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Impulse Body Spray

Impulse Body Spray

2.5 from 74 reviews

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Incense Yes please bring it back

Used it from the begining until it was no more. But recently purchased Be Surprised from the Reject Shop love it to
But cant get it anywhere now..except UK.

Why can’t I find goddess anywhere?!

I’m actually really irritated! I found the impulse goddess about a year ago and from then on it was my go to, I would carry up to 3 (small) bottles in my bag and a couple at home! Then a few months ago I’m searching literally EVERYWHERE and it’s literally non existent anymore!!! So upset, will have to be searching for a new body spray and it sure won’t be impulse sprays


I have been using Impulse since they first came out...then you changed it and took away the popular ones... and now you change the size to smaller tins and make it cost more.
After all that I then found my new scent " Goddess" and now can't seem to buy it anywhere... Now Impulse is like spraying air and has less perfume and runs out quicker.

Question.1. Why would you change a top selling product
Question.2. Please bring back Impulse..not the fake stuff out now.
Question.3. Do any of the reviews from disappointed consumers mean anything to your company.. we buy your products, therefore your making money.

Merely musk and incense

Merely musk scent has changed and is terrible! Now smells like men’s lynx. If I wanted to smell like a man, I would buy men’s deodorant!
The incense one was the most beautiful smell you had, merely musk was 2nd and in my opinion, the rest have always been horrible. So now there are none worth using!

Change of scent merely musk

Merely musk no longer smells the same. It now has a more floral scent. Thought it was just the new tin I bought but the last 3 all smell different too the original. Been using it for years. So disappointed!


So a few years ago you changed the size to a smaller container and put the price up. Your reasoning was to make it more concentrated (which was a lie). Now you've decreased the amount of actual perfume (solution) you put in each can from 57g to 50g. Did you think a long time user of your produce like myself wouldn't notice? You really are trying to pull one over us! Really disappointing.

Really disappointed...

First you change the deodorant to a smaller tin and increase then increase the price... For what?? to pay for Air>
Then you discontinue all the good fragrances.... I loved the VERY PINK fragrance... please bring it back. I and not fond of your new fragrances, as most of them remind me of toilet spray... and I am definitely not interested in smelling like toilet spray..
Please listen to the consumers and give us what we want... at the end of the day, we are the ones keeping you in business.

Bring back Incense

I loved the black Incense, I always had a few extras so I didn’t run out. My 8yo daughter took a liking to it and started using it :-) Now I have run out, I have searched my house top to bottom, I have no more hidden away. The most saddest part is that I can’t buy it anymore....... why? It was so popular, why did Rexona change their range, they could have just added new fragrances. Please bring back Incense and I promise to buy lots more of it. The new fragrances are yuck and I refuse to buy them.

Black ensence

In the eighties i loved wearing impulse i still buy. All the fragances. But i do miss the the black ensence black can you please bring it back. I would buy it weekly please

Vanilla Kisses - Bring it back FOR REAL

Vanilla Kisses was ALWAYS my deoderant of choice and I was so devestated to find an itsy bitsy can in a chemist and then they've been sold out for over a month.

Why the tiny cans and why is it so difficult to obtain?

It doesn't make sense that this approach is being taken when popular fragrances like Vanilla Kisses or Incense for example are what people want - plus we'd pay more for big cans! lol

Change not for the better

I used to love impulse enchanted then it was discontinued, I then used romantic spark. To my disappointment this now has also been discontinued. The range of new fragrances on offer are very unappealing, why keep changing things? Will not be buying again

Unhappy customer

I have been buying the original impulse deodorant for years. But no longer as they have changed beyond recognition not for the better. Why do you change things when something is popular. I for one and probably thousands more will NOT be buying it any longer.

Very very pink

I agree they do not smell that nice now have been looking for very very pink it was the only one I liked the very pink is not the same, come on please sort them out. Men get the best stuff we get stuff that don't last long like men's do please people sort this out. Thank you.

Merely Musk

I have used Rexona Musk for many years but am sorry to say that...Merely Musk is nowhere near as good. Can you go back to...MUSK. If not will stop using the product.


Actually love this so hard to find new fragrances are horrible and get migranes. get act together. Really over it go back to others or go bust. Pull heads in impulse


Not too keen on any of the new fragrances so won't use them. I loved incense and so did my daughters. Please bring it back

Bring back Devotion!

I remember having Devotion as a little girl it truly was one of the best impulses! Incense was the 2nd best! Please bring them back even as a limited edition and gift pack!

bring back impulse Incense!!

I've been wearing Incense for years, and it was very common for people to ask me what perfume I was wearing as the smell was devine!

Thoroughly disappointed that its been discontinued, as its so original that nothing else smells like it.. and the rest of your range seems to focus on more chemical smelling sweet scents.

Bring back Incense!!!

I cannot tell you the number of times people would comment on how beautiful Incense was, when I was wearing it, and would assume it was a very expensive perfume. I had worn it for more years than I can count, and am so disappointed it has been discontinued. I cannot even understand why, when this was the variety that sold out quickest, EVERY time it was on special in the supermarket. I have not found anything in the current range that I like, and that is not overpowering or headache-inducing.

Not as good as the old fragrance line

To my nose, the new range smells like chemicals. The former range were more like perfume. I particularly loved the 'Incense' fragrance. I received compliments and was asked what perfume I was wearing.

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Questions & Answers

Why have the lids changed , they used to be so easy to twist and pop the spray into my handbag, now it's a removable lid it comes off in my handbag , why change something so easy to use .?
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I used to love the early impulse sprays, but not today’s smells. I used to love the inspiration one in the silver and blue can. Please bring it back.
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My body spray exploded in my hand bag today at the shops do you know who I could talk to about it it has wreck my bag? thank you deb
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Hi deb, the only people to talk to are Unilever though they have not responded to any of my emails as yet. Or consumer affairs. Exploding sprays are not good news for anyone. Good luck.


Impulse Body Spray
Release dateSep 2009

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