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RC (2012-Present), RA (2008-2012)
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vicki m.

vicki m.asked

D-MAX RC (2012-Present)

6spd auto would like to change fluid done 65000 km a lot of toweing no fill point in trans does it get filled through the trans cooler lines. the plug i thought i could fill in was the breather section between the gearbox and reduction box, any help would be appreciated. scott

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Max D.

Max D.asked

I have a 2017 dmax that has done 25000K and has not had a PDF burn. Is this alright

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Penny D.

Penny D.asked

We have a 2018 dmax with a canopy. The interior light inside the canopy seems to be stuck on a low level and wont turn off. Any ideas?

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D-MAX RA (2008-2012)

Encounter problem in water circulation into engine back to reservoir bottle always getting over water to reservoir container and radiator getting empty. Any help?

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Joanne D.

Joanne D.asked

Check light for traction and 4wd is on for no reason, has this happened to others? Can I keep driving?

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Ric B
Ric B

Hi Joanne, Sorry I'm not sure. I did find this which may be helpful;

"It could a sensor in the ABS/TCS system; it could perhaps be the computer controlling the electronics. You need to have a diagnostic check done on the car to properly identify the cause of the problem."



Hi all I I have a 2016 dmax that has just encountered a auto transmission problem ,it will not enter 5th gear and a (-) sign appears on the dash displaying the D for drive .The engine light was on with a sun symbol flashing indicating error code which I have cleared and can only engage by holding shift lock button down .

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I have a 2016 dmax just clocked 120 000ks its an auto on the dash the D Symbol for drive disappeared and a minus Symbol appears ,it will not go to 5thgear and also cannot change down or up in gear with the shift .maybe a sensor ?

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camellia prior

camellia priorasked

can a 2015 canopy fit a2010dmax

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My 4wd light on and the 4wd is not working. Any help?

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Are the 2019 manual transmissions tough and longlasting

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Ebrahim A.

Ebrahim A.asked

I schemed my discs nd replace brake pads finish the job when I driving forward it goes into Limp Mode.What is causing it to be doing that?

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leigh j

leigh jasked

D-MAX RC (2012-Present)

on cold mornings it takes 6or 7 goes to go from 1st to 2nd ok after car has done 10 km

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Why would cruise control stop working on 2013 dmax? Possibly fuse?

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Kim S

Kim Sasked

I have a 2015 Isuzu Dmax , i removed the Heater control panel so as to replace the Stereo , when i tried fitting the Heater panel back the Vent control fitting at the back of the panel came off and now the vent control does not work , has anyone had this problem and how to fix .

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Ross E.

Ross E.asked

I purchased a 2016 dmax dual cab 90.000ks 6 months ago, 2 months into owning it ,warped disc, dealership didn't want to know , now the break light above rear window has leaked , water has filled front and back flood pans , carpet is saturated, roof lining soaked, back seat wet , dealer ship wont cover it and just told me to claim it on insurance, I feel they should be responsible for it??

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Have 2014 model LSU auto dual cab.The auto has a lag between 3rd & 4th whether towing or not.Vehicle has 80k on clock.Question ,Is this normal or can something be done to conquer this? Phil in WA

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Michael L.

Michael L.asked

D-MAX RC (2012-Present)

My radio won’t turn off when key taken out of ignition or when door is opened. Does anyone know what this might be. It’s only just started to happen

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azhar n.

azhar n.asked

D-MAX RA (2008-2012)

in a 2008 which oil is require 5w40 or 10w40
what the engine oil capacity

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Alan W.

Alan W.asked

Has isuzu d max got limp mode

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Jason H.

Jason H.asked

What would cause only the drivers side rear tail light not to work

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