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Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat

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Be aware of quality issues

My 5 month indoor kitten developed diarrhea from having ivory coat kitten dry food. Initially we wont sure the source but after investigating we are now sure because every time we fed him this dry food he gets diarrhea straight away. I’m just very disappointed that the package seems quite misleading. We purchased this product from pet circle and the expiry date on the product some time in 2020.

Purchased in March 2019 at Pet Circle for $31.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects Yes

Why do some Ivory Coat bags say "HYPOALLERGENIC" & other Ivory Coat bags only say GRAIN FREE??

2 weeks ago I bought 2kg Ivory Coat Turkey Reduced fat from Pet Barn the bag didn't say "Hypoallergenic" & Patch was licking paws & scratching his body 20mins after eating the Turkey Ivory Coat kibbles, he does this when he eats Chicken, then I bought another Ivory Coat Turkey reduced fat from Pet Circle, when the 2kg bag came today it said "Hypoallergenic" & Patch isn't scratching or doesn't get red paws?? after he eats it?
I think the new Ivory Coat bags that don't have Hypoallergenic written on them & just have Grain Free written in middle of the Ivory Coat bags are cross contaminated with other ingredients, this is why some sensitive dogs are reacting & are itchy..
I'm ringing Ivory Coat & asking them since Ivory Coat was sold to oversea Chinese investor is the Ivory Coat formula changing & NO longer a Hypoallergenic dog food... Why are some bags not have "Hypoallergenic" written on the kibble bag?
The Real Pet Food Company now makes Ivory Coat, The Real Pet Food Company were the ones who were making Woolworths Baxter generic poison dog food where all those dogs died & some dog became very ill, Here's Pet Review site, read people post on Baxter dog food? Now I'm worried Ivory Coat will go down hill & make our dogs ill
My boy has IBD + Allergies & I normally feed him American pet foods cause America pet foods are regulated, Australian made pet foods aren't regulated, I might go back to Pet Barns & buy "Wellness Core" & "Wellness Complete Health Grain Free" kibbles

Purchased in April 2019 at Pet Circle Online store.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects No

Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat used to be a great pet food, our pet (Dean 9 year old Lab) has been eating it for years without a problem. Lately Dean has allergies on his legs and his stools are very loose. Looking at the food itself it has changed, it is now a ruff texture and a slight colour change..

Purchased in April 2019 at Pet City for $109.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects Yes

Ivory coat is great

My dogs enjoy these biscuits. They are slightly on the bigger size so more for them to chew. Im happy with the ingrediants and less filler foods. My dog gets the low fat turkey as he suffers from pancreatitis. There could be more flavours in low fat for variety as I like to change flavours for my dogs.

Purchased in December 2018 for $94.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects No

Excellent dog food, comes highly recommended by vets!

My 3yr old King Charles Cavalier has been eating this since he was a puppy and loves it. He will choose this over any other "treat" offered so now we use it as treats as well! He has never been sick from it or turned his nose up at a single meal, it's always been easy for him to digest and seems to keep him healthy. I love that it's grain free and that it's Australian. The ingredients list is clear and doesn't list any nasty products. Like another reviewer I have heard something about the company being bought out by a Chinese company recently and would like to know more about that but for now my dog loves it! It's a bit pricey compared to supermarket brands but you can't even compare the quality, not to mention that because it's so packed full on goodness the serving sizes are much smaller because your dog can efficiently process all the ingredients.

Purchased in April 2019 at PetBarn Physical store for $32.99.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

Yum yum

My little furball loves this brand. It comes recommended from a number of vets and fancy pets stores . Although a little pricey for dog food I feel good knowing that my pup loves his dinner and it's healthy. Sprinkle with a few cooked chicken pieces and it's 5 stars from Brutus.

Purchased in January 2019 for $30.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No


My Dog once loved this food and it helped with her allergies and sensitivities. She has been on it for over a year but in the last couple of months she has had diarrhoea and an upset stomach and starting to lick her paws again. Not sure if they’ve had an ingredient change but very disappointing and upsetting knowing this has been making my baby sick.

