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Trust in our future.

Very good information and service from Lindsey. Although the two installers arrived after the designated time, they were able to install 18 panels in an afternoon. Very pleasant and professional guys.
The system has only been in place for a week so I can’t comment on any savings. I am aware that my spouse and I have already modified our power usage behaviour and so I am expecting good value for money in the future.
Thank you very much Ann and Peter.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Canadian panels
System Size5.9 KW

One Very Happy Customer!

Justin the sales rep was very informative. The three guys installing the panels went straight to work, very pleasant, no lunch break, job was completed of 20 Solar Panels with a 5 kw Fronius Inverter. within seven hours, tidied up after themselves.
Very pleased.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Fronius Symo Canadian Solar
System Size5 KW

great product

I chose Infinite energy as a result of a recommendation from a friend. the process from the first phone call to quotes and install was professional and am very happy with the product and the workmanship. The installers were polite and professional on the day. cant comment on after sales service at this stage.
i never felt pressured to buy a system as some of the other company's did. I feel confident this company will be around for any probs that may arise in the future.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased fronius / sunpower
System Size6.4 KW

Very Satisfied

We were recommended Infinite Energy by friends who had their system installed 5 years ago after they had researched many systems by other companies.
Even though Infinite Energy were not the cheapest quote we received, we were happy to go with them due to the professionalism of our consultant Rory and the information given to us in regards to the best panels for our home.
The installation of our system was faultless. Yon and his team were very efficient and friendly.
We have only had the system installed 2 weeks ago, so cannot comment on after sales service should any issues arise.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
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Hi Steve Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your wonderful review! I'm so pleased to hear about your experience with us and hope you continue to enjoy your new system. Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

They have excuse after excuse

They can not wait for you to sign up all nice and helpful BUT
They have excuse after excuse after you have signed.
I signed up in the mild of last year and just Half has happen the last few months.
They didn’t turn up in the past when they gave me a dates. I find them hard to get a hold of sometimes,
They say they will call me back in fifteen minutes but don’t. One day they came to install and had someone’s panels and mine has not been sent down at this time.
I would not recommend them to anyone.
I have taken days off to be home when they say they were coming.
Lost income for the days i have taken off.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
System Size0 KW
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Hi there My sincere apologies that we have missed your review! Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment, we value all feedback. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience, and hope if it hasn't already, we can rectify the issue as soon as possible. As you haven't left your name, I can't look up your case in our system. If you could please send your details through to enquiries@infiniteenergy.com.au I will be able to follow this up for you. Kind regards, Infinite Energy

Excellent Installation

All I can say is that hero and his mate were excellent with the installation. The after sales service is non existant.
Not sure yet on the results as has only been installed for 2 weeks

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Canadian Solar
System Size5 KW
Purchase Price $5,000.00
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Hi Trev My apologies for not responding to your review sooner! But I'm very pleased to hear that your installation went well and hope the system is bring you lots of benefits. Should you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

A Happy Woman!

I have wanted solar panels for years! I have been through the "process" of having solar guys come around 3 times in the past 10 years. Infinite was the 4th. I was ready to say No, as usual, due to the price and confusing/mysterious way in which solar panals are explained.
Mark came in with full knowledge and easily explained answers to my numerous questions. (HE IS A WEALTH OF INFORMATION )
In the end, I will pay my solar panels off in about 2.5 years!
The installation guys that were organized to come over, were very professional and friendly. It rained ironically, the day of installation but the installers worked inside the roof when it rained and outside whilst it was clear keeping them dead on schedule.
So now, it is 39 degrees outside, I'm sitting in a cool 23 degrees and guess how much it's costing me?!
I AM a very happy woman!!

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Hi Adele Thanks so much for your wonderful review. My apologies we are only responding to this now. I am very pleased to hear that you had such a positive experience with us, and will pass your feedback onto Mark. Thanks for choosing Infinite Energy! Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

Professional quotes and service

I'd gladly recommend Infinte Energy to anyone looking for quotes on a solar system.

Infinite Energy came out to quote on a residential PV system (contacted through Solar Quotes). Neil arrived right on time and had come prepared with a layout option for a system to fit my roof profile. Gave clear answers and explanations about the different pro/cons of different components, as well as what services they offered. We discussed different panel orientations to have a north-west split, and the implications of that. Neil provided a package with detailed info about the company and the component brands they use.

The next day, Neil emailed through a full quote based on the changes we discussed, which also included quotes for 2 other systems that were more in a mid-range price level (but all reputable and well known brands). The prices were competitive for the different systems. Followed up with a phone call a few weeks after. A very polished, polite and professional level of service throughout. Definitely worth the time to get a quote from IE as a point of comparison for service, components and price.

