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Ironfish Property Investment

Ironfish Property Investment

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This is perfect!

This is my first time cooperation with ironfish,thank you for your guys help and thank you Angel Zhang support a lot of advices to us。She is a nice people,we have a good service in ironfish.

Secure Decisions

It takes courage to quit your job and follow your passion. I did exactly just that. I quit my job to take up property investment full time after I realized I was really good at marketing property. It was my turn to delve into this space and I thought I'd get a headstart with Ironfish.

I had heard about Ironfish through a family friend who spoke about it at a family dinner and I just dived into the discussion. I rang up one of their executives and set up a meeting within 2 days. I am a curious cuckoo so I fried the bloke's brains with questions about budgets, commission, ROI, resale value and another 1000 questions. I didn't take action immediately. I made sure I just waited for the right moment.

That moment arrived 9 months later where I decided to invest in my first property deal ever. The strategist was right with all his analysis because It is worth a whooping $5,00,000 today. The townhouse is the best deal to have happened to me in years!

The Best Property strategists

As a property investor, it is extremely important to be factual and logical. Remember, no property deal you sign is ever impulsive. Investing in property can be tumultuous (That's if you are not well equipped with information and possess a royal bank account).

On a serious note, 5 years ago I thought it was just a game until my father advised me to seek professional help before getting into this investing business and I did. Google wasn't so crowded back then but I came across the Ironfish Group. I set up a meeting with Mr. Michael Lawton, one of their strategists that proded me with more questions than I had for him. It was a good sign. Those questions about my future plans, budget, location, long term property goals, portfolio strategy.

I knew I had found my guide. He certainly wasn't like one of those pushy sales people that gave you advice with a strong selling motive. Michael knew his subject and then advised me to chart my plan. It took me a total of 2 years to arrive at a decision which I am now happy with.

The Perfect Choice

As a graduate in economics, you tend to get analytical and consider the economics of land, space and all of that before getting involved with property investement. A friend and I decided to take the leap back in 2015 when property rates here were stable (unlike today!) and thought we needed to seek help from professional property investment consultants.

Another bloke who lived in the hood, much older and knee-deep into the game recommended Ironfish. We attended their free seminar and got acquainted with Michael, an executive. He was very helpful! But, we kept our options open and sought more knowledge from other consultants. We met with a few that didnt give us as much information as Michael did and then we knew who was our go-to property guide.

We chewed Michael's brains for 3 months to be exact and then got our plan in place. The bloke was pretty helpful. We have invested in 3 places around Adelaide and quite happy with it.

Great experience securing our rental!

Shane at Ironfish was incredibly helpful in the process of securing our dream rental! Our family was relocating to Brisbane for work, so we thought finding a property would tricky, being out of town at the time. But Shane made everything so quick and easy. Communication was fast and straightforward and the application and approval process was quicker than we expected! Would definitely recommend Ironfish to prospective tenants.

Amazed With Their Services

Property investment requires patience and sustained planning. I was set to launch my own personal business venture back in 2015 and had dreamt of building a property portfolio in and around Sydney. Property investors are curious individuals by nature and so after my business was up and running, I finally decided to step into the property investment arena by attending my first Ironfish seminar where I met Priscilla, an Ironfish executive.

She didn't just promote Ironfish like other executives do for their own personal benefits but instead took my current plan, savings and drafted an investment strategy that would promise a return on investment because every investment must pay off at the end of it. I am extremely pleased with Ironfish's services and I'm soon going to make my next investment in the country side! Thanks Ironfish!

Smart Investment

My experience with Ironfish has been a rewarding one since day 1. Julian introduced me to Ironfish 3 years ago, but it wasn't until last year that I decided to actually step into the property investment game. Ironfish helps you build an expansive multi-city portfolio basically. I thought out this strategy from the point of view of my returns. The higher the property rate, the lower the investment and the lower the property rate, the higher the investment. This mantra has helped me maintain a sustainable property portfolio over the years. Ironfish already has its own property zones and it gave me a multi-city portfolio strategy. All I did was combine my knowledge about property with Ironfish's strategy and boom it worked to my advantage. I will recommend Ironfish whole-heartedly

DO NOT got here

I trusted their encouraging looking graphs and talk. In reality in 5 years realised the graph was upside down dropped my resell price by 10% still no sale. Read the bottom of every page they have a escape at the bottom Get a second independent opinion. These blokes are no better than con artists. " Iron fish accepts no responsibility for information accuracy. Investors are encouraged to seek their own independent advice regarding which investments are appropriate for their situation". Cut out the middle man and bypass IRONFISH from the get go.

