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Less than 1 star really

Several years ago I contacted kinetic and asked them to cancel my insurances because I was already covered elsewhere. Almost 3 years later I discovered they had still been taking out almost 6 dollars a week in fees. Needless to say I rolled my super over to another account.
On the phone the third woman was an absolute wench with an attitude and she kept cutting me off. I was also put on hold 3 times, given a callback by some machine and then put on hold and cut off again! It took me about 40 minutes to get through and ask what my balance was and what fees I was being charged, which she couldn't tell me directly and said some 'chance' was a company they outsource everything to. Seems the whole lot is outsourced. Maybe they should outsource some customer service and decency because it seems they don't have much.

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Hi there, we’re sorry that you’ve had such a negative experience with Kinetic Super. Insurance cover is provided to all members who join via their employer, this is in line with the governments MySuper legislation. Members can cancel their cover by notifying us in writing that they no longer wish to maintain their insurance cover. If you would like to send through your details to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au, we’ll be more than happy to look into your account and investigate why your insurance cover wasn't cancelled when you initially requested. Thank you, Kinetic Super

What a bunch of crooks!

This fund strip mined my brothers super funds held by them.
It took me 2 years of trying to get them to release the funds to roll into our SMSF.
I cannot say enough bad things about this pack of thieves.

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Hi Reeftip, We're sorry to hear about your recent experiences with Kinetic Super. We would be grateful if you can send your details through to us at socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au, we will investigate this and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you, Kinetic Super

Still bad

After several attempts (three years) to get my late husbands Kinetic Super fund there is still no resolution.

Today, Kinetic Super have sent my three sons letters in relation to my deceased husbands super. For what reason I'm not sure. As if my children haven't had enough to tolerate.

I feel for the other members trying to get their funds. I think a class action might be in order and a letter to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

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Hi Amanda, Thank you for your post. We previously sent you a private message requesting that you send us your info so that we can look into this for you. Any communication received via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au will be forwarded directly to the case manager of your claim. Please send us your details to us via this email address and we will get in touch asap. Thank you, Kinetic Super

From bad to worse!

From what I've read in prior reviews, both here and elsewhere, Kinetic Superannuation are just as bad if not worse in key competency areas, member customer service, courteous and informed attention, prompt payment assistance and support, ownership and follow through, as ever.
My story aligns with the quite unacceptable business to member practices I've belatedly personally experienced and read of others equally disturbing experiences. Whoever at Kinetic Superannuation is responsible for overseeing their outsourced service. I refrain my using the word managing as clearly given member and extended member insights, their clearly not! Should concede their not up to the job. I would hazard a guess Kinetic Superannuation handed over (got rid of) a broken, useless and inferior process to a third party in an attempt to distance themselves from its lethargic, incomprehensible and completely unfathomable operational success. They now have the same inferior system managed by people who, don't know what they don't know, bumbling along with pass through interactions that support and serve no one. I suspect they live in the hope we'll just go away? I'm not going anywhere and my dogged resilience is steaming. The blatant incompetence experienced thus far is unacceptable.
Although I have held a Kinetic Superannuation account for some considerable years (20 ++) and receive correspondence and have access to my online account. Once I enacted a request, via my preferred Superannuation provider of many years standing, to transfer all monies into that account, the wheels firmly locked. I was informed my name wasn't on the account (initial only) and despite my tax file number being identical I received a letter from Kinetic stipulating I would need to identify myself vis a vis, certified copy of my driver's licence or passport!
I wrote and telephoned Kinetic and advised I don't drive and furthermore don't have a current passport. Another letter arrived a few days later listing alternative doc's. I obliged (via express overnight post) with double the number required and all duly authorised as requested. I further despatched an email notifying the documents where on their way and the eta. I requested, thinking it would save time and in keeping with the options written as available to me, directly into my bank account.Three business days later I followed up with another call and spoke with [name removed] who informed me the paperwork had only been delivered that day! Albeit it should have been with them Friday and today was Tuesday. [name removed] informed me it would take a further 10 days to process. I voiced my disappointment and asked why Kinetics payment process was outside the gazetted practice set by APRA (AustralianPrudentialRegulatoryAuthority) . [name removed] informed me it was internal practice and would follow through and advise me of my written requests progress. Since the conversation I have checked with Australia Post tracking and my item arrived early a.m. Friday.

