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KitchenAid K5 / KPM5

KitchenAid K5 / KPM5

KPM5 and K5
4.2 from 18 reviews

Better than sliced bread

Brilliant. Best mixer we have owned. Quiet, great range of speeds, attachments and accessories. Easy to use clean and operate. Also looks good and compliments the kitchen Mixes to perfection.

Purchased in December 2018 at Kogan for $530.00.

Dissaponting experience

I ordered through Kogan.com! I received the item late and with missing parts, pouring shield was not included.
After waiting for a month to receive it as i was using the mixer ,doing muffin mix, speeds 1-4 stopped working. When i emailed them after lots of emails and time waisting conversation they now want me to pack again the mixer, which is very heavy and i am pregnant, and send it back to them. They also said to me that if their technicians think that the problem was made from my side they will charge me in order to fix it.!!!
Such a bad experience and such a waste of money and time.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Very Reliable Mixer

Very reliable mixer that does the job wonderfully, it is a bit heavy to carry but so easy to clean.

The attachment however got lightly damaged after a few months of using and it was scratching the bowl, it had to be readjusted but has been working fine ever since. It can be left running for a long time without overheating and does not produce a lot of noise compared to many other mixers I had in the past.

Overall very satisfied with the quality of the KitchenAid Mixer.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A bit small

We opted for the lift stand mixer for stability with dough, - over the tilt head versions, which seem to want to "walk" off the bench..
So far our KPM5 does "all the business", and is quiet to boot. It certainly has the power for dough mixing, but the bowl is a bit on the small side. (So much so that we've invested in a 6.9 litre Pro Line machine as well).
The plain metal (no knob) handle on the bowl lift mechanism, looks and feels "cheap"
Don't like the omission of the "positive action" locking spring on the planetary drive mixer shaft. It makes the attachments "wobbly" and makes them "clatter" on the shaft under very low load. All of the tilt head versions still seem to have the locking spring, and even the instruction manual has a photo of the KPM5 lift mixer with the locking mechanism on the shaft. So it must have been there at some stage. Poor form if it has been left off just to save a few cents.
The dough hook and flat blade mixer attachments are really well designed and the (powdercoat?) finish is great. So easy to clean.
We haven't seriously used the whisk yet, so can't comment on that.
Don'y buy the Kitchen Aid soft cover attachment for the KPM5 lift mixer. It doesn't fit. The packaging says it is intended for the flip top versions, but that's of little consolation when you get it home and try to put it on.
Overall, - a very functional, high performing mixer for general purpose home use, and yes. - with a very high level of finish, - it does look good to boot!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

What a monster!

I did all the research before buying and am so happy I did. Such an awesome machine. We make tough pizza dough and it handles it better than any other mixer I've used before. The only downside is the price but if you can live with that a 5 year warranty and full metal internal gears more than make up for it. Save yourself the time and hassle and spend the money up front to get a decent product

Date PurchasedMar 2016
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Hi Smugs, Thanks for the review! We appreciate you taking the time to let others know! Kind regards, The KitchenAid Team

Very very Good

This is the benchmark for stand mixers, built well, strong and stable.

I got the bowl lift as it is stronger and more stable for bread dough than the tilt lift models.
The only fault I have is not with the mixer, it's that you can't buy the accessories from kitchenaid.com.au, you have to phone stockists and they don't carry accessories that don't come with the mixer.
I have found accessories online, though the postage from the US is quite hefty when it comes to extra bowls (there is a small bowl & whisk which would be fantastic & handy to have.)
There are also scrape paddles made by other companies that will fit this mixer - kitchenaid themselves said in an email that there is no scraper paddle to fit my mixer, yet I found them though not available here.

I've just ordered, so hope it's the same in AUS

July 2016
Love it - I mostly use it for the one thing - bread dough because I hate kneading dough (and hate the square loves from the bread makers) and it's great, now I'm making bread every couple of days instead of just occasionally. It's effortless.
I've also purchased the sausage maker - that was fun hope it doesn't just gather dust and I want to purchase the pasta roller for both rolling dough for crackers and pasta, but not sure I can justify the high price - yet!
It's worthwhile reading the fine print in the instructions, always a bore, but they explain how to adjust the distance of the beater from the bowl.

