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Jura F Line

Jura F Line

F9, Impressa F7 and Impressa F8
3.5 from 23 reviews

Happy with the F7 machine

Have it for 4 years coffee is good and it works like “Swiss Watch” Coffee is hot and testy, we do min 6 caps every day. Cleaning tablets buy one buy.
I am using filtered water so filter in machine last twice as long. We use only Arabica not oily bins.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

descaling and cleaning

we get the message to clean the machine every fortnight without fail, even after using the expensive filter which doesn't need descaling. we get the descale machine error all the time.

we called the service guys a few times and were told the same thing. clean and descale and it will reprogram itself. it doesn't. then i was asked if i failed to change the filter, i was like eh.....

does it require servicing every so often?

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Dear Ariella, Thank you for your review on the JURA F8 coffee machine, the cleaning message should show after every 200 cups and 80 switch on/rinses and the filter is 50 litres. The coffee machine needs to be programmed to filter mode manually it doesn't program it self on this model only on the new models. if you would like to bring your machine in our address is 7-9 Hall st Hawthorn east and I can have look at the machine and program it for you please ask for Kylie if you come in. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales ManagerThanks Kylie. I realized later that I have an E 8 series. Does that make a difference? AriellaHi Ariella, yes as it uses a different filter a smart filter, we need to check if the water hardness it should be on the lowest.

Nice machine until it started to fail, very poor customer service

A good machine that worked for approx 8 months then the milk heating component stopped working, no foam, hardly any heat.
The machine then started to randomly turn itself off. We went through all the standard procedures but to no avail.
Harvey Norman refused to give us support as it was by this stage just over 12
Months. Jura did not reply to my calls/emails.
We went to a service centre in Newcastle and after telling us for months on end that parts were coming from Europe and that it would be covered under manufactures warranty they finally stated it was due to cockroaches in the circuit board and we don't have coverage. We do not have cockroaches, we have ants, snakes and spiders. They provided no evidence of the so called cockroaches and the unit was sitting at the service centre for many months. Really Poor service for a machine that was over $1.5k, poor service at the Newcastle centre, Crema Garage. Beware! Also check out how the Jura's rate on your reviews searches.

Date PurchasedDec 2015
Dear Phil, Thank you for your review and apologies for any inconvenience this may of caused, if you could kindly email you contact details to support2@au.jura.com I will look into this and ensure its resolved for you . Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales managerHi Kylie, I appreciate your response and will email my details again, however, I am disappointed that I couldn't be replied to many months ago. People are too time poor to be chasing companies for support. Thanks againHi, just an update, one year out and I have emailed Jura a few times and called but have not had any communication from the company. Disappointed.

Great machine, typical Jura, apart from failure with milk part

After we had for 12 years a great experience with an Impresa coffee machine, we needed to replace the good old machine as it had done its life. So we changed to this F9. Overall, it is a great machine, comes with 24 months warranty, that we needed as the milk part refused to heat. Otherwise, it is a bit more plastic-made than our good old Jura, but makes a great coffee. The beans container is a bit small, and you can not see how many beans there are still get as it is covered by a large plastic cover, probably to preserve your fingers.
But like so many others it is for us: once a Jura, always a Jura.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Dear hotkiwi, Thank you for your review we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your Jura coffee machine :) if you need any assistance please call 1300 285 872 or email support2@au.jura.com and we will ensure its resolved Kind Regards Jura Support Team

Jura coffee machine

So far so good, the people at Kambo's where great and the machine so far great.
Coffee is very tasty, I would like a few more pictures of things when setting this machine up explanations not that great.
Have it working though and happy.
Not sure how to adjust the temperature though as would like it hotter.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Dear Bushie, Thank you for your review, we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your Jura coffee machine if you need any assistance please call 1300 285 872 or email: support2@au.jura.com Kind regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Perfect Caffe

Great taste, fully computerized which means that the machine keeps tab of "Cleaning, Descaling). The maintenance is reasonable simple, instructions are displayed on the screen. The only reason that I cannot give it an Excellent Score is due to the cost of the tablets required for cleaning and descaling, otherwise a great machine to achieve that close to perfection barista experience.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Dear Imports Thank you for your review, we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your Jura coffee machine if you need any assistance please call 1300 285 872 or email: support2@au.jura.com Kind regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Best coffee at home

The coffee tastes like one in a coffee shop. It is very easy to use and easy to clean the water tank and the rest of the machine. it has many different types of coffee selection. the only negative point of this machine is its size and the tube for milk.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

It's been a pain

I am not happy with this machine, something is clogged somewhere. We have only had it for 5 months, we have descaled it many times, cleaned it many times, use the water filter, and it's still clogged. The coffee does not come out of the spouts, instead it deposits into the drip tray. More trouble then it's worth. Where is my Keurig???

