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Ikea Hovag

Ikea Hovag

Firm and Medium Firm
3.1 from 40 reviews

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Excellent Value For Comfort

This is my second IKEA Hovag. The first was a year old and in perfect condition, but moving address it got caught in an unexpected heavy downpour of rain on my car roofrack. No rainproof cover, so lesson learnt.
This one I have had for nearly a year. It is extremely comfortable. I would only ever have a pocket spring mattress. The pocket spring system also helps to turn in bed easily. My back pain with different spring type mattresses is a thing of the past.
Tips, always use a mattress protector to keep your mattress cover clean. Also whatever product you buy from Ikea, (I have purchased most of my furniture and some accessories from IKEA), always keep receipts for a while, as they happily refund or exchange. This has been a great advantage over time for me.

Purchased in October 2018 at IKEA VIC, Richmond for $249.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium

Unbelieveable Smell! Stay away - do not buy

We needed new bed and looked around for some time - settled on Ikea bed & mattress. All seemed ok. Delivered on time - but once the mattress was unrolled - the smell was unbelievable. Like musty, damp, sick smell. I wanted to return it immediately but my husband said to let it "air" and we put it on the balcony for a couple of days. We have now had it several days (bedroom window open at all times) and it still stinks. Whatever Ikea may say - it can't be healthy. The bed is ok and I think we will just dispose of the mattress, cut our losses, and buy another from a better shop (checking first where mattress is made). Apparently Ikea mattresses are made in China using various glues! I wish I had read more reviews before purchasing. Be warned - do not purchase a mattress from Ikea.

Purchased in July 2019 at North Lake for $349.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionBack and Side
Adjustment PeriodI never got used to it!
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium

Perfect mattress box spring

onsist of lots of metal coils suspended in the other materials of the mattress. Offers a lot of bounce and good temperature control, supporting the body by pushing back a similar amount of pressure that the body applies

Purchased in February 2019 at IKEA NSW, Rhodes for $319.00.

Sleeping PositionBack
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention Yes
Perceived FirmnessSoft

If you like a firm mattress I can't recommend this highly enough

A firm Ikea matress is very firm. Having a mattress this firm is a excellent way to train yourself to sleep on your back which I was trying to do.

I have not had any issues with wear or sagging but the combined weight of me and my wife is less than 100kg

Purchased in March 2017.

Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort No
Perceived FirmnessVery Hard

Back Pain Gone so is the smell great value for price

I must agree it did smell a bit when I got it. Had a lot to do with the rubber/foam in it I am guessing. That did pass. I have had this 2 years now it has sagged a little in the centre on the edge but I am a big man and it happens to my mattresses. In regards to my sleep on it. It is a little tough to roll on for me and my size. However I suffered chronic back pain for 17 years at the time of buying it and I got the medium at the recommendation of my physio. My back went from about 5/7 bad days a week to 2/7 overnight. The mattress for my back was incredible. I am not living most days pain free with the occasional flare up. Who would have thought a cheap mattress like this would outperform my previous expensive completely. The material covering it is easy to damage don't drag it at all.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

I think i could have done better.

I have had this mattress for 6 months now. When i first got it it smelled terrible. I felt sick and dizzy when laying on it at first despite airing it daily with no sheets or doona on it. I vacuumed it frequently and even hauled it outside twice to air all day but STILL the smell stayed.It finally left after about 3 months. The mattress itself is ok and was comfortable at first but it feels as if i am bottoming out a bit now. Mind you i am 5ft7 and 85kg so maybe i am too heavy for it? I am mostly a side sleeper so have put a fluffy topper on it or else it feels too firm if i lay on my side even though i have the medium firm. I really dont think its made well and has cheap springs and thin fillings in it. Im currently saving up to get another mattress and think i will spend around the $1000 dollar mark next time. To each their own and i say make your own choice but beware of the smell (VERY strong) and if your a bigger person then Ikea probably isn't the mattress for you.

July 30th 2019 Update: Update to previous review

For anyone who is interested i forgot to mention that the cover on this mattress is rather thin. Please be careful when /if moving it and i reccomend a FULL waterproof cover as if you do have to exchange it or need it replaced in the future Ikea will not do this unless the mattress is spotless.

Purchased in January 2019 for $349.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodMonths
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessHard

stay away!!

The mattress stinks so bad that it burns my throat and blocks the nose at night! The chemical they use is definitely not under health and safety regulations! even though Ikea says -
[name removed]
"1:56:The item is not faulty, The smell will be the fire retardant used to make it meet the safety regulations of the UK. Fire retardant is used so if a fire occurred the mattress would not go up in flames. When first bought all mattresses do have this small, Once aired out it should then go. If in a room the window would need to be open to allow it to air out."
I aired the mattress for 8 days now - the smell is still the same and after customer service comment seems it is absolutely normal to them so instead of exchange it - it will be returned!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Poor quality with a great deal of back pain!

