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Fantastic customer service.

We got of to a shaky start. My friend gifted me a subscription & sent me the icard, I had trouble accessing it so wrote an email over the weekend, to my surprise I had an answer the following day, with a few questions & answers all has been resolved to my satisfaction. Great customer service.

Customer Service
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Perfect team work

Very polite and helpful staff, would always answer promptly. Not always the same person responding to ones queries, as I said, not only but always responding very promptly. Thank you so much.

Customer Service

GREat customer service

there were issues with renewals of several magazines while I was moving house at the same time resulting in double delivery - immediately resolved, proactive follow up from the team, much appreciated!

Late issue

Great customer service, I inquired about my mag not turning up, (unknown to me it had went to a neighbours mailbox by mistake,seems they were away for a week). However the neighbour delivered my mag a week later, then the company sent me another copy. Very happy with the turnout.

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Great service for a great magazine..

I had a couple of issues with the distribution dates.
They were promptly sorted and an explanation given in the most friendly and positive terms. Arrangements were made to address this issue and any others.,
Very impressive customer service..
Regards, Paul

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Doubled-up subscription payment

I recently spoke with Amber because I mistakenly paid twice for a subscription renewal. Amber verified I had paid twice and arranged to refund the overpayment. Thank you Amber for your prompt service.

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Thanks for your feedback Maxine. I'll make sure Amber is aware of how much you appreciate her help. Cheers, Hunter

Change of delivery address

I emailed Isabella re a change of delivery address, received back a timely confirmation and an outline if the process. As a result, I have increased confidence the subscription will find it's way to my new address. Many thanks

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Hi Rona, that's great to hear that Isabella was able to help you. she's only been with us for a few weeks and knowing that she's done a great job for you will really give her a boost. Cheers, Hunter

Good Service

I emailed customer services about a wee problem I had and Isabella was very helpful and friendly. I appreciated her advice and was grateful for the outcome. Thank you Sarah :)

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Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to provide your positive feedback. We're certainly luck to have someone like Isabella helping everyone out. Cheers, Hunter

no customer service

isubscribe need serious lessons in customer service, we paid for a renewal in Oct and got nothing until I began following up in Jan.
After several emails and many attempted phone calls (when you could get someone to actually answer the phone after many voice messages left), finally got a response from someone clearly disinterested in helping a customer to satisfactorily resolve the issue.
No, blamed the magazine publisher (there that was easy now go away you annoying customer number).
Finally got the next release issue, but not the previous two.
When pressed wouldn’t help to get missing back issues and sorry sir bad luck about the missing issues which included 2 parts of a article series (parts 2 & 3) - again blame the publisher.
But what about the missing back issues, as what good is reading just parts with beginning and end. Not our problem sir – publishers fault (again).
The only offer --maybe we can extend your subscription by two months (with under tones of here’s a reluctant compensation now go away and stop annoying me).
But you took our money and entered into an agreement with us to deliver a subscription from Oct not Feb.
Again, not our fault it’s the publishers.
OK, requested cancellation of subscription and full refund seeing subscription agreement not honoured and issues not provided as ordered.
Answer – no, have a partial refund, take it or leave it (and have a nice condescending farewell statement to close of their email). Unfortunately had to take it as no formal customer complaint department to deal with, and no regulator to control this activity.
Stinks as there is nowhere to take this further to, no office, just faceless people hiding behind emails and phones taking innocent peoples money with no care, no responsibility and continuous blame to everyone else.

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Great Service thank you

I sent an email last week as my February copy of NZ Readers Digest had not arrived and Sam contacted the publishers to send me one and it has now arrived. I was having trouble clicking the FlyBuys Logo on the website and Isabella has entered my fly buys number for me.

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Hi Linda, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback of your recent experience. I'll pass on the positive comments to Sam and Isabella, they'll be thrilled. Regards, Hunter

Nice Service

In November ordered sub. for my brother as Xmas gift and a magazine for myself . Brother very happy as mag arrived as promised. Sent email to iSUBSCRIBE week ago to query my delivery. Very prompt service from Sophia and Isabella and hopefully all sorted.

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Hi Jo B, thanks for your kind review. I'll pass this onto Sophia and Isabella, they'll be thrilled to know that you're happy with their customer support. Cheers, Hunter

Fantastic Customer Service

I emailed to follow up on an ISubscribe Magazine and was updated by Sam on a regular basis while they were looking into the matter. Professional and prompt customer service.