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Cold milk

For what i paid for the machine would expect hot milk not cold wouldn't recommend this machine customer support none was on hold over 40 minutes gave up to hard to program sick of driving back to Harvey Normans for them to look at it cant keep driving back.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great espresso for a home machine. Still doesn't do froth right ...

Jura are Swiss made and on the premium end of the "super automatic" coffee machine.

And for the most, they're about as good as you're going to get at 'home' with-out a proper plumbed in, espresso machine setup.

Things it does well:
1. Reasonable espresso although don't expect the thick, creamy, velvety ristretto that the best cafe's manage out of the machine. But for an espresso, it extracts reasonably well and is forgiving. With quality beans, much better than Nespresso or other 'pod' machines. Both the espresso and long black are satisfactory. The machine runs rather hot, so delicate beans (e.g. Geisha) do not do as well.
2. Great for making tea or having hot water. Especially on the 'hot' setting, it's perfect for running through teapot without needing a kettle.
3. Cleaning is relatively easy and low maintenance.

Things it doesn't do well:
1. No electronic monitor to let you know when the bean container is empty. The higher end Jura models do this.
2. Remember to flush out the water container regularly. Or it will attract mould
3. Milk. It just doesn't do milk well. No super-automatic is the equivalent of a proper steam wand and technique. Milk is usually not particularly hot enough and far from the smooth, velvety micro-foam texture. Somewhat rather flat. I don't even bother now ... better results making an espresso and then adding milk, then using the microwave to heat for a 'flat' white.

You can program or custom program espresso and other settings to your desired dosing strength and mL of extraction.

On sale, this can be had sub-$2000. I bought mine with a bonus milk container/mini fridge but given the quality of the milk, never use it.

I'm unsure whether the higher end models (e.g. Z6) really do better espresso or milk than the F9. But for my daily work coffee fix, this machine has been a steady performer.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Perfect cup every time

This is the easiest to use and clean instant coffee machine!
Coffee tastes delicious, I also got the cup warmer which adds a nice touch.
Very very happy I went with a Jura, the guys at Harvey Norman showed me lots of machines and this one just seemed the best fit for my needs. (Manual is way too much work when I'm half asleep!)

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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Dear Amelia, we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your fully automatic coffee machine :) if you require any assistance in the future please contact JURA support on ph. 1300 285 872 or email on support2@au.jura.com and we will always to happy to assist. Kind Regards Kylie - After Sales Manager.

Expensive to run

Have had this model nearly two years. Yes coffee is only warm even when it is set for hot. I do heat up the glasses but I also have to top up the coffee with a small amount of boiling water so I can have a decent HOT coffee.For at least eighteen months every 9-10 days the machine has to be descaled and immediately the descaling cycle finishes it asks to be cleaned. Whether I have a filter inserted or not does not alter the descaling timetable. Add this up per annum! Ease of use is really irrelevant to the cost of running the machine. Coffee tastes fine but is a bit diluted because of the boiling water I require for a hot coffee. I have to empty the grounds container and tray 2-3 times per day which I really get sick of, although I averaged out the amount of coffees I made over the time I have had the machine and I average 15 cups of per day. This is quite substantial and I have had no mechanical issues with the machine at all which is a great bonus. My previous coffee machine WHICH WAS ANOTHER BRAND was replaced three times in eight weeks.
This machine has so far been very reliable. Its just the descaling and cleaning costs which detract from it.

Cold Milk Frother

day 1, cold milk....not happy after spending $2600 (incl extended warranty) Seems that the inlet tube's diameter is too large. Factory setting for 20 sec delivers about 250 ml of room temperature milk with NO FROTH - contrary to claims in manual. I would like the manufacturer to address this. The machine was sold as a top notch, ants pants machine. My old Kogan (RIP) did better milk.....
My terrrible rating is based on value for money.....

