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King of Knives

King of Knives

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They have a lot less knives than before

Over the years we have noticed that the brands quality and quantity of the knives on show and it is down to visit all three small cases of very few knives now they seem to be more interested in selling kitchen products than knives
we finished off buying our knives online 100s to choose from and cheaper and better service

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Customer Service
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Store LocationRobina

Awful Customer Service

Took back a faulty vacuum flask that wouldn't open and even after they couldn't open it themselves, made it almost impossible to return. Said they had to talk to the supplier to see what they could do and then was rude and insulting, bordering on racist. NEVER going to buy from KOK franchise again as the whole franchise seems to have a very lose outlook on customer service.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationCastle Towers, Castle Hill

Chermside branch damaged my Wusthof Carving knife and now will not claim any responsibility for it.

We went into the Chermside Qld branch to buy a knife sharpener as the one they sold us years ago was worn out. We bought a new knife sharpener $219.95 and I also bought another knife. Two weeks ago I bought another expensive knife. We gave him our Wusthof knife with very fine chips in it, to sharpen, thinking that he was a professional knife sharpener and knew what he was doing. No way! We uncovered the knife when we got home and the whole shape of the knife has changed. If I sat the knife on the edge blade on a cutting board you can see at least a 4cm long indentation in the blade and I can see daylight through it. (See Attachment)I have also now checked online and the knife sharpener he sold us is not a good sharpener for the knives he has recently sold us and is the whole reason our knives were chipping in the first place. I am very disappointed with our service here as when we went back in to speak to Warren and he denied he did anything wrong even though we showed him the knife.

Product Quality
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Zero Customer Service

King of Knives Castle Hill - Never Again.
On an attempt to exchange a faulty inexpensive product, the Franchisee immediately started blaming my husband and I, his refusal to investigate or listen was astounding.
On quoting consumer law in relation to faulty goods he just kept saying you are wrong. The final straw was when he started taking photos of my child.
I will be relaying our experience through a number channels to ensure those in the local area don’t have to endure the same experience.

Terrible customer service.

I attended KON at Chatswood to buy a wet stone sharpener. For buying the service was good. The problem started when 3 days later I went back because the stone broke in half where it’s glued. The salesperson was so rude and condescending. He treated me like a fool and criminal. After a while the product was exchanged for a new one but Mendi (I think is his name) wrote on my receipt that I’m not allowed to exchange any more the product if the second one comes with a problem. I’m afraid that person doesn’t know what customer service is!

Rude saleswoman

18/07/18. The products I have no issue with. The Saleswoman was very, very condescending. Would never go back . Never had an issue with any store at the Plaza before.

Reccommend Sharpening in Brisbane

I don't normally write reviews but after getting my knives sharpened at King of Knives in Brisbane I am amazed at how sharp they are. One of the knives had the tip broken off and they not only fixed it but it came back with a mirror finish. Thanks to the staff at King of Knives I will definitely be using this service again.

Great sharpening service in Brisbane

I had my knives sharpened in Brisbane at a couple of the king of knives stores. My knives are very sharp. Great service from the staff in store. Highly recommended.

Worst Service I Have Ever Experienced!

Absolutely gutted! Will never get my knives sharpened here again! Amateur knife sharpening service, should be banned from sharpening knives! I handed in 2 knives, a USA Gerber and a Bowie. both excellent quality knives and factory sharp so i wanted "Razor Sharp". When i received them back the first time the knives were duller than before, he had scratched all the knife and the knife was ruined. I complained about this so the bloke had another crack at sharpening the knives. This took them a total of over 2 weeks and what a disaster! the knives came back totally scratched and damaged! The arrogant shop clerk advised that the blades were "Cheap" therefore could not be sharpened? Cheap blades? This was the worst experience i have ever had and the sales there were shockingly rude! I will never return to this store and i recommend no one get their knives sharpened there! Now i have 2 brand new hunting knives which are ruined all because inexperience. King of Knives? King of Damaging Knives...You need new staff and you need a new knife sharpening service, period! Absolute rubbish!

Good service

Staff came to help me quickly and gave good advice. Offered an alternative accessory which saved me money. The item was on sale so I saved there too

King of Knives - Laguiole not made in France

Laguiole is not a brand of knife - it is a type of knife. A knife with a particular style, so named after the general area in France where a number of cutlery makers make this style of knife. King of Knives have taken advantage of this and have a trademark on the very French sounding "Roi Des Couteteaux" which appears on the blade and or packaging.
I am a collector of pocket knives and made an impulse buy before checking like I should have. King of Knives sells many pocket knives .Fewer and fewer of the sort of pocket knives I seek, are major brands. Major brands are getting expensive.
In the King of Knives shop most of the pocket knives for sale ,are those pocket knives with makers names I have never heard of before. They may be ok as a cheap using knife you can afford to lose but being made in China at the lower end of what you expect to pay, they are way below the quality and good value of comparisons with the well known knife makers.

