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Terrible service once they take your money, damaged goods and failure to respond.

My husband and I recently relocated from Victoria to Far North Queensland. We chose Interstate Removals due to competitive pricing, great customer service (from [name removed]) and being told it would arrive within (roughly 7 days). Once the money was paid, this company couldn't care less about their clients. Below is an email I sent [name removed] (the manager) on the 12th of April 2019 after we had our furniture delivered which paints an accurate picture of our experience with Interstate Removals. It is now the 22nd of April and have had ZERO response from [name removed] or anyone affiliated to the company. Although I have not attached the photographs of the damage to this review, I did send them through to [name removed].
I feel absolutely betrayed and disgusted by this company and urge others considering using Interstate Removals, to think again. We consider ourselves reasonable people and understand things don't always go to plan, however to conduct themselves in the way this company has is nothing short of terrible. Due to the lack of any communication from [name removed] (or any person from the company) to even try to address my concerns has left me no other choice than to contact the industry ombudsman in relation to this matter.

Good morning [name removed].

Thankyou for your call at the beginning of the week to see how our move went from Victoria to Queensland. We have now finished unpacking and can inform you of how we went.

Unfortunately we were not overly impressed with the service provided by your company. In the beginning i was extremely happy and [name removed] provided excellent customer service. However it seemed that once i had paid the money, she disappeared and it was difficult to obtain any response from you. This was primarily about when our furniture would be delivered. I obtained multiple quotes from other removalists and chose yours for the following reasons:
-great service from [name removed] which instilled confidence in your company;
-a competitive quote;
-information provided that the furniture would arrive within 7 days.

After arriving at our new house and speaking to you, i was informed that you didnt know when it would be delivered and you then told me anywhere from 2 weeks. Im sure you can understand the distress this would cause a client?? However instead of trying to appease the situation, you became quite short and stated “well its not going to change anything “. After this point, it was extremely difficult to get in contact with you.

I was absolutely disgusted when I received a computer generated text message (which i had to assume was from your company as it didnt say who it was from) stating i owed another $750 because apparently we had more furniture than you quoted for. You then went on in another text message to say if i didnt pay by COB the following day our furniture wouldnt be delivered. The fact i paid it the day I received the invoice and then rang and left multiple messages without any response until after COB and via email is nothing short of terrible customer service.

When i did speak to you i told you i would pay the extra and did not question it, even though i was seething about this! I felt it better to just pay it so you didnt hold our furniture hostage. Lets face it, you certainly had destroyed any confidence by this stage.

My question regarding this extra $750 for 3m extra space is: how did you actually come to this?? Considering i provided you with the exact contents to be moved and at no stage was there any size limit on the quote would suggest to me thats your issue not mine... the original driver stated to us that we didnt have much furniture at all. At no point did he mention anything like it was more than quoted. You did not contact me whatsoever about this issue and it was over a week between my goods being collected and your subsequent invoice. It was quite disappointing you chose this way to conduct your business. $750 is a lot of money, but as we chose to do the right thing, we paid it. I still don’t understand how you could obtain this information but couldnt tell us where our furniture was or when it would be delivered. I believe this is extremely unprofessional and would go as far as to say it’s misleading and taking advantage of customers.

So, finally after we received our furniture we were even more disappointed. When i booked this, I informed you that there were steps up to our house. Yes i was charged extra for this which I completely understand and have no problem. However can you please explain to me what this extra cost goes towards when only one delivery person arrived and my husband had to carry our own furniture in and help the driver!!! This seems again like you are taking advantage of customers!

This then brings me to the damage caused to our furniture. I have attached some photos. Our coffee table has multiple deep grooves out of the legs which werent there before. I can understand minor scratches but these are deep marks. Completely unacceptable. What was once a lovely coffee table is now damaged and cannot be buffed out. And before you say it, no my husband did not cause this when he was forced to help move the furniture.

The next photo is our computer desk which now has an oily stain on it which no matter what i have tried, cannot be removed. I have no idea what it is but it has damaged the desk.

In addition, our computer no longer works which is now an extra expense to fix it and our hall table has been taken apart and the screws have disappeared. As such once again we have to shell out more money at our expense because of your company.

I would appreciate a written response to my email to address the issues i have raised.

To be honest, if i had known i was going to receive this low level of service, i would not have chosen you company.

I look forward to your response, especially in regards to the extra $750. Once I receive a response, i will consider whether i then contact the industry ombudsman to discuss further.

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Dear Anja, I thank you for you essay, please accept my apology if you experience was far from perfect as we aim for all moves to go as smoothly as possible. Once again I am sorry if this did not happen in your case. We do aim to provide communication at each step of the way with all our customers and pride ourselves on over communicating with our customers. My name is Troy Said and I am happy to discuss this with you further at any time. My direct email is manager@interstateremovals.com.au or call our office on 1300 299 969

Move frankston to brisbane.