It's now Thursday and I have received a letter from Kinetic, nothing further heard from [name removed], advising they cannot process my withdrawal as I haven't provided the necessary identification. Shocked! I immediately call Kinetic (1pm). Speaking initially with [name removed], he informs me [name removed] is on another call, however he will ask her to call me.
I might add that in the statutory declaration I included with my identification documents. I specifically requested should they require any further information or clarification of the enclosed documentation they contact me via: either telephone or email.
Without any return call forthcoming from [name removed] I commenced the long and arduous process of attempting to escalate my difficulty directly with someone in authority at Kinetic Superannuation.
I soon uncovered all my many and prior calls where in fact to a call centre. [name removed] and [name removed] don't work for Kinetic. Trying to track down a direct telephone number for Kinetic was extremely difficult, the call centre people didn't know nor did Google. Fortunately APRA did 03 86054400.

Message left for the Head of Member Service, who was otherwise in a meeting, to call.

At the time of writing I haven't heard from anyone at Kinetic Superannuation. My LinkedIn profile has been viewed by the Head of Member Service. In closing I share a unique differentiator. I'm the only person in Australia with my name and date of birth.

I'll continue to keep this post up to date with progress.
I attach the Link Group code of practice and ethics which clearly delineates the opposing experiences of many.
If Kinetic Superannuation are in anyway, shape or form interested in addressing change for the better in their members customer experience they need to address changes to the process framework. Commencing with the experiences of Member (survivor's) online posts.


Hi Nu Nu, We're sorry to hear about your recent experiences with Kinetic Super. Our intention is to ensure that your superannuation account remains safe and that only the account holder makes changes to their account. Occasionally when an account is set up, incorrect or incomplete details may be provided and for us to update/correct these we must follow a strict process. We would be grateful if you can send your details through to us at socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au, we will investigate this and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thanks The Kinetic Super TeamThanks for reaching out socialmedia@kinetic however the damage has already been well and truly done. The Link Group and the associated body corporates, ie. AAS (Australian Administrative Services ) who supposedly are Kinetic Superannuation (entity of Link Group) outsourced service provider for their administrative needs, are woefully inept and serve nobody in the purpose of existence other than in reality provide a facade to a useless body corporate network. I can't help but wonder why a legal class action hasn't already been instigated by the insurmountable dissatisfied and disappointed people you supposedly exist to serve? I'm still, at this point in time, awaiting resolution of what should have been a straightforward request that turned into a uphill battle with totally unacceptable precursors placed, left, right and centre, by Kinetic Superannuation and/or their agents to thwart my request and outcome. In my considered & humble opinion! I wouldn't put your organisation in charge of a chook raffle in a pub. Whoa betide all and any members who have an expectation of your organisation. Yours, disgruntledly Nuala Ross

Illegitimate Use of Money

They didn't want to release my super roll over trying to say they needed extra paperwork when I had supplied everything according to their own paperwork. Consultant I spoke to was unprofessional and discourteous. He said he wouldn't put me onto a supervisor as they were going to tell me the same thing. I provided all documentation required. I then got put onto an escalation person. Who started to proceed to tell me I was wrong until she saw their own paperwork. She then tried to tell me that they have extra rules on top of the paperwork they sent me with all their own instructions. She was later very understanding and helpful. They also that they wanted to charge me a high exit fee. At a rate of over 30% of interest earned. I am awaiting an outcome and have started the formal complaints process. This Super fund should have their financial services license removed and no longer able to trade. They are not able to function with business capability and clearly don't understand legal requirements and try to stall you moving funds from them to another fund. Like a greedy child who won't give you back your own toys. Avoid this superannuation fund and never do business with them. Nor regard them as able. They have proven this time and time again. See all the reviews.

