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Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program

Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program

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As it happened

Hi all

My name is Darren and my journey began the day of 14/01/2019 (33 years old) I was very unhappy with my appearance inside and outside of work, I would wear the same Warriors singlet over and over with a black Kathmandu hoodie and not join team events nor eat with the team at work. I experienced no enjoyment socially and well would prefer Uber eats meals continuously weekly and a box of corona beer daily with that. I started at 104 kg's and am now into my start of my 10 week going even stronger. I now weigh 76.10 kg's so a loss of 28 kg's total in about half way through week 10. This is something me and my partner have done together and it has failed in the past because it turns into a competition which it shouldn't (guys apparently lose more..), this time we worked through it and supported each other each and everyday, my partner is down to about 18.20 kg's. This was not a new years resolution as those have failed us with too much expectations, plain and simple 'just did it'. I have been suffering a lot of gout attacks on four different types of medications and well on the VLCD diet you take nothing solid but vegetables at the end of the night so stomach pains were daily as the shakes contain fructose.
I was advised to stop from Kate Morgans and my Dr's but I wanted health over pain, I lived with gout so it was nothing new. Now i'm on medication which removes that entirely which is great still on shakes with no re-occurrence for about 3 weeks. I guess I write this to say well it works the VLCD diet works, it always does and will, the diet chocolate shakes go down like a milkshake easily and carrot sticks for dinner are not that bad. Its simple and why I write this. If you want to archive a healthier body weight (disregard my gout off course) do this diet, the time will fly and the weekends will be extremely hard but hey when you adjust its as easy as walking. Good luck!

Value for Money
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Start DateJanuary 2019
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Temporary fix then gained weight

Very sickening. Digestion was irritable when having it. Liked the flavour of the shakes but felt awful and dizzy, pain in bladder.

This worked for me

I joined the Kate Morgan Challenge as they did a promo at the chemist.
I weighed in at 60 kg and lost a kilo a week on KM. I did it for 6 wks and lost 5 kilos. I felt great, looked great, had no cravings and had more energy. I followed the program and taking multivitamins and drinking plenty of water is a must.

Should never have started it! Waste of money

After 3 weeks and sticking to it exactly I've only lost 1.6kg. Lost 3.7kg on my own without this, but the worst part is that over the last week I have felt really ill and have terrible heartburn which I've never had before and a very sore stomach. So I'm giving up and going back to do things on my own. I would rather stay overweight than feel like this!! Don't do it if you value your health!
Shakes and bars tasted ok but some of the soups were yuk and so was the cereal!
Everything! Limiting things you are suppose to have is bad for you

Love it to

The best is the taste and so easy to drink, i am always on the run and easy to take with me. I lost all my weight got back into my clothes, yes you have to stick with it, the first week is the hardest but it works, will not try anyone else's weight loss program, Girls are great where i buy from. Great support. But i exercise also.

Waste of Money!

I tried the KM diet, as everyone raves about it. The food tastes like plastic! It is disgusting, I had to drink a mouthful of diet coke after every meal to get rid of the taste. I have been brought up on organic food my whole life (brought up on homekill on farm) , maybe this is the reason why. I really struggled, I am only 3kg overweight, and thought this would be ideal, but I really struggled to stick to one week, let alone 4!

I am pushing to the end of my week and am not finding it any easier, I have had headaches and sickness, so bad that my doctor has advised me not to complete the meal plan, saying it is unhealthy. As I have no time for anything else, I have decided to stick it out, and I have already paid for two weeks of supply, but seriously be warned this may not be for you!
Easy to plan. No meal Prep
Cost, Taste, Headaches, Nausea.

loved it!!

I tried this program to see if I would work, and for me it did. I lost 8.5kg in about 1 month n a half. I found it hard to start with but in the end I loved it. It made me feel so much better with my confidence and health. I would recommend to anyone
not being let down and knowing the program was working
it is expensive as I am on a budget.

It works.. Given that you stick by it.

I think it is a really good diet. It you stick to it 100% you are guaranteed to lose weight. I did it mid last year and lost around 8kgs within 4 weeks, and am starting it again Monday but being more strict on myself this time. I find with myself once I slip up, it's almost impossible to get back on track.

