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Fantastic new kitchen

Love the space and accessibility of all my appliances and the overall openness of my kitchen and dining and living areas are amazing the sleekness and splashback really sets it all off

Terrible kitchens.

There was so much that is terrible.

2 seperate people measured the wall and still got the length of the bench wrong, Didn't include the spacers required .
Didn't include anything to hold the bench top up above the dishwasher the side walls were supposed to magically stay up by them self and the bench top just float there.
And the doors they included for one of the cupboards was the wrong size.

All the times we contacted them we were met with a "we are right , you are wrong" attitude.

Great Company & Wonderful Service

From the design, to the delivery, to the installation, our experience with Kinsman was wonderful. Nicole the designer was friendly and very professional when working with us on the wardrobe design. Throughout the whole design process, we were contacted by Kinsmans to work out any finer details. The guys who the delivered the wardobe later on were also very friendly, approachable and professional - I think we held them up as we had a great chat with them afterwards. As for the tradies/installers, they were on time, friendly and professional - the installation took no time plus they left our room nice and tidy once the install was completed. Overall our experience with Kinsman was a very positive one and we would highly recommend them to other potentional customers.

Happy Kinsman Kitchen life

Im enjoying my newly renovated kitchen and I have to thank the kitchen designer from Kinsman Kitchens who came and worked with me to design what I wanted which was more cabinet space and more bench top space to the installer who worked to the plans and the tradies. I can now prep and it has been a joy to be able to make a meal without feeling cramped in my kitchen.

Terrible Experience

The best experience we had was with their kitchen designer who did a fantastic job. From then on totally woeful, poor service and you deal with multiple companies who blame their suppliers for everything that goes wrong. We purchased from their "express" range and had someone else install it...well the parts that turned up anyway. We were missing some major pieces which mean't the installation took 4 weeks and still going. We even received parts we didn't order or need. When we raised the issues, some of the missing pieces arrived the following week and some we are still chasing 4 weeks later. We've been told three times that missing pieces would arrive....never arrived and no call or message to let us know it was delayed. You have to chase them. If you think you'll save time and money ordering an express kitchen then factor in the cost of paying your installer to come back again several times and the added stress of living without a kitchen for over a month. As for quality the materials are ok but not what you'd expect for the price. We ended up using a small local flatpak company for the laundry which was a far better option in the end.

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Good morning, I sincerely apologise that your issues have yet to be resolved. I have sent you a private message so we can work to make things right. Regards, KK


We had a sales person for Kinsman Kitchens over to do a quote for a kitchen renovation. The sales person, in my opinion, was quite difficult to deal with. We have had a number of kitchen companies quote, and all have sat and found out exactly what it is we love about our kitchen and what we don't like, hence taking into consideration our personal preferences when redesigning the kitchen. I didnt feel like the Kinsman sales person/kitchen designer really took this into consideration and just seemed to be doing everything she could to add more cabinetry to the kitchen (and subsequently adding cost). I found her quite difficult to reason with, and when i tried to explain that i really didn't want to compromise on dining space to add more unnecessary cupboards, she was clearly irritated by this.

When giving the final quote, it was over what we had already stated to be our maximum budget and although she was offering discounts etc, it was difficult to get an exact breakdown of the price. Ultimately it looked like were being quoted 11K for 11 cabinets (plus all the bench top and extras etc) but how one simple kitchen cabinet can cost $1000 is beyond me. Having been to the show room, i really don't think the cabinets look good enough quality to charge such extortionate prices. I won't be getting a kinsman kitchen, for two reasons, the price and the fact that i don't feel that they really took into consideration what my partner and i were looking for in a kitchen.

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HI JDM. We apologise that your experience with our Designer did not meet your expectation. I have sent you a private message so we can provide feedback to the designer. Regards, KK

Installed with gap to wall - beware

My advice is to avoid Kinsman Kitchens. Our experience has not been good. There are plenty of bad reviews out there - BELIEVE them and don’t hope for the best or think you’ll be one of the lucky ones. This has been one of the biggest and most costly disappointments of our lives and likely one we will have to face every day for the rest of our lives.

