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The worst customer service

My order never arrived. I’ve been in touch with customer service a few times and nobody will respond. I’d simply like an update, but no answer. I tried to save money by shopping there but ended up losing money. Shop locally.

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Poor quality product

I ordered 2 bottles of liquid glucosamine, cost $70 +, it was disgusting and I threw it away and ordered one bottle of the glucosamine I normally purchase from Iherb. When it arrived the bottle was leaking and the top flew off when I tried to open it. It was fermenting! I have tried over the years with this company and now give up. When you add the bank charges made each time and the hassle of resolving issues, it is just not worth it.

Product Quality
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Use them regularly

I have been buying my supplements from iHerb regularly for the last couple of years & never had a problem.
If anyone is looking for a discount code you can use VNG159. Just add it to your cart & it gives up to 10% off :) I wrote it down and use it for every order

Product Quality
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Prompt and accurate

I've been ordering for a year now. They have a great selection and i have never had a problem with any of their products. Shipping has always been within their advised times and accurate.

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I've been dealing with iHerb for about 5 years.

And in that time I can't fault them. I usually have an order a month (so quite a few orders for me to have an opinion) and always have them within a week. I live in Central NSW in a small village and only have three mail services a week but it has never taken more than a week to receive my order. On top of that I order above the $60 threshold and get my order postage free. I am like some of your other reviewers and would not even think about going anywhere else! There is nowhere in Australia I can get the goods I get from iHerb but the best part I like the most is I can study each item factually and compere them with others. All I can say is Long Live Iherb! You've got my as a client till the end!!

Product Quality
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Can't Login to My Account

Have bought several times in past from IHerb and yet can't login to my account? I put in what I think is my Password and doesn't accept, so then I try to reset and give them my Email Account and it is suppose to send a 6 Digit number to change Password, but either does not recognize my account or I do not receive the 6 digits?
Would seriously like to order a product I don't seem to be able to purchase anywhere else, so what do I do to get this Order?

Product Quality
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Iherb the scam

I ordered 2 products to receive a discount. They sent the order twice admitted it was their system error. Offfered 50% off the second order. I said ok but had not ordered this product before. So now i have 360tablets of aomething i have never used. To this day never received refund Emailed lots of times and no refund. It has been weeks since I ordered. They are happy to take your money!!!! So I wonder how many people they Oops send a second order and charge people and dont redund. IHERB SCAM ARTISTS

Can’t see the problem

I was a bit apprehensive to order from iherb after reading all the negative reviews on here but I thought I’d give it a go anyway because it was too cheap not to. Can’t find anything to complain about, I don’t know if it actually came from the USA like the tracking stated but it got to my door in Western Australia in 4 days, that’s quicker than I get orders from most Australian suppliers. Hey maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones..

Great service and price, easy purchase

Ordered $60 worth of products to get free shipping :)
arrival took me by surprise at it arrived so quickly
Easy purchase, will buy from iHerb again

Handy and good products

Love the products and fast delivery during festive season. I always buy several products and their testers which are good quality.

Good experience (from Australia0

I ordered three items from iHerb Australia website. Received my stuffs in 3 days. Not sure why so many people had bad experience here. It's perfect for me

iHerb is my first website to visit for best value, best quality products for the health conscious pe

iHerb allows me to easily access a huge range of products, often from USA, and to buy them in Aussie dollars and have them delivered to my door. Not only do I have this opportunity to access my favourite products, but I usually do so with the best price and delivery service in Australia. I have not found any other organisation that comes close to iHerb!

Avoid at all costs

Crap customer service and completely unreliable. Ordered on Black Friday, I contacted them a month later, only for them to tell me they cancelled my order and gave no reason. Do NOT order from these guys, regardless of how good the discount is - find a local supplier.

customer service stinks

I ordered the wrong product. Asked for a refund and got an automated message saying no refund, send product back to US. As the package came from Sydney, the response was ridiculous. No phone numbers. No contact with I Herb.

No problems

Ordered allergy immune bites on 20/12/18. Delivered 28/12/18. Good price. Postage included. Came by Australia post so they may have a despatch centre here for some products

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I should add that I was on an Australian website and charged PayPal in Australian dollars. There was a 10% tax added but also a 5% discount and free postage; so it ended up cheap for a difficult to source product in Australia.

Very poor Customer service.

Customer Service email is a black hole... absolutely no replies. The chat service is a computer, no real person so it doesn't know anything. They don't ship on time and very often they'd take customers money and claim they haven't paid while in fact it's failure on their part to get the product on time. It happened to me and many of my friends countless times. Very poor service.

Always on time with deliveries, and have items accessible to purchase

All deliveries arrive on time, and have items that are accessible that can't be found in Australia. Good quality and good value. I will always purchase from them for now on.

There are no actual people running iherb - all automated

If you have a problem with iherb, you're screwed. There is no one there. I have emailed and done product reviews to make contact about my issues with them and received no response. There is no section on the site to contact them. The contact us page redirects you to FAQ, with no link to an email address. I'm so OVER IT!!! I am looking for an alternative, cos I can't deal with them anymore.

GST on their products shipped from the US.

I recently purchased some iHerb products and was puzzled to see GST added to my invoice. Knowing the product was shipped from the US I queried this with the ATO and eventually with iHerb.

Their response is appended below. I have forwarded this to the ATO as well.
These sods charge us GST and then pocket it!

ZERO customer service

ZERO customer service! I have been trying to have a query resolved but each time I get a response it is from a different person who hasn't read the email chain. So far I have received the same generic response 3 times and it doesn't answer my question at all. Will never order from them again - it's just not worth the headache and hard work!

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i always order from IHERB Australian site and saw that the product were in AUSdollars. When i looked at my account was charged $30 more than stated on the end product. That is deception. When i phoned my credit card they said the site came from the Netherland. That means we were charged in Euros,Not happy.
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I am have been a mememer for a few years but I’m trying to make an order and pay for the last few days and it is not working. What’s going on. It’s doing my head in. Sharon bailey.
2 answers
Yes I am having the same issue. Says there is an error in my basket. Doing my head in too. Been like this for a few weeks at least.I did have the same, but found out you have to have international payments setup with your bank. I contacted the bank change it to international payment, and the order went strait true.

Hi, I live in Japan right now and have the Japanese I herb site. As of April I will be moving to Australia and wanted to look at the Australian I herb site but it always redirects me to the Japanese site. Why is that?
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So soon you are in Australia you can access it.iherb is deceptive when you buy in Australia you are paying in either us$ or euro$ they do not tell the truth. Stay clear if you live in Oz look for an Australian seller.

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