The shakes are delicious, as are the cremes and bars. The cremes are really filling, I was at times struggling to get through a serving (actually had to stop halfway through)
The only thing would be is, the first week is so hard. I was soo hungry, but once you get past that first week then you begin to get used to it.

Not working for me, male 38yo, 82kg

I've been on it for 4 weeks now, the weight isn't exactly melting off, lost less than 1 kg,and I still feel hungry after having a shake. My starting weight was 82kg, and over Xmas I put on weight, so I'm nearly back to 82kg. At first I liked the taste, now I don't like it.
It's easy, quick, convenient, affordable, and supposed to be a "good" breakfast.
Doesn't fill me up, still hungry, therefore I want to eat more to feel satisfied.

best ever

i lost 33 kilos in 7 months it wss easy and it makes you not like the foods that caused you to be fat in the first place i had a mouthfull of coke a month after i went on it and all i could taste was the sweet artificial flavours not what i remembered when i had it to all stick at it its better for you
easy to manage

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same! lol its like u can taste the oil and sugar in some foods.. im back on it now tryna loose more :). well done on your loss. may i ask what you did to loose 30kgs in 7months was it combined with healthy eating and exersize? :)

Love it

I have been doing Kate Morgan for 2 weeks now and love it. Haven't felt hungry at all. I have lost a total of 3 kilo. Love the tomato soup and the creme's. I have my salad for lunch and a creme after it instead of the shake.. feels like a real treat.
never hungry and it tastes great


i lost 10kgs in 5months of being on this programe i am aiming to loose more. the shakes are tasty and the soups r good for winter :). i had 1 shake for breakfast 1 shake for lunch then a hearty dinner and meat and veges and walked everyday just brisk to town. i do amit everyone is different and everyone looses weight in different ways. kate morgan help me to loose weight and i do recommend it to people who r struggling to loose weight too. :)
i loved the shakes in the morning pine lime is my fav! and the hot soups for lunch chicken is good!
at first you do feel hungry and u do miss real food but as u continue and stick to it you do see results rather quiclky and your body starts to become full off them :)

Doing great, but will it keep?

I have done this diet a couple years ago and found i lost the weight quickly but piled it back on once the shakes stopped. I find that if I stop the shakes, you cant help but put the weight back on as you tend to rely on them solely. Im paying up to $45 per week on these shakes when its cheaper for a gym membership and healthy eating plan. I will stay on this diet until I feel good about myself and then will join a gym to maintain it. Just watch the constipation, you will need to take extra fibre to help.
Very tasty, recipes were fantastic and easy to make
Expensive, very hungry come afternoon

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I'm fascinated that you experience constipation...it's the complete opposite for me! Not having any cramps or anything, but chronic diarrhea to the point of not wanting to leave my house.

Huge WASTE of time and money!

Painfull, uncomfortable, costly, lacking in any nutritional substance, pointless.

This is how I would discribe the program. I found it hard to be drinking my 2 main meals of the day. Starving! The program books that they supply you with have some good outlines on what you should be eating, but the books contradict themselves. One book tells you its all about eating carbs and protein and dairy in moderation, then the next tells you that your not allowed any dairy or carbs!

if you are active ( i go to the gym ) they dont provide you with enough to keep going.

side effects - painfull headaches, uncomfortable stomach cramps - from not being able to go to the toilet.

Costly $65 per week just for shakes. not realistic in maintanence after weightloss.
the shakes did taste ok, did drop some weight - all put back on during maintainence phaze. Great if you just want to lose some weight quickly for something but be prepared to gain it all back and be twice the size!
costly, uncomfortable, pointless

How long did u actually do it for?hi ive been on kate for 7 months lost 33 kilos i go on site for recipes and its only using your brain and if you put weight back on its because of what your eating dont mock them my doctor said i would lose weight due to a medical problem there the best thing that happened to me thats awesome iv lost 10kgs on them. and am hoping to loose more. wow 33kgs thats heaps how did u manage to stick to it and also wat excersize did u do? x


