. This is my 5th Husqvarna chainsaw and they've all had problems. 3 of them are from the "3" series. When they were working, they were great. But they were constantly needing repairs. I'm still using the 359, but the muffler keeps vibrating loose. I think the thread is stripped inside the cylinder. I've just purchased a 450 but this will be the last Husqvarna product I ever buy. When I compare them to the massive amount of service my 2 Stihls have provided with little starting problems, I feel that Husqvarna has lost it's way and makes rubbish now. You're better off buying a Chinese no name brand than a Husqvarna if you don't want the price tag of a Stihl. The 45cc Rok chainsaw for $99 has provided me with better service than any Husqvarna saw I've owned and it starts every time I pull the chord 2 years after purchase.

"The chain tensioner screw is mounted on a small plastic mount that has broken on my saw".... Mark, this is typical of all saws of the last 20 years or so. I had to throw away my Husqvarna 340 because the plastic around the bar tensioning screw broke up. The actual saw was still running great, but it had to be binned because it couldn't be fixed. I tried shaping a small metal washer to hold it in place but it didn't work. Unfortunately with that model it's on the saw not on the clutch cover. What a stupid idea if you're going to make the housing around the screw all plastic. If they'd used metal around there, well metal rusts over a lifetime slowly, plastic gets brittle over a decade or two and crumbles up. Sensibly built saws have the chain tensioner on the clutch cover so it's replaceable.

I will get a quote from a repair shop and if it's reasonable, I'll update this with the results of what they find.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Perfect home use saw.

I bought the Husky 236e because a tree blew over and blocked my driveway. It handled the job with no issues whatsoever and I’ve since been using it for firewood and trimming the other trees on my lot. It starts with no issues each time and can handle dense wood with ease. I would definitely recommend this chainsaw.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Awesome chainsaw!

I have had this chainsaw for 2 years and it has been flawless! I live on 4 acres with many large trees and this little chainsaw is awesome for chopping up large limbs when they fall. I keep it well maintained and put it through extended sessions of use. Works a treat for me.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


Have used Husqvarna saws for over 20 years, all from the commercial range and have been happy with them. Bought this saw as a replacement for my Husqi 36 for light work as i'm getting too old to lug the big stuff all day. Utter rubbish. Won't idle even when level. Have to pull the choke lever in and out prior to starting every time even when warm. Won't lug in tight wood. Because it needs to be started so often the cheap plastic recoiler plate has broken. The I understand the saw is made to a price but there appears to be no quality option available at this end of the market. This is the saw that has finally made me buy a Sthil

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Excellent Saw.

These saws have recently had a complete overhaul from Husqvarna. They now have new Bearings, new seals, new cylinder and chassis, redesigned carby and the rings are now redesigned with stronger metal. They don't experience the tuning issues they had once before and have a 5 year warranty when buying the oil with the saw. Great little saw.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

not a very good saw at all

I told the dealer that I wanted the 236E to cut fire wood when I purchased it.Had 3 hours use and the air cleaner had dust in it already. When I returned to show the dusted saw I got told that I should have purchased a different saw? Then they dropped the bombshell that this item is designed as a 100 hour saw! Yes a design life of 100 hours. Also if you need to make an adjustment to the fuel mixture screws you will have to take your saw back to the shop as the fuel mix screws require a special push on tool to adjust. Guess what, Husqvarna will not sell you the carby adjustment tools. Lucky I am a toolmaker I can fix this my self. I have now purchased 2 Husqvarna's in one : the first and last!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Awesome cheap saw

Had it 5 years. Starts a dream and has never missed a beat. Clean it after each use and never had to service it. Love the easy tension option. Got my moneys worth out of it about 4 years as as a professional landscape gardener. Has done seriously big trees and small pruning just as easy. Totally reccomend!

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Had no trouble so far

I have read the other reviews and seen some with trouble touch wood i have not had any trouble yet with mine, i bought mine when on a promo at Sydney tools a good few years ago
unfortunate all the lower husqvarna these days are all made in china so its hit and miss if you get a good one.
I think stihls lower end has gone the china route to

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Work well.

