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Reliable and professional

Jameson’s have always given me the impression that matters are under control. Their managers deal with matters accordingly and provide peace of mind. Good work Talia Rebbettes and James Hosking.

Excellent Strata Managers

Jamesons staff are courteous, friendly, and efficient. They handle our requests promptly, quickly and responsibly.
The allocated strata manager is personable and knowledgeable on strata matters and is always easily contactable

Great Company to handle strata business

Quick response to issues and reports all well presented, meetings are conducted in a professional manner, very little if any disagreements, facts always well put. Meeting rooms very comfortable to suit attendance

Very efficient

It is what you should expect from a Strata Management company, Efficient, friendly & Experience. The only drawback is they are using (as most Strata Management Companies) the DEFT system and from what I understand it is provided by Macquarie Bank. The issue with that is they do not provide a real Direct Debit. It is a periodic payment that they refer as Direct Debit. This shortfall is not appreciated by a lot of Owners.

The Best

Jamesons are definitely the best strata managers we have had. John, our strata manager is 100% responsive to requests and fully understands process and the needs of owners. Things just get done and without drama. He has a keen knowledge of the complex legislation, laws and requirements in this industry. I can't thank him and Jamesons enough for their ongoing support and assistance.

Satisfied Clients

Jamesons have been the Managing Agents for our complex since it was built 50 years ago. The December 2018 AGM was a celebration of the 50th anniversary which speaks for itself - Jamesons must be doing something right!!

First class Strata Manager ,the best we ever had

They provide prompt response to our building problems. They recommend professional tradesmen who provide excellent repair work to our the building. They are very professional in running the meetings.
They look after the interest of the owners

professional and organised

Jamesons always have experienced staff to cope with any problems or issues which come up and act promptly. They also have a group of experienced contractors to deal with our needs.

All is well attended.

I find each and every time I contact the office ny needs are attended to without any delay and politely.

THE WORST - ineffective, unreliable, under-skilled, unprofessional team I have EVER encountered

When I bought my apartment five years ago, Jamesons unfortunately came as part of the package. Our building's strata manager, who is also the CEO of Jamesons, terminated the management contract (after over 30 years of his company managing the building). Why? A couple of EC members finally questioned yet another expensive quote for work, to which the strata manager admitted that they were using expensive tradies at our building! This incident was only one of many over the years, where there would be hours and hours of time and money wasted by EC members calling for transparency and change - time and money wasted particularly on communications that Jamesons never redirected or shut down (but were happy to charge you for after the strata manager finally responds after weeks or months) between one particular rouge EC member, and other EC members. The expensive tradie admission was the tipping point, and after five years of THE worst mismanagement and worst customer service I have ever experienced, Jamesons terminated their contract. Never returned emails or calls, & always directed to discuss your matters with the company's EA.

Hi Jules, Unfortunately not a single sentence of what you have written is true. Firstly, the selection of trades is a matter for the committee, not Jamesons. Secondly, our company resigned from your property in Wollstonecraft because the Strata Committee, of which you were a part was dysfunctional and became impossible to manage. Please note that we reserve the right to take action against you should you post any further false and misleading information about our company online. For all persons reading this review – we would be more than happy to explain to you in detail the reasons we resigned from this scheme.My purpose behind writing this review is to alert potential customers by relaying my personal experience with Jameson’s over five years - it is not to respond to Jamesons on this forum. The review is in every aspect accurate. To note: I’ve written this review almost one year afterwards. I now have a benchmark of what semi-good looks like with our new strata agency who we’ve been with for almost a year, and Jamesons falls far short. If Jamesons service was just mediocre, I wouldn't have taken the time to write this review. But it was that bad, that it'd be a disservice not taking the time to write a review on this site.Hi Jules, We agree this is not the best forum for specifics, but we will say that the main reason for resignation as you would recall was the dysfunctionality of the Strata Committee. We also said that a fresh start would be the best thing for your scheme. We are delighted that has been the case and that you are having a positive experience with your new firm.

Strata Managers provide an excellent standard of service

Jamesons & its staff have proved invaluable with advice, reliable service and up-to-date knowledge of changes to strata management laws. Our strata, though small, has a long standing & very engaged relationship with our Strata Manager, Bill Clarke. As Treasurer, his commitment, diligence and competency to his role can't be faulted. Addressing our needs and queries has been timely, efficient, friendly and professional. Highly recommend Jamesons.

Excellent Strata Managers

Our Strata committee has an excellent relationship with Jamesons and find them very easy to communicate with. As the Chairperson/Treasurer I deal with our Strata manager Bill Clarke who is friendly, helpful and reliable when I need help. I have found Jamesons to be a very professional company.

