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Johnson's Nursing Pads Ultraform

Johnson's Nursing Pads Ultraform

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Could be better

I find that the smaller pads dont do as well. I am waking up during the night soaked as i have leaked around the pad as it has slipped slightly out of place. The sticky on the back doesnt do much to keep it in place. During the day it is comfortable to wear and easy to use. Would like to see it bigger.

Best of the best in nursing pads

I have tried at least 5 different brands of nursing pads and found the Johnsons contoured pads the best for me. I won't buy any other brand. My reasons for loving it is:

1. Easy to put in place with 1 hand. Other brands are soft and flimsy.

2. Nice and thick with great absorbancy if you leak a lot.

3. Sits nicely in bra and good if you need room for big nipples .

4. Contour shape fits nicely with real breasts. You need a contour pad to fit around contour of breast.

Left me in a rash

The chemist was out of stock of my usual brand so I gave these a try. They were cheap for a reason. I didn't like that they weren't individually wrapped. Their shape was odd and absorbency wasn't up to par with other brands. The worst part though was that after a couple of days I started getting itchy but I put that down to engorgement as bub was going through a cluster feeding growth spurt. Then came the rash. It took a good week for that to abate. I won't touch them again. Be careful if you have sensitive skin!

Super itchy!

Admittedly my skin is more on the sensitive side, but these nursing pads have been the most irritatingly itchy so far. Plus the fact that they don't have any adhesive tapes causing them to slip'n'slid and constantly be adjusted (quite awkward when you're in public). On the plus side they are very absorbent & competitively priced.

Best nursing pads!

Soft, comfortable, mould to your breast and nipple, hold milk very well! I've tried so many other brands this is by far the best pads going I will be recommending it to everyone I know!

First time mum gives thumbs up

I have tried and tested many nursing pads. Avent, medulla etc and this product wins by far. Usually I'm not a huge fan of JnJ products but these nursing pads have superior quality and design. They have the softest edges and the most structure, including extra room for the nipple. They are the most discrete and comfortable ones tried.
Soft, comfy and have good structure

Best of all the brands I tried

Love these pads, never leak, split or hurt when nipples are cracked. The form of them does not squish your nipples! More expensive than other types and brands but I pay for them as they don't break open on me and stick to my nipple like other brands. Also not many places stock them I found them hard to come by have to stock up when I find them.
The form of them

Nice and soft

I've tried a few types and it seems you need to spend the money to get good ones. These are nice and soft and don't scrunch and sound like a bunch of paper in your bra. Easy to get in and out of your bra also as they are well shaped. The nipple mould is a bit weird designed to see from outside! They're are my faves.
Soft and well shaped.
Much more expensive.

A must have for Mummies

I tried lots and lots of different brand breast pads when I first had bubby and found so many not absorbant enough, uncomfortable or awkward looking under a bra!!! I was stoked when I bought these and they were soooo comfortable!!! I would recommend these everyone and have told all my Mummy friends about them.
They are very comfortable

Wouldn't use any other Breast Pad!

These are by far the best nursing pads available in my opinion. They have a much softer feel, don't bunch up and are superior in absorbancy as well. They are less obvious under your bra and there is no plasticy feel like some others. I recommend them to all my friends.
natural feel,natural looking, super absorbant, no plastic feel
From memory slightly more expensive than other brands

Ouch -They stick to your nipple

These pads stick to your nipple and rip the top layer of skin off when you try to remove them. Not even worth giving them away - I threw them straight in the bin.
The material they are made from is fibrous and definitely not suitable for the purpose. I am shocked that such a well known brand would release such a terrible product.

Sticks to nipple and rips skin off when you try to remove them

Too small!

I found these were ok for the first few days of Breastfeeding- when I still had colostrum, they stayed in place because they stuck to my nipple but hurt to peel off. Now that my breads are full with milk and nipples are healed the stupid pads slide all over the place and the sticky backing is a joke. I wake up every morning with my bra and top soaked in milk!
The pads are much too small for a Breastfeeding woman's big full breasts. I think these must have been invented by a male with no idea about this stuff.
Much too small, don't stay in place, stick to sore nipples, sticky backing doesn't stick.

Best maternity item ever!

Soft thick and comfortable, fantastic even for those first few days of your milk coming in! Have tried a lot of other brands but always come back to Johnson's & Johnson's. Never have a problem with those nasty milk patches on the outside of my clothes when using this product. I have recommended this to all my friends and family and they love it too.
Reliable and good quality

Best I have tried so far!

As a first time mum, I tried quite a few different nursing pads before coming across the j&j's ultraform nursing pads. I tried nursing pads by pigeon, rite aid and target but none were as comfortable and effective as the ultraform ones! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for comfort and good protection from leaks.
Comfortable, stays in place and effective

These are the best

I was given many "leftovers" of various breast pads when friends and family found out I was pregnant. I did not like any of them (and have since passed them onto my pregnant cousin!). I bought the ultraform myself and they are superb. I did not find any of the issues some others may have mentioned, although they will stick slightly to your nipple if it is wet when you put it on, but it certainly didn't stick enough to hurt talking it off! The shape looks a lot more natural, these don't bunch up like others, they don't have a plastic rustle sound when you move, and are really easy to insert one handed - which is very important with an infant! The hardest part is buying them - Coles don't stock them, and only some Woolies do. You can find these at Big W and Discount Chemist.
Natural looking and feel
Slightly difficult to find in stores


great breast pads and makes no rustling sound when in bra. Found these to be the best and more comfortable than the thin plastic ones as they are moulded to your breast.
love these breast pads as they are super comfortable and moulded to the breast
need to sell more in a box


These feel a bit better quality than a lot of other nursing pads that you can buy. They come with an adhesive strip that allows you to ensure they stay in the same place as it can be a problem otherwise. It would be good if there were more inside each packet as you will go through them if you have a new baby to look after. I found that I only really needed these for about a month. They are a quality one though.
These are good quality and feel comfortable to use.
That the boxes are not very big.


my overall opinion of johnsons and johnsons ultraform nursing pads was that they are really comftable to wear and you can be confedent wearing them with out worrying that the milk will come through, other then the price and quantity in the box i would recommend these to any new mums
i personally found that johnson and johnson ultraform nursing pads were very comfortable compared to a lot of other brands, they hold a lot of milk with out seeping through and i could be confident when out in public that my boobs did not look orqued or have leakage marks on my shirt which was great
the box does not come with that many in them and for how many you get in a box the price was a bit big compared to other brands


These pads are comfy & absorbent and it has the groove to fit your nipple so I've got no problems using it during the day but because it's size is a bit small I usually manage to displace it during the night so it didn't work for me at all during the night time. I found that the Pigeon Ultra Slim works better for me coz I can use it for both during the day and during the night. I also tried the advent ones but I think the size is too small as well.
Soft & Absorbent
Size is a bit small


I tried a couple of different brands but kept coming back to these. I saw some reviews had comments about fibres left on breasts but I didn't have this problem. They are a little thicker which to me was great, they fitted well inside the bra and the adhesive stayed stuck. I also didn't have any issues with the absorbency.
Well shaped
Easy to use
Good adhesive
Found them hard to get sometimes, so usually stocked up.

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Johnson's Nursing Pads Ultraform
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