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Amazing! The Bentley of Prams!

This is our 4th and main pram and by far the best (we still use 2 of the others occasionally - a running pram and travel pram). The new icandy peach is absolutely perfect in terms of features / size / super smooth ride. Our toddler loves sleeping in it it’s like business class in full recline. Plenty of configurations for when #2 comes along in a few weeks. Super easy to push, handles hills / rough terrain etc really well. Great basket space. Gorgeous fabrics. It a huge step up from the pram we had (Redsbaby, which we also enjoyed BTW). Would be hard to go back now...

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Looks great ! Not very practical

The I candy peach looks fantastic I got plenty of compliments but what I HATE about it is that even when you reckon the buggy so that baby is in sleeping position , the buggy is always in a V shape even with reclining the foot rest the buggy itself doesn't just let you recline the back of it , my little boy is 10 months and I have now changed to a silver cross which when reclined lies flat which I think is very important for his back

Purchased in January 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

The best pram ever

I could not fault the icandy pram. The design is not only ergonomic for the user pushing it but is also very comfortable for the baby. The turning circle is great and is easy to assamble and dismental. It can be consider a heavy pram but manageable and solid. Overall it look great and many stylish colours to choose from.

Conversion kitNo

Lovely pram

Love this pram nice and easy to push and not too heavy.
The arm length is perfect and good for tall husbands.
The colours are beautiful and my son slept comfortably in it. My favourite was the truffle colour. Beautiful liners can also be purchased.
The drinks holder is handy too

Conversion kitYes

Super stylish but heavy and small

Loved the prams looks and I always got complimented how amazing it looked! But it was very heavy to haul in and out of the car and took up a lot of space. I bought the 2nd seat and converter but my son (2.5 at the time) was far too tall to be able to use the second seat so I ended up selling it.
It is not a single fold you have to remove seat to put it in the car which took a little extra time.
Overall it was great quality and comfortable for bub just a bit on the shorter side and heavy.

Conversion kitYes

2018 extra length in seat no more growing out of it

Having had the previous model and will agree it is slightly short the new 2018 is the longest seat available now, the improvements they have made to this model cover everything I didn't like about the old model ie. noise of the hood being put up and down. All fixed now!

Conversion kitNo

I would select another pram

This pram, looks great! Well known, and we always want the best of the best.
But my child quickly grew out of it, and when she was 18 months I had to purchase another pram, she was out growing it so then I had to get another that she was comfortable in.
I would suggest to buy something different

Conversion kitNo

Excellent pram.

We have ours set up as a double pram and amazingly it’s even lighter to push than the stroller with one child in it! It is so compact and easy to fold up to go in the car boot even with 2 seats.
It is a go anywhere pram - as good on grass as it is pavement and the suspension seems to take bumps well.
Both our children love going out in the pram so they must think it’s pretty comfortable!
It looks great as a single or double pram and has plenty of leg room for the back seat.
Overall, a great pram. Would recommend to anyone having 2 kids close together!

Conversion kitYes

Best pram I’ve ever had!

This pram is amazing! We are about to have our fourth child and have had a different pram for each, the iCandy is the best one I’ve had. It’s so light and super easy to push around. Also very easy to fold up and open again which is important for a mum holding a baby and nappy bag with 3 other kids running around her! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Conversion kitNo


Where to even start with this pram! First of all it looks great! Functionality wise, it’s light weight, easy to put together and can be put down one handed. The bassinet option is great! I got the top only bassinet by accident as baby brain me didn’t understand what the sales lady was asking me but I’m glad I did as my son has been able to stay in it for longer as he grows. He is now 4 months old and loves the chair option as he can see more of what’s going on around him. The chair option has 3 reclining positions which is handy as he still can’t sit up unattended but having him slightly reclined means he can still people watch in comfort! This pram handles better than anything I’ve ever experienced! It’s the Porsche of prams, stylish yet functional and easy to use!

Conversion kitYes

Terribly over priced

The pram looks great, maneuvers well and relatively easy the fold. The seat is short, son is 1 and sadly is too long, outgrowing the pram. The biggest issue is the 5 point belt buckle, it snapped. I tried to get a replacement through the icandy site, however the claim for product recalls of a select batch do not apply and i purchased it in Australia. My batch number is way different, yet i have a faulty/broken buckle. I can't use the thing without a working buckle. Check your belt buckle people, this is a serious flaw. Though it may be discontinued, the models are floating around, beware.

