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Looks great but not great. Need to buy a new pram after four months use!!!

manoeuvres well and is easy to fold worth nice high handlebar however the pram seat isn’t deep enough for bubs to sit comfortably, straps are too thick and close together, clip is nightmare to do up. I’ve only been using my pram for four months and the chassis is creaking and sounds like something is broken already. Front wheels also get jammed on tiny little bumps in the road. Easy to fold up etc, which is what I focused on but in hindsight I wouldn’t purchase this product again which is a shame as I loved it before I started using it and realised all these issues.

Purchased in December 2018 for $1,800.00.

Ease of Packing & Storage
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Hi Helen D. Thanks for your feedback but something certainly doesn't sound right! Please get in touch with our customer service team on service@my-joolz.com.au so they can provide some assistance. Regarding the five point harness, I do understand this can be very difficult at times trying to secure your child in the harness, however, Australia requirements now deem that all prams must have a 5-point harness and set strap lengths. We have had this same feedback before, and Joolz HQ took this into consideration on the Day2 and Geo2 by including magnetic connecting points in the harness. Regards JOOLZ

A few issues but otherwise a great pram

The pram travels quite smoothly on most types of terrain although I do live in the city so we haven’t really been anywhere besides parks and paved footpaths. The sun hoods provide ample shade. My oldest son sits on the top seat and always seems comfortable. The harness can be hard to use sometimes especially with a wriggly toddler.

My youngest son is 3 months old and is using the cot. He unfortunately hates it. The cot tends to be on a slight decline so when going for walks the top of his head always ends up touching the top of the seat. I’m assuming this happens as there’s no real support underneath the head of the cot. We have had to put a small pillow underneath the mattress to make it even. I’m looking forward to when my son is old enough so we can convert it into the seat.

As other people have mentioned, having the extra step of clicking the two front wheels is tedious. I have also forgotten do this and now one of the wheels is dented. Does anyone know how I can purchase a replacement?

Not to do with the pram but a Joolz product - The coffee cup you can purchase as an extra is a waste of money. You have to drink half your coffee otherwise it will just spill everywhere. I’ve used it once but I found it too dangerous having a baby underneath.

To be totally honest for the price of the Duo I didn’t expect to experience these types of issues. I believe if I were to only use it on my toddler I would be very happy but I am very disappointed with the functionality of the second seat. The only pro I have found is the fact that it is very compact compared to other double prams and it is easy to navigate around cafes, shops etc.

Purchased in November 2018.

Suitable for RunningNo
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Hi Jess, Sorry to hear you're having a few issues. One thing to check would be to ensure you have the tensioner bars in the correct position up against the black stoppers on the wooden base. See https://youtu.be/u7tmpgGuxyI at the 55-sec mark where they should be sitting. With the dented wheel, if you haven't done so already, please contact our customer service team at service@my-joolz.com.au so they can provide advice and a resolution. With the cup holder, yes this can be an issue with soft wall disposable takeaway coffee cups however it will take a more solid coffee cup a lot better. Bottles won't be a problem... Regards, Joolz AUS

Looks good but remember to lock!

Couldn’t agree with rest of posts more. The pram looks amazing and handles super well however the extra step of needing to lock front wheels can be a real pain. An extra step busy mothers probably don’t appreciate. Yesterday I forgot to lock the front wheels before I collapsed the pram and now they are dented. How can I get replacements and do they need to be replaced by a professional?

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Hi CSW, Great to hear you love the design as much as we do :) With the front wheels denting, we understand this is an issue, and are happy to replace them under warranty. It is really easy to replace, click the grey button at the front and the wheel will pop off, the just click the new wheel on. Please email service@my-joolz.com.au with a copy of your purchase receipt and image of the wheel so we can get a replacement sent out to you. Regards JOOLZ x

Best pram!!

I’ve been using my Joolz Geo2 for the last 4 months since our bub was born. I can say hands down it is a great pram. It is super sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. While it is definitely on the heavier side compared to other prams it has not been an issue for us. Another great feature is the UV cover which can be bought as an accessory. It protects our baby from the sun but also removes distractions when sleeping - we don’t have to use the wraps like other prams to do this which is a potential safety hazard. The basket below is also awesome. Would highly recommend!!

