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iCandy Peach 2

iCandy Peach 2

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Super stylish but heavy and small

Loved the prams looks and I always got complimented how amazing it looked! But it was very heavy to haul in and out of the car and took up a lot of space. I bought the 2nd seat and converter but my son (2.5 at the time) was far too tall to be able to use the second seat so I ended up selling it.
It is not a single fold you have to remove seat to put it in the car which took a little extra time.
Overall it was great quality and comfortable for bub just a bit on the shorter side and heavy.

Conversion kitYes

Terribly over priced

The pram looks great, maneuvers well and relatively easy the fold. The seat is short, son is 1 and sadly is too long, outgrowing the pram. The biggest issue is the 5 point belt buckle, it snapped. I tried to get a replacement through the icandy site, however the claim for product recalls of a select batch do not apply and i purchased it in Australia. My batch number is way different, yet i have a faulty/broken buckle. I can't use the thing without a working buckle. Check your belt buckle people, this is a serious flaw. Though it may be discontinued, the models are floating around, beware.

Conversion kitNo


It is easier than my previous one to maneuver. It is so smooth to push. It does not need too much power to control it. It is two parts. It is easy to fold but it will takes more space to storage. And it is a little bit heavy. It means you will use more energy to carry it.

Conversion kitYes

Easy to use pram

I bought this to replace my jogger pram and am so happy I did. Accessories are easy to find and fit. Folds easily, feels sturdy yet is light and can be pushed with one hand. My very tall 3 year old still fits in it. Storage basket is adequate, it could be bigger. Quite large when folded, it takes up a lot of room in the boot. Sometimes when unfolding the pram, one of the wheels gets caught in the basket, which is a pain.

Conversion kitNo

Poor build quality

The Icandy we purchased did do the job as advertised however we found the build quality was terrible. After unboxing we found 2 of the three inner tubes were faulty around the valve and we had to purchase new tubes. I’m not sure if we brought a lemon but it also pulled to the left when pushing which gets irritating. The other thing we found annoying was the shear number of adaptors required. Some to raise the seat, some for the maxi cosi capsule. I had a mecano set as a kid with less parts. It is also heavy and having two parts takes up more space than a single collapsibl unit.

Conversion kitYes

Excellent pram, has lasted well.

The moment I lay eyes on this pram I wanted it. I didn't have kids at that point, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was trying to get my hands on one of these.
We've had it since 2012, and mostly it hasn't disappointed.

The frame is incredibly thick and sturdy and doesn't flex whilst pushing as much as some other prams I've tried. This does make it a little heavier, but the two-piece fold is compact and I've been able to fit it in the back of a Toyota Yaris (in stroller mode, not with the carrycot) and a Honda Jazz with no trouble.
I was worried most about the wheels. I do a lot of walking on poorly maintained footpaths and they scuffed up very quickly. Initially i thought I'd be lucky if they lasted a year, but they're still going strong, even if the tires are very pitted and worn.

The carrycot was wonderful when the kids were tiny, though it could be a little more spacious.
The seat unit is fabulous. Both my 2 year old and 5 year old can still fit in it. The fabrics have also held up well. One thing, though, is that it would be better if there was a fold down flap in the hood for shielding bub from the sun when reclined. I bought the palm shade in the hope that it would serve a similar function with the hood part attached, but it didn't.
Changing the height of the straps is my least favourite thing about this pram. Trying to contort my hand and get it up the limited space in back of the seat and then push the straps (and hard plastic clips) through the slots in the hard plastic backing isn't something I found easy or pleasant.

Overall, though, it's sturdy, convenient and reliable, and I'm glad we spent the extra money to get it.

Conversion kitNo

Brilliant Product

As a first time father, I was concerned about finding a good pusher. My fears were allayed once i laid eyes upon this beauty. Easy to use with one hand for when you are wrestling with a restless child, and lighter than most on the market. Cannot recommend highly enough

Conversion kitNo

The best pram you'll ever own!!!

We bought this pram so we didnt we didnt have to buy a new car!! The pram base folds up nearly flat amd so small that it fits easily into a hatchback boot!! To top off this exceptionally built pram the maneuverability is amazing!!! So easy to move through people traffic and through aisles at the supermarket.

