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Integra Solar
4.0 from 71 reviews

listened and fix my issues

Integra solar called and committed to fixing my issues and gave me a very good deal for a future upgrade for a new house.

Good gesture and service from there part.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Store LocationIntegra Solar

After Sale service was an amazing

I had my system installed in 2013, and my inverter was just out of warranty, however Integra has replaced my inverter without any charges as a goodwill gesture.

Honestly speaking, I was not expecting a free inverter changeover, but Integra did it for me.
I would highly recommend this company.

Every company trying to be nice when they want to sell something, but you will only find the reality when you have after sale issue.

Thanks for Integra providing such a high quality service.

Return Claim MadeNo

Not an Approved Solar Retailer

Integra Energy Group or Integra Solar are NOT an Approved Solar Retailer of the Clean Energy Council. (As of 07 Feb 19)

Do your own research on the Clean Energy Council website.

Do not be fooled by the glossy presentation given by a clean cut salesman.

Question 5 star reviews - we were offered a discounted price to advertise for this company.

Deceptive marketing practices - overpriced products

Despite my phone being on the Australia 'no call' registry, I receive daily calls from overseas marketers trying to sell me solar. If I tell them I'm interested, they organize for sales to call me back i.e. Integra Solar.
Irrespective of your complaints, they'll not take you off their list: they'll call you daily - but their number can at least be blocked. However, the overseas call center will also continue calling.
Highly deceptive (and illegal) practice: when I checked their products, I found them inferior to those offered by other, more reputable retailers. Avoid.

Excellent service 10/10

A superior customer service experience. My son in law got cheap solar and has had cheap issues/results (inverter has already been replaced. His 5KW produces less power than my 3KW) Paid more but it's clear who made the better decision. Would highly recommend this mob to anyone looking for good communication and bette equipment.

Very professional team.

Great work Integra, from Luke visiting to inform, guide and quote, to the local electricians from Ballarat who installed, to Lisa and all office staff, and Beau, who linked us to WiFi.
Would not hesitate to recommend.

Great and quick

We needed our solar installed within a week as we are going away and have our place rented out on airbnb. Integra Solar put our solar on three days after we signed up. Now we are just waiting to have it inspected by our power company. It was a fair price especially for the black panels we got.

Integra Solar

We had a integra solar installed at our home and whilst the process was very slow with delay after delay , the proof is in the pudding . The system was significantly more expensive than anything else that I have seen on the market ,however I have now had 2 ( monthly ) winter electricity bills and they have dropped from around $500 per month down to around $250 per month ( not bad for winter ) so would imagine the results will be even better in the warmer months . I think we made the right decision to use integra solar but time will tell .
Thanks integra

Still waiting for connection, panels installed Dec 2017

Signed up 4/11/17, Panels put up 14/12/17. Still waiting for them to be connected to the grid. Have rung Integra a number of times to ask about installation but they are very poor at returning calls. Would love them to come and remove the Black Max panels and return our deposit. Not impressed especially as they guarantee a 15 day
reconfiguration to the grid. We’ve waited 6 months!
UPDATE we had a visit from electricians who came to check what needed to be completed end of July. Access Canberra came 8-8-18, to look at the system, panels still not connected. A waste of their time. Again, I’m very disappointed with the whole experience with Integra. Will be checking with consumer affairs to find out what I can do next.

Very Happy

Very happy with the install, installers were great. I was very happy with the customer support. The system is working really well, Thank you Integra.

BEWARE! Integra are slow and don’t specify equipment on contract

Our contract was signed with Integra solar for a 10kW system with 14.4kW battery. In early November, they promised to have it up and ready before Christmas, it got delayed and was told early January and only takes 2 days so figured that’s ok, only a month behind. On January 9 and 10th, the electricians got brackets on roof as not all stocks had arrived. By the end of January, we finally got panels on roof but the inverter and battery that arrived were not going to function as promised when signing the contract. We then received email confirming that they would install the supplied inverter temporary till the correct one turns up which we were told to be in 4 weeks, but none of that happened even though their emails said they would. Incredibly disappointing as the solar panels looked so good on my roof but could not serve their purpose.
After numerous phone calls, emails and text messages; we were told that they were waiting and therefore we had to wait. The inverter was finally installed end of April early May, meaning we missed the whole summer and living in Tasmania. Absolutely useless trying to get a benefit during winter in Tasmania.

