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Jayco Australia

Jayco Australia

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Not good enough jayco

Bought brand new journey 2018 list of problems:floor soft only solution have extra braces fitted undervan they fitted 8 : wheels scrubbing out in under 5000 km twice they replaced 2 tyres I insisted on 8 ply light truck tyres I have bought 2 myself they say the problem has been fixed I’ll wait and see : fridge on / off button didn’t work : draws falling apart: water going in utensil draw from sink : kitchen edging not finished off:vanity tap fell out: toilet roll holder falls apart:brand new van you just don’t expect so many problems from a company that you would think would have seen all these problems before and would have ironed out before releasing on onto trusting customers

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Date PurchasedFebruary 2018

No Customer Service

I lodged an insurance claim and Bayswater Jayco were the approved repairer. Waited three days post claim lodgement, called Jayco and told (rudely) that I had to wait for Jayco to call me. They went on to bag insurance companies for always providing owners with assessment dates. Feeling I had done the wrong thing I waited another couple of days and the same individual "told me off " again for calling. I have since called the insurance company and requested a different repairer who called me within 24hrs to book the van in for an assessment.

I didn't want an immediate assessment from Jayco, i just wanted a time to bring the van in.

Not totally happy

We haven't even been off road and as soon as we drive on normal roads the draws pop out so we have to tie them down everytime we take off they (jayco) have used the tiniest screws its really pathetic especially with the price you pay for there vans very poor quality

Poor quality

Poor workmanship in my motorhome. Electric bed issues and repairs often, its only one year old! The Renault however is brilliant. Whilst majority of service staff in Newcastle go out of their way to assist in repairing issues one aggressive service staff member had me to tears. I have basically been told to find somewhere else to get services completed. Not a good experience Jayco!

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Follow up phone call from the manager who also was very aggressive and would not let me get a word in. I did not expect 'free' service to install a part but that was his assumption and he has told me pick up the part and don't come back. No wonder 5 people I have spoken to have either sold their Jayco, go miles out of their way to get service elsewhere or are nervous taking their van to this site. I saved for 20yrs to buy this thing, now wish I hadn't!

Silverline Outback is fantastic

Purchased our Silverline Outback new about 18 months ago. We have done many trips over that period and love our caravan.
The service from Nowra Jayco has been great, the service manager is very professional and knowledgeable.

Jayco Adventurer

We took delivery of our Jayco adventurer a week ago and we are delighted with the van. While we are yet to try it out, it appears to be structurally very strong and and robust and well finished inside and out. It has everything we need in a caravan...especially when compared to the high end/dollar caravans offered by other customised manufacturers.
All the staff at Bayswater Jayco were a pleasure to deal with. We can’t recommend the staff highly enough, including Lisa and Ruth, the lady that guided us through the van on hand over, who was very knowledgeable and helpful.
We'll be taking the van out for test run in a couple of weeks time, so and update will be posted then.

Dealing with Jayco on charge system engineering issues

Customer relations with Jayco HQ's Service department - not satisfactory

Here is my issue in a nutshell. The charge systems of the Conquest FD19 are very high tech and there are performance issues, but Jayco HQ have been unwilling to properly discuss these issues, inspect the van or release wiring diagrams. They keep referring me back to their service agents who are out of their depth in resolving high complexity engineering issues. Today their agent has declined any further investigation of the issue.

Having said this the design features of the FD19 are otherwise very pleasing and the architecture / layout is really well thought through, but it is very frustrating and potentially dangerous to run out of power prematurely when free camping.

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Update Jayco HQ has meanwhile tested my FD19 van and replaced the jhub controllers. Their Service manager is friendly and supportive. Jayco engineering however is unwilling to assist in making performance improvements, such as upgrading the wiring, which is sub industry standard and they definitely won’t pay for the instalment of the Bmpro DC/DC booster which was recommended by Setec. Add one star to the grading, up from 1 to 2.

Bought the freedom 23 ft motorhome

I can't speak high enough of the Watsons team at Coffs Harbour. their sales and after sales service, is what we all want when buying a van or motorhome, also the small gifts you receive was much appreciated. the only thing that i have to do is get a storage box on the back for hoses and my baby Q, so I'm more then happy with my purchase, and expect many many happy hours traveling.

