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Jif Cream

Jif Cream

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ChrisSydney, NSW

Looking for a different product


I have used jif cream for over 20 years there has never been a better cleaner however the new watery product is absolutely useless doesn’t clean like the old jif

Purchased in December 2019 at Woolworths.



  • 6 reviews

Brilliant for soap scum and practically anything else!


Extremely pleased with this product. My family have used this product over generations and it still does an amazing job at removing soap scum on tile and glass. Its great for removing stains without much scrubbing. I've used sugar soap on the shower glass and tile for the past couple of years and it requires much more effort to scrub in order to get it clean but now that I've gone back to Jif it's clear that it is still the best cleaning product.

Purchased in January 2020 at Coles for $3.00.

Rebecca M.

Rebecca M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

New smell and Texture. No thanks.


I have used Jif forever. Actually over 30 years and I recently purchased Jif to be sincerely disappointed. It’s now watery texture and changed smell have put me off. I even went to the extent of comparing a Jif dated 2018 to a 2019.. no match for the 2018. I will be looking for something else now. Bring back the old Jif.

Purchased in January 2020 at Munno Para Foodland for $3.99.



  • 6 reviews

Still the best cleaning product


Been using this product for long time, great cleaning product however the one I purchased recently is quite watery, my last one (old version?) was much thicker, double amount used for same result compare to my last one.

Purchased in September 2019 at The Reject Shop for $3.00.



  • 3 reviews

Lid problems.


I too used to get very frustrated with the lid clogging up, until I had my epiphany and realised it is so easy to unscrew the lid and just soak it in warm water for a few minutes and rinse, problem solved. It's not hard to unscrew. Jif is the best, and I use it in numerous cleaning applications, especially the shower recess, as I know it won't scratch the glass.

Purchased in July 2019.

Audrey Robinson

Audrey RobinsonNorth-East, TAS

Jif Cream top


This is my idea for a new top I have been using for years.....the top is from a popular detergents top great and never clogs up far better than you top you may like my idea .....Audrey Robinson Scottsdale Tasmania

Purchased in August 2019.

Jif stains


I used jif to clean black stone tiles on the floor after the door pooped and now the black tiles have a white stain on them. How do I get rid of it?

Purchased in September 2018.



  • 27 reviews
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Miracle worker


I recently caused what looked like irreversible damage to a marble top vanity by using another cleaner and was told I would have to replace the unit as I'd tried every product available to remove the murky white stains that Bam left on it. Not thinking it would work, I hit it with Jif and lo and behold it removed every single stain perfectly. Jif was literally the only product that could remove the marks. Impressive.

Purchased in April 2018.


ShitforbrainsSprington SA

  • 12 reviews
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The absolute best


I’ve tried heaps of cream cleansers & Jif would have to be the “ducks guts” of all cleaners, it shifts dirt, fat, grease & grime magically... truely amazing with a subtle perfume... kind to your hands & does not scratch surfaces like many other products I’ve used in the past

Perfect cleaner


I used this to wash bathroom.Hard stain can be easily removed with little scrubbing. It's odor friendly, not like bleach smell. It is not harsh like other toilet cleaner. PERFECT CLEANER!

Good , but have some suggestions


Its a very good cleaner. I like to use it daily basis. Only the problem is packing should be upside down and transparent as this is creamy and thick. Its difficult to come out when quantity remain less

The only cleaning product that works on tough stains


I had tried everything to remove stains from toilet bowl left by previous occupants. I finally tried Jif and it was amazing! I can't believe I didn't think to try it sooner it came of easily after weeks of scrubbing and soaking with everything else I could possibly think of. Yay for Jif an oldie but a goodie.

Bev D

Bev DMelbourne

  • 4 reviews
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Great product, great value


Jif cream cleans my surfaces without scrubbing. Sinks come up so fresh and clean, with a pleasant clean scent. I like to clean my sink with jif after cooking with raw chicken as it gives a thorough and sanitary clean. So cheap to buy and you only need a small amount at a time, so excellent value.





Can i use jif cream on carpets? My son has smeared something into my floor rug and wont tell me what it is. If not what would u recommend i use?



  • 8 reviews

The best for tough stains!


Mum taught me to use Jif cream cleanser on walls to get rid of grubby marks and it is amazing how well it works! Also good for bench tops. I haven't had a stain yet that didn't come out with a bit of Jif :)

About bottle packaging


Product itself is excellent. Packaging has some issues. Once cream is dry on the lid, it gets difficult to close the lid and bottle keeps open. Lid often brakes too. To make product better user friendly and easy to use, Packaging needs improvement.

Vlahos Vera

Vlahos VeraPerth, WA

  • 5 reviews
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Caked up lids


I always buy Jif creme cleaner because it really works. It gently removes scuffs without too much effort, BUT how annoying is that useless lid that won't close properly once it's been used a few times because the Jif has caked up around the lid. How hard is it to redesign a lid with a sharp longer point under the lid that pierces through the creme when you shut it. A screw on lid would even be better than that flip lid that won't shut properly. This product has had the same lid for years and for years I've been poking the lid to break the build up of dry creme. Change it, it's 2017!

Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

  • 128 reviews

Great cleaner for the kitchen


Having just moved I found a bottle of Jiff in the kitchen. I used it to clean the very dirty cupboards and it worked so much better than a lot of spray on cleaners I tried. It cut through grease and also moved dark markings inside drawers that nothing else worked. I'm not sure how old my bottle of it is, as it appears the formula may have changed. But this one is just excellent. Messy container after use though.



  • 5 reviews
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Cleans well but gets wasted


Cleans well but the cream tends to clog especially when usage is already halfway to using all of the cream. It gets difficult to squeeze whatever is left and it gets wasted. To remedy this, I had to open the container and scrape off the remaining cream to be used for cleaning.


SarahGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 2 reviews

New watered down version


Has Jif been watered down? The last two bottles I've bought have been very runny. Perhaps a cost saving measure. It's not the product it once was. Will look for an alternative.

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how do i remove jif marks from walls. i used jif to clean the walls and have now left jif stains, clearly visible.

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Hi there

Can Jif or any of their products help to get rid of hear rings on wooden tables ?

I kind of left my hot pot on it for a while in error and I found a heat ring afterwards.

No answers

Merryl W.

Merryl W.asked

Is Jif ok for septic systems

No answers

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