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Timely, efficient and friendly

Contents of one room plus bathroom..Ikea Queen bed..) which the movers dismantled) multiple boxes, shelves etc.
Truck was parked 20 metres away..difficult narrow street which they managed cheerfully.
Driver kept us informed of his ETA at all times..very thoughtful.

Extremely Thankful

We booked iMove for our long distance move. The customers service rep Amanda was amazing and a pleasure to deal with. On the day of the move the 3 men Nick, Michael & Yusef fantastic. The men wrapped and loaded all our belongings in the truck with ease. The delivery was a 3 hour drive and they made it in good time. All items were unloaded and placed where requested without any hassle. I am so happy with the level of professionalism I received right from the first phone call all the way until the last piece of furniture came off the truck. Thank you so much to the iMove team and I will definitely be recommending to all.

BEWARE!! Changed everything on move day

The worst experience ever.
They stated that they would provide me a 10 tonne truck and they showed up with a 7
I had to then pay for them to go back and pick up the furniture that didn’t fit in the 7 tonne truck but would have fitted in the 10 tonne truck
They refused to unload things off the truck and then over charged me so they could ring their contract centre staff who made the arrangement with me to then tell me that they had no right to do that.
They forced me to pay extra and promised a refund, which I never got.
I lodged a complaint with the office of fair trading and they refused to reply to them!!
Would never trust this company with a removalist job, they are unprofessional and rude and will just rip you off!!

They are professional

They packed our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, external laundry, storage, pool area and huge garage in 3 hours including disassemble of 3 beds and whole movement completed in 5 hours. Haydar and Safa were extremely professional and polite. Thanks a lot.

Overworked removalists.

Our experience with i-move lead to more and more bad experiences on my interstate move from syd-bris.

Firstly, they hardly give you a date of arrival for their backload - let alone a time frame. I was initially told first pickup in Syd and afternoon drop off the next day in Brisbane. Given the need to drive the 12 or so hours it takes to get to Brisbane (road works included). I organised accommodation close to Brisbane so that we can drive most of the leg after our morning pickup and then drive the rest of the way the next day to meet the removalists and collect new house keys.

The removalists turned up at 630pm in Syd- not early morning, they had been slogged with an 8 hour two way drive before even getting to my house for another load (why you would book something 4 hours west of my load I have no idea). They didnt show up until close to 11pm the next day at the drop off and left at 245am after unloading. They didn't bring half of my belongings upstairs; they were told by their bosses that I was on a first floor building when I wasn't, they were exhausted, smelly and I felt sorry for them for being disgustingly overworked. Nearly 48 hours of work with what seems like no break or proper sleep and I highly doubt I was the last leg of their trip. The quality of work became sloppy. Only one of the men were actually doing work. They asked if I was happy, while limping up and down my stairs so I agreed I was happy enough (given their working conditions) despite now having to carry all of my heavy boxes upstairs over the next week.

They broke my floor lamp, completely snapped off the electrical cable despite it being wrapped around and taped. There's dings in my Buffett and my clothes were thrown all over the house. They left MacDonalds rubbish all over
my street. Don't get me wrong - this is not a result of poor workers, this is the result of terrible management, even poorer organisation skills and completely exhausted and injured men. I even researched into making a safe work complaint I felt sick watching these guys.

I-move overcharge for extra room needed in the truck and they seriously overcharge for what they "estimated" an extra 100m walk to my house from the truck. It's a cheap service but they try everything to charge the customer more. They have this "it's a backload what do you expect?" attitude but they can't even tell you if they're gonna show up early or late. It was a nightmare experience and I would never ever recommend this company. If I had of known they weren't going to show up until nighttime on the booked day, I would have arranged my trip to Brisbane very differently and not driven 10 hours on my birthday with no time for even a nice lunch in order to rush up here to meet them for drop off.

Nice workers/men, but very overworked and an absolutely terrible company. Oh, and I certainly didn't get the date I requested to book originally.