Jayco freedom 20ft motorhome

I brought a new motorhome from page bros Melbourne on handover there was trim that had to be glued back which I pointed out weeks before. Started our journey back to townsvile only to find out the aircon didn't work contacted page bros and we got it booked into Renault at port maquary they had a look only to be told they were booked out for three days, so we continued with our journey. Called in at Mackay to register the vehicle only to be told by them we have to get a roadworthy and gas compliance certificate, I couldn't believe this I said the motorhome is brand new but I still had to . That was another day wasted. Got back to townsvile booked van in so they could look at it only to be told the part would take 2 weeks to get here from France, I couldn't believe this no spare parts in Australia. Phone's paryRenault today was told it could take another 2weeks ,just can't believe this.I have owned this van for 4weeks now its sat in my driveway for 3weeks now .There are holes coming through the formica under front seat where they have screwed plumbing in side the seat where the screws were to long .Quilt cover on bed has got a large faded patch due to shade cover left open sun faded it .I'm not happy customer having spent $100.000 on this van and living in the tropics aircon is a must most of the time so people just be aware of what you're buying.

Please reply

I picked up new 21ft Journey touring van in May 2018 yes l was happy with hand over,but since ive found no wheel cover( which was going to be delivered on next vans coming up to Darwin,,) and other minor faults.Ive email Jayco Darwin over the last 2 months an had know replys.
Looks like ill have to go through Jayco head office.

Did the Job

Bought a 2010 Jayco Pop Top Outback. Taken on many trips, encountered few issues. Battered by hail and nil dents. Pulled by Ford ranger and always performed exceptionally on road. Some fittings broke, but overall good caravan. Good resale, as recently sold for what we asked for within a few days. Would consider Jayco again.

Great little outfit

Traveled the Gibb River Road sure a few screws came loose all the better for me to improve the van with better fasteners. Have been to remote places with the Outback Eagle and let me tell you this van has performed quite well.
It has handled the conditions well above my expectations. Spending most of the time on corrugated roads, not asphalt and getting the van dirty like it was meant to be. Keep travelling

Poor quality product and even poorer customer service.

Purchased Penguin Jayco van. Issues included:
- exposed break wires
- fridge that didn’t get cold
- stove that didn’t work
- inability to access water from second tank
- other issues with loose screws and missing covers

Tour of Australia was cut short due to inability to actually use the van. Have been home over a month now and still waiting for parts to fix the stove.

To costly on parts that’s if they have the parts

Told and priced $300 for jayco easylifts and fitting so went online to find the jayco easylifts from jayco cost $103 a pair plus postage of $30 and the is from jayco in Queenbeanne NSW

Brilliant customer service

Recently paid a deposit on a new van but on collection it turned out to not be suitable.
The sales and service staff both got involved and really went out of their way to help us.
Great customer service and would highly recommend Jayco Sydney

Halls Jayco Mildura - great ongoing service

Even after purchasing a new Jayco caravan from this dealer (Hall's Jayco, Mildura) some 3 years ago, their on-going service and help with small issues that occur is outstanding. Just recently we had water leaking from our shower onto the floor which was coming from under a cupboard. We were "on the road" interstate at the time so I rang Hall's and sent a picture of the problem. Shortly after Peter Hall called to ask how could assist and as we were 100's of KM's away from another Jayco dealer, Peter talked me through what could be the issue and how to fix it. After a second call from Peter, we were able to fix the issue. Just another example of great ON GOING service from this dealer - well done to Peter and the team at Hall's Jayco , Mildura.