Hi Paul, Sorry you are so unhappy with your re-sale experience. Could you send us your best contact number so we can find out some more details from you and see how we can help?0456038693 Paul Cibirasstill would like some help dropping price another 10 k

Terrible Experience in Purchasing An Off-The-Plan Property From Ironfish

My nightmare started when I was convinced by one of their sales agents to buy an off-the-plan property in North Shore and paid 20% deposit a few years ago.

Since then, I experienced the long delay in the settlement, defects ratification problems, short payment of the 20% deposit and overcharge in rates. The sales agent simply told me that they can't do anything about it. I had to deal with all these problems by myself. Worsely, the value of the property went down below the purchase price after the settlement. I also knew some friends experienced the same issues with me.

To me, they are a real estate agency, not a so-called "investment advisor". Don't be fooled by them.

Hi Joe, We’re very sorry you’ve been disappointed with your service experience investing with us. Without knowing the specifics, we can confirm that valuation is unfortunately, something beyond our control, and some valuers can be conservative. It’s worth noting though, that purchasers can order another valuation to find a valuer who understands the value proposition of the specific property. We can also confirm that we do operate under a real estate license, but we differ from regular agents in many ways – the most obvious being, we are selective about which properties we take on. Regardless, we are sorry we’ve disappointed you, and would love to get some more details from you about your purchase so we can escalate your concerns appropriately and see how we can help. Could you please PM us your best contact number? Thank you!Thanks for your reply. My email address is joezhou_2004@hotmail.com. The agent just wants to make a quick sale but doesn't care about anything else. I will tell you more about it.

Very Accurate

My husband and I were scouting for apartments for the first time ever and we sought support at that time back in 2017. We left our house hunt halfway because of a few problems. It was early 2018 then when we attended the seminar that we got invited to by our friend Iris and we were glad she invited us.

We were new to the whole property space because of how confusing it can get but we were determined first buyers and naturally went all out with it. The other property investing firms didn't have much to offer and then we came across Ironfish. We attended not one, not two but three of their seminars on housing and property investments with no intention to go ahead and invest in housing at that very moment.

Those seminars opened up our eyes to the world of the current property standings. We got introduced to a few of Ironfish's executives and decided what we wanted to go ahead at that very instinct. We invested in just the perfect 2 levelled house and we've given the top rooms on rent for us to sustain our life of travel and exploring. Kudos to Ironfish!

A Firm I'd recommend

Some reluctant Australians are asking, is it worth investing in property?

Despite the current downturn in house prices in some property markets, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, there are still many reasons why making a long-term investment in Australian can build your overall wealth.

For one, based on historical data, investing in real estate provides above average returns than many asset classes in Australia.

Investment property in Australia has enjoyed a strong average annual growth rate and future demand is also a given, thanks to the increasing population and declining household size. After attending the seminar with Ironfish, I have a fresh understanding of the industry what it holds for property investors like me. I would recommend it for sure.

Thanks to Strategist for the first step to investing!

It is our first time investing so we asked our friend for some recommendations and he recommended Bruce, Ironfish strategist. I am very impressed with our strategist. He has been very clear with all the pros and cons of investment property types.

He has guided us through based on our financial goals and has been very prompt in answering all our questions.

Now that we have this off the plan apartment, the rent per week has increased in value as compared to when we first purchased. Would really recommend Bruce who had made things to easy and help us to step into the property investing world

Do not rent from these people

I rented from this mob for 15 months.
The apartment was cheaply constructed and i had constant issues with leaking plumbing, broken Aircon, nails protruding from underneath the carpet, I could go on. They're very slow to resolve any issues but very quick to contact you if you're a day late with your rent.
They're deceitful and untrustworthy Chinese investors who just want to take as much money as they can from you with little service in return.

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We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your recent experience with our services. We continually strive to offer the highest levels of service possible, so your feedback means a lot to us. Can you please give us a call on 02 9439 6068 so that we can get some more details? It would also really help if you sent us your contact number.