Simple to follow, very affordable way to shed unwanted weight. Sooo much variety. If you follow Maintenance program the weight will stay off. Go back to your old habits and you'll gain weight back. Has low GI carbs, protein (and even some good fat.
Lots of variety, really works if you follow the program. Have lost over 30kg - and maintained with Kate Morgan Mainteance guide which is real food. Great support.
Worst thing was admitting I needed it. No looking back now.


my chemist couldn't weight me because i weight to much. i spent the evening in tears and even ate alot when i had been so careful all week. Why aren't the pharamacy assistance taught. i went to the chemist and just given a sign in form and when i went to be weight they said the scales must of been broken. they rung me to say that the scales only go to 136kilos and i am about 163kg so thanks Kate Morgan for all your support to lose weight

can,t live with out it

i have been on the kate morgan program since march 2011 and have lost 15kgs and would love to lose around another 9kgs i won,t stop till i reach my goal i am very happy with the results so far would recommend kate morgans weight loss to any one.
its not expensive to buy.


Overall my eating capacity has dropped in only a week and I am feeling positive and healthier. I think to really succeed you have to have to be mentally ready, or nothing will work. I have lost a decade of my like being overweight, time I can't get back so now is the time to change. I work 6 day a week up to 12 hours or more a day and a round trip drive to and from work is 160km so exercise is really hard to fit in but if I can lose weight just by controlling my intake of food like this and not be craving or mega hungry then i will be thrilled. I have been a little hungry a couple of times but drinking water does help and I do my best to really wait it out before I think about having anything off the snack list. For anyone who is really ready to make the change give it a go.
I work in Security so meals balance and times are often very difficult, its quick / easy and for a really fussy person like me it tastes great. The shakes are filling and the plan is easy. I have struggled for years with my weight and for the first time I can see progress and results. Have only been on it 1 week and lost 1.8kg. The trick with the shakes is to have ice cold water to mix it. They go really thick and creamy some flavors are better than others. The Chocolate meal replacement bar is great for chololate lovers but have not tried the cereal or soups so can't comment on those. For me taste is really important a couple of the shake flavors are a little bland but the taste is not offensive at all.
Nothing at this point.

Thanks i found this helpful for someone who has tried kate morgan a few years ago... its encouraging to hear how easy it is to lose weight. I will try hard this time as i have a real try at it and i have a goal to lose 25 kilos as i need to lose this much so i can try for a baby.. that is my number one incentive... michelleI'm waiting on my first order of KM.. Just wanting to know; What foods are on the snack list? What can you eat between your breakfast shake and your lunch shake and your lunch shake and your actual dinner?


Terrible terrible products! Do NOT work in the long run! Cant understand why people continue to go on these things!!

EVERYTHING!! I lost 25 kilo's over a period of time with Kate Morgan. Then I started eating real food again and piled it all back on again! I was eating super healthy food and I stepped up the exercise routine as soon as I came off the shakes and it still didnt work!! This is a BAD diet to go on! Your body needs carbs and real food!! DONT DO IT!!!

Easiest Diet I have ever done!!

I have been on the program for 7 weeks and have lost 8.8kg's I'm now a healthy BMI but I want to lose another 6kg's to reach my goal weight (Pre-kids weight).
I have had several days off along the way for Birthdays etc but make sure I don't go overboard and limit this to 1 day per week when necessary and have always lost some weight each week.

The shakes are tasty... you can purchase singles to see if you like the flavour. I stick with chocolate, white chocolate, banana and vanilla.
The meal replacement bars are really yummy and curb any chocolate craving I have. I love the double choc.
The tomato soup isn't for me but I do have the chicken one on occasion if I don't feel like sweet.
The creme's are really tasty and keep me full for longer.
The snack bars are convinient, I took a while to get used to them, now I quite like them.
Easy, cheap and the only preparation required is for my evening meal. I cook the same meal for my family and just leave the carbs off my plate.
I was a little hungry in the begining.

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Do the bars contain polyols?
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what is the sugar content per 100g
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Heyah Susan I am unsure about the normal shakes ie the diet where you have 2 shakes and a protein but the VLCD one i'm on states sugars as 13.5g average quantity per serve and 32.0g per average 100g serve and the contents packet is 42g - hope this helps.

Could you send me some info on the Bars and shakes and the prices please? [email removed]
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