The disappointment and stress started off with the initial delivery which was missing glass display cabinet doors and c-shaped pantry shelving (which we paid an extra $500 for). This took 2 extra months after the kitchen installation to arrive, despite being repeatedly assured that they were ‘on the truck’. This must have been a lie, or it went missing on multiple occasions. But our main disappointment was that the cabinetry and bench top were installed with a 20cm gap to the wall, which is both an eyesore and impractical as glasses etc fall off the edge of the bench and crash onto the floor. We were assured verbally that it would be flush with the wall, but this was unfortunately not reflected on the final plans that we signed off on. I assume due to standard sized cabinetry, this was never going to be the case but being novices at reading design plans and building kitchens (hence why we used a company to do the job rather than doing it ourselves) plus the pressure to sign off urgently to ensure our kitchen would be installed before Christmas, we did not realise this was not reflected on the final plans - but then we were not looking for it and it was not drawn to our attention despite being a significant design issue that ruins the look and use of the kitchen - Be very careful to check this if you have a fixed area to fit!! We have tried for 6 months to get a suitable resolution to this issue, but unfortunately no cigar - just lots of stress and disappointment. The company line held is that it is too bad as we signed off on the final plans. Almost wish we had just kept our old kitchen - which was flush to the wall.

Poor Follow Up

My order for a Kinsman Kitchen was placed on 28 February 2019. Final measurement was carried out on 12 March 2019 at this time delivery date was set for 10 working days after final measurement. On 3 April 2019 I was notified via phone call and on the online portal of the delivery of my Kitchen. After waiting all day, in the afternoon I rang for clarification in the afternoon of the 3rd. I was then told that my delivery had been forgotten and the would be the next day. The Kitchen was delivered on the 4th without the kitchen bench and one draw front. On the 5th I informed Kinsman of the missing bench and draw front. The person I spoke to said they follow up the missing items and get back to me. I receive no response from Kinsman so I asked my son in law to make contact. He was told he would receive a phone call to tell him the status of the delivery of my bench top and draw front. No response from Kinsman. After many phone calls with no response I asked to speak to the management. I was told no managers were available. I then left my details for a return call No Response. I also sent emails through the online portal without response.
After 4 weeks of calls and no response to my delivery date. I went to the Good Guys in Campbelltown and spoke to the Kinsman Staff representative about my lack of delivery. I was very happy with the service I received from the Kinsman Staff and the bench was delivered the next day. However, the draw front was not delivered. I then returned to the Kinsman Staff at the Good Guys and the draw front was delivered the next day.
My concern was the lack of transparency in dealing with my issue. The lack of acknowledgement of the inconvenience to myself and my family. The lack of customer service skills of the office staff. Plus the need to purchase a sheet of melamine sheet as a temporary bench.
My experience was not a good one with Kinsman and I will not be recommending their services to my friends and family.

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Hi Denise, We would like to apologise for the issues you've had. We would like to investigate further, in particular around the delays in delivering the outstanding items. I have sent you a private message. Kind regards, KK

Overpriced flat packs, dodgy process

This company focuses on sales, they offer a discount to lure you in but you never see the breakdown of costs to show the discount. The true cost of the wardrobe was not known at the time of signing the contract, (which was ignorant of me!)the quote always comes with variations, after you’ve signed, and guess what, it’s never altered to be cheaper! Then the instillation is NOT included in the final price despite being in the quote it’s separate. An external company installs and despite getting some plans from Kinsman, much was left out of our instillation quote. Both the installer and the delivery people all commented that Kinsman customers are always unhappy and they cop the feedback as Kinsman don’t answer customers calls or emails once they have their final payment. Just don’t do it!!!! Save your time, energy and avoid a bad experience.

Good morning, We apologise that your experience has not met your expectations. We understand that you have been in contact with our Customer Service Manager this morning and are working to make things right. Kind regards, KKOn e having one conversation with your area manager, she reported she would get back to me. It’s been 1 month since my concerns were expressed to her and I’ve heard nothing! I also have a faulty door I need replacing. Could someone please reply to my requests so I can complete this order and never have to deal with this company again?

