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Stay away from this company they are dishonest

I have been using iherb for years and was a very loyal customer, my last purchase which I order regularly was charged on my credit card for a higher amount than the agreed price at checkout. It is very deceptive. I used the same login I always use. It appears they now direct you through overseas and now customers are charged a high price without telling you at any stage through the check out process.

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LifeExtentsion Bioctive Complete B-Complex

I purchased this product for my 14 year old son. The recommended dose was 2 daily and I gave him one. He had major allergic reaction to this product as it contains "Niacin 100mg".

People can have an allergic reaction to this and you will not know until after you take it. My sons face blew up and was turning purple, he was very dizzy and his airways were constricting and he was having trouble breathing. His arms and legs were red and tingling and his stomach felt like it had pins being stabbed through it. Is this a reaction you want a person to have after taking a "Vitamin B"???

I contacted LifeExtensions about this and they have shrugged it off by saying "contact IHerb as you purchased it from them not us"!!! The product is manufactured by LifeExtensions not IHerb. They also told me I should not be giving to anyone who is not an adult unless guided by a Health Care practitioner. I am a Health Care Practitioner!! I would urge IHerb to no longer stock this product, and if you purchase this take it with care and have anti-histamines close by.

Many thanks,
Melbourne, Australia

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Much better than I think

First time order from Iherb Australia as I live in Sydney. Ordered on Saturday 11 May 2019 and parcel arrived on Thursday 16 May 2019, quicker than I anticipated. I order 5 bottles of shampoo, and they all arrive in good shape. Have ordered the same product from eBay but eBay is too expensive. I was a bit concerned when I read a lot of negative reviews especially about pricing and delivery. But everything turns out smoothly. Definitely worth 5 stars.

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Wrong item/problematic website/terrible customer service

Fellow buyer beware, stay away from this company if you want to avoid serious headaches, even if you never had problems with them.

Worst customer service ever, bunch of incompetent people who do not even read your messages properly nor take any effort to satisfy your basic rights.
Never had problems with them until 2 days ago, after receiving an order placed 8 months after the previous one. That's probably why I did not have problems with this company sooner.
And after doing a short search for reviews on them, I can see that there are plenty of people being screwed by them lately even worse than me. Hence why I had to voice my experience for you all to see how terrible they are and in hope that people will unite maybe even to take a civic legal action against them to hurt them in their pockets (because that's how you truly change companies and then hopefully the competition in the market takes over) for compensation of all of the customers' time wasted in meaningless attempts to rectify problems that are caused by them in the first place and the consequent great amount of distress they impose with their attitude.

Finally, I leave here the exact transcript of my formal complaint letter that sent them and that I intend to follow through with further legal action if necessary.

"To whom it may concern

On 07/05/2019, I purchased 2 KAL B12 bottles from au.iHerb.com.

When I received the package on Monday 13/05/2019, I opened the box to find that the product I purchased was missing and someone packed 2 boxes of tea instead. If the person had packed a different product of the KAL brand would be understandable, but this is of such an unbelievable, ridiculous incompetence that I don't know how it is even possible. Immediately I took a picture of the open box and the products and then I logged on the au.iHerb.com website to follow the process of requesting the reshipping of the product I ordered. But not only their packing department is incompetent, their web-developers are as well because I tried to submit the request 3 times unsuccessfully (of which I took a screenshot) before I was forced to contact them through their normal contact form to solve the issue, not to mention this is not the first time their problematic website gave me issues to use it.
Then, after sending the complaint through their website contact form demanding the reshipment of the correct product, someone named [name removed]. decided for himself to lodge a refund claim which I never requested and without the GST. He also completely ignored the fact I had already explained that I tried to request the reshipment through the process on their website under my account and told me to follow this process in the future. Furthermore, he said: "we are unable to reship the merchandise as we want to avoid any additional fees or problems with customs that could be incurred when reshipping items." Then, I immediately replied that they in fact are able to reship, not only because they already provide this option, but also because I had already paid the GST fees when I placed the order and whatever extra costs that the reshipment may incur is theirs to cope with because this problem is their fault in the first place. I told in bold letters that I would not order again and reminded them that it is their job to resend it. The next day I receive a reply from [name removed]., who also completely ignored that I had already said I would not order again, saying that I would have to pay for the whole order again to only then receive the refund for the GST, ignoring the fact that I would have to pay for shipping if I was to accept this imposition.

I understand that under the Australian Consumer Law, when I buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what I asked for.

I have the invoice/receipt, the picture of the package and the products I received, the screenshot proving that your website is faulty, and all the emails I exchanged with the incompetent team of customer service.

