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John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

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Frizz Ease dream curls spray

I used this after the shower. I combed my hair then applied to wet/damp hair. It made my hair drier and frizzier than ever before was like a massive boof ball with no definition of curls just a big ball of frizz. Never again what a waste of money.

Works but not amazing

It works but not for long. Also made me loose a lot of hair. Wouldn’t recommend although it’s affordable. The hair loss really scared me. Price is okay. Look for something else.

Hair magic in a bottle

I am a big fan of the 3 day straight styling spray. Even though I have fine hair and I don't experience much frizz, I have a lot of hair and this products settles the overall look which make my hair more manageable.

Sometimes I use the spray without straighting my hair as I feel the product works on its own. When I do straightened my hair with this product, I am left with smooth, frizz free and really straight hair and as the same suggests... it lasts for days!

Appalling customer service

Had a broken can, had to contact customer service every 2 weeks. They decided to give me refund but informed it will be processed after 2 weeks. I asked for reference number for the call, upon which the lady hung up on me!

Frizz Ease Dream Curls - lost my curls

Bought this at Woolworths for approx $14. The promise of frizz ease and dream curls caught my eye. Not to mention the professional packaging and artwork. Gives you the feeling it’s a salon professional product. The brand John Frieda has been around for a long time so points all round for trust in the brand. Then I tried it.
First impression: very strong perfume. Reminds me of men’s deorant range bought from the supermarket. Initially I was going to say smells like an old tart, very flowery. Took a few more whiffs the next day and has hints of cheap deodorant smell.
Onto the curls. I have wavy to curly hair. As every curly head on the planet knows, you never blow dry your hair. So I tried the product in 2 different situations- damp and wet hair, both occasions left to dry (not blow dried). The promise of frizz ease was true but I also lost my curls. This product flattened my hair on both types of applications. There’s an artificial shine for the first few hours, as if my hair was wet or oily. At the end of the day, my hair was just dull with flattened curls. Feedback to the manufacturers, please find a different scent and back off on the intensity by 30%. Frizz and curls should not be used in the same sentence and product. It’s one or the other.

So disappointed

Had read the reviews as I was looking for a good shampoo and conditioner for my hair which is fine and naturally wavy. After washing my hair, I let it dry naturally and it turned into a frizz ball. I thought after reading the reviews for this shampoo I would see a bit of a difference and it would not look as frizzy, but I was so unhappy that it did absolutely nothing for my frizzy hair. The result is exactly the same as other shampoos. This product that did nothing to reduce any frizz on my hair!

Finally! A solution for suddenly wavy, frizzy, thin hair.

I am 48. In the last year I seem to have lost 1/3 of my normal volume. And my gray hair comes in curly, which is crazy to me. I was struggling with a scraggly, frizzy mess. I couldn’t even do a French twist bc my hair was so thin. I had been unable to find a professional looking hair style that I like. I purchased 4 products from The John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth line: 10 Day Tamer, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Frizz Immunity Primer. used them as directed, lightly blew my hair dry, and used a 1/2 curling iron to form spiral curls. So pleased!!! Soft, silky hair, volume, and it seems to be holding the curl. Bless you John Frieda, et al.

The best serum ever

Got a sample of this frizz ease serum. Can't believe the difference it has made to my locks. Love the texture and smell of the product. Will definitely be buying and highly recommending this product. Thanks for the sample.

Really smoothed out my ends

I found the frizz ease conditioner really lovely to use, wasn't to heavy and didn't leave your hair feeling greasy. I left my conditioner in for about 5 minutes rinsed it out and the next day it felt amazing, it's a great product and will definitely be buying again. I have super long hair that tends to become knotted and frizzy easily so this product definitely worked for me and I would definately recommend to others to try and buy aswell

Waste of money for me - John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength

I used the John Frieda in the Extra Strength,as advise by the Priceline assistant
I used it exactly as told on the bottle. It made absolutely no difference to my hair. It is as frizzy as ever

Big difference for me

I have very fine slightly wavy hair and as soon as there is any humidity frizz or new growth go mental. After a few bad hair days recently I bought this product, from chemist warehouse, and now use a tiny bit into my palms every day so it's just enough to cover the top of my hair lightly after I have finished trying to blow dry it as straight as I can. My hair has been looking good, initially a bit oily looking that's now under control as it just takes time to work out how much you need to put on your hand. I'm very happy.