During the inverter installation a light fitting was damaged and a LED sign broken by the installers, which we are still trying to get resolved, and this has involved a lot of phone calls, text messages and emails.
Less than 2 weeks after the inverter was installed, one of the feed in plugs shorted out (sounded like something blowing up) and it smoked out the garage. Luckily we were home and had it turned off before anymore damage was done.

Our business doesn’t open until 5pm, by then the sun is already down, and what power the solar energy generates during the day doesn’t get much use and we don’t get any tariff feed in as the meter had not been changed by [name removed]. We made heaps more phone calls and emails, inquiring about our battery because the whole purpose of getting solar was to store what is generated during the day for later use by our business.
The battery arrived and got installed in end of June, over 6 months behind schedule. 6 months of hassle, stress and migraines.
We got a 14.4kW battery but the battery keeps 20% unusable, that’s nearly 3kW, leaving 11.5kW for us to use, meaning it lasts less than 2 out of our 5 hours of business, and we can not afford to spend any more money on this, as it has cost us approx. $35,000.
We requested compensation for the damages, constant delays, missed appointments and all the headaches, but all requests for compensation were denied. They stated they had already delivered over and above what the contract said. However the contract had absolutely no detail on it.
BEWARE! If you seek an install from Integra, make sure they put all the detail discussed during the consult, on the contract and get a FIRM deadline.
We are now waiting for the damages to be resolved.

You Ripper

Five stars for service. Five stars for product. Five stars for company. I couldn't speak any more highly of Integra Solar and their solar installation at our property. It's pure and simple: absolutely blown away at every step and with every interaction.

5/5 for service and quality

We decided to purchase a 2.12Kwh solar panel system from Integra Solar in May of 2016. In the months since (24 in total) we have seen a considerable reduction in our power bills and have not seen a great reduction in output. I agreed to give an honest review about our experience but only after a period of time had passed. We have been in contact with the company once or twice but not for anything serious, just a couple of questions about cleaning the equipment and insurances etc.

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Hi Ropati, We are pleased to receive your feedback. Much appreciated!

Upgrade succesful

We had an old system on the house when we bought it. Integra did an upgrade with new panels and inverter. We also got batteries. So far so good as far as I am concerned. Didn't take too long or anything like that. na happy as larry with it all.

Just in one word 'Awesome'

I've got my system installed by Integra 5 year ago, and I've been saving on my electricity bill. They installed in a reasonable time, and the installer ( Matthew Allen) was an excellent installer. Recently I had problem with my system, and Integra sent an electrician to inspect, and on inspection they find out that inverter was faulty, although inverter was just out of warranty, but Integra replaced my inverter with a brand new inverter without any charges. I was really surprised and impressed with their after sale. Everyone promise so many things before buying, however Integra has proved me that they do take care of their customer. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I'm glad that I bought a system from Integra. I sincerely appreciate all their effort, very happy :)

5 out of 5

Me and my parents (who live next door) got solar from Integra Solar. They came and did both of them on the same day and did it all very quickly and without fuss.

Good service

Good service was fair with price and seem like a good company would buy from them again if we move

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Hi Nicki, Thank you & Appreciate your feedback.

Finally got my first bill

Hi Guys, As promised that I will leave my feedback once I get my first bill.
I'm glad to see that I've reduced my power consumption by 80%, and Got my first bill of $80.
The Sale Rep was very professional, and trained on the product. I've paid bit extra, but when I see my 4KW system producing 4.3KW per hour then I think its worth paying extra for a quality products.

The panels looks sleek on my roof, and many people have asked me where did I buy from. I've referred few potential customers to you guys.

I can't wait to see another summer for big savings :)

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Hi Jolin, Thank you for for your feedback. We really appreciate it especially Same. We wish you have more and more savings in the future. Thanks

Very pleased with the Product

It’s been almost a year since we had our solar system installed. I never planned to write a review, however after reading few reviews from other customers, I thought it would be unfair not to let other knows about my experience with Integra.