As I said in my last email replying to said Yuka S., this is the very least you can do to fix this problem YOU CAUSED:
1- Cancel the refund process IMMEDIATELY, which I NEVER requested.
2- Issue the RESHIPPING of the 2 KAL B12 bottles that never came in my original order.
3- Send along the label to send back the 2 boxes of tea that I never ordered. (If you carefully read the emails exchanged, you will notice how none of your people even touched on this subject since my first email)
4- Make sure it's not the same incompetent person packing the order to guarantee I will receive what I already paid for.

If you still decide to follow through with this refund, not only you will have to refund the GST fee I paid and you did not include in the refund order, but also a considerable financial compensation for all my time you wasted in trying to solve this and the stress you caused.

If I do not hear from you within 5 working days, I will lodge a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria and/or report my issue to the ACCC."

After a lot of back and forth, they followed through with their imposed refund, even though I exhaustively said I did not want it and demanded the reshipment of the missing product.

Ultimately, they are trying to compensate for their incompetence and lack of professionalism by flooding review websites with 5-star reviews, which is the lowest move any company can make. If you check other review websites, they are making this a common practice. Already reported on this to Trustpilot multiple times, but I think anyone with good discernment can clearly see these reviews are fakes.

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GST not included put me off ordering

I find the GST added to the end of the bill very sneaky. I was placing an order with them but didn't complete as I find this type of thing in bad taste. THey should be upfront with their prices and have the GST included like other reputable companies

They have gone really bad

I have sworn by this company for many years. Every week for the last two years I order 20 bottles of black seed oil and have shipped to Adelaide. The cost for shipping over that period between $2.80 and $2.84. My last two orders the shipping has been $172 and $198 for the same items. I sent iherb some previous orders and the last two orders to inquire as to why shipping had changed and I was told that DHL was running a promotion during that time and now shipping rates had returned to normal. No matter the issue at iherb they simply just lie to you. My time with iherb was great but these new company policies of higher shipping charges and then lying about it will end my relationship with iherb.

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Good company.

Very happy with every aspect of this company. Reasonable prices, quality product and super fast delivery. I will continue to deal with them - they even processed my order over Easter.

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purchase cancelled three times

I received an email saying my purchase was cancelled, twice. It then wouldn't allow me to log in. Created a new acc. Only to be de activated all together. JOKE

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I just received my first order from iHerb and I will be ordering again. Even with shipping etc I paid a lot less than I would have if I purchased the same items in Australia. That’s assuming I could actually get the items in Australia, which I can’t. I’m already recommending iHerb to friends and family. Could not be happier.

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Standards have dropped to zilch

Standards have dropped to zilch
I used to love Iherb and have been a loyal customer for many years, continuing to purchase from them even after moving from Singapore to Australia. Unfortunately, the last couple of purchase experiences have put me off from wanting to patronise them moving forward.

1) for a warehouse company, their prices have continued to climb in the last 2 years at least, with a lot of their prices matching or becoming more expensive than the same items on the shelves.

2) implentation of GST, which doesn't get included until the payment page. This becomes a source of frustration, as one then has to go back and review one's basket as the cost would then become too high.

3) free shipping has not been honoured even though I clearly qualified for it, and

4) when I tried to rectify shipping and other overcharged costs with customer service, all I got was their shady standard responses that doesn't actually justify why I have been charged for things that were clearly stated "free" on their website.

Needless to say, I am no longer a loyal customer. The only reason why I will have to continue using Iherb is due to the fundamental need for some products that aren't available in Australia. Once those become available here, my patronage of this dishonest company will cease to exist.


Very deceptive checkout process

They have the best selection of vitamins but their checkout process is extremely deceptive and designed to

A lot of times the quantity of items will change from 1 to 2 or 3 even though you only put one in the cart make sure you check quantity of each item carefully.

Discount and promotions are usually not applied unless you carefully accept certain terms and conditions if you don’t you will miss out on discounts

GST is calculated after you pay, on your PayPal the bill will be min gst but on the final page it will show you the real cost

Shipping cost has gone up recently

Overall iherb has become a very expensive website. Too bad amazon US doesn’t ship anymore they know that soo they take advantage of Australians

Currency is default USA make sure to select currency before you start shopping.

Unfortunately there is no decent alternative to iherb In Australia, iherb has gotten worse and continue to rip off, one day they will lose their customers when there is a real alternative

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Expensive shipping and signature required

Used to be half decent value but the GST + shipping makes iherb quite expensive now. Another issue I have is there's no postage option to leave the package at the address, it's always signature on delivery and it's a pain in the a** finding the time to get to the post office. The boxes they use are all the same size too, even for a tiny bottle of pills- not environmentally friendly!

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Ummm idk where to start

Don’t get me wrong I love iherb, my orders have come in one piece so far thank God and the prices are pretty good even in AUD, the only problem is that they charge so much for shipping. And the worst part isn’t even that they take $10-20 for shipping, they also take another 10-20$ for tax. I loved iherb but I think I’m gonna have to stop buying there :( if by some miracle iherb sees this please have mercy on your customers we are there for the cheap stuff and an extra $20+ for shipping and tax just defeats the purpose of affordable prices.

