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Hyundai Tucson
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Best car I have owned!

My mechanic was the one that recommended a Hyundai Tucson. I did the research and looked at independent reviews. I went and test drove one and fell in love!
The value for money is fantastic and I have not had a single issue.
My mechanic also says that they are easy to service. I can't believe I didn't buy one sooner!

Purchased at Hyundai Dealers for $30.00.

Build Quality
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Interior Design
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Great family car! Reliable, cheap to service

Have had this car since brand new (Jan 2016) ActiveX badge.

Have travelled over 90K Kilometres. Never had ANY mechanical issue, or reliability issue. In fact zero issue. Have found replacing the original fitment tyres with Continental Cross-Contact UHP tyres, the car handles 100% better. Steering more direct, and also the car comes to a stop in traffic a LOT quicker. But Continental tyres are expensive, but I think they are worth it.

We have always had our car servicing for our Tuscon completed at Hyundai Dealership, where we bought the car here in Rockingham WA. They try and sell you stuff you don't need. But we understand they have sales targets they have to meet too, so I take it like a pinch of salt.

Why pay $90K cash for a base model Jaguar F Pace with no options, when this ActiveX Tuscon comes with all the necessary fruit for a little over $30K driveaway brand new?!

I only put 95 RON unleaded in our Tuscon, we want 300K kilometres out of our engine.

Great on fuel! Normally when a car dealer says 7.9L/100Km combined for fuel usage, it means you add 1.5L / 100km to get real life figures, but with 95RON fuel we are consistantly receiving 7L/100km combined fuel usage.

Paint work is holding up, still looks brand new.

We have no issues with the transmission.

Connectivity is great with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Would not have any issues buying another Tuscon down the track!

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedJan 2016

Tucson in Toowoomba

Moved from Sydney to Toowoomba Qld to retire. Bought the Tucson for comfort and practicality. Has been just great! Smooth comfy and roomy inside. Dual clutch transmission is perfect for rural and semi-rural driving. Have noticed big city dwellers dont like this tranny....so go for the 2.0 auto for big city crawl-driving and diesel for long haul and towing. Best car I have driven.

TransmissionDual clutch
Date PurchasedSep 2018

Beautiful to drive, but infotainment system lacks

So far we have done 2000 kms on our 2.0L CDI Highlander. Yes there can be a little bit of turbo lag when taking off from a standing start but you just need to factor this in if entering a busy road or ducking across traffic and use a little gas before letting off the brake. Apart from that the gear changes are nice and smooth, the car is quiet to drive, the seats are comfortable and the air con works well, it handles extremely well for a car with a higher centre of gravity, not much body roll. It brakes well and the 2L diesel pulls it along very nicely. The leather seats are comfortable and the cooling system in them works well when I have a sweaty gooch. The moon roof is a nice feature as well. The only downers are sometimes after a hard bit of acceleration up to speed and then waiting on that speed, the gearbox sometimes takes a few extra moments to change to that higher gear which is a bit annoying. Also we have a 2017 model, I'm not sure about the later models but the infotainment system is not very intuitive using android phones. It doesn't automatically connect to mine or my wifes phone each time we get in, if an SMS comes in it doesn't show up on the screen to read, you have to use this android auto app which is absolute garbage (needs to be connected via UDB cable).

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Nice comfy car to drive

My Tucson Active X is now near it’s 3rd year and 41,000 km. So far so nice to drive, its a bit slow on acceleration but that’s what I expect from a 2wd. leather seats still looking newish and still no issues with the car overall.
We have no regret buying this family wagon

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedMar 2016


I purchased a 2017 awd diesel 2lt tuscon in april. It shuddered at different speeds which after several times taking it hack to the dealer finally did a software update. That fixed the shuddering but then we have a rumble at 70kmh in cruise which it did not do prior to the software update. Mechanic stated at the dealership it had a problem after driving the demo which it didnt rumble. Hyundai after having the vehicle for over 20 days tell us now there is no problem as thats normal. We will never buy another hyundai again. We have had several hyundais but this truly shows the companies colours. We have only driven 5000km since april.