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Hi there, We’re sorry to hear that you have had a difficult experience with Kinetic Super. If you kindly send your details through to us at socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au we will be happy to look into your complaint and provide feedback to our team on their process. Thanks, Kinetic Super


Submitted forms for my Late Dad's Super/insurance, supplied all the required documentation. Now they won't process the claim without detailed information for my dad's employer on a specific date in 2013 and detailed information about a doctor's details and visit back in 2013.
Unreasonable request in order to delay or get around the payout for his insurance.
They don't have a contact number for the insurance area where I can question their request.
The person I spoke with said that they require this information and that it's the client's responsibility to supply the documents.
If they needed this information they should have contacted my dad in 2013 but instead they deduct his insurance premiums and accept the employers contributions to my dad's superfund.

Now they've sent 2 forms asking for extremely detailed information that no one not even my dad if he were alive would be able to supply.
What the heck is wrong with this company? My dad's other super funds were a bit difficult, but this is absolutely ridiculous!

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Hi Jenna, I can assure you that we definitely do not delay the release of a late members benefit intentionally and we apologise that you’re feeling this way. Kinetic Super’s insurance arrangements changed on 15 June 2013 and this resulted in the majority of our members obtaining new or additional insurance cover. Existing members are required to satisfy particular eligibility requirements in order to claim an increased benefit. We wrote to all members in May 2013 advising of these changes and the eligibility requirements. From reading your post, I believe this may be the reason our Insurer has requested information of your late fathers employer and treating doctors in 2013. Until our Insurer is satisfied that members meet the eligibility requirements in June 2013, members are restricted to ‘Limited Cover’. This effectively means that only illnesses and injuries which became apparent after 15 June 2013 are eligible for the increased benefit. If you can kindly email your contact details and your fathers Kinetic Super membership number to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au, we will investigate this further for you. Thanks, Kinetic Super

This Company Is a Bad joke

Just try and remove the "Opt Out" Insurance. WOW what an issue.
i do all the right things and they finally (after threatening to transfer) they get back to me and say they never received a completed and signed insurance Cancellation Form. If they cared to look back on the email they responded to they would of seen it attached 1 month prior. I am just amazed how they seem to respond to this review page faster than to their own correspondence.
Over to you Kinetic. Cant wait to hear the dribble.

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Hi Packo, our apologies for the experience you have received. I’m keen to look into this further for you. Please send your details through to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au, we can ensure that your cancellation of insurance cover is effective the date in which your form was initially received by us and refund any additional premiums you may have incurred during this time. Thanks, Kinetic Super

What's in a name?

Apparently, a whole lot of red tape and beaurocratic run around is what's in a name. Have been trying to change my name with this company since 2016. Have submitted documentation twice, and now about to submit it a third time.

Kinetic claims that I submitted uncertified documents (untrue), that I sent documents without any cover letter or change of details form (more untruths) and that I can't roll out of their fund until I resubmit EVERYTHING again to get my name changed in order to roll out.

I'm doing this yet again, keeping copies of everything for my records and if this isn't resolved this time, taking my case to the ombudsman.

If I could give them 0 stars, I would.


Hi Magz - we’re shocked to hear it’s been so difficult for you to update your name with us. To make sure you get the correct information and we make this as smooth as possible for you (from this point onwards), please send us an email with you info and we’ll get back to you ASAP – socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au. Thanks, Kinetic SuperHi Magz. This is to confirm that we have received your email and have forwarded it to appropriate person to handle this for you. Thanks, Kinetic Super

How is this particular company still operating?

