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Kambrook Citrus X-Press KJ12

Kambrook Citrus X-Press KJ12

3.0 from 24 reviews

Every Day Good for a Few Years

Worked pretty good for a few years, being used every day to make 2 or 3 juices. The only problem I found is that it has a mechanism to make the rotating knob that extracts the juice, go one way then reverse and go the other way. Problem is, this broke down after a few years and so put an end to a perfectly good machine. Sad to put it in the bin with a good motor still in it.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Works very well!

Bought last week and am very happy with it! For $19.95 I got a well-designed, functional citrus press which is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to put back together. Impressed, and can recommend it!
I use it once a week and do a lot of lemons in one go; my Myers lemon tree had lots of fruit and I have a lemon drink in the mornings.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Used for ten years each morning - simple and no problems

The Kambrook Citrus X-Press KJ12 is simple, easy to clean, easy to store, works well and it is cheap.
My answer to fresh Orange juice
I am happy as I have used the juicer for about ten years most mornings on 3 oranges with no problems.
It could be considered noisy, but I find most kitchen appliances are.
.. As a simple juicer it is good value.

Date PurchasedApr 2008

Pretty good juicer, does its job and worth the price $17 au

If you are over manually juicing your citrus fruits and thinking to get this juicer, go for it!

Purchased this at Harvey Norman for $17au sale from $20. With 12 months warranty. What a bargain :)

The design is solid. As per instructions to wash in hot soapy water and dry first before use, surprisingly when left to dry, the water dries up pretty quickly and clean off this product (good quality plastic).

Product has a decent length cord that plugs in the powerboard/wall. Easy and simple to operate. Just cut the citrus in half, then place it on the juicer cone (comes in 2 convenient sizes) with a bit of pressure of pushing down the fruit and the juicer will automatically rotate. Lift the fruit up then press down again to rotate the other way. Has 2 way rotations to maximise juicing.

I find that this juicer does an excellent job at extracting majority of the juice without much pulp coming off the citrus. The machine very smartly pushes the pulp up against the skin to extract the juice. All nice and clean. Also has a plastic sieve to catch the pulp and seeds.Giving you fresh juice, pulp free. For anyone similar like me who likes to eat the pulp, feel free to help yourself off the sieve.

When in action, the Juicer rotates slowly or at average speed that does make a bit of sound, which sounds a bit like a pig's snorting but a lot smoother and low key I promise lols. Very normal so it doesn't bother me or my child who is usually highly annoyed with loud sounds. Runs smoothly juicing up to about 10 oranges at a time with approx 2 secs rest (to cut orange) in between each orange, so have never experienced with overheating smells.

The jug that holds the juice in is awesome! It can store up to about 8 average size orange juice. I love that it can hold so much and you can put a lid on it to store away. The jug comes with a slight turn. Jug has a small pout that pours juice out seamlessly spill free. Serves up to 4 long tumbler glasses.

Very easy to clean with hot soapy water and a soft sponge to avoid scratching the surface. As for all plastic products alike, I find that washing them straight after use helps eliminate the plastic from staining and odour build up.

Has been using this baby almost everyday juicing mainly orange (using the small cone instead of the bigger one, which I find extracts more juice with ease).

Overall, very happy with this Product. Only gave it 4 stars because you do need to use your hand to apply pressure and press the fruit down while juicing to get the most out, which uses up almost as much energy as to juice manually. Perhaps an improvement with the cones design that will have better grip onto the orange or perhaps have a lid to hold down the orange while juicing, Kambrook?

Anyways, for that price what can go wrong when you have 12 months back up warranty? One happy customer.

Hope this helps.