Backload move from Healesville VIC to Canberra

Moved 9 cubic metres of timber furniture as a backload from Healesville, Victoria to Canberra.
The move was booked in for pick up during the afternoon of 25 February 2019. At 5pm on 25/2 I still hadn't heard anything and contacted the company. I was advised that the truck was delayed, but would get there at 7.30pm. The truck did not arrive until midnight.
It appeared that the crew had been given an additional backload on the opposite side of Melbourne.
The furniture was delivered safely at midday on 26 February.
Haider and Safaa were obviously very tired with the demanding schedule, but were very polite and friendly. They are evidently very hard workers and would be an asset to any employer.
I believe from an OH&S perspective, the original plan of doing a complete house move from Sydney to Melbourne and then one backload in a similar geographical area is sensible. A second backload added on in a different geographical area with an additional 3 hours of driving plus loading is dangerous.
When the crew have driven overnight from Sydney to Melbourne and then returning the next night from Melbourne to Sydney via Canberra, including loading and unloading a whole house's contents and 2 backloads in completely different areas, the potential for an accident is very high, due to fatigue.
It is also very inconvenient for customers to have their furniture picked up or dropped off in the middle of the night.
Anyway, well done Haider and Safaa.

Very Impressed - Thanks For a Great Job

Just a small move from Melbourne to Sydney but being fussy and having moved dozens of times I am very happy to recommend iMove. Mary was extremely helpful and efficient and the two movers were absolutely charming. They wouldn't let me help and kept asking if I was happy with what they were doing. They did a great job wrapping the mattress and secured the load very professionally. Will certainly use them again - thanks for a great job!

Professional and courteous removalists

Rane and Reyha helped me move some bulky items across town and they were professional, accommodating and so lovely. I would highly recommend this company - ask for Rane and Reyha!

An absolute disgrace - DO NOT USE

Booked 2 months in advance to plan hasle free move.
Arranged a 6 tonne truck
Arranged for 7.00 am
Received text 11.00 pm the night before when asleep to say move has changed to 10-11 am
Rang phone who sent text multiple times no answer
Following morning At 11 received text arrival now 12
Rang phone - was told “what do you want me to do fly the truck there”
12.00 received text 1.30 delivery
Truck arrived 1.30 but was 2 tonne truck not 6 tonne
Operators demanded cash upfront - refused
Two trips required as a result of smaller than ordered truck

A secure, undamaged move

Rane and Rame moved our two bedroom townhouse to our new unit in seven and a half hours. They were both focused and friendly and an asset to the company. I hope they enjoy their well deserved bonuses from this feedback.

Removilist that delivers and cares.

I recently moved from Sydney to Bendigo Victoria which is a big move. I had a lot of furniture and delicat things too. Including Antiques.
The staff at IMove did a great job and stood by their word and delivered our things perfectly.
Thank you
Vav Nguyen

Mathew and Martin

I found that Mathew and Martin were very helpful with my moving my furniture they were fast and efficient and were very friendly

Great Experience. Professional service.

I did interstate relocation and used backload option to save some money. 2 bedroom unit from Sydney to Melbourne. 15 cubic meters. Pickup was good. Guys worked really fast and professional. Drop off / delivery to Melbourne was delayed by 1 day due to another customer didn't show up. That is one of the risk you have to accept with backload option. Overall it was really good experience. I highly recommend iMove.

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Hi Sergey, thank you so much for your feedback. The team at iMove are glad you were happy with your move

Very fast, efficient and friendly

We got the contents of our 1 bedroom plus study house moved from Sydney Inner West to the Blue Mountains area and the movers were incredibly fast, efficient and friendly. We had quite a bit more furniture than I anticipated but their loading skills were impressive - I couldn’t have done it better myself! The move took 4.5 hours from start to finish (including the 1 hour drive) so I was very happy with that timing. Only thing I didn’t expect was the 10% fuel surcharge and toll charges. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this moving company to anyone.

Great and professional service

3 bedroom town house great and professional service delivered by the 2 man team. Took extra care of our valuables.

