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Kaboodle Kitchen

Kaboodle Kitchen

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Don't waste your money

My Kitchen is just over 6 years old and has to be replaced because:
1) Cupboard doors are falling off
2) Tap has split and spits water everywhere
3) Water damage under the sink and the door has collapsed
4) A leaking kettle has caused the bench top to buckle

I am the only person living in the house, so the kitchen has not had a hard life.

Return Claim MadeNo

Worst quality ever

I just bought a house built 4 yrs ago with a kaboodle kitchen and ever due appliances. In the last 2 weeks have had to replace the tap which split because of poor finishing of metal sleeve, the stove top because very low gas flow and the dishwasher as it did not fit a standard plate. Spend more for better quality, will save you in the long run

Return Claim MadeNo

Quality of benchtops

Purchased Kaboodle benchtops not long ago but after only a couple of months they are showing alot of scratches already, Im not impressed, Has anyone else had this issue ?

It’s about the Kaboodle

After reading some of the reviews, they are directed at Bunnings and poor installation, not about the product. My husband and I completed on our own, a very large Kaboodle kitchen. After watching the videos on putting together the cabinets, we set out and completed the process with much confidence. We also glued and screwed the cabinets for extra strength. All cabinets after leveling and attaching to walls, went in perfectly. We did have a few issues with unlevel/uneven walls, but that wasn’t going to be a problem after countertops went on. Our finished kitchen was absolutely beautiful. Also a note, we liked the fact that the backs of the cupboards were extra strong and we have had no issues with stability. We had a couple of small imperfections in 2 of the door fronts but Bunnings replaced with no issues. We did have to wait 2 weeks, but that was because we picked a colour that was custom. Kaboodle kitchen products are well made. We did all our own measuring and when we went in to order, we handed over our details and product page with what we were ordering and all was delivered in 2 weeks. Overall, we saved thousands of dollars completing our kitchen with a grade AAA standard product.

Worst customer service by Kaboodle and Bunnings

Started off with a so called expert at Bunnings in Bayswater wasted 2 hours with her we had to contact her regarding the kitchen took another week to get back to me than she wasn’t confident so we had a kitchen consultant come out another wasted week put a deposit down and told the benchtop will be ready in 12 working days so had all trades booked now it won’t be ready until the 12th even though paid the deposit ages ago What an absolute nightmare we had to contact them and follow up on everything rethink going with this mob bunch of cowboys

Warning to others. Reconsider your choice

Started a small laundry in May and as of November it is not finished. Bunnings are hopeless and after they have sold you cabinetry they don't want to know you. Terrible service. You have to project manage the installation so be prepared to give up a lot of time if you don't do the sensible thing and choose a professional kitchen or laundry company. This mob is clueless.

Think hard before you spend your good money

A close friend purchased a kaboodle kitchen through a Bunnings outlet and it cost 7k to instal it. The final product is disgusting and poorly presented. The whole job is not level from doors that hang crooked, some hanging at different heights. Cupboard tops that don't join correctly. The whole installation is a total stuff up. Kaboodal and Bunning were contacted about the problem who spent hour inspecting the mess. They were apparently disappointed with the workmanship and left the friend feeling that they would be helped and the problems fixed. Latest up date is they aren't helping my friend who now has to take action through fair tradings or consumer affairs if not their own legal action through lawyers. So a total of 30k was spent on this kitchen that is a total shambles and needs a total replacement. ?Who would buy this house 'ever' with such a dodgey kitchen?????? The purchase was done in good faith and paid on time. Now they all seem to be dodging my friend.


Way over priced for what you get it’s crap chip board and craft wood do not buy a corner cupboard they do not fit properly leave a large gap between doors and the hinges are to weak to support door and stop it from sagging just can’t get over the price though seems way over the top 1 600 door 1 300 door and 1 corner cupboard door plus 3 lengths of kick board $750 not including the carcasses does this seem right can’t get my head around the price.

Laminate Benchtops

We used Kaboodle laminate bench tops in our very recent full kitchen renovation and it was the worst mistake we could have made. When first fitted all looked good but.within a month one bench top had started to swell and distort.We called our builder back and he lodged a warranty claim for a manufacturing fault. This was denied by Kaboodle leaving us and our builder in the lurch... very unimpressed.

Customer service disgrace

Dd not get what i ordered, glass splash back chipped,other splash back not cut to the right size,it is in three pieces, wrong hinges.Their attitude about it in special orders Bayswater, disgraceful, just excuses, Bunnings are alright for paint, nails etc, do not get anything ordered from a special Orders.They are just there to take your money, they do not care about complaints, and do not compensate for their stuff ups.