Life changer

I've been using the Frizz ease serum for 2 days now after reading online comments. I am very happy, finding my frizzy hair under control in the heat and humidity of a Brisbane summer. I think it's going to be a life changer! Thank you John Frieda.

Seriously the worst I have ever tried

Maybe my hair is not frizzy enough to use this "excellent" product.I was going on a date hours before using this product. What a poor choice! Never going to do that again.


The worst I have ever tried in my entire life, I have naturally curly and frizzy hair and this product made it worse and created more build up in the hair

The frizz ease serum changed my life.

Seriously the greatest line of products if you have frizzy hair. Never understood why i looked like a mad scientist growing up, my hair was soo bloody crazy but i've been using this product since i was 12 or 13 years old and at 19 and can positively say this product changed my hair life. It is to this day the greatest hair product i have found for my unruly frizzy hair. After a while my hair changed dramatically, it became SUPER soft, started falling beautifully even without the product in. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! WITH A PASSION!

This is perfect! Can't live without it!

I have medium length hair which falls just past my shoulders and starts to curl from the roots all the way down to the tips. Mine was a combination of curls and lots of frizz. After trying many products, I finally tried John Frieda Frizz Ease. I especially love the Finishing Crème as it dries naturally and doesn't look greasy whilst ridding ALL my frizz. These products really are good for those with frizzy hair who want their curls defined.

Heat Defeat Protecting Spray… Wow!

All I have to say is wow, I absolutely love this product!
I have shoulder length wavey/curley hair which I tend to straighten with a flat iron every 1 to 2 days (which is terrible I know). In saying that I wanted to try & use a product that could help (prolong) my hair from becoming frizzy/curly again for more than 1 day. John Frieda Heat Defeat Protecting Spray, has definitely done that for me. When I straighten my hair now whilst using this product, it stays perfect for 3 to 4 days until I wash it out & this is without using any hairspray! The only negative thing that I have to say, is that there is a tad bit less volume in my hair, however for me that's so not a deal breaker.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't like straightening their hair everyday, but still wants the perfect fresh anti frizzy hair that can last longer than more than 1 day.

Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray - great for fine hair

Lots of curl products are designed for coarse hair and weigh my fine, wavy hair down too much or leave it looking oily or crispy.

This works well even when hair is left to air-dry - cuts the fly aways and gives a smooth and sleek appearance to waves.

OMG Awesome Products

After trying so many other hair shampoo & çonditioners for natural curly hair, I have now found the right products for my natural curly hair. A product that leaves my hair soft n healthy look. No more wirey feeling hair. Thank You so much.

Salon quality

Im a hairdresser by trade and as a rule, I 'don't do' supermarket haircare. Bought this a few years when I needed to get shampoo & conditioner but where I was there was just a supermarket. I now regularly alternate this with my salon brand products.
I often think how well the John Freida brand would do if the advertised more!
I always tell people about this when talking about the best shampoo and conditioners
Gentle on the hair. Makes my colour damaged hair feel awesome
Pricey when you consider the small tubes it comes in

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Questions & Answers

What has happened to the frizz ease go curlier spray, which sprays on to wet hair? I cannot find it anywhere ?
No answers

My daughter is four are these products suitable for her curly wavy hair?
2 answers
You will need to ask the manufacturer that question. Sorry. Personally I wouldn't put products on a 4yo.I believe they may be, but I don’t have curly hair, so I am. It sure. I would read reviews.

I have used John Frieda hair products for over 4 years and have been very happy (volume shampoo, conditioner, volume spray and hair spray). My hair is fine in texture and white in colour. Three weeks ago I purchased your volume mousse.. I wash my hair every three days, apply the mousse and blow dry. My hair has taken on a yellow colour which has never happened before with any of your other products. Nothing else has changed in my hair care and I am quite concerned. Have you heard of this happened before and do you have any advise?
2 answers
Hi Terri, sorry to hear of your dilemma. Please contact the company directly. I am a consumer of their products but I hear your concern.My hair is white also, but I don't use Volume Mousse. i also wash my hair every 3 days, but I have only used the anti frizz and found that my was still frizzy,after using the product. I would not waste my money again, I asked Priceline what was the return policy only for receive a shrug of shoulders from the assistant.


Frizz Ease Range
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