We had our system installed in July last year, and at that time I wasn’t sure about my savings, and quality of the products, but after a year I can definitely see reduction in my bill. Not the panels looks completely different than the rest I’ve seen around, but it does perform better than other I’ve seen in my friends and family.

They have installed the system in reasonable time frame, and got my paperwork submitted to my Retailer on my behalf, regardless of complex rules in ACT, especially with Retailers I got connected in a timely manner.

They did promise me to pay the balance of my invoice after the connection done, which was very surprising for me.

I would be happy to recommend these guys.

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Hi Kevin, We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

Everything was great except one thing

So I told these guys I'd do a review before we signed up but I said I'm going to be honest about it. In the end it was the usual stuff, glossy sheets, testimonials all that crap. I was just looking for decent products at reasonable prices and that's what we got. The panels are much better than other stuff we were quoted on, miles better warranties and tech etc. and the price was in the ballpark for that end of the market so couldn't complain there. Communication was okay, this is something they are clearly pushing, I mean we had a call a couple of days after signing up to check if we had questions then about three calls between then and when the panels were installed. Then they kept checking in that we had been put back on the grid. We called once to ask about a referral scheme for my dad and spoke to a nice enough man at their office.

BUT (and this is a big 'but' for me) these guys cold called us to begin with. I would be giving a 5 star review if it weren't for the fact they rang us out of the blue and couldn't really explain how they got our details. Normally I wouldn't give a cold caller the time of day but the fact they had a pretty good reputation and seem to have decent customer service probably swung it for me.

They wanted an honest review so I have to say 3 stars is probably about right.

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Dear Customer, We appreciate your honest feedback, and we will try our best to improve our process to achieve our customer's satisfactions. Thank You! Regards, Team Integra

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Questions & Answers

Hi there I want 1 panel for water heater. What is the biggest panel you have ever made.
1 answer
Hello Vijay I have no idea what else integra offer you should contact them directly . Regards Suzie

Hi Integra, I have few questions regarding the solar connection. How the generated power used ? the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? or directly connected to the Inverter (I assume inverter will have battery in side) ? am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate. Thanks, Anil.
2 answers
Hello Anil Hope you are well! How the generated power used ? Power generated from your System substitutes Power that you would normally buy from the Grid. the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? Yes it is, Power that you do not use generated by your System will go back to the Grid. You will be paid for each kw, at the current Rate of 11cents. (I assume inverter will have battery in side) Inverters do not have Batteries inside. Inverters convert the Voltage to your Home from the Solar System. Batteries, depending on how much Power you need to store are easy to Install. Please monitor how you use your System and we can evaluate in the not too distant future if a Battery System is required. am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? You will use the Power generated by your System first. if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate. If you require to buy extra Power such as night time you will be paying your normal rate that you have negotiated from your chosen retailer. Always shop around for a better rate and discounts. Electricity Companies need you more than you need them! Best Solar System use - Always use all the Power generated by your System. Change your night habits to during the day. Make sure that you do not provide the Grid with any Power from your System. Use all your Power. This will reduce your Bill and safe guard you from Price Increases. Shop around and give Electricity Companies a reason to keep you as a Customer by driving a hard bargain! Hope all this helps. If you have any other question do not hesitate to call the Office. Regards JKHi JK Thanks for your response, I am not clear on this .. If my solar system is directly connected to GRID, that means all the generated units will be deposited in the GRID, not being used in my house. So I am not using my power (solar generated) but using GRID power, which means I am buying on higher rates (irrespective of retailer) and selling on lower rates. Is my understanding correct ? if not please clarify. Incase I have a battery : Please correct me if I am wrong. My generated (solar generated) power will be connected to my battery and I will consume from my battery, not from the GRID directly, but my battery will connect to GRID. When I am consuming from my battery, my battery will get charged by the SOLAR FIRST, if solar running out of power then battery will get charged from GRID. In this case I can use my generated power as first option and will buy from GRID if Solar is running out. This benefits me by facilitating to consume my power first instead selling for lesser rates, and buying on higher rates from GRID . Please explain if the above understanding is not correct. Otherwise what is the point of buying the solar system by spending $$$$ ? Only to generate and sell on cheaper rates to GRID instead of using for our own purpose ? Thanks, Anil.

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