Date PurchasedDec 2017


I purchased this to replace a 20+ year old Philips juicer of a similar design. This one is adequate; the two different size juicing cones are handy - the old one I had only came with one size, so limes were difficult to juice, but possible with this one. This one doesn't pour accurately, so if freezing the juice in ice-cube trays, I need to pour into something else first. All in all, only OK.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good Value

After 3 years juicing 6-8 oranges daily our Kambrook has given up. We will buy a new one since we have found the juicer to be reliable and efficient. No it won't last forever but conservatively it has juiced at least 6500 oranges before carking it. Happy with that performance.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

No difference between this and manual ones

I do get the juice but the effort i need to take is same as the manual ones. Felt like the manual ones are more comfortable and easier compared to this machine. Otherwise it is easy to clean and simple mechanism and good price but not sure how long it will work.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Very handy and cute

I am very happy with the juicer. Now I can easily get fresh juice any time. It is very easy to use and can be easily cleaned. It doesn't take much space. The product is not very loud. I use it very often. My family loves the fresh orange juice make by it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

so disappointed

No does not juice all the fruit.
Very loud
You wash it
Every day, oranges
We have never found the smaller cone, cannot see it anywhere
Hard to believe Kambrook would make such a thing!! And there is no other brand to buy in the ACT
Not like you can obtain refund and buy another.
Have arthritis so difficult to hand juice fruit.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Rob, please contact our customer service team on 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Kambrook Team

Planned obsolescence

Juicer worked fine for a few litres of orange juice but eventually the rotating mechanism just stopped. It's cheap and nasty and I suppose you get what you pay for. White plastic eventually turns a nasty yellow colour so with that and the cheap mechanism this item is not designed to last. Wouldn't buy it again.
Several reviews have commented on the same things as I have so it seems Kambrook obviously don't listen to their customers and continue to produce cheap, unreliable juicers. With some cars having 7 year warranties nowadays, and considering their complexity, there is no excuse for a simple juicer to last such a short time.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Cheap rubbish

Gutless Motor overheats after 5 oranges and looses what little power it had when cold . Press down and it stops and does not juice anything. It only juices 80% of the orange WHEN it works which isn't very often . I have to squeeze the rest by hand . It's quicker to use my cheap plastic hand juicer . I will be buying one that works next time from another maker..

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hi Pinto33, please contact customer service on 1300 139 798. Thanks, The Kambrook TeamI bought a Breville juicer instead which will juice a hundred oranges and never slows down .

Fairly good for the price but prone to eventual mechanical failure

Despite the following, I've found these juicers reasonable. I've had three KJ12s all of which have failed mechanically, variously through the hexagonal drive shaft cracking and cone socket splitting, resulting in the drive slipping and clicking, and the push-down internal switch failing, all of which I was able to patch up, and finally plastic gear teeth stripping, repairable only by replacing the gear. Gear stripping may have been caused by improper handling, so the drive should not be forced by applying other than normal handling of the shaft. Of two brands available at the Good Guys at the time, a quick powered test of each by feeling the top rotating, the Kambrook had considerably more guts. It rarely auto-reverses, a "feature" touted for some juicers, but more likely just occurs when too much loading causes their inadequate motor to falter. It takes 5-10 seconds to juice a half orange and, while I have used juicers that are twice as fast, it's fine with me.

I want dietary fibre, and the KJ12 delivers, with the strainer retaining mainly just pips (notwithstanding I don't know the dietary benefits of unmasticated pulp). The radial strainer strips can break if abused and be a nuisance. The small cone might be useful for small citrus but if you only juice oranges and grapefruit (per the large cone) it's an extra component to wash. Random squirts of juice escape so I arrange a cloth around the juicer to prevent surrounding objects getting sticky, and wear an apron. One final consideration is that a pressure of around 0.8kg is required to activate, and while one would normally use more pressure than this anyway, it can tire one's arm , so I push the fruit down using both hands at once, one of top of the other. A more expensive upmarket brand uses an overhead lever arm to press the fruit onto the juicer cone, but that unit's reviewed elsewhere. As for "you only get what you pay for", I've been content, juicing around 1500 oranges each year, although if a few cents more were spent on stronger plastic drive components, I reckon they'd last way longer.

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Hi Shredder2 - thank you for your comments. Your feedback will be passed on to the product team. Thanks, the Kambrook team.

