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Kellogg's Rice Bubbles

Kellogg's Rice Bubbles

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Love them


I love a big bowl of rice bubbles it's my night time snack , they are yummy .

Purchased in February 2020 at Coles.

Denis Marshall

Denis MarshallHunter Region, NSW

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Had my first bowl of this old favourite recently & was horrified,as the large bigpuffs of bubbles I remember were so tiny that you needed amagnifying glass to find them, plus there was NO Snap Crackle & Pop either like in the old days! Had no taste at all either...I chose to buy the Kelloggs brand over the Homebrand, but I think they are exactly the same thing & by being out into a Kelloggs box, we pay more for the brand name!!!! SHAMEFULL Kelloggs....STOP changing the recipe!!!

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Absolutely Sensational


Hand crafted my god himself. Nothing will ever top a simple spectacular bowl of rice bubbles. Would recommend at least a minimum of 6 bowls per day fot everyone in Australia.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $3.00.



Rice dust not bubbles


My large box of ricebubbles is full of rice bubble dust - which I usually only get at the end of the packet, I couldn't believe how much was in there, I even scooped out half the box to see if there were any ricebubbles underneath but it was still mostly dust.



What have you done there crap now, have at a bowl of rubbish even the birds won't eat it house em and the ants i saw throw them off their backs.

Helen W

Helen WGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Kellogg's Rice Bubbles


I made Mars Bar Slice for the first time in a year and what has Kellogg's done to their rice bubbles? The rice bubbles are half the size they used to be. Shocking and the slice turned out very hard because of the size of the rice bubbles. Please go back to the old recipe as I am sure Chocolate Crackles will also be a lot harder now using the new Rice Bubbles. I will not be using Kellogg's Rice Bubbles for anymore recipes in the future unless they go back to how they were. I will now have to find another brand.


NeilCIllawarra, NSW

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Not the same.


I don't know what Kelloggs have done, but the have seriously mucked up the old well known rice bubbles. They are now rubbish. Dear Kelloggs, please go back to the original recipe.

Rice bubbles


What's happened to the original rice bubbles. Did you run out of original rice bubbles and have to top up with the el cheapos. I am disappointed they are not the same. I don't buy generic brands, but may have to start if this is the quality that Kellogg's are going to provide. If you want to stay in the market pick your game up.

where are the real ones?


Looking forward to a bowl of rice bubbles tonight. Well was I disappointed. BIG TIME. They left a nasty aftertaste, are a lot smaller than they were and don't snap, crackle & pop as the original. What have you done!??!! I grew up with Kellogg's cereals I am now 60! They are exactly the same as the generic brands yuck!#* and that's exactly why I don't buy generic. very very very disappointed. They were a big Australian icon.


twink118Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

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I have to admit i do love a big bowl of rice bubbles although when i was a kid they were called rice krispies. they have a great packaging and often have free gifts inside for the kids to collect i do buy these quite often because they do taste so good.
Snap crackle and pop :) i used to live on rice krispies when i was little great taste and packaging and i love the adverts too.
None really i dont think that although the cereal id full of a lot of vitimans that your body needs im not to convinced its somthing i should be feeding my kids everyday.


toni_nakamaNSW, 2035

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Not Tasty But Healthier Than Others


I personally believe that Kellogg's Rice Bubbles is one of the healthiest cereals in the market. I said this not only because it merely contains .02 grams of sugar per 100 grams serving, but it is also made of rice grain which is known to be nutritious. My daughter does not like rice bubbles because of its bland or plain taste. However, my son loves it and he eats it with chocolate flavored milk (one that is low in sugar content as well) combined with fresh milk. I think the price is reasonable for the consumers. I will continue to buy this as long as my kids ask for it.
Not sugary, healthy, reasonably priced

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I enjoy eating Rice Bubbles with bananas on top. I have 1 bowl and I usually need to have either another bowl or some toast to keep me full to start my busy and hectic day.
I much prefer this cereal for children instead of sugary, chocolate coated rubbish as it is much more nutritious. They contain iron, zinc and vitamin C which are all necessary on my list of nutritious cereals.
It would be good if they made it with whole brown rice instead of white.
This product reminds me of my childhood. Listening to the bowl pop away
Does not fill you up like other cereals. Need to eat some toast with it to maintain fullness.



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We always have Rice Bubbles brand or another brand of bubbles in the cupboard as they can be used in cooking. I have some low fat / sugar biscuits I make out of them. My son likes them but it drives me crazy when he eats them as he has them without milk and they end up all over the floor. They taste great but not really a practical breakfast as they are not filling and you are hungry before the next meal.
Nice and light and tasty. Can be used in cooking.
Not filling as a breakfast cereal. Need a few bowls of this to feel full and you tend to get hungry quickly afterwards. Not as healthy as other cereals can be.


beautyqueenvic, 3824

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these are very versatile, you can eat them for breakfast with milk, or you can make chocolate crackles out of the or rice crispies veyr yummy, they are nutritious yet very tasty, the kids love them, they are filling and satisfying and definitely great value for money
love these, they are very tasty with or without sugar so its great that you can control the sugar amount you add, is quite nutritious, the whole family loves them, great value for money especially when buying the big box of them, the packaging is very eye catching especially for kids
there are no cons



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I like Rice Bubbles, they are fun to eat and taste pretty good. I guess they are nutritious and they do last a while because you can buy a really big box of rice bubbles. I cant find too many faults with this cereal, however, it can be a bit pricey compared to other brands of rice bubbles (e.g. Coles brand) which seems quite similar to Kellogg's brand.
Nice, simple cereal that tastes good and is not overly packed with sugar which is a nice change. Lovely colourful box, sometimes has gifts inside the box. Not a bad price. Well known brand.

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