Agree with many posters. I too had an account opened by a temporary employer (without my knowledge and despite my advising of my super fund). By the time I got the 'welcome pack' it was three months later. I also discovered that my account was whittled down to nothing from about $600 due to their fees and insurance. They advised that I should have 'opted out' of the insurance. How on earth can you opt out of something that you didn't know you had??? Then when I tried to transfer a small balance of $120 it cost me $60+ in their transfer/withdrawal fees. This lot are bad news. Avoid at every cost. And anyone that does work for an agency or any kind of temp work - make sure they DO NOT sign you up with Kinetic. The energy involved in dealing with them is draining and you can never speak to anyone higher and they just keep parroting the same useless answer. They do not care at all. I am going to write to my local MP and the Minister responsible and direct them to this page to read all the tales of being ripped off.

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Hi Lou, your employer definitely shouldn’t have opened an account with Kinetic Super if you provided them with your own super fund details. If you still have an active Kinetic Super account, you can contact your employer and request that they obtain a refund from us. They will then be able to direct your contributions to your existing fund (please note, this is only possible if your employer made a genuine error which resulted in you becoming a member of Kinetic Super). We’re very sorry to learn that you did not have a positive experience when trying to resolve this matter with our team and are more than happy to look into this further for you. If you can kindly send your information (including membership number) to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au we can provided feedback to the relevant team members and also look into the fees/deductions which occurred on your account. Thanks, Kinetic Super

Will be going to the ombudsman

Last year an employer must have ignored my request form for my own super contributions and set up an account with Kenetic.
I only just found out when I went to do my tax and noticed I had $2700 in an account- I rolled it over immediately and after a week I got an email from my super account saying they've received the payment- of $780 !!!!! What the hell! I've heard of exit fees before but this is dishisting!!!!
Hope you like going to court over $2000 because I work in complaints and know for a fact you should never let an injustice slide! So disgusting!!!!

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Hi. Please send us your previous Kinetic details to socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au and we will get the right person to contact you asap. All our fees are clearly listed in https://www.kineticsuper.com.au/personal/why-join/fees-costs. The exit fee is no where near the $2000 as you mentioned so it might be best to speak to our team member to find out exactly what has happened. Thanks, Kinetic Super

It's been 3 years

My sister passed away just over 3 years ago and we've filed for her super cause my parents are her next of kin but they keep sending us out the same form to fill out and re-fill out over and over again cause they've "lost it". Like come on, it's been three years already... do you not have sympathy for family members who have lost loved ones?

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Hi Ula, we’re sorry to hear of your loss and hope that we can help sort this out for you. As claims can involve many different parties we are unable to advise how long the process should take – we think that three years is too long! Could you please send your details to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au and we will have our claims team investigate and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Kinetic Super

Hopeless and useless

My super has been mismanaged and the auditing is not streamlined, I have to chase everything up and they don't return my calls!

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Hi Peter, we’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. We have tried to locate your account based on your profile match but we couldn’t find any information. If you would like us to assist with your enquiry and/or provide further feedback please email us with your full name and account details to socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au. Cheers, Kinetic Super

You've got to be joking!!

Employer opened a super fund with these people without my knowledge April 2016. My employer paid super into my nominated fund until I ceased employment. Received a letter saying welcome to Kinetic in May 2017. Apparently my employer had neglected to make a payment into my nominated fund, so put it in this one. Rang Kinetic who said they received a payment of $270, but it was all gone because they backdated insurance premiums to 2016. They said they would have taken more out, but there were no funds left!!

Question must be asked, would they have paid my insurance out if I had died and the premium was paid a year later? I don't think so!!

Avoid at all costs... or you will just lose everything.

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Hi Geo, When an employer sets up a Kinetic Super, we are required under legislation to provide default Death and Total and Permanent Disablement cover to our members. We’re sorry to hear about the experience you have had. If you can please send through your details to us via socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au we can have a look at your account and help out with this. Thank you, Kinetic Super

It's been 3 years since my fathers death we are still waiting!!!

Terrible still waiting and they keep stalling, tell me something different every time I ring and still charging my dead father fees....