>>>>> April 2016
I've just ordered this unit after studying all the specifications on each model - it seems there are two variations on the KPM5 here is Australia - one has a "planetary action" and one just states the RPM's. (both have 315 watt motors but the RPM one is described as "energy efficient"). - 93015R I'll come back and re-rate when I've used it for a bit.

A loaf of bread and it's dead.

Well picked it up at Brisbanes Costco for $629, much cheaper than Myers, DJ's etc. Great for a cake, but 2 weeks old, tried to bake a loaf of bread. Apparently they're good for 3 loaves at a time. Well, one loaf of supermarket bead mix in, and it's chewing the gears out and back to Costco. Well and truly overrated. A nice big sturdy metal body, with cheap plastic gears inside. Nice to look at, but quite disappointing.

Great for cake but not for serious bread lover

It performs very well if you are using it mainly for making cakes but it doesn't really give me the result I want when you are trying to use it to mix dough.
I mixed around 600g dough the other day and it's really struggling….after around 20 mins the motor got really warm.
I know as a fact that a top model Bosch or Kenwood stand mixer is able to mix the dough very well within 15 mins for the same amount of dough and I have read other people's review online somewhere else.
If I have the extra space in my kitchen I will buy another Bosch mixer…and leave my kitchenaid on the benchtop for other lighter usage.
Very pretty and great for cake making
Not very good with dough if you are a serious bread maker.

I had to send this machine for repair after using it for just over 12 months...not happy with the quality...Had enough of this useless machine...just bought BOSCH 1600W MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine and works way better!!

BAD after sales service

Had my K5 for years (own a catering business). The speed control broke. I had a 3hr round trip taking it to be serviced. 2 mths later& calling repairer it was serviced the day I picked it up. Bad packaging and no assistance...dropped in the car park! $200+ &6 hrs I'll never get back!!
Was reliable until I had to have it serviced
Bad after sales service.

Stand, mix and deliver

I know a lot of people buy Kitchenaid mixers as bench candy, gleaming proudly on a stone counter, untouched by flour or egg, making their owners proud whenever a guest comments on the lovely pistachio or cinnamon colour.

Sure it looks good but the mark of greatness for the K5 is where it counts: performance. 315W of unbridled power bucking at the gate.

The reason I purchased the K5 over the ubiquitous Artisan is the extra power (315W vs 300W), and the non-tilting head; no hinge means more power transfer to the mixer.

So why do I want such power? Bread making. The K5 kneads bread dough effortlessly, no matter how tough or sticky. Ten minutes in the K5 and I'm ready to raise a loaf, or roll out a pizza base. No more hand kneading for McPop. No more dust covered benchtops for Mrs McPop to squawk about.

But bread dough isn't all that the K5 excels at. Whisking egg whites is a breeze. Cake batter is smooth, silken, sexy. Biscuits, you ask? ...perfect.

The K5 isn't perfect, but it is close. Some batters will require a single scrape down of the bowl to incorporate the ingredients. Removing a bowl full of mixture can be tricky with the non-tilt head. And cleaning can be tedious with flour dusting the unit's nooks and crannies. But there aren't many appliances that don't require cleaning after use, it is our burden to carry and the K5 should not be judged for our messiness. All it wants to do is mix.

Well, it wants to mix, but it also likes to do other things. I have the mincing attachment for grinding meat. The design of this attachment is simple: an auger transports meat into a grinding plate. Chunks go in, mince comes out. The resulting meals are far superior than when store-bought mince is used.

There is a plethora of attachments and gizmos, most of which are overpriced, that can be jammed into the K5, all of which, I believe, are compatible with the Artisan.

The K5 is superb at what it does, what it was designed for, what it wants to do. It is expensive, it is heavy, it may be bulletproof, it is beautiful. It is what it is: a fine mixer that should last long enough to cater at my funeral.
Performance, quality, power.
Gnomes won't magically clean it.

Can you buy the gnomes as an attachment? :)Excellent Review!I got kitchenaid gnomes, but they aren't really worth it, the ones from KMart are just as good!