Perfect design and just how we imagined it to be

The kitchen and laundry design fitted perfectly in the allotted space and are both totally functional and impressive.
We had to have the kitchen corner cabinet doors replaced as they were not in the style of the rest of the cabinets but this was no problem for the supply and installation

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Hi Timo P. At Kinsman Kitchens we pride ourselves on the quality products we supply and are glad we met your expectations. We thank you for your feed back. Kind regards, KK

Love our kitchen

My advice is do your homework first. Get to a kitchen showroom and see what’s out there; Good guys staff were very helpful. Our designer was very inspirational and patient. Installer was amazing and our new kitchen is amazing; better than we imagined

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Hi Sandy, we wish you many happy years in your new Kinsman Kitchen and appreciate the time taken to let us know of such a great experience. feedback. Kind regards, KK

Love my Kitchen!

Very happy with my new Kinsman Kitchen! The designer was great! After months of research it was really hard to articulate exactly what I wanted and had a very long “wish list”. He managed to work out my must haves and then work his magic to design them into the space. He had great ideas and his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in a kitchen layout helped bring my dream kitchen to life!

The whole process from design to installation was very easy and seamless. Communication was great and customer service were always very helpful. If I had any questions I just would jump onto their Portal and someone would respond. Would highly recommend Kinsman Kitchens.

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Hi CiCi. We appreciate the time taken to let us know about your renovation experience. If you can please send us your job number in a direct message, we will be sure to pass this on to your designer and installer. Kind regards, KK

Job well done, Kinsman

Whole process from design to installation went well. Delivery & installation staff did a great job, considering steep driveway & many steps to job site. Thanks Kinsman, job well done. Phil D

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Good morning Phil. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know of your positive experience. Kind regards, KK

Great in store service

Very helpful lady at our Good Guys store, who was great at assisting with details on the budget kinsman range for an investment property. Great ideas as to décor and durability. Well within budget. Thank you for you help it was refreshing to deal with such a positive person.

Good morning Joanne. Thank you for letting us know about your great in store experience. If you could please DM us and let us know which Showroom you attended, we can pass this feedback on to our team. Kind Regards, KKHi KK .... this was at the Bundall store. Exceptional service.Hi Joanne. Thanks for letting us know! We will share this feedback with the Bundall Showroom team. Regards, KK

Amazing Kitchen renovation, Very easy and a smooth process

Our experience was a very positive one, very easy and smooth process.
Everyone from designers through to tradesmen used for the job were helpful and friendly.
Everyone listened to what we were after and helped create the vision we had in the space we had to create it.
Special mention to Morgan the designer , Rod the Job manager and Micheal @ blue bird ( chippy ) was amazing who went above and beyond and workmanship was excellent.

We would highly recommend Kinsman Kitchens

Before and after shots attached.

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Good morning Greg and Erin. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback surrounding your kitchen installation experience. We pride ourselves on the exceptional Customer Service we provide along with the quality products we supply. We will be sure to pass your feedback to Morgan, Rod and Michael. Wishing you many happy years in your new kitchens. Regards, KK

Extremely poor customer service. Very disappointed

Given delivery date and paid full amount as requested. Day of installation- told no sink, oven or cooktop!!!! Had to source own. Company rep extremely rude. Big company- HUGE disappointment

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Good afternoon Susahs. We sincerely apologise that we have not met your expectations and would like the opportunity to discuss this with you. If you can please send a DM with your job number. Regards, KK

Outstanding kitchen renovation

We have nothing but praise for everyone and all products relating to our kitchen renovation done earlier this year. From our initial contact in the showroom at Chatswood thru to the splash back suppliers. The quality of the products and the professionalism of all the tradesman was wonderful, with constant updates from the Kinsman Customer Service Team. We would be very happy to recommend this company and their trades to everyone.

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Dear Biddyweena, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We wish you many happy years in your new Kinsman Kitchen. Regards, KK

Terrible wardrobe experience

I can not say strongly enough how bad our experience was with Kinsman

Kinsman over promised, were unethical during the sales process, were incompetent during the design stage and were unable to do anything in a timely manner.