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedApr 2018

Very smooth and luxurious

Our Tucson gets used everyday of the week, and so far it has been great. All the comforts of a luxury car but without the price tag. We bought a large SUV to make way for our growing family, and thus far we have had no problems with it. We love the automatic lights, push start, push button back door and all the tech stuff inside. On the downside, it does fail (at times) to change gears properly while on the road and has a lag in changing gears at the right times. The transmission by hyundai is the major let down. But apart from that, a beautiful car!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great if you never have to stop or take off!!

I bought this car for city driving and have since taken it back after 1000km due to scary near misses due to lagging on take off. I was told the car was fine. Upon pressing the accelerator pedal vehicle fails to accelerate from standstill creating a 1-2 second "pause" that is highly dangerous especially when entering traffic, highways, etc. This is clearly a problem that is documented however no recall has been granted for this model. It doesn't matter what road: City street or a highway. The vehicle hesitates and does not move when you need to! when the car does finally take hold, the engine revs high and pulses forward causing yet another disturbing and potentially dangerous condition for driver and others on the road. This is clearly a mechanical and/or software glitch that will eventually result in accidents and bodily harm. Note this condition is sometimes intermittent therefore creating a false sense of driver control since you never know when you will face lack of proper acceleration. There is also an dramatic increase in revs when traveling down a steep decline. I do this daily and it is at 50km or less and the revs raise to over 3000 whether I'm braking or with no acceleration. This also is normal according to Hyundai. Very disappointing for us a family. Long drives are beautiful with great creature comforts inside.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

problems with transmission

we bought this car for everyday around town driving. Since we have purchased the car there is a dangerous acceleration lag which occurs when the car has been stopped (for instance at traffic lights or intersection) when you accelerate nothing happens. Now this does not happen every time but at least once per day. We have mentioned the problem which we consider to be a safety issue to both the dealership service manager and the customer service line but we have been told that is just the way it is and there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. Otherwise we are happy with the car but are considering a change to another make of vehicle.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Smooth ride, plenty of power when needed, AWD plus very economic on fuel - the ideal car for me!

Tempted by the offer of a brand new 2017 Tucson Active Automatic Turbo charged Diesel AWD model in January 2018, I traded in my 2014 Hyundai IX35 Automatic 2WD Trophy - very reluctantly!
My budget did not stretch to the top of the range model but I did move up to a Diesel engine this time. I have had this Tucson for 8 months now. Time to grow accustomed to its road manners and performance. It feels very stable on the road and I really appreciate the AWD. I live on an unsealed road where the road surface is gravel and can be slippery. Moving from the smooth surface of a major road onto my often dusty, dry, loose surface road the car does not loose traction.
The ride is very smooth and the diesel engine makes a pleasant growl ready to move off with plenty of power under the bonnet.
This Tucson is white with black trim - stunning to look at but difficult to keep clean in my dusty environment.
I do miss the CD player, the leather seats & the heated front seats enjoyed previously in the IX35 but the Tucson makes up for those features in its performance and handling. Being diesel - it has a very long range on one tank of fuel returning 6.9 litres per 100kms .
I enjoy the size of the Tucson - an advantage when you are a short person like me. The higher seating position with a much better view of surrounding traffic is a real bonus!
Only requiring one annual service per year at a fixed price is also an advantage.
I have only experienced one problem with the touch screen and this was quickly remedied by a visit to my local Hyundai Dealership Service Department. Being automatic it is so easy to drive and moves effortlessly through the gears. Descending steep hills, a touch on the brakes and its descent speed is easily controlled.
I drive my car fairly regularly but not far - so have barely covered 5,000 kms in the 8 months I have owned the Tucson. Perhaps I could be tempted by the higher optioned model - The Highlander next time??