Conversion kitYes

Best double pram

Fantastic pram- I bought this as I have a newborn and a 2 year old. It is so easy to maneuver, easy to assemble and glides along so nicely. It is stable and feels solid without being heavy and bulky. I like that the wheels are solid so you don't have to worry about pumping the tyres. It is easy to wash as you can throw the liners etc in the washing machine. Definitely recommend this pram as a single or a double.

Conversion kitYes

Great pram for all life throws at you!

A great pram with lots of options for one or two children. It's compact enough to use as a 'walking' cot inside when your baby is small yet built well enough to withstand dirt tracks and life on a farm. Fits everywhere and handles incredibly well, even with twins!


- Compact and easy to steer yet tough enough for country living.
- Flexible options for different aged children and twins; forward and reverse facing seat for one child.
- Easy to fold, light to lift and fits in boot and behind front seats of family car.
- Carrycot approved for overnight sleeping meaning you don't need to pack a cot for the first 5-6 months.
- New model accessories such as the 2016 carrycot fits the Peach Blossom 2.


- You cannot fold pram in one; you need to remove seats and attachements.

Where our friends and family have swapped prams when their circumstances change, we've been able to keep using the iCandy peach. It's worth the costly price tag and two years later we're still pleased we chose it over other double prams on the market at the time. Would be great value for money if purchased second-hand. Couldn't be happier with our purchase; strongly recommended.

Conversion kitYes

Icandy wins my heart

I bought a cheap pram as I couldn't see the point in forking out all this money on something that I would only have to use for a few years if that. I struggled with my cheap pram finally gave in and bought an Icandy peach. Best decision I ever made! it handles well it is easy to collapse and put in the car. it is super sturdy and it looks great!!!

Conversion kitNo

Good stroller - HORRIBLE customer service.

I spoke with Jose over the phone today and I honestly cannot believe the manner in which he spoke with me.
Firstly , he accused my wife of misunderstanding the product colour. Next he argued with me about what black looks like. He was rude and obnoxious. DO NOT BUY.

Conversion kitYes

Confused. Peach2 vs Rasberry.

Oops this should be in "Ask questions" but anyway.....
Bubs is now 5 months old and we have pretty much used his iCandy peach2 everyday, Its so easy to push and maneuver and I do absolutely love it. My only issue is we havent had the opportunity to use the main seat yet. Bubs has always been in his unity capsule; from home, in the car to being attached to the iCandy chasis.
I just wanted to know whether other mums have had the same dilemma im having now and what did they do? Our daily ritual is starting to annoy me (note if i had known our errands would be daily, i may have thought twice). #Get to destination, get stroller out from boot, open stroller, attach capsule adapter then attach capsule with bubs and detaching again afterwards. After noticing the iCandy Rasberry (even the bugaboo Bee), I now want it for when bubs no longer requires the capsule so i can just "easily" get him out the car into the stroller without attaching or detaching parts. Am i just delusional and the peach2 isnt that bad or is the iCandy Rasberry worth it? Ive always LOVED iCandy products so im scared im just impulse buying.