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Thanks for the stunning review Alicia, we couldn't agree more :) Cheers JOOLZ

Love the Joolz Geo 2

Every time I say that I must review my baby products, I forget to or just never bother! But I am doing it now as I research high and low looking for reviews before purchasing a baby product as it’s very important for us mums as we constantly go through doubled items lol or buy one and throw it out after finding out it’s not as great as we wanted it to be! So here I go lol.
Currently using my Joolz Geo2 in single mode, but cannot wait to use in double!
I had purchased another pram for the birth of my baby over a year ago. That pram I loved, however, it could not accommodate my taller than average toddler at age 13months!
I do regret not looking at this pram during pregnancy and having my heart set on another, missing the opportunity to have had this pram much much earlier!
It has been an absolute gem to push around! The style & overall finishing touches make you & bub look a million bucks haha!
A lot of effort was definitely put into the design & overall quality of the pram :) so the price tag makes sense! You pay for quality right?
The seat has plenty of room upwards for my LO to fit in there for many more years to come & even when the extended canopy is all the way back, it doesn’t sit on my LO’s head

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Thanks for the great review Elle. So important to have the right mix of form & function, and we're so glad you found that with your Joolz. Cheers JOOLZ

Beautiful looking - needs minor improvements

This pram performs beautifully, the suspension is amazing and even going uphill it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing anything heavy. Looks great and has a big basket at the bottom. Good accessories range as well.
Some minor improvements that could be made:
- Even when in full upright mode there is a slight incline to the seat, if you have a nosy baby like mine he will want to crane his head forward the whole time
- It would be great if you didn’t have to fully remove the seat to go between parent and forward facing (ie if the handle was on a hinge and just flipped between modes)
- only collapses down when in forward facing mode

Other than that I adore the pram, it’s very stylish and functional.

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Hi Leila H, Thanks so much for your feedback! Great to hear you love the suspension and functionality of your pram. I will pass on your feedback to Joolz product development team. Regards JOOLZ x

We had twins and this was a must pram to get

We surprisingly had twins and large too so we had to upgrade our single pram and trade it in for this one as it was Hevesy duty and not bad on price. The staff showed how easy it packs away but assembly was difficult not very good instruction book but overall both girls love sitting in the dual pram

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Hi Deanos, Thanks for your review, great to hear you love your pram! We understand it can be quite difficult to set-up your pram, if you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact our service department at service@my-joolz.com.au Hope this helps JOOLZ

Beautiful pram that is super practical!

First time mum here. I literally spent 6 months of my pregnancy researching and looking at every type of pram. Baby expo's ect. Just before baby was born I finally decided on the joolz, not only is it the most beautiful pram on the market it was the most practical for our lifestyle. We live on a rural property and I needed something with sturdy big wheels so I could go for walks outside on rough roads and gravel ect - works a dream. The bassinet is better than most actaul bassinets you can buy and due to having a c-section and living in a two story house - I use the pram with bassinet for her day time sleeps, for this reason when we are out she loves being in the pram because she is in her bed and she loves it! The pram is really easy to assemble and put in and out of the car, I have quite a small hatch back and it fits. The large shopping basket is fantastic for a quick trip to Coles to put your things in there. I love the mesh vent section of the hood, perfect for airflow on hot days. I also chose this pram for the ability to convert into a double pram when the time comes - much more appealing compared to the bugaboo donkey as its huge! Looking forward to using the seat option as the pram will then fold down in 1 easy step. Totally worth the investment! Very easy to use, can push with one hand very easily, super monervable and sturdy. Cannot recommend this pram enough!

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Thanks for the great review Emily, sorry it's taken us this long to respond! We're so glad you found your Joolz perfectly matches your needs. Cheers JOOLZ

Beautiful pram

The joolz is such an eye catcher and stylish pram. It moves almost effortlessly and has puncture proof tyres. After a few tries, I'm now confident in taking this pram out and about alone. I can easy fold and unfold the pram and fits in my hatchback car. It does have a bit of weight to it but the design outweighs the heaviness! It feels good quality and always have people complimenting me when they see me using the joolz. A bit pricey but I know I will have this for years to come.


I loooove this pram .. very easy to use very easy to fold , very light weight , and its very classy and elegant .. i love the basket it so big and it can fitt alot of things im so happy and satisfied with it .. i highly recommend it .

The best Pram by far available!

The most stylish easy to use pram available. It is worth absolutely every cent. As a first time Mum I could not be happier with how easy it is to setup and take everywhere with me. I can't wait until my little Beau is big enough for the full seat to road test that feature. The Bassinet is incredible for naps both inside and outside the home. I'll never buy another pram.

New mum, dream pram

I’m a brand new mummy and knew I needed a pram that was going to fit my lifestyle with our new Baby on the way. I have to say the Joolz prams stood out to me from the start from their quality, functionality and style was a big factor for me too. My husband and I (and baby) have loved using our Geo2 and has stood up to all of our expectations as new parents. Thanks Joolz!

Best pram on the market

We are so happy with our joolz geo 2. We got the double and it’s so easy push to with two kids. We absolutely love the one fold and it’s super easy to carry. The extended hood is perfect to prevent bibs from the sun. We love the look, quality and customer service at Joolz is definitely 5stars!

Love my Joolz!