Good coffee But Latte only warm

The coffee tastes great. The machine is fast and easy to use.
I drink lattes and like them hot. This machine cannot make a hot latte. I have the temperature set at high. I expected a $1300 machine would be able to make a hot latte. I think it is time to try a different type of machine.

Very happy with this purchase

Coffee tastes great. I really like the way you can just put the milk straw into the milk carton. This means no milk jug to wash or store in the fridge. The settings are easy to use, but since my partner and I use the same setting, the extensive menu offers is probably wasted on us. Makes nice babychibnos too.

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Dear Kookypachooky, JURA is so happy to hear your enjoying your coffee machine, if you need any assistance in the future please email support2@au.jura.com and I will ensure it resolved for you. Kind Regards Kylie - Customer Support Team Leader

Pretty Happy With This Machine

Picked this up from David Jones during the boxing day sales for $1295 so a great price compared to rrp. I really like the picture dials, have only had it for 3 days so far so still working out the best volumes, etc. but having the option to adjust them is exactly what I was after. My main desire in a machine is to be able to make a very strong cappuccino in a big mug and ideally tall character themed mugs, I thought this one would have more room than it does given the adjustable height but it's still not quite tall enough, I can remove the drip tray but then the mug doesn't sit flat so you have to hold it in place, which is not ideal. Coffee wise, it tastes great!! The milk froth is also really lovely. I had read the reviews beforehand and saw the ones about the milk not being hot enough so set my first cappuccino to hot and almost burnt my tongue (it got furry), so I have no idea why people are saying it's not hot enough. Sure if you are just making a hot chocolate then maybe it won't be hot enough but for a baby cino or something I'm sure it's fine and when in a coffee I really don't need it any hotter. The design could be perfected a bit better. Having to move the mug from the milk cycle and then to the coffee is a bit of a bummer, I am using really wide cups to try and combat this but even so it still needs moving to the left when the coffee is ready to go in. Don't get me wrong I'm loving this machine but for a review it's better to know any draw backs. Cleaning is pretty easy, I'm not sure how well the milk tube will stay clean despite regular rinsing and I do need to buy some of the cleaning solution (it doesn't come with it) you do get a filter and a cleaning tablet though. Also make sure there is plenty of milk for it to draw from as the first one started to get air bubbles. And I forgot to add the fine foam nozzle (it doesn't mention it in the set up guide, but it is definitely a necessity, the foam without it isn't as good (too airy). Overall a great machine for the price, I've only ever had manual machines before, so the convenience of automatic with the flavour and customisation of a manual is what I was after and for the most part it delivers on all accounts and certainly world's apart from capsule machines (not that I would ever own one, it would take 5 capsules to get the strength I want!) but for people not familiar with manual machines and want the simplicity of a capsule then this could be for you as well.

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Dear Adnilem, Welcome to the Jura family and we really happy that your enjoying your coffee, if you require any assistance please email on support2@au.jura.com. Kind Regards, Kylie - Customer Support teamleader.

Milk temperature to low

I agree with the previous comments. I love the machine, terrific coffee and easy to maintain. If only one can increase the factory setting temperature. I will try the option mentioned.
I purchased a demo model at a reasonable prise at a store in Canning Vale WA over Chrsitmas last year. Now the machine is just part of my standard kitchen equipment and gets used daily. A highlight when guests are visiting. Due to the coffee (with milk) getting cold quickly I use double glass cups, and serve it one by one. If only I could make it hotter from the outset!

Once you work it out you wouldn't go back

I purchased this machine after hearing about a workplace that use this machine for 30+ cups a day and they are all consistent.
Initially when I first used it took me some time to work out how to customise my perfect coffee. I had come from a Nespresso machine of 7 years. I found that 65ml coffee with 16 seconds of milk is my perfect coffee. However, over a few weeks the coffee was coming out cold even with the coffee temp turned up. I had the excellent support of Jura who even came out to investigate what the problem was. In the end, a few things have helped.