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Hi David Thanks for leaving your great review! Very happy to hear it's been such a positive experience from you. I will definitely pass on your compliments to Neil. We hope you enjoy your new system! Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

Two systems, one perfect the other a poor performer

I had two 2.5kW inverter (3.3kWp) SolarEdge and Canadian Solar panel systems installed initially on the Garage and subsequently on the 2 storey house just over a year ago. (For money reasons I could not afford both at the same time)

The first system on the garage works perfectly and I am extremely pleased with the operation of the system. It clips out at 2.5kW in summer in the middle if the day and has a nice smooth output waveform on my network connect App.

However the second system which is identical in all design aspects(both east-west pitched roofs and no shading) doesn't work at the maximum power output (at the same time of day of the clipped 2.5kw Garage system) barely acheiving 1.7kw on average at the same time of day, and a very unstable variable wave output.

This defect has been brought up with Infinite Energy numerous times last year with them eventually sending a tech out to upgrade the softtware. Result? NO CHANGE. After many emails to Customer Sales I gave up.

However with summer about to start I checked both systems yesterday at 12:30pm.
Nothings changed! House (2nd) system was outputting ~1.7kW with a continuously variable output well below 2.5kW inverter (no cloud and no shading) of the Garage system which was outputting a perfectly clipped 2.5kW.

**All** I want is the power output I paid good dollars for as I believed Infinite Energy were a quality company supplying quality systems and service.
Unfortunately my opinion of them has suffered badly from this experience and I can no longer recommend them based on the above.

Next stop will be Consumer Affairs to get the goods operating as I paid for them unless this review spurs a response.


Hi Robert, I'm really sorry to read your review and hear of the issues you've had. I'd like to be able to look into this further for you and assist if possible, but unfortunately I'm unable to look up your case as I don't have enough information. Could you please send us an email to enquiries@infiniteenergy.com.au with your full name and address of the installation so I can investigate further? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Morgan - Infinite EnergyHi Morgan, Thanks for the prompt response. I have sent you my details via email and am looking forward to reporting back here with an positive results!Hi Robert, Thanks for that, I have received your email and passed your details onto our service department who will look into the production of your system and contact SolarEdge if required to get more information. We will be in contact shortly once we have been able to investigate. Kindest regards, Morgan - Infinite Energy

I paid more for a better installation and solar system

Infinite Energy was not the lowest quote I got for my Solaredge invertor and Sunpower solar panels. There were bigger and much cheaper options, but when I compared the quality of their installations and the installed products, I determined to pay the extra and go for a quality installations and product.

After I approved the installation, Infinite Energy handled everything else for me. They kept me up to date with their progress. Their installation team were polite and installed the solar panels without breaking a single tile.

I am very pleased with my new solar installation and I am confident that if there is a problem in the future, Infinite Energy will help me resolve it.

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Hi there Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us your review! I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed your experience with us. We definitely pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and products to our customers! We hope you enjoy all the benefits of your new system. Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy


I’ve just had a 6kw system (Fronius inverter and Canadian Solar) panels installed by Infinite Energy. The whole process has gone incredibly smoothly, from the first consultation to the installation to the after-sales service.

I was impressed with the amount and quality of information I received from my consultant, James. Everything went just as he advised it would.

When we had an issue with the overhead lights not working after the installation, an electrician was promptly sent out to fix it no questions asked.

I was recommended Infinite by my friends and I have no hesitation in passing on that recommendation.

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Hi Peter Thanks so much for your great review! We're so pleased you had a great experience with us and that everything ran smoothly for you. I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto James. We hope you enjoy your new system! Kind regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

Top Notch in every way.

We have had a 6kW system installed into the grid in Yanchep and cannot fault any of the communications or work done by the team at Infinite energy. Right from the initial phone call to Rohan at Infinite energy, everyone we have dealt with have been courteous, professional and caring in all aspects and with all the questions we have had. They are "top notch" in our experience and we would definately recommend them. The system is putting out more than we expected and all work around the house was completed in a very neat and considerate way. The Installer Yon and his offsider were great. Sept 2018.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us your review Sherr! We couldn't be happier to hear that your experience with Infinite Energy was a great one from start to finish and I'll be sure to share your feedback with all involved. Enjoy all the savings your new system is bringing in! Morgan - Infinite Energy

Great initial performance; appalling response to post installation fault.