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Excellent customer service

I found myself with 2 subscriptions to the same magazine (both gifts). The customer service was excellent and sorted out the problem very quickly I have had my 2 subscriptions merged and extended.

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Still Waiting. Time from order to delivery is very long

Still waiting for magazine. This seems to take so long and it should be a simple process.
Hard to buy gifts when you have no idea whne they will arrive. 4 - 7 weeks !!!!

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Hi Lisa, hopefully you've contacted our CS team via email or phone. They'll be able to look into this for you and let you know when you can expect your first issue. Buying a magazine subscription is a little different to most other products and the delay is often caused by the time of the order versus the cut off dates for printing of a specific issue - plus delivery times with mail. If you order after the publisher has printed the current issue then unfortunately you have to wait until they print the next issue. Regards, Hunter

Excellent customer service

A subscription I bought as a gift needed to change address. I modified the address online and was given a response of "it may take 3 weeks to take effect". I needed confirmation ASAP as the recipient moved address and their mail forwarding was finished.
So, i called isubscribe customer service and explained the situation. Initially, response was, "not much we can do". I had to take the liberty in asking if I should call the publisher direct. And then the customer service representative said they would do it and email me the outcome. All was sorted out. Really happy my niece is going to receive her much loved copy of magazine to the correct address!

Subscription was not delivered

My wife ordered and paid for a subscription to National Geographic in August 2018. It was a Father's present. It is now 5 months later and still no magazine. Isubscribe have been contacted several times but no success yet. Perhaps it will be delivered by Father's Day 2019. Shame Isubscribe for the pathetic service.

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Hi Gray Nomad, unfortunately the publisher of National Geographic has been experiencing significant distribution issue since making changes to the business at the end of last year. It effects all subscribers regardless of who they used when ordering their Nat Geo subscription. The 'standard' delivery time frame for the first issue is 10-13 weeks because it is a US based magazine, they just have these protracted set up times. After the first issue, the following issues are delivered prior to or on the retail sale dates. We are doing all we can with the Publisher of this title to accelerate the delivery process. If you'd like a refund, given the extended nature of this delay, we're happy to provide it otherwise we'll continue to pursue it with the publisher and update you once we know the delivery status. To arrange a refund please contact us between 9-530 M-F on 1300 303 619. I do sincerely apologise for this unforeseen delay. Regards, Hunter

TIME Magazine

I subscribed for the delivery of TIME Magazine for one year which was supposed to start on 1st January, 2019. However, due to some mix-up this did not happen. I, therefore, contacted Michelle Morrison and asked her to help. Without hesitation, Michelle, on my behalf, contacted the TIME Magazine publishers several times and finally got them to agree to commence delivery of the Magazine with effect from 4 February, 2019. I am most grateful to Michelle for the help she willingly provided.

Too Much Marketing, spammed before I even got order.

Have been spammed by marketing before I have even gotten my first magazine. Very pushy and not even in my area of interest.

Hi HoneyBee, I'm sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying our marketing messages. If you scroll to the bottom of one of the emails you will find an 'unsubscribe' button. When you click on this you can quickly opt out from receiving future marketing messages. The response is immediate so you don't have to wait before your request takes. If you would like us to assist you with this process then please email us at info@isubscribe.com.au and we will opt you out of future emails within 24 hours. Regards, HunterHi Hunter, Thanks for reaching out. I wasn’t initially against getting marketing material but though it a bit off to get it before I had even received the magazine which I had paid for. Also it was about magazines I had not even looked at when on your website. Felt very disconnected and bad customer service, not personalized and poorly timed. I have asked to be removed from the email list. I’ll give another review if that doesn’t get actioned correctly.Thanks HoneyBee, I'll pass that feedback onto our marketing team so they can review their processes. We do have an extensive range that appeals to peoples' many interest and these email newsletters do aim to highlight that, however, your point of personlising them is very valid. Regards, Hunter

Faultless customer service!

I had a query, the auto response said “we will be in touch within 1-3 working days”
A mere few hours later I had a response to my query, polite, professional and very helpful.

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Thank you Susan, I'll pass your positive comments onto our Customer Service Team, they will be thrilled with your feedback as they really do strive to make sure our customers get the best service possible. Cheers, Hunter


I gather ISUBSCRIBE is not the magazine. Two previous attempts to contact the magazine did not bring responses. ISUBSCRIBE responed the same day. Well done

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Thank you for taking the time to write this review Ian. Our Customer Service Team will be delighted to hear that they could help you. We're in daily contact with the publishers of the magazines we sell and make it a priority to help our customers out asap. Cheers, Hunter

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