So easy to fold and unfold, making it a breeze to take in and out of the car. Easy to maneuver on hilly, windy walks and around all those tables in cafes :). Now, the build quality... let’s just say my husband backed into the pram with his car and the car came out worse! (Baby not in tow!!!). I’m still shattered about the tiny dint it put into the frame of my beloved pram :( but am astonished that it was not caved it with the force that it took! Love this pram!

Joolz Geo2 is fantastic

Ok so I have rated this a 4 and although it’s perfect for me and I wouldn’t choose any other pram it’s not perfect for everyone. I love how stylish it is, how comfy for my baby, the functionality to change to a dual pram is fantastic. I can push it easily I can fit so much in the basket including the dog.
The accessories are worth the extra you pay and I love the colour selections of the pram. I find it easy to fold down and put up even when I’m in a rush and I love how the straps are soft and adjustable.

The only negatives which don’t impact me but could others are it’s quite big and heavy and you can’t fit much else in the boot of a small car (Mazda 3)! It’s worth the price you pay but I’m too scared to travel with it overseas as I didn’t want it damaged and let’s face it most airlines do damage prams, so I had to buy a cheap pram for this. The weight means it’s not extreamly easy to push “off road” like the farm we often go to.

However for me this is a 5 star pram and I love it.

Best pram!

Choosing a pram was a big decision and I did lots of research. I couldn’t be happier with my joolz geo. It’s such good quality, easy to maneuver and the storage basket is huge!! It’s great knowing it can easily adapt to a double pram in the future. i get lots of comments on how nice it is!


I LOVE my joolz Geo2 not only does it look stylish but it is such an amazing pram. The chair itself sits high which is amazing when eat at restaurants and pushing up to the table it’s like your very own high chair. The bassinet mode is also great and comfortable for bubs from birth my son loved it and slept so well in it (better than his actual bassinet). The pram Drives like a dream. Also is easy to fold and has a decent size shopping basket which can be removed which is handy. Another great thing about Joolz is their customer service team is amazing!!! We had a slight issue with our pram over the Christmas period when they were closed and when we contacted them during this time they rectified the issue straight away! I would buy Joolz again just for the customer service alone!

Best pram for first time mum!!

This pram is amazing! Super maneuverable, easy to collapse and pull up, its stylish, sturdy, has heaps of storage space, is the perfect length for our long baby girl and as a bonus is the perfect height for her tall parents! I would 100% recommend this pram to all first time parents!

Stylist practical pram

I love my Joolz pram. So easy to manoeuvre And I love that it collapses to fit into my car in one piece rather than having to separate the seat from the frame. I love the stylist colours and the leather handle bar. The wheels are great on all terrain. Our toddler loves going for walk in it!

Great stylish durable all rounder!

Very easy to maneuver, fold and put away in a 4wd!
Quality is sensational. I have had mine for 2 years and have just purchased an additional bassinet for baby number 2 and can’t wait to reuse the pram as a double. Very easy to clean and the Joolz company make great accessories to compliment the geo.

Highly recommend!

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Questions & Answers

I love the look of this pram and the reviews read so well. I live in the country so need it to be versatile in going Bush. I also run - I haven’t found any reviews on running with the pram? Can anyone provide advice on this? Thanks in advance!
3 answers
Hi Ellie, The Joolz prams aren't designed as a high activity stroller for regular jogging or running. For these activities, you would be best to purchase a 3-wheeler pram with a large front wheel. Regards, Joolz AUSThank you! For general moving on a variety of terrains - the Joolz Geo2 can manage this? I live in the country.Yes the Geo2 has large wheels, so is suited to a variety of terrains - grass, gravel, cobblestones etc, although it's not built for extreme environments. Consider it like an SUV compared to a proper 4WD, if that helps :)

Is the Joolz Day 2 footmuff compatible with the Geo 2 model, or are the footmuffs exclusive to a single model? Thank you.
1 answer
Hi Ida K, The Day2 and Geo2 footmuffs are the same, they are called the Uni2 footmuff. Hope this helps. Regards JOOLZ x

Can the bassinet of the Joolz Geo2 be used for overnight sleeping?
1 answer
Hi Samir, While the Joolz carry cot/bassinet is designed as a sleeping environment, unfortunately the recommendations in Australia deem that a pram is not a safe sleeping environment for full time/overnight sleep. However it is suitable for supervised sleep, eg day sleeps. We also suggest that the Joolz carry cot/bassinet is the second best option for overnight sleep if you are away from home. I hope that helps. JOOLZ x


Geo2 SingleGeo2 Double
Price (RRP) $1,869.00$2,579.00
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adaptersYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder and Under-seat StorageArm Bar, Cup Holder and Under-seat Storage
Weight12 kg12 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 60 x 90 cm30 x 60 x 90 cm
Release dateJul 2017Jul 2017

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