Happy with our kitchen

The only downside with a white high gloss finish kitchen is you need to keep it clean! However I knew that when we purchased so that was fine. We purchased 3 years ago, everything still looks new and we get compliments on it. The tradie didn't have any issues fitting it and we are still very happy with it. The only negative is we found the price of the accessories expensive for the corner units and I'm not that happy with the handles I chose (squared off brushed steel, not sure if these were Kaboodle or Bunnings to be fair, but they have slight rust stains and I'll probably replace) Pretty much everything was in stock immediately as far as I can remember and the specials came in as advised.

They are very slow for everything

It took more than 10 weeks, not 4-6 weeks Bunnings told me initially for the cabinets to arrive with one piece of benchtop damaged. I'm still waiting for the response about the damaged benchtop and it's has been 6 week now and haven't got an ETA of this problem. I do feel regret having chosen Bunnings Kaboodle to supply my kitchen cabinets. Will never deal with them in future. I also should have looked its reviews on productreview.com.au before I brought. Super regretful!!!

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I got the replacement finally

Never again

We decided to get a kaboodle Kitchen as they looked pretty good instore, (Bunnings). It is an experience I will never repeat. My wife picked sourcream and blackberry for the colours and we were told after we had signed off on the design the kitchen would be delivered in 6 weeks. We chose stone bench tops and were told to contact them when the base units were in position and level then they would order the bench tops which could take a further 3 weeks. When the kitchen arrived I started to assemble the cabinets. The quality of the said cabinets are terrible, I did not think this chipboard still existed but obviously it did, on several occasions I could not get the screws to pull in properly as they could not grip on the very cheap and nasty chip board. It was like trying to put a screw into shredded wheat. On some of the cabinets the predrilled counter sunk holes had been done on the wrong side so the rough chipped edge was inside the cabinet instead of against the wall. The kitchen we replaced was much better quality and that was over twenty years old.

There was a couple of things wrong with the delivery like the wrong colour side panel and some incorrect hinges. We had to wait a further 6 weeks to get the right colour side panel sent out and then I have to collect the thing instore and take the wrong one back. Its a big panel 900 x 2000mm. Even though they came out and designed it, when the joiner and I were fitting it, half the time we had to make it up as we went a long. Even though they new that we would have to cut the cabinet doors down above the rangehood they did not provide and sourcream edging to cover the cheap and nasty bare chipboard. After some jiggery pokery we eventually got the kitchen in and at least on the surface it looks ok. So we contacted Bunnings to get the stone bench sorted as we knew it could take up to 3 weeks. They told us no problem Essential Stone will call to arrange for one of there designers to come out and measure up.

After three days we had not received a call I went instore and told the special orders desk, she told us not to worry it could take 48 hours they will probably call soon. After a week we still had not had a call so I contacted Bunnings again. This time they did look into it and I was told I had not paid a 99 dollar fee for them to come out and measure. I told them I had offered money when I spoke to special orders and they told me I pay Essential Stone direct. He said dont know why you were told that. So basically we went another week without a kitchen. The guy from Essential Stone came out 3 days later measured up and then told us we need extra support where the cooker was and the sink to prevent the stone from cracking. This was never mentioned before so we had to put these supports in place, which was not easy because the units were already in position. Before the designer for Essential Stone left he took payment in full and told us the stone bench would be fitted in two weeks. After 3 more weeks I went into Bunnings again to ask what was going on and they called Essential Stone.

After speaking to someone on the phone she told me that I would be contacted direct by Essential Stone. The next day they called to inform me that the stone would be delivered and fitted on the 18 October which was another 2 weeks away. I asked why it will take 6 weeks instead of 3 and was told that they were relocating and behind on production. So all in all we have gone nearly 3 months without a kitchen the amount of money we have spent on takeaways we could have bought a custom designed one which would have been installed in a week. We have not been offered any compensation from either Bunnings or Essential Stone. So my advice is if you need a new kitchen stay well clear from Bunnings and Essentila Stone. As I am writing this the stone bench tops are still not fitted so I am hoping there are no further problems, but I'm sure you can understand when I say I am not over confident that there wont be.

Bunnings hopeless

It took over two months and three incorrect different benchtop deliveries before Bunnings could finally deliver the right kaboodle benchtop.