On a late evening during June 2018, I noticed the red 'fault' light on a Solar Edge inverter. The device involved was one of three and was the unit connected to an LG battery. This battery was seemingly the first to be installed in WA. Original installation occurred during June 2017. From initial enquiry to installation the performance of Infinite Energy and the contractor West State Electrics was exemplary. A minor inverter configuration glitch was rapidly cleared by Solar Edge. Interrogation of the Solar Edge monitoring portal indicated that the battery issue originally occurred in early May 2018. On advising Infinite Energy of the fault I was advised to reboot the system and received instruction on how to do it. This procedure yielded no improvement so I was informed that a technician would attend on 9/7/2018. Having arranged to be available on site for that whole day I was concerned by midday that nobody had turned up. I the contacted the Infinite Energy office to enquire as to when the technician was coming and was advised that someone would call back. At 1505 I received an email from a 'Customer Service Representative' apologising for the non attendance and rescheduling the technician until 19/7/2018. From the tone of the email there was no recognition of the inconvenience of having to wait an entire day for nothing. Duly on 19/7/2018 a technician appeared with an LG provided charging mechanism. He explained that Solar Edge had carried out an update on the inverters which inadvertently removed the charge 'floor' on the battery and allowed it to discharge completely. He now proposed to recharge it. He advised that the delay was due to there being only four LG chargers in Australia and there was a delay in getting hold of one. The charging effort failed and another technician was scheduled to come with an even more sophisticated mechanism. This electrician, when he appeared, was the one who carried out the original installation. Very rapidly it became obvious that the battery was faulty and the 'lid' was removed for inspection. As this happened the internal 'pack' expanded and the 'lid' could no longer be fitted. The battery would need to be replaced. I watched as the technician processed the entire issue on a tablet and heard him make contact to arrange how events were to proceed. The battery was left in situ pending the arrival of the replacement. Since that exercise I have heard nothing from infinite Energy. I contacted the office this morning (17/9/2018) and was advised by a most courteous lady that the matter had been resolved! I advised that it was not and now await further contact from Infinite Energy.

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Hi Patrick We are very sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your battery lately and the misunderstandings with having this resolved. This certainly isn’t the “norm” so thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have followed up with our service team about this and can see that they’ve recently been in contact with you and that the issues are in the middle of being resolved. I will be sure to keep a close eye on your case to ensure that the situation is fully settled for you. Again, we sincerely apologise for the experience you’ve had to date Patrick. Your review will assist us with continuing to improve our processes so thank you for taking the time to write it. I know this doesn’t help with your particular situation, but we are committed to giving our customers the best experience possible and will do all we can to ensure this doesn’t occur again. Kind Regards, Emma - Infinite Energy

The best company to install your solar

I must say after several quotes and hours researching on the internet I have made excelent choice choosing Infinite Energy as my solar system provider. The initial meet with the consultant Dean was friendly, professional and non pushy. Since I had all information from all the research I did online I knew that all information I have received is correct. I have then checked all the reviews and website and I was happy to proceed. The installation was smooth and professional and I can guarantee that as I'm Senior Site Manager for one of the leading Australian commercial Fitout company. After service was seemless and professional. All documents and warranties and certificates received within a week. The solar system itself is performing excellent as expected. I'm very happy and highly recommend Infinite Energy to anyone. I have already posted company profile on our own Intranet website. Thank you very much

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Thanks so much for your review here and on Google, Jan! We're glad to hear that your experience has been so positive that you've shared our details with your colleagues as well, we really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best, Morgan - Infinite Energy

Exceptional Sales Consultant and Product

Orginally I had an issue with this company and started communication with their customer service team to rectify my concerns. Since then, our sales consultant has almost immediately resolved BOTH issues in record time. Extremely impressed with our sales consultant's customer service skills. He was incredibly thorough throughout our meeting which allowed us to choose a very high standard system to meet our needs.
The product seems absolutely brilliant and the app we are using to visually track our solar power is exceptionally detailed.
Highly recommended sales team and solar products.

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Hi Casahn, Thanks so much for your 5 star review. I'm so pleased we were able to rectify all of your concerns and have turned your experience back around. Enjoy all the savings your fantastic solar system will bring! Kind regards, Morgan - Infinite Energy

This solar system is unbelievable price

I’m from South Australia

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Thanks for your 5 star review Van!

Dismal after sales service

I cannot find any fault in Infinity Energy’s pre-sales service and their contractors installation of my solar panels and inverter. They were efficient helpful and friendly. What I can find fault in is their dismal after sales service. I found that I could not login to my Fronius inverter to update the firmware so I phoned Infinity Energy to solve the problem. I was informed that all of their people were occupied at that time but they would call me back as soon as that day. I did not receive a call back so three days later i called them again. The person I spoke to was very apologetic and and I was told that someone from the technical section would call me back that day without fail as they were occupied at that time. I asked to speak to someone else in the company as I was unhappy with this answer. I then spoke to another apologetic person who assured me that I would get a called shortly. The call back never came. Two days later I called again and demanded to speak to someone from the technical help section. The very apologetic woman I spoke to finally put me on to their best technical help employer, [name removed]. After 15 minutes of questions and trying different approaches to logging on to my inertverter he said that he would have to phone the installers and find out the correct password for my inverter. He told me that he would call me back later that day when he had contacted the installer. I informed him that he could call me on my mobile, home phone, email me or message me with the answer. After two weeks I gave up any hope of resolving my problem.