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I am not tech savvy and found your order form too confusing, I got three password links but each time found I had to find another additional password to go further.
I am totally confused and I give up.
You lost $170.00

will be ordering again

my order of a large number of supplements and all were in plastic and were processed and packed and shipped within hours of placing my order. every order you place, you get a 10% discount that you can use towards the next order ( it takes a percent off the order excluding shipping) the easy of product information is amazing, showing the product labels of all their items. glass bottles were packed with bubble wrap and arrived safely amongst a 2kg bottle of protein powder. A+++ service


Pleased With my Purchase

My order was processed, packaged and shipped within hours of submitting it. I was charged exactly what I expected, which was much cheaper than anywhere else I looked (I used the app to purchase and it shows you in AUD so you’re definitely being shown the price that you will pay). I was able to find and purchase everything I was looking for, I also liked that I was able to read all the information about each product as well as see pictures of all sides of the label on each product. All products arrived safe and sound.

I will say however you can’t always trust their tracking information as their tracker says my order is still in America, whereas it’s actually right in front of me. Their packaging is also not the most eco friendly, however, this plethora of protective packaging did ensure that each of my items in the order arrived very safely.

All in all I’m very pleased and will order from them again when I need to.

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Thieves In Disguise!

Placed an order with iHerb for the first time - received it in record time...although I did notice they don't take much care with their packaging - they throw everything in a box and hope for the best. I thought I would be an iHerb customer for life due to their amazing range of soaps at affordable prices...until I placed a second order. This time I ordered a foot spray along side the soaps in early January. Waited a few weeks...nothing came. Went to the Australia Post website and typed in my tracking number - found out that my parcel was stopped due to extensive damage and a detected leak from the parcel. Australia Post informed me that iHerb requested the entire package to be sent back to them. At this point iHerb had not informed me of anything - I had to find this out for myself. Contacted iHerb customer support to find out what the next step will be - they said they will re-send my package soon and give me a new tracking number. Waited for weeks nothing happened. Every time you email their customer support you get a reply from a different person - and they are very brief and don't really address your concerns. When I asked them for a refund because no progress seems to be happening - they said they cannot give me a refund because Australia Post disposed of my package and didn't send it back to them. Unfortunately I found out that this was a blatant lie. When I called Australia Post to verify this...they said the package was definitely returned to the sender and they had the name and signature of the person who received it and signed for it. I then contacted my bank as this transaction was paid for on my credit card and requested a credit card charge back as I never received my goods. They lodged a dispute case for me and looked into the whole transaction with the information that I provided. After about 2 weeks they took care of everything and refunded the full amount that I paid back onto my credit card. As far as I'm concerned iHerb are just thieves in disguise as they didn't take responsibility for their inadequate packaging / damaged parcel / returned goods through Australia Post and their refusal to re-send the goods or issue a refund. They thought they could just brush me off and keep the money for themselves. Disgusting.

Was very skeptical after reading comments but very surprised with the service

I purchased a pre-workout from IHerb before i read the comments.
I was very skeptical it wouldnt arrive or something would happen.

But i actually received within 5 business days from the states. Almost 7 days earlier than predicted.
Honestly could not fault that service. Lets hope its second time just as lucky.

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Terrible experience with iherb

First time buying from iherb however delivery was not attempted. I had to follow up on the updates multiple times but still has not received the parcel. I will not recommend iherb to anyone. The shopping experience was very unpleasant .


Ouch! When USD becomes AUD.

I too have been mis-led on pricing. I have used iHerb for several years now. But have realised today on my most recent order that they do not tell you that the prices on your invoice are in US dollars and not AUD. You find a nasty surprise when you check your bank statement as I did this morning after ordering my latest vitamins in that I was shown to have free shipping and an order balance of $82.61. Imagine my surprise when my bank debit was $119.83. I will not be using this company again and will look for cheaper alternatives in Australia.

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How much tax will I have to pay on my order ?
1 answer
10% on top of your order total, including shipping if you’re paying for it.

I was wondering if there are people here who (they screwed up and still haven't fixed to problem to your satisfaction) are willing to take further legal action against them to hurt them where all companies hurt: their pockets. If there are enough people willing to help a mass litigation happen, I would certainly be one of the first to sign up. Only this way we will see compensation for all our time they wasted in trying to solve their mess and the stress they caused.
2 answers
life is too shortExactly, so make it count when your rights are being messed with, because only you can do it, don't believe that governments will do it for you and your family. Besides, there would be a rewarding compensation in the end.

i always order from IHERB Australian site and saw that the product were in AUSdollars. When i looked at my account was charged $30 more than stated on the end product. That is deception. When i phoned my credit card they said the site came from the Netherland. That means we were charged in Euros,Not happy.
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