Jayco Eagle Outback

I can't speak for the service or experience dealing with Jayco themselves as i hired this 3 and 1/2 month old camper from a camper hire business. I can say that from the 10 nights i hired the Camper it let me down on multiple fronts.
The first issues i had was with the incredibly hard to setup and pack-down front annex. This annex is poorly designed and cheaply built. The end caps on the permanently mounted front support bar was missing or had fallen off with previous renters. This meant that when you clipped on the corner down posts they would slip off easily and the annex would collapse. It was incredibly time consuming to setup all the roof supports and already there were wing nuts missing from the annex posts. Packing it back up was a nightmare as the clips to hold the annex in place once you rolled it up were poorly designed. Second to give us trouble was the roof support post that holds the canvass roof up on both sides when the camper pops out either side. The fine T piece that locks into the roof in concept is a great, simple and easy system for locking it into place however is made of cheap plastic and in transit from one campground to the next, it broke rendering one end of the camper useless. I ended up having to move my 2 year old daughter to the other end with my wife, transfer out luggage from the couch area to the effected bed area and i slept on the couch. Third issue to arise was the roof mounted turn clips that hold the door in place when you pack down the camper. One of these broke off on our trip leaving one to hold the roof up. The door on two occasions broke free from the roof and was sitting on the camper floor when we arrived a new campsite. 4th was the 12 volt connection behind the sink that powered the lighting on the roof of the camper. This connection had already failed before we picked it up for hire and the hire company had to repair it with duct tape so it got a secure connection. 5th was the faulty draw clips which did not hold closed the draws properly which meant that when we arrived a new site half of the cupboards were open and gear had fallen out. This was also the case for the locking pin that held up the cupboard. It didn't work because of movement in the camper which meant it was a crushing hazard to my daughter if she had pulled on it.This is actually a serious safety issue. Next was the water tank level indicator which was either incredibly inaccurate or the dual tanks failed to swap over once one was empty but it went from saying we had full tanks of water to all of a sudden running out of water. The hot water system worked well in the kitchen but after one shower on the outside we could not get the outside shower to work again. We were told on return of the camper that an airlock occurs and you have to run both hot water taps to get it working properly. The right side rear brake drum seized up on us after day 3 and i was left with one brake overheating constantly and one not working at all. I ended up having to turn off the brake controller completely and use my utes gears and brakes to do all the braking. I now have heat damage or disc warping on my front discs which needs fixing. Lastly the connection of canvass to trailer is already splitting and the hire company has had to do running repairs to it. All in all for the 30k plus price tag you are literally buying landfill because that is where the camper will end up if you were to use this camper regularly for 5 years. You would be better off buying a 5 or 10 year old quality built camper or caravan for the same money.

I’ve read the scary reviews! I’m hoping I get a good run with mine

I have diverted the windscreen water through my own device . Very worrying that it’s not fixed by the makers.
I will report back . Everything looks ok. I’ve had the reverse camera fixed. The repairer also replaced a fridge 20 amp fuse for the 12 volt fridge.
A fellow traveller has commented that there is always going to be something that needs fixing on any Motorhome. Very true!
We broke the telescopic door stopper , but I found ( online) a pair of ball joints , and it’s fixed.
What is most annoying is the Suburban gas/electric hot water service. It’s great on electric ( although there’s no light to tell you it’s on! ) , but on gas it doesn’t work. It fires up , BUT WONT STAY ON,
I’ve had a plumber out who bent the igniters closer together , but it’s back to its old habit on gas.

Great if u replace entire plumbing

No pressure at sink. Had to hacksaw pipes off underneath and relay new straight STRAIGHT pipes. Also would not drain out.Better now. Handbasin drains into drawer. Apart from plumbing all good. Also after filling tanks,water goes into cupboard because no silicone.

We'd never buy a Jayco, pure and simple.

We have read all we need to about Jayco, we have been to the caravan show and wear and tear of a pop up camper wasn't good. It was a good test for it there! They are rushed built and no quality. There employment history at Dandenong isn't real good, people start in the morning, back on the bu by lunchtime. The stories on here are real life struggles and stress, that you don't get compensated for! We even saw a new one in the Ballarat Store, the cleaning after build wasn't good, sealant not cleaned up, swarf left on the benches and floor from drilling holes. They just look good on the outside but are poorly built on closer inspection. there is enough material to read here to scare us away and many other's. jayco don't realise how many people won't buy a Jayco, if they slowed down and did some old fashioned good old business they may sell more. Maybe they don't care and are selling more than they can build. One day it will come to an end.

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Does the jayco 19.6ft outback 2019 come with break away system fitted.Or is it an extra?
2 answers
Our 21.65 Silverline Outback came with the break away system as standard in 2016. We had the battery monitor for the system permanently wired into our car when we had the electric brake controller installed. We found this much tidier and more reliable then being plugged into the cig lighter.Thank you for your answer.

Where to buy cab side steps for 2007 3lt fiat ducato conquest?
No answers

Looking at buying 2006 Jayco Conquest motorhome. Approx 100,000 kms. Does Anyone know of any problems with Fiat motors Gary
2 answers
I would choose Iveco, or Iszuzu. Over Fiat.Until 2015 Fiat has had severe problems with water ingress into the engine bay which has caused corrosion and played havoc on contacts and sensitive electronic systems ! The cause is a design flaw of the scuttle which Fiat was in no hurry to fix. Its much better now, albeit not perfect. See also https://www.catchyadreams.com/jayco-fd19 and https://www.fiatforum.com/ducato/343440-ducato-water-ingress.html

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