- The milk container that came with my machine should have the lid off when storing in the fridge. Use a smaller tube from the container to the frother part.
- The milk frothing tool needs to be pulled apart and rinsed daily. Once a week I leave all the parts of the frother in a mug with the cleaning solution. I found this out from watching the Seattle Coffee Gear videos.
- Go to some very good cafes and you will discover that good coffee is not scalding hot. A good coffee is hot.
- Using double walled glasses.
- And the important one! Turn off the energy saving feature. Seriously it made all the difference.

I have also started putting hot water into the cup 30 seconds before making a coffee and pouring it out. I actually don't feel the difference... but.... I now have the coffee temp back to normal and it's hot enough not to scald but to enjoy immediately.

These are my recommendations. I was ready to send it back but I am now very happy. Turning into a coffee snob now trying different beans.

Perfect machine - great coffee, great quality build and stylish!

Previous to purchasing an Impressa F8 I owned a Nespresso machine and grew tired of the dull, stale and expensive coffee. Living in Neutral Bay - Mosman (great coffee scene), I also wanted to experience all that the local Lower North Shore micro-roasters had to offer but at home, without any fuss and in a machine that was simple to operate and easy to clean. I had also owned a manual espresso machine previously and it was so much cleaning etc, it made making coffee not worth the fuss and did not want to go down that route again.

I had heard good things of Jura from a number of people about their quality and ease of use and researched extensively before going in store to see it for myself (check out Seattle Coffee Gear for excellent and unbiased reviews, link below). I am also big on purchasing things of good quality and value rather than whatever is cheapest - the Impressa F8 ticked all of those boxes - the build quality is amazing, the machine is stylish and most importantly the coffee is perfect (provided you use fresh, quality beans - a prerequisite for any machine). The machine is also easily cleaned, prompts you when to clean it, empty the grounds etc.

What I love about the machine is the level of customisation for each beverage - coffee strength, coffee, water and milk temperature, milk and coffee volume, cleaning, etc etc. Despite that I only take my coffee as a short black, which you don't need to customise much, per se, I thought that having the ability to customise beverages was important feature, especially when entertaining. I have tried a few milk-based drinks from the machine and I can testify that the milk is heated and steamed nicely - the temperature is also customisable so I am not sure why people have complained about lukewarm milk (?).

The machine is big, bold and beautiful and perhaps excessive for my regular needs, especially since I don't drink milk, but I have given the machine a workout the past six weeks or so since purchase, about 5 coffees per day for myself plus those for any guests (I am living in a two-person house and my partner rarely drinks coffee). I have not been disappointed at all and would recommend this machine to anybody, especially a larger household with different coffee tastes.

I also recommend buying beans fresh from a local roaster in small batches - this will ensure your coffee is fresh and oh-so-satisfying! The hopper will also help keep your beans fresh because it is sealed.

Mine is amazing

I boughy this model, my brother bought this model & my sister bought this model. It's fantastic & heats our milk beautifully

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Questions & Answers

My jura 9 is making aload noise then a malfunction appears how do i fix it?
3 answers
Dear Helene, Thank you for our questions, can you please confirm if it happens when you first turn the machine on or when trying to make a coffee? Thank you JURA support TeamWhen I turn the machine on it right away makes a load noise.Your description is miserably unclear. can you please make a bit clearer what the issue is ?

Hi Since the purchase of the f9 model it has only produced Luke warm coffee, the temp setting is on high. We have exhausted all trouble shooting techniques all to no avail only to finish heating our coffees in the microwave, the machine has only made less than 20 coffees, we are happy with the machine other than this problem, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, failing that I'll have no other option but return the machine. Thanks in advance Regards matt
5 answers
Hi sorry but we do face the same problem and finish heating the coffee in microwave. tavDear MattyP and Prashu, If you could kindly forward your contact details to support2@au.jura.com I will be happy to email you a solution to resolve this issue. Kindly regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Have just purchased a Jura f8 impressa, tried setting it up but the beans won't grind? Just getting message saying 'fill beans' no idea why?!
1 answer
Hi there, is the clear lid in place? Not sure what else it could be. Maybe call Jura. Good luck.


Impressa F7Impressa F8F9
TypeFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully Automatic
Price (RRP) $1590$1850$2490
Input Power1450w1450w1450w
Pump Pressure15bar15bar15bar
Water Tank Capacity1.9L1.9L1.9L
Coffee Bean Capacity310g310g310g

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