Conversion kitNo
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Last month I was confused and wanted to know whether the iCandy raspberry was better than the iCandy Peach2? I decided to answer my own question and maybe help any other mothers out there along the way. So this may be a long answer plus reviews to the iCandy Peach2 and Raspberry, so I apologise in advance for the spill. Anyway bub is 6 months and no longer using the car capsule. We still use the iCandy Peach2 everyday for walks. He just looks so comfy and cosy in the main seat, we also purchased a seat liner because it "looks" and "feels" more lush and 'cushiony' to sit on. It is just a real sturdy pram/stroller! The Peach2 is just so easy to push and steer from bumpy grass and rocky footpaths to maneuvering around the shops to our small home. It annoys me that the hood makes a loud 'clickerty clack' when it opens and closes because bub jumps everytime and maybe a bit more coverage would be nice... The attaching and detaching of the seating unit everytime it needs to go in the car is tiresome, but if I'd done my pram homework I would have known this. Otherwise I can not find any other faults with the Peach2. Its light enough for me to carry and we live in the suburbs where the stroller is fine to go on and off trains. In my question above I asked about the iCandy Raspberry and what others thoughts were, after reading review upon review I saved up and got one. The Raspberry so far has been great. It is very light, literally. Awkwardly light to carry and light to steer around but still sturdy. Again bub looks so comfy and cosy in it with the luxury of a seat liner, but (as all the reviews do note) he is more exposed to the elements as the seat is opened not like the Peach2 (feels like a motorbike to a car?). We havent purchased a footmuff or a baby cocoon (used for newborns), but it does look like bub would be more enclosed. The Raspberry is a far more bumpier ride outside on uneven grounds and footpaths (I think), but it does glide on flat floored surfaces and is easy to control and push around (sometimes too light and too easy that I over steer in one direction using one hand). I love the material used for the flavour packs i.e the seat liner, Its so smooth and has a soft silky feeling at the touch. I still haven't found a purpose for the hidden compartment in the basket yet, but I can imagine how handy it will be when it becomes of use. The hood seems a little flimsy though , I cant see it holding up in the rain even with the raincover on, but seriously in any case where there is a choice given why would you and bub be standing out in the rain anyways right? Well maybe whilst waiting for the train, bus or even getting caught while out... Another thing that bites is the awkward fold. I still cant say I can fold it with any ease because occasionally I find myself struggling, awkwardly fighting to get it to lock in place! Overall, considering bub is sitting in the stroller anywhere from minutes to hours, he needs to be comfortable and the Raspberry and peach2 both do exactly that; the ability to recline flat (raspberry)/or back (peach) for a better snooze or sit up to watch around him. Also a stroller that is reversible to face me or face forwards when he's older (when I no longer need to keep an eye on him) is a bonus. If I could, Id mix the Peach2 and Raspberry together into one as I do really like both. The Raspberry ticks most the boxes on our list as a stroller with pram features. So in the end my personal opinion is, the peach2 and raspberry are both equally great in their own way, two individual strollers. Its more a personal preference thing to what would suit bub and my everyday lifestyle. Did the raspberry make going out doing errands easier? Mmm... Well since we now have both, the peach2 is our home and walk stroller; the wheels are better and there's no more pulling apart for the car, and the raspberry is our shops and errand stroller; smoother surfaces and a one piece fold. It works and the family and I are getting the best of both worlds.

After two years of use

It's my second review of this product, gave less stars this time.
After two years of use I wish I wouldn't get this pram it's became heavy, dificult to monuver it's not smooth going anymore, the hood is very nosy to open or close wakes my child every time if in use, difficult to keep clean too the material is not easy to clean.

Conversion kitYes

The perfect pram!

We have owned this pram for 19 months and use it every day! Its great for long walks too!
Using the Peach without the Blossom attachment was wonderful. So easy to move around and fantastic to be able to add the capsule.
We recently have needed the 2nd lower seat, its fantastic. We can fit through nearly any door.and dont have any trouble getting around. I wish wecould upgrade to the Peach 3. But this pram is perfect. I wouldn't get any other!
We had a problem with the basket on the bottom breaking and iCandy were on it right away and sent us a brand new one to replace. Great quick service.

Conversion kitYes

Great pram

Purchased the iCandy in 2013 for our first child thinking that we might have a second in quick succession and therefore need a double pram. I do a lot of walking and not much driving so it's been a really good option for us. Runs smoothly, goes through the rough park terrain really easily and manoeuvres neatly. We've recently had our second child and have been really pleased with the iCandy being able to accommodate both children without being wide as with the side by side prams - having said that I haven't had cause to pack it in the car which might not be much fun!
All in all would highly reccommend iCandy Peach/Blossom.

Conversion kitYes

Excellent Stroller

I always read these reviews, so I thought I should write one.

We have had our iCandy for almost a year now. It is brilliant. It does everything.

4 or 5 mornings a week I walk the baby with two Great Danes and we live in the country. We go down dirt roads and over paddocks and the pram handles it brilliantly. It goes to town as well and is incredibly stylish. It has room for everything. All in all it has been a great purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Conversion kitNo

Great stroller!