My partner and I are polar opposites with our taste in mattresses so to find a middle ground we thought getting the hövåg would be a good idea as it's on the medium side. While he doesn't mind it, asoft bed lover like me can't handle it. Even with the extra purchase of the top layer to make it more comfortable, it is so firm I wake up with a sore back and headache every night. This is not helped by the fact in the two months of owning it, the mattress has dipped and is on it's way to completely sinking according to other reviews on either side where my partner and I sleep during the night. So disappointed to have this outcome after only 2 months. Offers no support at all. Not worth the back pain.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great Mattress.. no smell

I was a little worried about ordering this mattress especially regarding the smell. We needed a roll up mattress as it is for a cottage which is up some awkward stairs. We also needed it quite quickly. I picked up the medium firm mattress and it is soooo comfortable. We unrolled it and opened windows but must say didnt really smell anything. The mattress is being used in a holiday let so if it did smell we would have heard from guests.. but they all say its the best mattress they have slept on! What a great price too!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

LOVE!! Much better than Eve.

I previously had a memeory foam eve which cost well over £400. Disgusting mattress so sent back straight away. Got this Ikea Hovag mattress and I’ve been impressed ever since. I love how the mattress is cheap and also really durable. I feel like it will last a long time as long as I turn it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Do not get this mattress!!!

This mattress made me REALLY SICK for over 2 months without me knowing! I thought it was mould in my room the whole time, and even had the council over.
I believe the chemicals they use to spray it (they do this as an anti flammable effect) were making me very sick.
I woke up with bad headaches, earaches and sinus tension for 2 months and had to take time off work and everything. Literally paid $380 NZD just to get ill for months! The smell doesn't go away either. Don't get this mattress. I am now terrified of anything from IKEA. It is truly terrifying that they can sell these products to the public.
all round a horrible experience.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good starter mattress

Bought this 2wks ago for my 13yo. She says it's the best mattress ever.
It comes rolled up in plastic and settles into shape within 48hrs.
Nice and thick with a lightweight pillow top. I added an extra mattress topper to make it more lush but it's not a necessity.
This is a good starter mattress. I'm not expecting huge things from it... if it lasts a long time that's great but if it fails after a few years, then you get what you pay for and in a market where double mattresses generally start at $700, I only paid $349.

August 14th 2019 Update: Good enough for growing teens

Have bought two of these mattresses for our kids over the past 5 years. They always have a comfy night's sleep and have never complained about a smell or being uncomfortable. Can highly recommend this mattress although it's on the pricey side and Ikea still charges for delivery.

Purchased in September 2018 for $349.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium

Not so Good Mattress

We purchased it a few months ago and not really satisfied with it. We thought that it would be firm enough (we ordered medium firmness), but it turned out to be too soft for us. Overall, it is just okay and not that comfortable.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


I do like firm mattresses so i got the hovag firm from ikea after trying it in the shop, after 48hrs of leaving it to air still had really strong horrible smell! Still has it now 6months later of use!! Its not firm at all, as if it had a hole in the middle now. If you like to sleep with your belly down i totally do not recommend this mattress you will wake up every morning with back pain, as i do. Overall do not recommend it to anyone for the bad chemical smell it is disgusting.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Just a comment on the "off-gassing" people are complaining about

For most people, I don't think transporting this mattress around (aside from taking it back from the store) is going to be a main priority. They don't try and sell the fact that it can be rolled up and transported in-store and most people are just going to take it home, lay it on their bed and sleep on it.

Also, first night, I'm using a mattress topper as everyone should and I can barely notice the smell people seem to be raging about unless I shove my nose right up to the mattress. Also, my mother bought herself one the same day as me and she's hella sensitive to, well, everything, and she hasn't complained once about the smell.

For all the doomsayers, the smell is caused by volatile organic compounds and they're nothing to worry about.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A smell that may outlast religion