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedJan 2018

Wouldn’t look back

We bought this car, after writing off our BMW X5. We no longer wanted a car with the same price tag as the BMW but we still wanted some form of luxury Iike leather seats.

We first looked at Mazda CX-5 and when the salesman wanted to show us the Hyundai Tucson, we initially thought he’d be wasting his time. Anyways after having a test drive and a look through, we were sold.

The Hyundai’s warranty was also another selling point. 5 year, umlimited kilometres :-)

We find this is a great, little family car :-) bit squishy when Nannie comes too though but that’s okay

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedApr 2017

Hidden Gem

6 months and 15,000klm in as a daily driver and appreciating this car more each day. Been very happy with the road manners, visibility and driveability in both city and rural driving. Averaging 6.4l/100klm without trying, quite enjoying the linear power delivery. Have done a limited amount of towing 700kg cargo trailer - barely noticed the extra load and felt rock steady. The paint felt a little thin so treated it to a deep clean and a ceramic coating. This has deepened the lustre and added some resilience to the finish.

I initially looked at a mixed bag along side the Tucson - Ford Escape, Suzuki Grand Vitara, VW Tiguan, Kia Sportage and Mazda CX5 - the Tucson's road manners, acres of room and smooth CRDi engine won me over. I started at the Highlander but at a proportionate 6'4" tall I couldn't drive comfortably with head hitting roof - combination of a high electric seat base & headroom robbing sunroof ruled this one out. Stepped down the order to the Elite but electric seat again caused height issues and to be honest I'm not a particular fan of Korean leather. Settled on the Active CRDi Diesel Auto AWD - this base model has all the required fruit without the excess add-ons. As an experienced driver I do not feel I am missing the lane control, auto wipers, autonomous braking, side radars, blind spot alerts, etc. so I'm getting the best the platform has to offer without, in my mind, all the unnecessary frills.

Overall a very competent package that I'm quite certain will provide enjoyable, trouble free service for the next three or four years.

BadgeActive CRDi
Date PurchasedMar 2018

Got the look, the feel, the comfort!

We love the feel, size and comfort our 2016 Tucson in platinum. It is very reasonable on fuel and drives very quiet and smoothly. We at first disliked the sound of the indicator but have gotten used to it, as it sounded like a toy.
Love the 'Christmas Lights' (as hubby likes to call them) the daylight strips curved at the front and the high beam is great. It came with leather seats. Must confess we were disappointed there was no cd player which seems to be common now. Have had no problems in nearly 2 years and are hooked on Hyundai.

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedNov 2016

Cant live with out it

LOVEEEE MY TUCSON!!! We tow our van with it, put the dog in the back, it's sporty but also has plenty of room! We have the Highlander we love all the extra features. We also have a diesel and we get over 700kms a tank. would highly recommend this car to anyone

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Beautiful car. Best features for price. Be careful of DCT if you’re not confident in a manual

I’ve had a new 2018 Tucson Highlander Petrol DTC Turbo for about 7 months now. I love the features of this car and it’s really ‘fun’ to drive. When researching I found Hyundai was really great for getting really great features for a great price. I wanted the bells and whistles such as heated seats, paroramic sunroof etc.

I got the dual clutch control (DCT) version of this car and have to say, I’m used to driving it now but if I had of known it was like driving a manual I probably would not have purchased. I have my manual licence but purchased an auto car as I’ve had autos for the last 10 years and having my second child on the way I didn’t fancy stuffing around getting used to manual again. The car will roll if you try to accelerate or reverse out of an incline. It won’t hold like a normal auto. I found this incredibly nerve wracking when trying to get out of the steep incline at my workplace or out of parallel parking on a hill. You have to use two feet and balance the break and clutch like a manual.

