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Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona

4.5 from 11 reviews

Loved it so much we bought 2!

Bought the base model in tangerine comet for $27888 when there was a 1.1% finance offer, it’s an amazing car! The acceleration in the 1.6 turbo is a surprise, that’s for sure. Handling is very good, love the apple car play. Nice to be a little higher on the road. Looks like a big SUV only scaled down. Easy to park. Our second one is blue lagoon and has the active safety pack which I absolutely love. The blind spot indicators really work, the lane keep assisting has different levels from off to actively keeping you in lane, the direction that something is approaching you when reversing in car parks is great (works with people also) and the auto emergency braking/stopping a bonus you hope to never need. It has kicked in a couple of time, very useful.
I use this car every day to commute to work in Sydney traffic. It’s such a pleasure to drive, I no longer bother with the train. It’s fine for long trips for 4 adults however boot space is limited. We did a trip with 5 to Melbourne from Sydney and had to share the middle back seat around as it wasn’t comfortable.
Service frequency is high which is a pain but I don’t mind so I can keep them running at top performance. The only issue is occasionally the cruise control won’t stay on however it resets after the engine is turned off.
A great car! Highly recommend.

Purchased at Hyundai Dealers for $27,888.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
TransmissionDual-Clutch (DCT)
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Not getting what you pay for

Well i have to say i am very disapointed with Hyundai not only did i have to wait 72 days for delivery but i feel ripped off i paid 32,500 for my new car now they are 28,990 didnt get what i asked for ie slimline visors and everybody else got a bottle of wine on picking up their car but not me. I was pressured into going for the kona and it should have been a happy experience but it was not in fact it tarnised the whole purchase, but the reduction in price feels like a kick in the teeth i have always liked Hyundai but this has put me off for life, what should have been my last car wont be. I have never been so unhappy with a purchase also they do not explain that the Hyundia link chews up your data on your phone so if you dont have unllimited dont use it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great Car

Hyundai have been absolutely amazing from the time I purchased the vehicle a couple of months ago..Kaden was the sales assistant and was never pushy like most places. Quick and efficient service. The Kona is a great little SUV, and the fuel efficiency is great! There is not one thing I can fault so far, Hyundai even offered Road side assistance for free

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Nice car and fast

I have a new highlander TTR 1.6 turbo and is very nice.Stereo sounds great but the gear box has a hiccup now and then which I here is normal.Otherwise it would get 5 stars.Not sure why the duel clutch can’t get the right gear when driving hard.Car handling is great like a sports car.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

The best small suv on the market

Just purchased a basic model Kona and it’s fantastic. The seats are comfy and it drives so smooth. I mostly drive around the city and being a small suv it gets in and out of parking spots easily. It’s got so many great features like auto headlights. They just come on when it’s dark and a reversing camera. Very very cool car

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Great car, excellent value

I have the Elite 1.6T and love it. Excellent performance. ride, handling and fuel economy. Comfy seats with good quality trim. Superb value for money for what you get. Just a couple of glaring omissions - No satellite navigation (c'mon guys it's 2018!) and it has only one reversing light! There's no excuse for this, the quality of the reversing camera is poor at night due to insufficient light. Should also have LED headlights. I also agree that there is a little more road noise than expected and 10,000 km service intervals is too short. Nevertheless I give this little beauty an 8 out of 10.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Everything I wanted and more

I've always been a Toyota gal but after test driving the new Hyundai Kona, I was pleasantly surprised. Comparing apples for apples with the Rav4, it was an easy choice to move over to my bright green machine and experience a different world of driving.
First thing I noticed was a little quieter on the road. Big bonus was fuel economy. I still haven't mastered everything that this car has to offer but fortunately having teenagers means they can help me out with some radio programming.
I've already racked up 10,000 kms because I always want to drive my car over my partner's.
The staff are Berwick Hyundai were fabulous and even when I picked up the car had a big red ribbon on it - a first for me which is amazing seeing this is the first new car I've ever bought and they made the whole experience very special. Thanks everyone.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