Very disappointing customer service

Booked to relocate 15 cubic metres from Syd to Bris. Everytime I had to contact customer service via email or phone they were either rude or hopeless and didn't get back to me (causing me to follow up a number of times), including me needing to know the height of the truck as we had a height restriction that I didn't find out about until the Friday before (they never got back to me at all and I couldn't reach them, luckily the height was fine when they turned up on the Sunday otherwise no idea what we would have done). They called at 9:30pm on a Saturday night (ridiculously late) to say they would arrive at 7am the Sunday morning and then didn't turn up till almost 8am (I don't live at the location so I had to get up at 6am to get there in time)! The guys who delivered were nice enough but I could barely understand them (especially over the phone) and they didn't listen to instructions (they seemed very stressed/rushed) and because they were rushed were throwing my boxes around at delivery, I tried to stop them at one stage as I knew there were breakables in there and tell them to be careful, but they ignored that too, all they cared about was getting out of there (when they turned up at 6pm at night to deliver everything). Then they tried to tell me I hadn't paid (which I had a week prior) and I had to send them screenshot evidence. The driver didn't even have the delivery address and had to get me to text it to him. Very unorganised and all over the place, however my goods all arrived in the end...

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Hi Samantha, thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear about your experience. Upon quotation and booking, we always ask information about access before quoting to ensure the right service is provided. We were not advised about your height restrictions until you were notified of this from the building manager 1 month after your original booking was made (couple days prior to the move). Unfortunetly with a backload service time delays can occur as this is shared with other customers. We do offer a PREMIUM service to our customers but you preferred the backload at the time. Management will address the issues internally about the lack of notificaiton received, the late arrival, and your feedback about the drivers unloading your equipment. We appreciate you providing this feedback and apologise again for your inconvenience. Please note hesitate to contact me further if you wish to discuss. Amanda, Account Manager, iMove Group

20 year old girl got sexually messages

Men took my speaker, broke most my stuff. Made me pay extra in cash for things that didn’t need to be paid for. Took my number of the papers and texting me sexual and inappropriate things added me on Facebook. Horrible experience.

Hi Eve, Thank you for your review and apologise again for your experience. This review is different to the feedback that was provided to iMove Group and compensation was provided to you for wrapping charges out of good faith. Your move was completed over 3 months ago and you recently called twice since to try and rebook with iMove. As a result of no further discounts provided to you and no availability to service your move, we have since received this review. When speaking to you the other day you did not seem to have any concerns or complaints about inappropriate behavior. iMove team is committed to providing a quality service to all customers and have investigated your accusations further. If you are so concerned about your experience with iMove can i please ask why you have tried to rebook our service several times? Feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss further. Thanks Amanda, iMove GroupAre you serious?? This is what I told you what a joke! Not rebook I asked if you would give me a discount because of how poorly I was treated with my last move as a breach or privacy was made by your staff.

David and the boys are very professional.

The boys are friendly, and are very patient and efficient at moving our furniture and boxes. It was a pleasure moving with this team. Super handy gentleman. David has good customer service skills. Thanks for iMove group sent us the handsome boys on my job. I ll tell my friends and family about the boys and this company. They worked today with heavy rain, and had the resilience to persevere through this hindrance.

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Hi Linda, thank you for your feedback we very much appreciate this. We are extremely happy to hear you were pleased with the service. Thank you for keeping us in mind for your future referrals :-)

Slow, Price was nearly double of Quote

1 bedroom apartment moving to 1 km away
4 hours to move
Underestimation of Quote for moving a 1 bedroom apartment, took double the time estimated
Fridge wheel fell off, they placed it on top of the fridge rather than fixing it (still remaining there today)

Very efficient and friendly boys Savio & Rabeka!!

The move was made very very easy by Savio & Rob who were careful with my stuff. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to move, takes the stress out of it all!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Glad you were happy with our Removalist Savio and Rob.

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When you failed to provide a refund and I was then forced to lodge a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading, why did you refuse to respond to them and their queries? Something to hide?
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I am compering prices to move from Quakers Hill to North Rocks. Thanks
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