Hi Ikea person
the mattress seems to be comfortable enough.
I have 2 different Aldi mattress toppers on it, and the smell
is improving each day. It's a little too late to put the "stink"
warning in the instructions, and it's going to be inconvenient
returning it to the store now that it is a double bed mattress unrolled.
If Ikea is going to sell "stinky" mattresses, they should come
with a pre-purchase warning, rather than people taking them home
and stinking out their bedding and homes. In my case I was sleeping
on a reasonable folding bed at my son's house in Yarraville,
then used the HOVAG smellomattress $349 upon my return to Canberra.
Thanks for your half hearted offer of assistance, but I will persist
since the stink is slowly dissipating. If I weren't a senior with
back problems, I'm sure giving the mattress a good vaccum would
also help, as suggested in the instructions. As a gesture of good will
you could pay for a reputable steam cleaning service to come and
perform the task, and put and end to my problem, once and for all.
I won't hold my breath for that, but probably should.
Part 2: I gave the surface of the Hovag a whole can of branded name carpet spray.
Used as directed and let dry. I then began vacuuming on and on and on with the
a Dyson small bowl. Actually designed for carpet and other flooring, so very powerful.
I spent about an hour going over and over the top, two days in a row.
My plan left a heavy perfume scent from the carpet shampoo, but there was still a slight
smell of mould on the sides and the bottom of the Hovag. Now I notice some water stains, which I have photographed.
I half dragged and half carried the Hovag down the stairs to my SUV, but it didn't quite fit.
I called Ikea and after about 40 minutes (on every single call) I was given a case number, and an agreement to get it picked up.
Two men in a van came the next day. They cruelly dragged the Hovag along the road into the van, and I had
felt sad that after all the work I had done. I had failed to give Hovag a proper home and it will now probably end up in land fill.
After a 50km return drive to Ikea, 4 phone calls of mostly listening to fonakmusic-for- the-disgruntled
I might now have my well deserved $349 refund. I am feeling very positive about it.
So far my house seems to not have suffered any long term damage from the mould/smell, although my
two mattress toppers have been washed 3 times too many.
If I am ever unhappy about an Ikea product again (and this is the first time in 40 years) I will kiss it goodbye, and chain it to the streetlight in front of my house. ( I'm addicted to those Kotbullar/meatballs, great in curry or italian sauces ). Conclusion: $349 appeared in my bank account. Thank you IKEA, now I can begin the healing journey and buy a new mattress elsewhere. Your refund procedure is a pain in the......you know

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Shockingly bad

Bought a king size for hubby and me 5 years ago,very comfy and lovely sleep quality.Decided to get my teenage son a new double bed frame and mattress but the change in quality of the mattress is shocking.Very firm and uncomfortable even though the medium firm was purchased and after 2 years the springs have exploded through the bottom of the mattress and are over the floor,causing the mattress to sag and be unusable.Also the finish on the bed has started to blister and split,not to mention the bedding bought before xmas has faded and the stitching has come undone.Shockingly bad quality from a firm that used to be amazing but I've noticed other products they sell are also going downhill.Another company putting profit before quality and customer loyalty.I won't spend my hard earned money here again.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Compact, easy to transport and very comfy

I bought one of these mattresses initially and drove it home in my small Corolla because like all of IKEA products, the Hovag is flat packed (i.e. rolled up and in a space bag). This made the easy of getting it home great. I was sceptical at first but we undid the packaging and were very impressed. The mattress is firm and comfortable. Easy to clean with a sponge for any messes or vacuum for dust.
I was so impressed with the quality that I went back and bought two more and replaced my other kids ones in only one car trip.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Love love love!!!

Bought this mattress after trying it in store ...... sooo comfortable l! Durable quality and a warranty you can't go past. I have an SUV and was wrapped that it fits in my car to bring home.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Offgassing/New car smell is terrible

Had this for a week and it has made me miserable. We opened the mattress and the room was filled with strong chemical smell. We have a small flat and limited outdoor space, and in October airing outside not an option. Made me feel nauseous and headachy and me and my 15week old daughter slept in living room for 3days because I didn't want to expose her to the off gassing. Husband slept OK on it, but commented the smell was strong. Even with window wide open for several days it's still present and I have been waking up with mild headache, and even though my daughter sleeps in seperate cot by wide open door I still worry what she is being exposed to. On top of that, we got firm (husbands choice)instead of medium firm (my preference) and so I've been uncomfortable as well- I was planning on getting topper. We could return it with guarantee but the logistics of getting it back to Ikea mattress make me want to cry, and there is no guarantee a replacement would be less pungent. All in all a miserable experience...

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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Questions & Answers

What fire retardants are used in the Ikea Hovag. I have asked at Ikea and they said they had no idea. I have also rang them and still no answer. My mattress was made in China and as it had a VERY strong smell at first and still smells after 8 weeks what is used in it?
No answers

Exactly what fire retardants are used in this mattress. My mattress was made in China (says so on my law tag) and it smells very strong. Have had it 8 weeks or so and still smell it.Is Formaldehyde or Antimony in it? I am concerned.
No answers

we bought a queen sized Hovag and bed on Saturday this week in Canberra, and our whole house now smells of the musty dirty wet mop smell. It is not getting any better. How do we go about returning the mattress as we only have a sedan vehicle? Can we get an Ikea representative to assist with pickup and then seek a refund for the mattress. We shall be keeping the bed though and seek another mattress from elsewhere., one that we can smell prior to buying! I at first thought because of all of the rain we have had in Canberra that we had developed mould under the house, but checked that by crawling under there, and then worked out it was the mattress, very disappointed, as the smell is so bad.
2 answers
I certainly didn't experience that. Contact IKEA ? maybe it got damaged in storage as this is not a issue they all have.Write an email to Ikea. They will contact you quickly. You CANNOT just call customer service they will direct you to writing an email. (At least this is how WA works.) Yes they will pick up for you and it wont cost you but only if they say the mattress has a problem. If they find no problem then they will charge around $70. It sounds like mould in the mattress so please sleep elsewhere if you arent already.


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