Friendly accommodating 2 man crew. 3 bedroom house Frankston to Brisbane. Reasonable price for a fantastic job of moving n storage. Highly recommend.

stress free A+++

Moved my entire family from Queensland to Victoria and after getting a few quotes went with Interstate Removals and could not have been happier!
With 3 kids we were worried about such a big move but thanks to Troy & his team the move was stress free & went seamlessly.
Would definitley recommend & use again. A+

Poor service and damaged goods

I moved a two bedroom apartment from Sydney to Brisbane, requiring 5 weeks storage in Brisbane while I found an apartment.

The day before the move I called to confirm the time. They knew nothing about it although a deposit was paid.
In Brisbane, storage of my assets was subcontracted to a company in Logan.
Re delivery was stated as $200 and in writing on the invoice.

The subcontractor advised re-delivery is $360 and charged storage by the month (requiring me to pay ~8 weeks storage fees).

The subcontractor advised they would arrive at 8am on Friday. They turned up at 3pm. When i asked where they were around midday I was advised "They are on the way, if i didnt like it, nect delivery time was three-weeks away as the boys are on the road."

On delivery it became apparent my table had been damaged beyond repair and one mattress had been 'misplaced'.

I did my research and believe Interstate removals are a professional company, however when they subcontract without your approval and refer all your inquiries to the sub-contractor the professionalism and integrity originally paid for is lost.

I have moved on. This review serves to inform people of my experience so they may make prudent decisions.


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Dear Dave, My sincerest apologies for the experience you had and would have appreciated you contacting us to discuss. I assure you this isn’t a typical situation. Most of our customers move without any issues and receive great service so I’d like to speak with you further to help remedy the situation. My name is Troy Said, and I’m the manager - please give me a call at 1300 299 969

Excellent service!

I had some items moved from storage in Byron Bay to Jan Juc. Because it was from one regional area to another other companies were unable to do the move for weeks. Interstate Removals were able to do it within the week and the cost was extremely competitive. The driver was in communication via text and call so I knew when to expect my goods and they arrived on time. Thankyou to an all round positive and stress free experience.

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Thanks Mary, We take pride in giving outstanding service to every customers here at Interstate Removals. We are happy to hear that your move interstate from Byron Bay NSW to Victoria was no exception, thanks for leaving the wonderful review! Look forward to moving you next time! – Troy - Manager

Professional and a pleasure to work with

My move was that of a studio apartment and from Melbourne to Sydney. The move was prompt and efficient. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional company as Interstate Removals and will be sure to recommend to friends in Melbourne. thank you so much :) I am one happy customer!

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Hello Olivia, Thank you for the review about your move Interstate from Melbourne to Sydney. Interstate Removals appreciates when our customers take time to leave a note about us and recommend friends! We are glad you experienced our world-class, and hope to see you again with your friends! Regards, Troy Said - Interstate Removals Manager

Brilliant service!

We've moved several times over the years and have always done it ourselves. This time we thought, bugger it! Let's pay someone else do all the heavy lifting! And boy are we glad we did!! The service that we received from the girls in the office was fantastic!! They answered all our questions and even offered some great handy tips to help us prepare for the move! The moving guys were absolute gentleman! They were polite, courteous and did a great job! They wrapped all our items in blankets and took such good care of all of our furnishings! Not to mention the highly competitive price! We definitely got great value for our money. We can not recommend Interstate Removals highly enough!!

Great service!

I Moved interstate from Brisbane to Melbourne with 3 month storage. Terrific and helpful service from Troy and Hannah online who answered all my questions and last minute changes. Great team of boys collecting and dropping off. I was recommended to use interstate removals and I will forever use them- they are professional, patient, quick , on time and safe. Thank you so much to the whole team!

A job well done

Moving long distance with my family was initially a daunting task and having a young child to organise along with a big move was something my family was dreading. We made contact with three Removals businesses and finally came down to two who we felt comfortable with. At the end we decided on Interstate Removals because they were very helpful and treated us with personal service. Every time we called the business we were able to speak to Kim our moving consultant who knew all details about the move. We are moving back after my husband’s work contract ends and will definitely use these guys again. Thanks to the team and staff once again.

Excellent job!

Thank you so much guys for your help moving my priceless belongings from VIC to QLD!
i know it wasnt an easy request and i struggled to find another company that could perform the work required.

Very helpful company with great communication and customer service.

Thanks again and will definately recommend you to others and use you again if needed. Very appreciative!

Exceptional Service. Moving made easy.

