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Kellogg's Just Right Original

Kellogg's Just Right Original

1.9 from 16 reviews

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Weird artificial fruit flavour!

I don't know what it is, but there's a weird vaguely berry-like flavour across everything including the flakes. Just tastes so artificial, and the cereal has very little texture.

Not 'just right'!


In the past I was happy with Just Right, but the last TWO packets I bought - user date 28 July 2018 - have been inundated with weevils and I have had to throw them out! Disgusting! What has happened to this product? I won't be buying it again.

What have you done to my favourite cereal!

I have to say I am very disappointed in what you have done to Just Right. Nearly $8 now for a bag of wheat. You have removed most of the dried fruit in it. I know the price of things are going up on your end and as well for the consumer. But to cut the dried fruit out and fill it full of wheat is wrong. I wont be paying for a poorly made product. Shame on you Kellogg's......

A Nice, Tasty & Whole Breakfast Cereal

Tasty & whole without being overly sweet. The addition of the few apricot pieces are a nice
and small burst of sweetness!


I want the old apricots back. Taste better and there were more of them. I had a large box of just right and there was at least 5 times more sultanas then apricots. Very poor

I love it

Absolute perfect all round!!! Very good balance of flavours very happy

Not enjoyable boring

I bought this cereal just right as it was on special but I would never buy it again.it is tasteless and boring and has hardly anything in it. Not worth the price,

You have f**ked it up!

There is no polite way to put it. You've ruined an excellent cereal with the overly sweet candy apricot bits in the new formula. If I wanted candy bits in my cereal I'd add some Starburst, or buy Fruit Loops. It'd be preferable if you just removed them entirely. I'm sure Kellogg's has lost many customers due to this blunder.
Same base cereals as before
Terrible apricot bits

Just right/just not right

i don't like the new apricot pieces!! it was always just right and popular now its not right….rename….Not right. I just don't understand why a winning popular product needs to change for no good reason. Is this a money or supplier issue, because it has made an impact on my daily breakfast, I love Just Right and really don't like these changes.

the apricot changes

Worst recipe change ever

I, like many of the reviewers here, have eaten it for years and loved it. Now the 'apricot bits' they put in there are these strange tasting little floppy... things! I had hoped the first box was defective so I bought another, but no. Why change a winning formula, Kelloggs??

Change of recipe, nothing that everyone else hasn't already said

"Just right" has gone "just wrong"!

I have been eating Just Right Original for over 10 years for at least 4 days a week. Recently I opened a new packet and immediately smelled something was wrong. There was an artificial and sweet smell, that should not be there. On inspection, the apricot pieces, that I had got so used to, looked very strange. I inspected the list of ingredients on the package, and it turned out that the apricot pieces have been replaced by a mix of concentrated apple, concentrated apricot and a list of at least 6 other ingredients which do have nothing to do with fruit. I ate it once, everything had an artificially sweet taste over it, as if the sprayed it with artificial apricot flavour. I contacted Kellog's via there website and they seemed to be quite proud of the changes.
I have since thrown away the 2 large packs I had on the shelf and have found a great Muesli, that is full of real dried fruit, tastes great and is cheaper.

Replaced dried apricot by a mix of concentrate and chemicals; tastes horrible

New taste is terrible!

I bought 4 packs on sale. The first was the new version. It was so bad I called Kelloggs as I thought the product was defective. They told me about the new Apricot and the new apricot flavour given to the flakes. I threw that box away after one bowl. I have Just Right EVERY day. For years. I have hunted for every box of the original recipe to stock pile it. You can tell by the photo on the front of the box. Truely worst thing they have ever done. Why destroy a quality product? They smell alone is so off putting along with the taste. Yuk!
I used to love it! The taste, the variety of grains.
The smell. The taste of the new apricot.

Change for the worse

I've been eating Just Right for at least 8 years now it was that good, until now... They have made a change to the apricot pieces which really ruins the overall taste. I used to pick out the apricot chunks and eat them on their own they were that tasty, but now I avoid them.

Change of ingredients

Man. It is terrible now. I can't believe it. I have been eating it for 20 years and it was my favourite meal of the day.The new taste is crap! I have eaten pallets of this for years and now I can't eat it. I have gone to Uncle Tobys Fibre plus and it's not too bad.I made a complaint to Kellogs this morning about the apricot. Apparently the changes were made to remove some less than ideal ingredients (palm oil and the like) but thought that the apricot pieces were too weak in flavour so added apricot flavour to the flakes - yuck. I too used to pull out the apricot (and give it to my son) but now there is no way to avoid it! Just not right.

what have they done to it.

I bought a new packet the other day in fact it was on special so I bought 6 packets. But it is different.
The apricot chunks have changed- not for the better. Small little jelly like slithers - effects the overall taste.
not happy.The rest seems ok but this issue effects the taste and texture.

taste changed

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I agree, ruins the overall taste

Great cereal

This cereal is very tasty. It's one of our family staples. There's nothing too hard, or too sweet in this cereal. I would highly recommend this cereal to family and friends.
tasty, not too sweet, doesn't leave you feeling bloated


This cereal seemed like a good option because of the grains and the fruits, but its just blah! There is no taste and all I could taste was sugar. I wont be buying this one again because its a tasteless, sugary cereal which isnt cheap either.
I bought this cereal after standing in the cereal aisle for over 30minutes trying to figure out which cereal was the healthiest and tastiest to buy. I thought this would be a great option, unfortunately it wasnt.
It is too sweet and I didnt like the taste. Everything about this cereal was thin and tasteless and not good at all.

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