A genuine Laguiole type pocket knife can be anywhere from a $100 upwards ( checked July 2015) where as I paid $29 or so, on special reduced from $79. You get what you pay for. I feel deceived, but it will only happen the once ,with me.

Really I should have known better!

Superior Service

We bought a much desired cook's knife from the Carindale (QLD) store, and were given the opportunity to test knives and discuss the advantages of each with the salesperson (Madison). The after sales service which Madison was able to offer us was exemplary - she was accommodating and understanding and ensured that we left the store satisfied. We will definitely be shopping with this particular store again in the future.

Misleading and deceitful selling fake/copies

My wife and I thought we had found a great buy! We saw a laguiole cutlery set marked down from 199 to 79.99 bargain! While we were looking at the product the shop assistant came over to us and after we stated wow that's cheap she began to tell us that they sell them that cheap because of the buying power of an Aussie wide company and the volume that they bought for Christmas sales. And we stupidly believed it! It wasn't until we were driving home and my wife was having a look at them, when she said these are made in china! Knowing that laguiole are made in France we went back for a refund. And that was fine no arguments from shop but when I stated that it is morally wrong to mislead people into buying what they perceive to be genuine I was told that they sell them because laguiole doesn't have a trade mark therefore they are not fake they just have the same NAME! When asked the shop assistant believed it wasn't her position to inform us they were copies, she thought we knew even though we questioned the cheap price. I feel sorry for the countless people Australia wide who have bought fakes and worse gifted them to people. king of knives should be boycotted for ripping off and misleading unsuspecting Australians shame never shopping there again

Selling fakes!

Great shop, great service!

I've been shopping at Kning of Knives for about 7 years. There range is pretty good and their service is always A+. The staff in the Upper Mount Gravatt store are all just brilliant.Highly reccomended! If you need kitchen gadgets or knives, pay them a visit. The staff will always point you in the right direction!
Lovely staff
Small stores

King Of Knives Happily Sell Imitation Laguiole Cutlery

I was shocked to enter a local store in Melboure to discover fake LAGUIOLE cutlery sets gracing the cabinets. I rang the King of Knives head office to inform them about this store and they simply replied 'Laguiole is not a Trademark name, therefore we source a supplier from China that make these products'.
The cutlery is a direct copy of the original and not that much cheaper, although they may not be breaking the law it is a clear misrepresentation of the item and they are deliberately trying to rip off unsuspecting customers. These items are a very close copy to the original and unless you have a keen eye you could easily be scammed by King of knives.
The fact that they are deliberately taking advantage of a 'loop hole' and they have a 'if you don't ask we won't tell you' policy is an absolute disgrace and I will now flat out refuse to purchase anything in these stores just in case they have the same atitude or loop hole with other branded products that I am not familiar enough with to tell the difference.

Shame on you King of Knives, I hope that your customers see this review before they are carelessly taken advantage of by you.

Happily selling counterfeit products to unsuspecting customers.

Was a great shop prior to the crackdown on 'personal folding' knives.

I've been gracing the King of Knives stored since early 1998, when I purchased my first Leatherman Micra. I have always loved to go to the shop that was in Australia Fair Southport until it closed a few years later on.

King of Knives sell everything from Led Lenser torches to Folding utility knives to Leatherman multi tools and the household knives and other kitchen based utility oddments and 'knick knacks' - its a veritable wonderland of sharps and non sharp items.

The customer service is variable from store to store, the Robina shop has very poor customer service and yet at the opposite end of the pole the Pacific Fair and the female manager there is super helpful and even if she has little background knowledge of steel compounds and or future products from individual producers.

Up until the importing laws changed for the worse which clinched down the importation of concealable single handed folding knives, I think alot of what I loved for King of Knives died with it. Understandably that this is not their fault, I feel that a company of its size and standing within the community that they should have done something rather than succumbing to the rulings of the importation bodies and customs.

I still at every chance go in and have a nosey around with the products that remain and there are some interesting pieces, however whats left becomes boring after a while and seems standard from year to year - there is nothing really eye catching anymore.

Some of the prices are prohibitive also, and on a product eg Led Lenser MT7 I found a $50 difference from store to store and even a $80 difference with another camping store - no prices that they could match even with calling head office.

Its such a shame that this store has become main stream and has slipped to a more boring stance with the community, they should have advocated 'knife rights' and continued to be a pivotal store and resource to knife fanciers like myself.
I did like the range of quality folding knives available, now I like some of the new items that come through. However nothing much changes for the better!
Has become very mainstream and boring to visit.

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King of Knives
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