Been using my iCandy Peach 2 for 3 months and loving it, very easy to manoeuvre, looks stylish, very comfortable for my baby, big space if you are a shopper, very durable. Carrier seems to move a bit if you are travelling off road which does not bother me b/c most of the babies love rocking but better to put a note here. i highly recommend this stroller to any mother or mother to be.
Almost everything
Carrier seems to move a bit while travelling off road.

Conversion kitNo

Best pram ever!!!

As I was about to have my second child I started to look at getting a double pram as my first child was a 'runner'. The idea of going out with two children terrified me . I had never really heard of this pram until a sales assistant pointed it out. It ticked all my boxes. While I was looking at it, my little boy ran off and out of the store. I ordered it straight away!

It is comfortable for the children, easy to assemble and stack in the boot, light to push even with two children and has good storage. I have used it as a double every day for two years. I am so happy with this product.

My only criticism would be the hood click is REALLY loud and after two years the foam on the handles split and came off.
Durable, comfortable, easy to push
Hood clicks, foam splits

Conversion kitYes

Great Jogger

I purchased this stroller after reading many good reveiws on the pram. I do agree, it is good but I didn;t find that it was fantastic. I think that it is handy that you can store is quite easily and it fits comfortably in the car. You can also purchase a second seat and turn it into a double pram, which is useful as I will not have to buy a second pram. I have found that it isnt very roomy for my little one and I fear that she may outgrow it fast. I would love if it came with a rain cover. It does come with a shade cover through which is good. Overall a good pram, that I would recommend even though it is a bit pricey.
Easy to store and is light to lift
Would love if it had a bit more room. Bit expensive.

Conversion kitNo

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Questions & Answers

So we have the limited edition peach. . and I love my pram . but we going to have another bub . . so we'll have a 14 month and a newborn. . .i'm concerned with the converter to accommodate two. . .has anyone got this yet?? i have been told that you have to take the older one out before taking the younger one. . which is just not feasable for me. . . and i've also been told that they can tip when there's 2? I'm concerned and confused . . .should i get another pram?
2 answers
Sorry I'm probably a bit late to help you but perhaps my response might help others. I have been using the Peach in double mode now for about 9 months. It has fared better than expected! I don't need to take the top seat off to get the lower child in and out of the back - there is plenty of room. Also I haven't had any problems with stability - it steers really well and seems sturdy even on slightly rough ground. The main drawbacks of double mode are: 1) There are so many separate pieces to bring (chassis, 2 seats, 2 adaptors, plus any accessories) and it therefore takes a long time to fold it up and down. This can be a real drag when you just want to pop into the shops. 2) The lower child's seat and feet take up pretty much the whole basket space. Which is annoying because with two kids you have twice as much stuff to bring. But those are the only issues and overall I'm very happy with my choice. It's functioning really well even after 2.5 years and still looks practically new.Do not buy this pram - we have spent a fortune on the icandy peach blossum which broke after we bought the $400 conversion kit. Icandy are refusing to fix it as they have said that we caused it by not closing it correctly - right as if we didnt know how to close it after owning it for 2 years with our first child.

Hhozay, how do u put the drink holder on inside of side handle? Can't figure it out. I don't want it to bash into doorways nor do I want drink holder on top handle as I hang my bag off hooks there.
1 answer
Hi Gael, are you having trouble finding a spot for it on the side handle? If so, I'm not sure about the solution as I only have the iCandy Peach (mistakenly posted under Peach Blossom). Also I've just realised that if the seat is facing frontwards (once baby is older) you might run out of space again. However, if you do have the space, I just fit the drink holder the same way as when it's on the outside - you just have to re-angle the cup holder so it's not tilting over. I hope that helps in some way...

Hi, we have an Icandy peach and have been very impressed with it to date. We're now expecting no 2 and are looking at purchasing the blossom converter kit - is this worth the money? It looks fairly small and I'm wondering how long it will last size wise? Thanks. KS
1 answer
Hi Karen, I'm really sorry I think I should have put review under the iCandy Peach as we currently only have one child so I can't attest to the performance of the attachment and second seat. Perhaps one of the other reviewers can help? Good luck!


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