I had a large move interstate and cannot fault Interstate Removals services. Constant communication and timing over such a long distance was impeccable. I would use Interstate Removals again and highly recommend them to any one moving interstate. Great value for money and very helpful staff. Thank you Interstate Removals.

Pay the extra money for professionals! Caused Damage - didn’t care! No response!

I will never use or recommend this company. The removalists turned up to pick up a back load at 6pm - they showed up at the wrong address then the battery died. They managed to get it fixed but was after 10pm so needed to come back the next day. Unprofessional appearance, old truck. I should have gone with my guy instinct and cancelled but anyhow, next day they guys turned up and off went our stuff.
It arrived the next day, they dropped our washing machine and broke it, wouldn't fix it or call me back! The fridge had dents from the straps.
This company only uses sub contractors! Do not use, they shirk responsibility and no one bothered to help us! Very bad experience!

My stuff may have arrived but the service was terrible and costly - cannot recommend

Let me tell you a story!

I got a call from the removalist at 7am on a Saturdayasking to come and pick up my stuff early. When I pointed out that the booking was for the following day, he said he wanted to pick it up today between 12 and 1pm. I emailed the company to make sure this booking change was legitimate but as it was the weekend (apparently they offer services but no office support on weekends) I got no response. I imagine most people are not able to accommodate having all their stuff ready 24hrs earlier than expected. I hastily dismantled my bed, although this now meant that I have nowhere to sleep that night, and frantically organised all my stuff, even hauling it out closer to the street. My street is very busy on Saturdays and parking and driveway access can be difficult. At 11am, I got another call from the same guy, saying he’d be at my pickup location in 30mins. I waited and waited and at 3pm there was still no sign of the removalists. I called him and he was very confused as to who I was and said there must have been a mix up in jobs, which is ridiculous given he called me, twice – he said he’d find out and call me back in 2mins. Half an hour later he hadn’t called back and so I called him again – he didn’t answer so I left a message. But there was no return of my call so I then called the office - of course there was also no answer. I called the guy again at 4pm and now his phone was switched off. Repeated attempts to contact him and messages left also went unanswered. Later his phone was miraculously back on (I was told by the company the battery had died) but the guy left it to ring out. I understand that mix ups can happen but to not even attempt to rectify it was unprofessional. I had to entirely rearrange my day as I was not expecting to have to sit around for all day waiting for a truck that wasn’t going to arrive. But that was not the end of my woes.

Now I was worried as to whether or not the removalists would come the following day as previously arranged – according to the email instructions I had received with my booking I was supposed to receive a phone call between 4 and 6pm the evening before removal day confirming a time for the following day. That also did not happen.

It wasn’t until 12:30pm on Sunday that I received a call saying my drivers would be late! Late? I had no time of reference for that beyond the 11:30am on the day before they had previously given me, so by now they were so past late it wasn’t funny. I was told my drivers would now be arriving between 5 and 7pm. Come 7pm, they still had not arrived and I had to call up to find out what was going on. I was not kept informed of what turned out to be a severe delay. I was now told the removalists would not show up until 11pm!

When they did show up, I was horrified to discover they were wearing thongs. It was now storming, so this unprofessional attire was very dangerous on slippery surfaces. The men were also in a great rush to get things loaded because of the rain, and didn’t even check to see if the boxes were marked heavy or fragile – I had to caution them every time! I also asked if there was something for me to sign – apparently there was not. I asked to see some ID – they would not show me any. They certainly weren’t wearing any sort of uniform that identified them as being associated with Interstate Removals. So I had no way of knowing if these guys were really who they said they were, and yet I was supposed to entrust them with my possessions?

Thankfully, my items did arrive at their destination, but again, no care was taken in their delivery – boxes marked fragile were deposited upside down. (I'm only giving two stars because the removalists were reasonably friendly - although certainly not apologetic - and none of my stuff appears to be broken. Also they were willing to take a couple of unboxable items loose). Again, thongs were worn. And the removalists spent more time on their phones than handling my boxes. There was some paperwork for me to sign this time - yet imagine my surprise when the paperwork had a company logo on it that was neither Interstate Removals OR the company being advertised on the shirts on the removalists! In fact, both of these other companies were ones I had received quotes from that were $300 less than Interstate Removals! I'd chosen not to go with them because their reviews were horrific. I was also told I'd be sent a copy of the paperwork... that's never happened.

When I complained to the company about this ridiculous experience I was sent this response: "We will provide uniforms and appropriate footwear to the removals guys as well as more training. Would that help?" I was not impressed so they offered me a $20 Kmart voucher. Wow.

Very Disappointed.