Not Australian

Chinese owned company that’s marketing it’s Good Samaritan deed.. which should be done quietly . Employs Australians so they say.. I wonder how many? and profit goes back to China? lots of comments on their Facebook page have been removed .. this one will be too I expect.. transparency is what’s needed.

Best quality food for your dog

I have been using Ivory Coat treats and bag of food for almost 2 years and my dog has been so happy, before I was switching to different brands without much luck. Happy dog = happy life

for the treats I recommend to try all of them like duck, kangaroo, roast lamb and don't forget the Peanut Butter.

On our 4th 13kg bag and more to go.

Tried Optimum when they were on special and dog started having bad guns and bad breath. Then moved on to Royalcanin but still couldn't get rid of her bad odour from both coat and breath.

Since I've changed to ivorycoat her breath and smell from her coat is much nicer so whatever the ingredients in them seems to work on the doggo. We are sticking around as it works like wonder. And it actually smelsl delicious to me too.

Ivory Coat Ticks All The Boxes.

I was looking for a dry dog food, which would suit both of my dogs requirements. After selecting the relevant filters, Ivory Coat Turkey Adult All Breeds reduced fat, was the only one left standing. It is hypoallergenic grain free,(no wheat, corn, rice or meat by product), reduced fat, natural prebiotic, omega rich, natural fibre, vitamins, minerals & anti oxidants, no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and Australian made. My dogs love it and after a month, I am already noticing a decrease in their allergies and weight and an increase in their coat condition and vitality. My Shih Tzu usually has minor tummy upsets after eating, but none since starting on the Ivory Coat. My Maltese has had fewer allergenic flare ups and not as severe. I was lucky to purchase Ivory Coat on special and even though it is still more expensive than my regular dog food, I decided to try it. In my opinion, it is worth every cent to see the improvements in my furbies' quality of life.

An excellent quality product

I did a hell of a lot of research before I decided to purchase Ivory Coat Grain Free. I would normally consider a lower purchase price on dog food but after comparing the ingredients of various other products, the Ivory Coat won hands down. The Ivory Coat had much better quality ingredients.
I also noted that the amount of Ivory Coat recommended per meal is somewhat less than cheaper products.
I also found an online store which offers excellent discounts on Ivory Coat which also helped me decide on my purchase.

It's great

I recently changed from The Hills Science diet as I read bad reviews of the grain fillers in it, swapped to the grain free chicken and coconut oil biscuits and my 4 year old Bulldog seems very happy with the swap. He has allergies so we're hoping this will help and he seems to love the taste as well.

good food for dogs biscuts

I buy ivory coat in many flavours grain free of course. Its a hood product. Chicken free meat free some are which is good because both of my dogs are allergic to chicken. Ivory coat very good ingredients. I suggest u try grain free . Your dogs will be happy u chose this product for them

September 6th 2018 Update: reduced fat turkey ivory coat for dogs

I strongly recomend reduced fat turkey biscuts dry dog food for older or over weight dogs. I have only just started using reduced fat as my dogs are over weight and thats not good or healthy for them so far my dogs seem to like the taste and ive read other reviewS were other peoples dogs have been loosing the weight from this product.

Perfect. At last!

Since my dog has been on Ivory Coat Grain Free biscuits (3months) her allergies of 4 years have cleared up considerably. She had many vet visits resulting in $100's of dollars and many different meds none of which worked. She suffered from hair loss, severe inflammation of tummy and groin area, constant itching, and ear eye and mouth infections which we thought were seasonal allergies.
I have researched and tried many dry dog foods and none until now made any difference.
I cannot praise this product enough and hope you never change the formular and quality.

So far so good

With quite a few fur babies I look for quality dry food.. I was recommended Ivory Coat as I had been using Royal Canin and my babies were not happy with this brand. I am slowly mixing Ivory Coat in with their current food and so far they all seem to love it. I have noticed a very positive change in their litter tray smells too - for the better!

My picky eater loves it

My furboy is such a picky eater and turns his nose up at ALL pet food. He particularly has a strong aversion to dry food and only eats it as a last resort when he is super desperate - survival food. Over the years, I have tried different brands without any success. A few days ago, I picked up a few sample packets while we was at the groomers and introduced it to him at dinner. He loved chicken and coconut oil, so we are now trying out the different flavours. I've noticed that he is fuller for longer, doesn't go begging for more food - but always has a separate stomach for treats - and overnight, his stool is firm, which it normally isn't. My boy is on a partial raw food diet with some dry food introduced to the mix. Normally, he will just spit out the dry food but he has been gobbling up his meals these past few days with Ivory Coat in the mix. I am super happy we've found something nutritious that he loves.