The juicer appears to be cheap and nasty

The juicers mechanical drive has failed after 11 uses, no rotation. The item has been well cared for, had very little use and is out of warranty.
Under Australian Consumer Law, goods and services must be fit for purpose and must meet an expectation that there is reasonable quality in a product if operated in the environment the product was designed for, to last a reasonable period of time before breaking down through wear & tear.
This product has not met that expectation.

What a horrible thing !

First, it does not work, the rotation is made by a "ratchet style drive" not a motor.
Also after a couple of minutes the overheating induction drive starts to smell burnt.

Auto-rotation is the key word for a rubbish design.

Second, if it "tries to work" the noise is incredible.
Do you want to juice your fruit with protective earplugs, just go ahead !

NB: There are many variants of this bad design on the market !
Watch out for the same result.


Second juicer but this time smoke coming out.

Bought mine at Harvey norman in a box. Came home to find out it doesnt even work at all. So got it replaced but this time after 5mins of juicing, smoke started to come out of the base! Havery norman has no stock left and they didnt give me the manufacturer warrenty card.

Hi Tonez, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.I did contact Kambrook and they told me to return it too Harvey Norman. So i end up having a refund

Works well and great value

So, you expected a juicer that costs $20 or more to function like a Rolls Royce? Sure, you might get a (pardon the pun) lemon from time to time, but I think the key with products like this is to be careful with them, don't overdo it. Mine works perfectly. One thing that is overlooked by everyone. The design. Terrific idea with the two juicing heads, and even better the design of the grill around the head to catch the seeds and other solid material. It is very easy to wash and clean which makes it a winner for me. The juice collected is just that, juice, free of other junk that is collected up above. Two thumbs up for the price!

Second one to fail

This is our second juicer of this model to fail really quickly. You can hear the motor really struggle right out of the box. It has always left too much seed and pulp in the juice, we always need to run the juice though a sieve after juicing before you can drink it. I am trying my third now because Good Guys do not stock another brand, be warned keep your receipt it will not last the 12 months and like us you just keep going back for a replacement.

Not the worlds toughest, but reasonable at the price.

I bought this unit a few years ago and it has worked fine. Yesterday it stopped working correctly. I opened it up and found that the small plastic drive gear on the motor shaft had stripped. ( I like to know why an item has stopped working) Fortunately I had some suitable replacement plastic cogs available which I had bought on E-Bay some time ago. I was able to fit one on the shaft, reassembled the unit and it is working fine again.
Of course it would be easy to buy a new unit, but it is very satisfying to have made a successful repair.

Best value for money

Today I juiced 15 oranges - it died after 14. Did not even think twice - threw it out and going tomorrow to buy another one. For 20 bucks and after 6 years - it has served its purpose!! Would not even bother buying juicers that cost hundreds and still made in China.

Works for us..

I do about 20 large lemons at a time and find I get ALL the juice, more so than ever out of a manual juicer. This is a machine for batch juicing, not so much for the one or two in which case a manual (we still have a couple of those glass ones..) My son & D.I.L. are vegetarians and they have processed several cases of citrus through theirs in the past month and it shows no sign of faltering. We bought our from The Good Guys as they will exchange a faulty unit almost without question within the warranty period.
The old adage that "if you can't say something good..etc.." doesn't apply here. If you have had a bad experience or think the product doesn't perform as expected, speak up!.
As for effort involved here.. Well, nature didn't design citrus to give us mere mortals an easy supply of juice, but if you just lean your weight on the citrus half, just enough to ease the strain of your hands, and wobble the piece a little and use the reverse only if necessary, it's no more difficult (I'm a Senior) than going to bed .;)
And, like he said.. $20.. not $200.. !2 month warranty.. good enough for me.
Powerful, easy to clean and inexpensive.

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Questions & Answers

Does the centre stick come out for cleaning?
No answers

Is the KJ12 battery operated?
1 answer
Nope, it is wired power supply.

I was wondering if the container is glass or plastic now? I have had a Kambrook for many years and it is still working great but because of the plastic container the acid from the citrus has made it go cloudy and never looks clean
1 answer
It's still plastic, but now has a blue/grey tinge which looks nice


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