Conversion kitNo

ICandy Double Pram

Terrible terrible quality. Cheap plastic tyres and fittings. The buckles broke on both seats and I had to send away for replacements - which to be fair was an easy process. Beautiful Stylish pram but didn't turn out to be functional at all for us. We were very disappointed with this purchase unfortunately.

Conversion kitYes

Stylish and comfortable

It took me 3 months to chose a pram for everyday. I love that you can manoeuvre this one so easy with one hand, it has fantastic suspension which is needed in my area, it has great accessories and looks nice too. I think for use in Australia they need to improve a few things, like the sun cover doesnt really shade a lot and being by the ocean has caused rusting, but for use I give it 5 stars.

Conversion kitNo

One of the best out there

One of the smoothest prams I've ever had. honestly makes all the bumps on the way smooth, easy to put together and definitely attractive. gets a lot of peoples head turning. the basket has a lot of room to put the extra baby stuff in it. you can also purchase a cup holder which makes it so convenient.

Conversion kitYes

Not worth your money

When i first saw the icandy pram i feel inlove with it but now with my 2nd bub on the way i feel like this pram would be to small my son is 1 years old and is allready kinda out grown from this pram so not worth my money
Its way to expensive for what it is
Its kinda heavy takes way to much space
Looks good but there are pleanty of other prams to look at for that much money

Conversion kitYes

Love it! Perfect pram for 2 kids

Great quality, easy to use, easy to collapse, looks amazing and was a life saver. I bought the Peach double pram and it is worth every cent! The only downside is that the chrome is easily scratched, so in hindsight the black trim would have been a better choice. I highly recommend it.

Conversion kitYes

Dangerous as a double pram!

It tiped over twice with my toddler and my newborn in it while pushing down the hill (and it wasnt that much of a hill!). Be aware! When pushing on unveven ground it’s extremely dangerous! Taking it back !

Plus the bumper bar is uncomfortable as you need to take it off and then hold in your hands while trying to buckle your terrible twos toddler! Harness is unnecessary complicated!
Hood is too short.
Buttons aren’t always working and need massive strong push for it to work!
Overall I'm very disappointed! It is a light pram and to push it with one child in it is good but they shouldn't sell it as a double pram!

Conversion kitYes

icandy pram is great

We have had about 10 different prams over 4 kids and nothing compares to the icandy pram.. it is so easy to fold and it looks classy. we have had strider pram which is really heavy.. the steel raft brands and a few others. We are really happy with this pram. it’s relatively light to pack up and to push so we are happy

Conversion kitNo

Falling apart after one year!

This has been great, but after a year it is falling apart. The holster broke (twice!). The seats have torn (twice!). The wheels don't work properly anymore. It is really such a shame that it is so poorly made for being so expensive. The frame is also looking very shabby with lots of dings and marks. It was great in the beginning but now most of it needs to be replaced. So if you want a fantastic buggy for about 6 months, go with this one!

Conversion kitYes

I'm so glad I upgraded.

I love this pram. It's so easy to use, pack away and push. I like how the seat is reversible. My only complaint is that the seat itself is very thin and hard however it is an easy fix with a pram liner. I got this pram second hand and I would have been pretty annoyed to pay full price and then buy a pram liner on top of that. The other thing is the hood is quite small and doesn't always cover the sun off babies face. All in all I'd recommend this pram.

Conversion kitNo

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Hi my name is Wendy Grandma of the peach icandy I got for my daughter newborn this year. I would just like to no what age from pram to the semi sitting up pushchair does a baby have to be before you change them? I await on your reply many thanks
No answers

Can we use it for a newborn twins?
No answers

Can I use the peach 3 adapters with the original or peach 2?
1 answer
I'm not sure on that maybe check with baby bunting to be sure.


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Product Weight8.4kg
Folded Height28.5cm
Folded Width60cm
Folded Length70cm
Release dateJun 2014Jan 2013
Replaced byiCandy Peach 3iCandy Peach 2

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