As a staff member I expected a lot, but the customer care team performed way beyond my high expectat

I am an experienced investor and already owned a few investment properties before I purchased this one with Ironfish. I also knew what it takes to settle an off-the-plan property before I started working for Ironfish. I recently settled a property – a townhouse - with the company, and I was hugely surprised as to how much the customer care team do for customers, from assisting with dealing with banks, mortgage brokers, solicitors, negotiating time delays, writing email communications to fight for customers benefits... I have done all of the above on my own before, with loads of frustrations. This time, it was so different, NOT because my bank or my solicitor was fantastic (they can be really hard and frustrating to deal with as investors probably know), but BECAUSE the customer care team went above and beyond. Being a staff member, I was expecting good service, but what I know now is that our customer care team go through the same process with each & every customer of ours. Beyond impressed! Special thanks to Fiona, head of our customer care team. You and your team are amazing.

Very good

Good service, My partner and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to discuss our plans for our future with our Ironfish's strategist, who gave us excellent guidance, unflagging availability, and deep knowledge about a really wide range of property types that we looked at.

Do not waste your money!!!

I have purchased an off the plan apartment from Ironfish.
I regret so much. If I could go back to the moment I signed up to secure an apartment from them and I would advise myself one thing “please ring at least one local real estate agent or investment advisor who don’t sell any property or a mortgage broker.” If someone sign the contract and put 0.25% deposit, it’s not too late. Please ring a real esate agent, accountant, mortgage broker or investment advisor who don’t sell any real estate Now! At least get a second opinion from someone else.
I had to put 20% deposit as banks are more strict about giving loan for off the plan and especially high rise apartment, my rent is $430 per week which is very different from $630 that an Ironfish sales person said, value dropped a lot as no matter who the builder is there are someone who wants to sell their unit and if there are similar apartment selling it might be very difficult to sell at a good price (you might be lucky to get break even).
My one is even extremely high in strata. I personally know a few people who purchased from Ironfish and they regret so much. When you buy an existing property you pay stamp duty but you don’t pay to a real estate agent as Vendors pay to sell theirs. But if you buy from Ironfish or off the plan company you need to pay a commission and the marketing fee which I paid over $30k. My new apartment value went down a lot as many of other units are selling and sold much less. I regret a lot. People who don’t know much about property investing please get some advice from a real estate agent or other investment advisor who don’t sell any property. You’ll discover a lot more.

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Hi Johnathon, We’re so sorry you’re so unhappy with your experience with Ironfish – we would like to know some more details so we can see how we can help. PMing you now for your best contact number or email. We can confirm though, that we do operate under a real estate license, so like a regular agent, we get paid by the Vendor should you decide to purchase with us. Totally agree that investors should do their own research and due diligence – property investment is a long-term commitment and needs to be entered into carefully!

Not very professional group

Bought 2 units from the north Sydney branch.
Poor product, value remain below the purchase price even after 10 years meanwhile other good real estate across OZ growing in value.
A lot of wealth and brave stories how some consultants and their investors made millions from $50,000 income only after they got their philosophy, but there is nothing substantial after that, just sell you a property if you have the right number, and messing with your emotions to buy 4 investments for start, and keep contact you every 4 months to check if you saved more deposit to sell you another property.
Service is average, just send once a while update from the developer but not so often. Not a real service or client care, mainly sales arm and girls that hassle you if you did your finance to make sure you will settle on time, so they will be able get their commission. Really upset after the friendly conversations and the nice wealth stories.
Not a real strategy, not a real property strategists, they just average real estate group that sell for profit and just sell in over supply market when they get a good chunk from the deal.
Beware, don’t waste your money with them, find a reputable group that will give you real investment input.

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Hi Jon, we are so very sorry you’ve been so disappointed with your service experience with us. If our service has not been up to scratch we want to know about it. PMing you now to get your best contact number so we can follow up on this for you.

Perfect service from Alvin Chen

Alvin Chen is a great property manager and explained clearly about the lease transfer details. 5 star service. Very professional service. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanksThanks a lot!

Really nasty

Find them very irresponsible, they are quick to get your money but not quick when they need to give you back your service. Do not rent from them unless you do not mind a very illusive agent.

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We’re sorry you’ve been unhappy with your service experience, could you PM us your best contact number so we can get some more details? We do pride ourselves on providing service that’s a cut above, which is why have so many repeat customers and family/friend referrals - so, we’re really disappointed this was not your experience. Please do get in touch with us on 02 8668 8399 so we can follow up on this with you!

A good experience of renting an apartment

Thanks Alvin helping us to rent an apartment. It is very effective. It is such an excellent experience of renting. The company provides lots of details and Alvin explains some details and rules patiently.

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