Very disappointed with the move from Geelong to Everton Hills Queensland, considering they deliver to Brisbane daily. It was a small move with 4 large items. We were contacted the day before pick up to ask if pickup could be changed to that day before scheduled (Monday), I agreed as all was good to go. We required the goods in Qld no earlier than 5 days later (Friday), and were told the goods would be there either that Friday or at the latest Monday. Friday I called to ask when they would be arriving and was told early the following week. Mon or Tues. Monday came no call from them, so I called again and was told it was up to the driver to arrange delivery and given the drivers phone number. I called the driver and was told maybe Friday or over the following weekend. I had arranged to be up in Qld from Victoria so I could install the goods sent up and my return flight was on the Wednesday.
which meant delivery was going to be 2 days after my return to Geelong. There was a no care attitude from the owner of the business [name removed] who has a standard verse of reply, "we can't be held responsible for delivery of goods, I don't know what you want me to do about it." Finally the driver got back to me after many phone calls to arrange delivery, Then when Thursday came and I was back in Vic the driver called to say he could deliver the goods on Sunday (13 days after pickup), but the driver also said as the delivery was not paid for and if I didn't pay straight away he was going to take the goods back to Geelong and he didn't care if we called the police??? The delivery was paid for before they had even left Victoria on the first Monday. The driver kept using he's lack of English as an excuse anytime I called for a delivery time. Not a very good company if you want your goods to be delivered in an acceptable time period. I had read the reviews online but my experience was definitely not a pleasant one.

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Dear Janette, We are sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory experience and apologise for the delay with your delivery. Our aim is for all moves to go perfectly, as per our reviews would show however at times the complexity of logisitics can cause delays. The delay is a one-off and would not usually occur. Please contact management to discuss how we can make good of the delay as we would like to offer you a part refund and apoligise once agian. Troy can be contacted on 1300 299 969 or manager@interstateremovals.com.au

Stressfree move! You couldn't ask for better.

My move from Melbourne to Sydney with Interstate Removals was perfect. I struggled to find a removalist who could guarantee the pick up and delivery date upon booking - this company was the only one, who did it at the lowest price! Their service is reliable, timely, and they kept in touch with me the whole time. I'm keeping their details on hand for my next move.

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Hi Vanessa, Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad we could assist with a guaranteed pick up and delivery date for your move. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require our services in the future. Customer Service Team Interstate Removals

Fantastic Hasle Free Service, Highly Recommended

We had an Amazing experience with Interstate Removals. Moving our belongings from Victoria to Queensland. We had Great Communication from the friendly staff and the truck arrived on time at our destination as promised. We will definitely use Interstate Removals in the Future.

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Hi Keeno, we appreciate your feedback! Happy to hear our staff were friendly and kept up with their communication, we will pass this on to the team. Customer Service Team Interstate Removals

Highly Recommend!

I moved from NSW to Melbourne. Moving interstate was an overwhelming task but, i was just so thrilled with the service from Interstate Removals. They made everything such an easy and stress free process. The staff were extremely efficient and always keeping me updated. On the day the delivery guys came and completely put me at ease, they took excellent care of all my belongings and very friendly. I new all my belongings were in good hands!
I would highly recommend these guys, wonderful to deal with and took very good care of everything!

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Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We appreciate you coming back to us for your local relocation within Melbourne as well. We will pass this on to the teams involved. Hope you're loving Melbourne! Kind regards, Customer Service Team Interstate Removals

Very good service, and prompt reply

I used Interstate Removal Service to the pick up our purchased in Sydney delivery to Canberra. Comparative price, Prompt reply and reliable service. Will definitely use their service again for future needs.

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Hi Hoa, We appreciate your review and hope that you contact us in the future if you ever need our service again! Kind regards, Customer Service Team Interstate Removals

Awful experience

Awful service with terrible customer service. Staff abdicate all responsibility when they've got your money. Would not recommend.

Goods arrived late and damaged after days of misinformation and a lack of willingness to help.

Moved a king bed + ensemble from syd-adl

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Dear Miss Mole, Our highly trained staff and removals guys take their responsibility seriously and Im sorry if you feel we have not. Regular training and workshops are used to maintain our high level of service. According to our driver, your bed was wrapped and protected in removals blankets and was delivered safely. If this is not the case we are happy to work something out to ensure your happy with our service. Please contact Troy on 1300 299 969 or manager@interstateremovals.com.au

Easy and Efficient interstate removals

I moved my whole house's contents from Sydney to Brisbane. The friendly staff were in contact before, after and during the move to ensure that we had a seamless move. It removed the stress for us and i would highly recommend this removalist to others. I contacted other places and they were not as sufficient with their information. Interstate removals had a straight forward and easy way of asking questions and giving answers.

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We used Interstate Removals, they were very good. We had no problems.

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