It’s different to drive all over. It can be jerky when moving through lower gears but is smooth when you build up some speed. Overall I’d say this is a much more “fun” car to drive in the DCT than your average auto but it’s also a learning curve so if you don’t want to stuff around learning it might not be for you.

I can see Hyundai have announced the 2019 version of this car and they’ve taken the DCT away. I think it’s ended up being more trouble for them than it’s worth as I know others have had issue with the DCT as well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great Car For A Great Price

A beautiful car to drive and with all the mod cons for a really reasonable price. I have not had any issues with it and the servicing is always cheap. I love the way the Bluetooth picks up from where you left off on your phone automatically, the auto tailgate function is great when you have your hands full with the shopping and interior lighting is a god send! Those in the back can have their lights on reading and I don't even know. I have been on some long trips and can tell you the lane guidance and the seat coolers make the drive so much more comfortable. Everything about this car is well though out and uses common sense. Also I should add that I can see people mentioning the acceleration of the automatic - I am aware of this however if you do not have the ability to react to this or the dexterity to control it then you should not be on the road. It is a ridiculously easy car to drive and you need that power to get you moving at times when it's needed.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

nearly a great car

overall i am impressed .i miss the c.d. player but the positive is i now know how to rip cds onto a usb stick thanks to youtube.only dislike is that the auto hunts gears at low speeds but over 60 kph it settles down nicely.2.0 diesel is impressive as i,ve never owned one before.hard plastic interior is a bit raw looking in places.

BadgeActive X
Date PurchasedMar 2017

Transmission really lets this car down.

My MY18 tuscon highlander has serious throttle and lag issue in low speeds. It doesn't register that you are applying the accelerator and just sits there. Eventually the car launches forward and you have to catch it before you slam into the person in front. Took it to Hyundai to investigate and told me that there was nothing wrong with the car. Advice given was that "I needed to learn how to drive it due to the dual clutch characteristics." So now I have a very frustrating car to drive. Hyundai has buried their head in the sand with this issue. Just have a look at the class action being undetaken in the US. It will take someone to pull out in traffic and stall before something will be done in Australia.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

An absolute pleasure to drive!

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Very quite. Cruise control good to have also love having the rear Camara. Plenty of leg room. A few blind spots and passenger front seat isn't adjustable. Lots of room for luggage etc. In the back. Front seat covers aren't very good and didn't have any for the back. Loving it!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Perfect car for growing family

Car is great to drive, quiet and has all the safety features like rear camera. Lots more space on the car, I easily fit 2 car seats in the back with room to spare. Boot space is also amazing. A tank of petrol also last me about 1.5 weeks driving everyday 30mins to and from work

Date PurchasedJun 2018

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Questions & Answers

Does the 2017 Tuscon 1.6 need synthetic oil and if so how often for oil changes?
No answers

when must the timing belt of tucson elite be done?
2 answers
hi.from my research they changed from a timing-belt to a timing-chain in 2010.so i would think that a chain would last a long time.to be sure i,d ask the service department.good question,i forgot to research that when i purchased ours so i ll be asking too.Hi, if it is a chain you can forget about it........ my last car was 24yo Nissan 2.4Ltr U13 Ti and it was on it's original chain at 240,000kms. Most belts are 100,000 km life anyway.

Ive recently bought a 2017 2.0Ltr Diesel Highlander, I'm now considering a caravan. Is any one else pulling a van with this model? What size? How's it handle?
6 answers
No sorry. Hope you find someone that has.just took our camper-trailer for the first time.it is 1100 kg fully loaded and the diesel 2.0 handled it no problem.fuel economy went from 6.3 to 8.2.you can only tow 1600kgs so a big van is out of the question.also keep an eye out for the tow-ball weight.just took our camper-trailer for the first time.it is 1100 kg fully loaded and the diesel 2.0 handled it no problem.fuel economy went from 6.3 to 8.2.you can only tow 1600kgs so a big van is out of the question.also keep an eye out for the tow-ball weight.

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