A sporty and safe downsize

Having decided to downsize to a smaller car I chose the Kona due to a combination of engine/transmission performance, 5 year warranty with reasonably priced fixed service schedule, higher stance compared to hatchback and AWD. Although looks are a subjective issue, it does grow on you.
So far have not regretted buying the car. Very happy with sufficient power and crisp gearchanges. Lack of steering wheel paddles is not an issue - stick it into sports mode and let it rip. Fuel consumption a very reasonable 7.3lt per 100km on average, giving a 600km+ range from a 50lt tank.
Car comes with extensive safety and driver assist features, only thing missing really is sat nav & radar cruise control. A huge amount of setting options are available by flipping through various menu pages on the display units and Andriod Auto/Apple Car Play through your smartphone.
Car is easy to get in and out of, back seats fold back as well, comfortable on a 3-4 hour trip with a firm ride. Weekly shopping fits easily in the back and rear hatch opens and closes without effort.
Oddly enough on a couple of occasions had a slight engine hesitation while trying to join traffic from standing start. Seems to be a combination of slight turbo lag and DSG transmission characteristics, solved by switching to sports mode when driving in traffic (Comfort mode is default setting). Note: there is also an ECO setting but I haven't tried it yet.
If programmed to Hyundai Auto Link, smartphone receives a monthly progress report which, amongst other items reports statistics such as how many rapid accelerations and hard brakings occurred during that period..
This is where the good news ends. 1 star rating loss due to the following:
By far the single most annoying feature is excessive road and tyre noise, especially on coarse bitumen country roads. A different tyre choice may improve this but who wants to purchase new tyres when the car is new?
With all this technology available on the car, the headlights are still good old halogen globes with poor spread and beam. Had to install aftermarket LED lightbar to give me half a chance of seeing the aussie wildlife after dark. I know the highlander version has LED headlights but with a considerably higher price tag. Note: Headlights are height adjustable but makes no difference.
No full size spare tyre supplied. Living in a rural area with little roadside assist or tyre shops, hope I never have to use the supplied wheelbarrow rim & tyre.
12mth/10,000km service intervals. Seems good at first but other counties offer 12mth/15,000 - why not in Australia? My previous car a Ford Territory Turbo Ghia had 12mth/15,000km in 2008 (better headlights too). Seems strange the Kona requires more services than a 10 year old car.
+ Engine/Transmission performance
+ Fuel consumption
+ Safety & driver assist features
+ Nice interior
+ Good driving position and comfortable seats
- Road & tyre noise
- Poor headlights
- Space saver spare tyre
- Service intervals could be better

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Love this Car..

I have this car since January 2018. Its been great to drive. Its takes a while to get use to everything in it. The experts say the age for this car is 20 to 30s well i am 54 and love it my mates at work love it too. I feel safe driving it and thats where i want. I trust this car. Android auto takes a little getting used to the only thing in the car i am not 100% on. The Radio / Android Auto.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

What a blast! Awesome car and wow does it get peoples attention

Elite 1.6T AWD with the 7 speed auto (Acid Yellow)

We bought the car brand new last month, the Fiancée always wanted an SUV and we looked at every brand but couldn’t go past the Kona. There was one thing we couldn’t get our heads around though which was the fact there isn’t a sunroof option...

Overall this car is absolutely awesome to drive, please invest in the 1.6t with the AWD as it’s great on the road! Punchy and really smooth, gear changes aren’t quite as good as a VW DSG auto but we all know their track record with reliability (or lack off) when you drive the Kona you forget your in a Hyundai... there is barely any impeding road noise, the Ride is smooth and the tech is unbelievable.

-Awesome ride quality
-Decent fuel economy
-Gets looks EVERYWHERE (I drove a 120k Audi SQ5 for work last month and got less looks in that) I even busted somebody looking inside it at the Bunnings carpark the other day and had to give him a tour!
-Safety pack is awesome (lane keep assist etc)
-Love the crazy styling which is definitely an acquired taste

-Needs paddle shifters
-Apple car play requires your phone to be plugged in with lightning cable
-No option for variable cruise control (should have this when it has forward collision radar)
-Could be priced a little cheaper, we have the mid range model with the Turbo and it’s just shy of $40000

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Fantastic Value For Money

Best value for money. Prior to upgrading I considered 3 other makes of car and I am so happy to say that I am so happy with my purchase

- Leather Seats
- Front Seats Heating and Cooling
- Heated Steering wheel
- Electronic Front seat adjustments with Lumber support
- Apple Car Play
- All the Safety Features ( Lane departure, Blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic, Cruise Control, Awareness)
- Great Fuel Efficiency
- Pop up speed monitoring display
- QI Charging
- App Car maintenance management with Hyundai Link

- Boot is hard to close
- App notifies you on how you drive after all trips

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Questions & Answers

I have a problem filling my Kona with fuel. The bowser piece won't fit completely into my tank and when it reaches full fuel spurts out everywhere. Why won't it go completely into my fuel tank? Anyone else having this problem
No answers

My new Hyundai Kona is missing one of the two standard reversing light. The dealer told me this was standard as they did not have to fit two reversing lights in Australia. This is a safety issue. If I am reversing, I can only be seen from one side. Can I have a second reversing light retrofitted?.
1 answer
That is correct.Its not a fault.Talk to your auto electrician but don’t think you can unless all the wiring is there,just get them to have a look for you.

Is this problem in the OS or the OS.2?
1 answer
Afraid I can't help you with that.

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