Average kitchen

We didn't have the money to buy the kitchen outright and so it was very useful to go and buy sections of the kitchen piecemeal. We could do this because we chose a colour that was permanently kept in stock so just went and brought it and installed it as we went. One of the Bunnings sales assistants helped us design our kitchen on an in store computer, we had already designed the kitchen ourselves at home, but this in store help was useful. We were amazed at how expensive the kitchen was relative to how low grade the quality is and how much more there was to buy than initially meets the eye. Its really not as strong as we expected it to be, but we improvised with reinforcing certain aspects when they broke and the kitchen is now fully installed and works well. Kaboodle is a great idea allowing amateurs to totally renovate their kichen themselves. Our old kitchen was an absolute wreck and very very old so this new one is much better. Having said that it still feels and looks like a somewhat average, cheap, new kitchen rather than a fantastic expensive one.


Absolutely ripped off. Quality is just cheap boards and cost is high. No sink included. Just small kitchen cost $8,000 and after that only bench top quotation was $3,000 and possibly we got local company cost us $2,000 same thing. its just ripped off. Never going to suggest kaboodle kitchen. Pantry door came damaged and took them 1 month to replace it.

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Agree.there boards are just crappy.whatever we choose from booklet was its totally different it came.its just hilarious.best to go with local companies

Never, ever again

It has taken 8 months to finally install a Kaboodle kitchen in my small apartment. Eight months of being mucked around by Bunnings and Kaboodle. I paid Bunnings for the kitchen in October 2017 and it was finally installed June 2018. I am told a small kitchen should take two days to a week, tops.

The most serious issue is the incapacity of Kaboodle to measure a kitchen correctly and the time it takes for them to re-measure and get replacements supplied in a reasonable timeframe.

Kaboodle was a huge disappointment as was Bunnings where I purchased the kitchen and they cost me extra money, way beyond the budget. A small kitchen turned into a very expensive project and has now ended other renovation plans.

The Bunnings recommended installer was booked in advance and withdrew two days before installing the kitchen in January saying he had other work to do. I then found an installer of my own, rather than pursuing other Bunnings recommendations on their list.

Kaboodle had measured the kitchen twice (twice) and when the installer arrived to install the kitchen one kitchen door was too big (and was never replaced, so I live without it just gets too hard) and opened in the wrong direction, the benchtops were too short and the sink supplied by Bunnings was in the reverse.

Bunnings said they had no association with Kaboodle other than selling their kitchen and wiped their hands of it. It took months for Kaboodle to re-supply the kitchen correctly.

I now have a basic kitchen, but I paid much more for it than it is worth and the lack of competence I experienced was breathtaking.

Incredibly rude and poor customer service

The gas lifters on my cupboard have failed twice in 7 years. First time Bunnings replaced no problem. The second time Bunnings were happy to replace again, but they didn’t have what I needed so I had to deal directly with kaboodle. Absolutely shocking customer service. The last last email I got after going back and forth so many times was “we don’t have that part, your order is now cancelled”. Seriously? Is that how you handle warranty claims???
I will be fighting this, for nothing more than alerting management about the way custom service is interacting with customers. After reading these reviews I am starting to think management are aware and don’t care about customer satisfaction. Why offer 15 years warranty if you can’t supply the parts for 15 years?

Kitchen warranty met after 7 years

We installed a Kaboodle kitchen in Mar/Apr 2011 and last year, had noticed some doors were 'yellowing'.
We'd contacted our Bunnings store where we purchased the components from and were given a phone number and email to contact.
Several emails and phone calls later, Kaboodle have accepted our warranty claim and are replacing the whole kitchen with a premium egg white gloss premium range for no extra cost. Naturally they wont cover the install cost but I'd rather do it myself anyway.
To those with a similar problem, keep at them. I was like a dog with a bone on this one - determined not to let it go.
FWIW - Natalie at Bunnings Minchinbury was amazing with her followup emails and phone calls.

Bunnings pass the buck

Our doors have gone from white to yellow. When we went back to the bunnings we bought from we where told we had to deal with kaboodle direct and given a ph number.. luckily we only did our laundry. Thank god not our kitchen as no one will replace our doors.. bunnings say its upto kaboodle and kaboodle say its upto bunnings.. I will not be letting this issue go.

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Questions & Answers

Our relatively new Kaboodle benck top is scratching quite easily. Hate to think what it will look like in 12 months. Has anyone else had a problem with bench top scratches?
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has anyone ordered that the cupboards/drawers be made smaller? My kitchen is a smaller room, too small for the giant cupboard carcases?
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I just had standard cupboards and drawers. The kitchen staff are helpful so discuss the design with them.

Does anyone know if i can fit any other doors to kaboodle cabinets to keep my prices down? I'm starting to run out of $$ on my renovation, but have all the cabinets already installed.
2 answers
You would be able to put any door on as long as it is the same size and make sure your hinges line up Hope this helps CathyThank you Cathy

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