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Hi there, I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you've had and would like to ensure we can have this resolved for you. As you've not provided your name with your review, could you please send an email to enquries@infiniteenergy.com.au and ATTN it to Morgan so I can investigate further? Thank you, Morgan - Infinite Energy

Outstanding Customer Service

I selected IE as my solar provider due to a partnership with RAC. Compared to other local solar providers, IE was a stand out when it came to customer service. The IE team were knowledgeable, responsive, honest and polite. I look forward to enjoying the energy savings from a quality IE installed solar system and will recommend IE to family and friends. When residential battery systems become more affordable, IE will be my preferred provider and installer.

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Thanks for your great review Scoota!

Excellent service, from quotes to install and further support

I selected Infinite Energy based on feedback I'd seen on Solar Quotes and here on Product Review, as well as their well presented and comprehensive quotation.

While certainly not the cheapest provider around, in the end you get what you pay for.

The no pressure approach during the quotation process by Infinite is refreshing. We were given time to consider and research, and clarification questions were answered promptly and well by Daniel.

Infinite handled the background paperwork with Synergy and Western Power seamlessly, and the meter change by Western Power (WP) was accomplished in time for system installation. My previous dealings with WP have never been that timely or hassle free, I have to say. Infinite have obviously developed a good relationship there.

Contact to arrange installation was handled well, and the installers turned up on time, were couteous and helpful, consulted when a problem was found in terms of panel orientation on the roof (came up with an immediate and equally workable solution, with all panels still north facing), cleaned up after themselves and did a neat, tidy job of installation - working hard to complete the job in one day.

Since installation some bugs have developed (State 567 on the inverter to do with apparent high grid voltage causing the inverter to reduce power output), but Tomy from Infinite's support service has worked with me and continues working to sort that out. Support is immediate, consultative and responsive, so I'm confident the issue will be resolved in a timely manner.

Despite the state 567 issue, the inverter and panels are still producing a considerable amount of power (6.6kW Canadian Solar panels and 5kW Fronius Primo inverter), and I'm expecting the system to pump out near its maximum allowed 5kW on these bright, sunny winter days as soon as the issue is resolved.

I'll update this report further when we make progress on that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review of your dealings with us Rene! I'm really pleased we were able to provide you with such a positive experience. All the best, Morgan - Infinite EnergyFurther to my review above.... Part Two! After waiting for a few weeks to judge the performance of the system, and experiencing regular State 102 (as opposed to State 567) dropouts, I contacted Western Power direct to discuss grid voltage in our area. I'm amazed and pleased at how responsive Western Power were. Like any provider, the public perception is one of disinterest and delay, but my experience was the opposite. After I booked a grid voltage test their supervisor rang me to discuss the detail of our problem - and he was both helpful and understanding - and promised to put a data logger on our grid feed as soon as he had a logger and crew free. Two weeks later, the logger was installed, and stayed on for several days before being removed. During that time, as you'd expect and Murphy's Law predicts, there were no State 102 droputs because it was super cloudy and no voltage spikes were recorded that might be attributed to neighboring solar installations. However, since that time we've experienced very few 102 droputs despite having much clearer weather. I don't know whether Western Power may have tweaked grid voltage in our area at the same time, but it's possible. The upshot of all the above is we now have an Infinite energy system that's producing well (42kWh on clear days, and usually around the 20 to 25kWh mark on semi clear). Very happy with it so far.

Stress free from start to finish

Thanks to all at Infinite Energy for a stress free process on a big purchase. We were provided with fantastic information on what panels and inverters would suit our needs which helped make our decision easy. Smooth process from start to finish with a quick turnaround time on install and lots of information every step of the way.

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Hi Doug, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Great to hear we were able to provide you with all the information you needed to make an informed decision and that we were able to get you installed so quickly. Thanks again and we hope you enjoy all the savings your new system will bring! All the best, Morgan - Infinite Energy

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6.6 kw panels. Wot price can you do me fully installed in narrogin WA 6312. 58 Sydney hallway .single story
2 answers
YesHi Richard, A 6.6kW system will start at around $4,290 fully installed but we would need to assess your roof and discuss which products are best for your situation before we can provide an official quote. Please get in contact with us by emailing enquiries@infiniteenergy.com.au and provide the following information so we can assist further: 1. Your full home address 2. Is your home single or three phase power 3. Ideally a photo of your switchboard if you can 4. Your best contact number We look forward to hearing from you shortly. Thanks, Morgan - Infinite Energy

Hi there, I am interested in solar panels, are you operating in Melbourne?
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Infinite Energy
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