Ivory Coat - Chicken and Coconut oil

Great product. My 1.5 year old pug x brussels griffon is a highly fussy eater.
After trying a few of the different premium grain free dry dog food brands, and having issues with him eating his daily recommended amount with all of them, it was a relief to find something he loves.
He now finishes his daily serve without any issues, and most of the time is hunting for more.
Highly recommend.

Amazing results and the dogs love it!

As a breeder after many years using another premium brand I had noticed subtle changes in the dogs coats becoming dull, energy levels dropped and their stools not so good with the final straw being turning their noses up at it. So I figured it was time for a change and wanted to find a good quality grain free product. Another breeder suggested Ivory Coat as a more holistic approach that would compliment the raw food diet we were giving our dogs. So I got some sample packs sent (generous qtys) and the dogs wolfed it down - big tick. I decided to give it a try and within 3 weeks the difference was remarkable - healthy happy dogs with shiny coats and nice stools. The dogs love the flavours and I love the company, wonderful to deal with as a breeder and very helpful to anyone I direct to them. Havent looked back and many people compliment on how great our dogs look.

Australian products

Our two staffies love this product and we have change their whole diet to natural products. I like that i can easily pick protein and fat content levels according to our pets needs. We had them on science diet then our vet changed us to royal canin (with additional probiotics etc) trying to settle one of our dogs stomach issue. With nothing helping i decided to go natural and have had no more stomach problems.

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Questions & Answers

So it is not Australian owner??
1 answer
Sadly not anymore. It was bought out by a Chinese company (as seen in this article: https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-24/chinese-investors-sink-teeth-into-pet-food-company/9081298 ). It still claims it’s “made in Australia” but apparently to use that label it just means “overall costs associated with the product amount to 50% or more, which is attributable to Australia”. It does NOT have a “product of Australia” stamp which would mean they “are able to prove that all significant ingredients or components are sourced from Australia” as referenced from here ( https://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/4436/the-requirements-for-an-australian-made-good-or-pr.aspx ). Their website is vague and I can’t find any information about what percentage of ingredients are Australian if any at all. They just specify that it’s made in Australia in their own facilities, I would guess that unfortunately the ingredients are imported. Having said that my dog still loves it and is healthy and he’s never had a problem. It’s such a shame to see an Australian QLD based company moved overseas, nothing seems to stay Australian owned and made from Australian ingredients because it’s too expensive. Hope this helps, if anyone has any further information feel free to add it, I’m sure we’re all interested!

I am currently feeding my german shepard pup on ivory coast big dog breed puppy mixed with minced beef and finding he is getting diarrhea. I think it might be the coconut oil? When I stop the biscuits and swap to rice it stops. Anyone else have the same problem>
2 answers
I used to feed Cleo(rottie x Kelpie) with raw chicken neck or drumsticks as a snack and had same issue. I think ivorycoat is naturally rich in protein so any excess fat/protein seems to trouble breaking down. I would modify the amount of ivorycoat if you want to continue mixing with minced beef. Otherwise, I find it the dry food itself contains all the nutrients it requires. So now I only feed Cleo mainly dry food(ivorycoat) and treats(beef liver treats, jerky treats and dental gum).I don't mix the Ivory Coat with any other food. I sometimes feed her Chicken necks as a meal on it's own.

I have only just found this food and was very pleased to be able to give our dogs the best but changes in ownership mean big buy out prices and then maybe a reduction in quality to try to recoup some of the investment cost, If this happens owners will soon abandon this product if there is a failure of integrity from the new owners so be aware consumers of this product will pay for premium product but you won't fool them very long if there is any change My question is WILL THE NEW OWNERS PUBLICLY GIVE AN UNDERTAKING TO MAINTAIN THE FORMULA OF THIS SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT
1 answer
If they are Chinese I wouldn’t bank on that- heaven knows what they will put in it.

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