A Good Start in the First Year - Millewa Garden

After switching from the previous strata management to Jamesons, we have no issues with the services so far. Mr John Xiloportas and his team have been responsive and friendly in dealing with day to day matters. Guess the only hiccup (and not a complain) is issuing the strata fee notice late for two times in a row. Definitely not a complain :).
Communication with the committee and respective residents are good and so far I have not received any bad feedback from anyone. Good first year.

Absolute best strata management

We recently changed over to Jamesons from STM and it is a big relief. From day 1 they’ve been proactive in attending to our outstanding issues, returning calls and emails almost immediately and working hard to ensure our committee is Moreno than satisfied. Michael and his team are very experienced and professional.

They are hopeless

They are hopeless, always slow to fix problems. It's been a year since we first reported defects, they always say they are contacting developer or builder but the fact is no one fix anything.

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Hello, Thank-you for getting in touch via our Product Review listing. It is our absolute priority to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied so we would love to look into this further to investigate what has gone wrong. Could you please contact us directly at marketing@jamesons.com.au or reply here with contact details so we may get in touch ASAP. A disgruntled competitor has recently been attacking us online so we are working hard to decipher between disatisfied customers and false reviews. Thanking you The Jamesons Team


I don't know what you really want me to say. Every time I call them with a problem the problem is solved in no time, thanks to PAUL he is always ready to hear what the problem is and take action. And that is what I call good service especially with Paul Culbi he is always available at any time of the day you call him.


Our Strata comprises 130 residential units in a 13 storey building that is 14 years old. Jamesons has been our Strata Manager for the past seven years. Anthony Coates is the manager assigned to our Strata; he is diligent, approachable, knowledgeable and professional. These are important qualities for voluntary members of Strata Committees. This is especially true in the current era of more defined, formal responsibilities and increasing regulatory oversight.
The Strata is most grateful for Anthony's handling of its affairs The Strata's excellent reputation with investors, owner-occupiers and tenants, is in no small measure due to Anthony's diligence.
David C - 25/08/2018 12:50 AM

Strongly not recommending

As an owner of the unit I have the right to request a copy of Capital Works Funding Plan. I did it - received an old copy (8 years old). I requested the latest copy and got ignored (no answer to my email for a week). Followed up in a week, got another reply: "we have sent all our documents for scanning, MAY BE we can show you the document in the meeting". Meeting is one month away and I have the right to review the document before the meeting. It ONLY takes constant follow ups and quoting relevant paragraph of the Strata Management Act 2015 to finally get the latest copy of a document. Did I get what I wanted - yes. Does it have to be that difficult - NO. Zero customer service. For a quality strata management with strong customer focus - look elsewhere.

Hello Kate, Thank you for reaching out and leaving feedback on our Product Review page. We are sorry you experienced such difficulty obtaining a copy of this document. If what you are saying happened then we completely agree that it shouldn't have taken that long - and as a result our management are keen to investigate the matter to understand what went wrong and how we can make sure it doesn't happen again. If you are able to please e-mail your name and which manager you were dealing with to jamesh@jamesons.com.au direct he will look into this matter immediately for you. Kind regards, Jamesons ManagementSent full details to the supplied email on 10th Oct. Received no reply. Not even an acknowledgement. Well done, Jamesons!

I would not recommend

Two other owners in separate properties have complained to me about Jamesons. My personal experience has also not been good. Their job is to give advice independently from Strata Committees or individual owners, including enforcing strata laws where appropriate. What's the point of having laws if they are ignored. What they do excel at is glossing over their mistakes and beating up their reputation. Half of their reviews here are 'terrible'.

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Hi P.J. Thank-you for taking the time to leave your feedback. We are sorry you've had a bad experience and would love to discuss this directly with you so we can sort out any issues you may have. Please let us know the best e-mail to contact you on or alternatively please send one directly to marketing@jamesons.com.au and we will attend to it straight away. Customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of our business so a negative review like this is taken very seriously. Thank-you Jackie Marketing - Jamesons Strata Management

Really poor service

No interest in assisting tenants of properties they manage. I had an urgent plumbing issue in the common area of the building and after two days they still haven't sent anyone out to fix the problem. Message given to reception was not passed on to property manger correctly so therefore property manager did nothing until I had to ring for a second time. Still nothing done.

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Hi Lisa, Thank-you for reaching out, however as a tenant you should report this matter to your property manager or owner and if they are unable to assist, please forward the details too marketing@jamesons.com.au and we can try and get in touch for you. Jackie - Jamesons

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