Hi Richards. We are sorry to hear about this. When we are notified of a members passing, our team make adjustments to the late members account to ensure insurance premiums are no longer deducted. Until a payment is made to eligible beneficiaries we need to continue investing the benefit and therefore administration fees will be deducted. Three years is longer than we expect for a death claim to be assessed and finalised and would like to look into this further for you. Can you please send through your details to us at socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au and we will be in contact as soon as possible. Thank you, Kinetic SuperI ring every week I don't see the point! I feel we are just getting the run around and it's making it very difficult to grieve.Hi Richards. It’s definitely not our intention to make this process difficult for anyone making a claim. Please email us your phone number to the above mentioned email address with your full name and I will get the person in charge to call you today. Thank you, Kinetic Super


My contributions whittled down to nothing. I was shocked. Never chose the fund but an employer did.

Thieves. Belong in jail.

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Hi Dare, There are different reasons that your balance can reduce in your super account. If you would like us to provide you with an explanation of the transactions on your account, please send us your info to socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au and we'll get back to you asap. Thank you, Kinetic Super

Good luck with your retirement

I was with Kinetic super and cannot understand how the regulators let them operate. Their service is bad, their customer reps are clueless and they are not there to address your concerns. Call their customer service team and ask them to give you a break down on your return and their hidden cost. Answer would surprise you.
I requested to move my super out of kinetic and had to make 8 plus calls and complaints before they released my funds. I had lost money due to their delay and incompetence in processing my application and had to deal with the useless customer reps that kept providing false information. One of their reps advised me, my name on my QLD drivers license was in reverse order and hence they could not process my application. I called the QLD dept of transport to confirmed they had my name correct. I called back and another rep advised me they were not familiar with QLD driver license and hence the transfer was held up. This went on for weeks with multiple excuses that made no sense. Even after filing a complaint, they never sent me an acknowledgment or any response. The entire Government oversight over superannuation is weak or broken based on my experience here. I filed a complaint with the super tribunal and this took 2 years before it even got to hearing. Guess what! Kinetic agreed to settle one week before my hearing. This was also their first call back, from Kinetic acknowledging they made some mistakes and were willing to settle.

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Hi Jason, We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please send your feedback to socialmedia@kineticsuper.com.au and we will forward it to the relevant teams for you. Thank you, Kinetic Super

If I could give a Zero, I would.

I had no choice but to go to them as recruitment super changed to them. I went from $6500 to $0 and a closed account in less than 2 years. Ive bee trying to do a TPD claim and they have stalled for 2 years and literally ignore all phone calls and havent even put claim in with CommInsure. I swear they are a fraudulent fund! Waiting for the "Kinetic is an extortion fund" News headline.


Don't Use. They won't release my money. Even though I have supplied all their forms. They say they lost them. So I have to refilled and resend.

March 9th 2017 Update: Still waiting

It's a month since my last review. I still have not had a successful outcome. They send emails asking for the information I have already supplied I give them what they want and they still ask for the same thing again and again.

Stole my entire contribution upon opening the account!

My initial contribution of $74 from a part time job wasn't paid until January 20. They backdated their fees to November 11 (when I started with my employer on a part time basis) and deducted an insurance premium I didn't agree to or was advised of. Their fees totaled $73.34. I got a letter that my account had been opened with them on January 9 but by the time of my call in late January, all my funds were gone. The silly thing was that I had been thinking of consolidating all my super with them. AVOID! These guys are thieves.

Con artists who steal money

They charge ridiculously high fees and insurance you don't want. Have whittled my fund down to nothing. They claimed couldn't find my account when I applied to take what little of my super was left. Now it's with their Trustee - terrible, stay away and if you are temping take the time to go with another firm it will save you money in the long run.

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I am currently with kinetic super after reading all the reviews i am considering to switch to another fund. Please suggest which one is good.
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Colonial Mutual, First Choice SuperHi Syed. I have found Sunsuper to have pretty reasonable fees and be easy to deal with. But can't make any specific recommendations other than Kinetic are terrible take your money and run!Yes.. if you haven't already, switch! I, along with 10's of 1000's of others have been severely mistreated. Look at the reviews. I can assure you that Kinetic are the only Superannuation company in Australia with this amount of complaints.

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