Read review first, but decided to purchase it as it was on special.
I tried starting the saw following instruction, but had no luck. I showed the saw to my brother in law and he started the saw effortlessly.
The trick was 3 pulls, and move the choke to half way then 1 or 2 pulls and it starts, after that all is good.
We have since cut a few big trees, including a tree that was dead.
Im happy with my purchase. If you purchase one and you have any issues with your dealer call Husqvarna direct.
Hope this helps.
For me I got my money's worth so far.
Good Luck

Date PurchasedJan 2017

great little saw.

had mine for 2years now. cut 16 m3 of wood each fire season. only pump mine three times then choke.starts all the time.Always use fresh fuel. keep your saw clean after use.look after your gear and it will keep on going. obviously only a small saw so don't expect it too cut too big. i cut usually about 150 /200mm but it does do bigger stuff. It does what i need it to do.

Date PurchasedMay 2015


I have used Sthil chainsaws alot at work and only had had few small problems. The Husqvarna 236 E Series is the worst chainsaw I have used. It is hard to start, I have to hold the trigger and pull the handle to start it. It stalls while idling and when in the horizontal position. I bought a chainsaw from Aldi for $99 its so much better than the Husqvarna 236 E

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Husquvana 236 chainsaw

Buying husquvana chainsaws strimmers ride on mowers hedgecutters for over 25 years never had a day's trouble with anything husquvana made ?

Went to buy the husquvana 236 brand new took it home started it works for 10minutes stops started again and again and again will not stay running at all worst saw I have ever had in my life.

Warning to anyone thinking of buying this saw don't not buy you will be wasting you time and hard earned money.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

What’s different from the 235 and 236 and how can you tell the difference from a 235 and a 235e? thanks Harry
1 answer
The e stands for easy start. The starter system has an extra spring which cushions the jerking action from compression. The last 2 numbers stand for the approx. cc of the engine, not sure about differences there

I recently purchased a 236 e no problem starting but after awhile it seems like it has a sensor in the chain or bar as when I get close to the wood and rev it up it won't go just dies down, it idles ok but wont run under power, I took it ack to the dealer who harged me $65 to fix and told me I had water in the fuel, took it home made up new fuel using recommend mix got one tank out of it before the problem returned, I find it hard to believe it is water in fuel again, any suggestions or should I get my money back as I have a 1 hour round trip to get to my dealer?
3 answers
Wish I could give you a good answer because I've got the same problem. As soon as I fully depress the trigger it dies. No water in fuel but if you find an answer I'd like to know.Thanks for your reply, I finally gave in and took mine back to the dealer he pulled it apart found very little water, then checked the fuel in the can not much in there either, he replaced the fuel filter at cost of $60 found small particles of aluminium in that, got home changed my fuel into plastic container and fingers crossed no problem since, in conclusion must have been aluminium in fuel filter causing all the trouble, question why are aluminium particles getting into the filter, obviously a design fault that needs to be looked at. I also had the starter pully changed as they put a plastic one in and the corners were stripped, something else they need to change. DaveI'm a chainsaws/small engines mechanic and trust me, 9 of 10 Husq. 236 have the same issue. Sithl 170-180 and Huqvarna 236 are the saw we don't want to repair. They never leave the workshop running as they should...

Husqvarna 236 E chainsaw, wont start, i have new fuel new plug, but she wont fire, can any one give any advice? cheers steve,
2 answers
Hi Steve the most common reason that the husqvarna 236 e chainsaw won't start is due to flooding, follow this steps and it should start, 1. Pull plug out and make sure it's dry, 2. Pull machine over three times with plug out to empty the cylinder, 3. Replace plug, 4. Prime machine no more then three times, 5, pull choke control out, ( blue lever) 6, pull machine over after the second or third pull it should fire and die off, even if it doesn't after the third pull push the choke back in, 7, once choke in pushed in pull machine over, second pull it should start up, If the machine was flooded then you will have a lot of smoke belt out of it, nothing to worry about, Hope this helpsHi Steve, Pull coke out all the way,try to start, after it fires but doesnt start pull choke out again then push it back in only a small way it will now start.The only fidly thing is how far back you push it lets say approx 1/3 of the way.


236 E Series
Weight4.7 kg
Engine Displacement38.2 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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