Got a competitor in and they did the job in 2 weeks (quote thru to install) at half the price.

They want to know your budget straight up and they won’t really start until they know it. I believed they were trying to find that out so they could give us a price at the top of our budget. Thats exactly what happened to us. The Kinsman “Designer” who is a sales rep offered a discount to sign that day of 20% you basically get forced to sign up that day before he leaves and before you’ve had any time to talk it over or think it thru. I truly feel this is unethical Ive never had any other supplier do this for an in home install such as blinds, kitchens or wardrobes. There is no breakdown of pricing either just a lump sum for a project that had 5 distinct jobs to it.

We were promised it would take about 4 weeks all up. By the start of the 4th week the design had not progressed to even an order. They insist a site installer come out and double check - which is just as well (see below). But this took so much time and constant pushing from me the entire time. They just don’t give deadlines and the cant meet deadlines either.

They are inflexible in terms of design its all very set modular, set sizing, which is something you’d expect from a store like IKEA not a so called “premium Product”. The designer had no flexibility and most things had to be argued with him. The designer was so incompetent that when a Kinsman site install person come on site it quickly became apparent that most of the wardrobes they quoted on actually couldnt be installed into existing site wardrobe frames and that one particular wardrobe the drawers could never be opened with the sliding door configuration!!

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Good afternoon Jason. We apologise for what sounds like a frustrating experience and apologise that we haven’t met your expectations. If you can please send a DM, we would like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Regards, KK Kitchens

Love my Kinsman Kitchen.

I used Kinsman Kitchens for my recent Kitchen renovation and was very happy with the process from start to finish.I recieved regular updates and communications from Kinsman throughout the whole renovation and all the tradesmen were wonderful.The end result was I achieved my dream kitchen within my budget and was able to get everything I wanted in my kitchen.It looks amazing and I can’t believe it’s mine each time I walk in.I would definitely recommend Kinsman to anyone thinking of a new kitchen.
Kind regards Virginia Emerton.

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Dear Gini. Thank you for taking the time to provide such positive feedback. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the quality of products we supply and we wish you many happy years in you new Kinsman Kitchen. Regards, KK

No contact waited 16/1/19

Payed our deposit 16/1/19 and waiting for our installation of kitchen but no activity
Very poor contact there excuse there computer is down can’t log in into there system Disappointing

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Good Morning Angie, Thank you for getting in touch with us, we are not aware of any IT issues at this time, are you able to send through your job No. through DM and I will arrange for you to be contacted to discuss this further Kind Regards KK

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Questions & Answers

Who is responsible to be organising the tiler for splash back in kitchen. Is the contractor hired by kinsman kitchen who calls and organises with tiler installation of tiler.
1 answer
The installer; who kept it all together and offered good advice. However, in our case, the usual tiler had a death in the family and had to go overseas. We easily found a replacement

I already have new cupboards put in and level - do you install stone bench top and glass splashback I'd like kinsman to do it, if not can you suggest the people that do it for you and I will go through them independently. Thanks
2 answers
The company is called Stone Effects based on the Sunshine CoastI am in Sydney could you give me a Sydney number? Many thanks

Can someone tell me approximately how long it takes for installation? I know it may vary depending on what needs to be done, but my mother-in-law is an elderly lady and I don’t want her too stressed during the installation period with it dragging on longer than it should.
2 answers
Have renovated many houses before never done kitchen before but major bathroom and house reno's ... as long as all trades aligned ... I would expect Kitchen should be within 1 week. As long as all trades are working together ie Plumber, Gasfitter, Kitchen installer and tiler (if tiled splashbacks). Fingers crossed for you as I know it can be quite stressful. Maybe you need to contact all trade's and get them to confirm timelines and keep them to it. Then put your mother up for a few days and hopefully for your sake and hers... She arrives home to a brand you lovely Kitchen :) Best wishesOur kitchen was supposed to be installed in working order on the 28/09/18... it’s stull not completed properly. We’ve had nothing but trouble. Parts missing. Months to return. No ownership by kinsman and the contractors they use are shocking. If you’ve not signed don’t.

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