Simply outstanding!

This is an amazing machine! I had previously owned another well known stand mixer prior to purchasing this one and frankly was sick and tired of having to hold onto the thing while it mixed and danced all over my counter. The Kitchenaid does not budge! It is heavy and takes up room but when it comes to mixing this is where the Kitchenaid surpasses every other mixer.

The mixer is very efficient, so it takes no time at all to whip up buttercream frostings, egg whites and cream. I regularly use the hook attachment make Brazilian cheesebread and what normally takes 20-30 minutes to knead by hand the kitchenaid does in 10 minutes!

Since getting the Kitchenaid I have made all my kids' birthday cakes and cupcakes for school, as such this machine has paid for itself 10 fold with all the money I have saved making my own cakes and goodies!!! This mixer is by far the best small appliance I have ever bought for my kitchen! Couldn't live without it!!!
Sturdy, strong and manufactured to last for ever!
The optional extras for the K5 are limited and a tad expensive to buy in Australia.

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They're ok. i'm a chef and have managed to break 3 doing regular stuff. spend $1000 more and get a small hobart commercial machine.


I have used (and had to replace) many mixers, blenders, food processors, etc in my life but this is definately the best machine I have ever owned. Very quick, very quiet and saves so much time in prep. It has plenty of power and has breezed through everything I have thrown at it thus far quickly, quietly with plenty of torque to spare and the results are fabulous. Easy to clean (the big attachments are easily removable and because they are large it is easier to clean between bits). Great range of optional extras to really get the most out of your machine. The extras also assemble and disassemble easily and are easy and quick to clean. It is worth every cent I paid for it and if mine lasts 20-30years+ like I know they have for a majority of owners, it is money well spent. I have had mine for over two months now and have made cakes, meatballs, pasta, icecream, sauces, purees, dips, pancakes, etc. I have used it to grate cheese, slice vegetables, juice citrus fruits, make pasta, sausages, mince fresh meat...it is my best friend and extra pair of hands. I am in love!!!!
Very well made. Versatile. This machine has eliminated my food processor, mincer, icecream maker and many other things as basically it does it all. I now only have this and a blender on my countertop -less clutter more bench/prep space. Gorgeous looking.
None - unless you want a colour other than red/blue or the occasional white/other when available. An additional bowl to come as standard would be good.


A great product, should last a lifetime. Accessories for older models are still likely to fit the newer ones. A product that the manufacturers are still proud of.
It does exactly what I need: it mixes without effort, perfectly, and quickly. Very quiet after my previous mixer (the Sunbeam mx8900 distaster). Solidly built. Doesn't move around the bench-top. Lots of accessories. Looks good in my kitchen
Only one bowl came with the machine


If your after a tough mixer for home that can do some of the stuff that the commercial ones can, then GET ONE! They are a beautiful machine that looks a little weird at first but then grows on you.

The bowls are great, however they some times need a scrape. It all comes down to how you feed in the ingredients. If your mixing icing for a cake and just dump it all in at once, you might need to scrape it a little. If you add it at a steady pace then it gets it all.

I really don't get "annabellems" comment about over mixing the cake.... If you walk away from anything it's going to go bad... YES, they need to be watched through the corner of your eye. They are not a computerized mixer that calculates the right amount of time or what ever.... They are a mechanical mixer!!! If your cooking a cake, cook a cake. Don't do other stuff else where and wonder why the stand mixer over mixed your cake. “Stupid mixer… Stop mixing that cake so much”…. I have one word for you: “Commonsense”.

I also don't understand the comment about being hard to clean. You only have to clean the two extra pieces. The arms that hold the bowl (If you spill anything yourself), and the axle with the spring clip that holds the beater in place.... If your complaining about that then I would hate to see the rest of your kitchen.

If your considering buying a K5 and you understand stand mixers, my advice would be to go out and get one. You won't look back! Just make sure you have room for them in your kitchen. Your back will thank you if you leave it on the bench. :-)
It's powerful enough to mix most doughs.
It is built tough. Will outlast anything in your kitchen!
Mixes very well.
Easy to clean.
No flip top head... Much tougher!
Yeah... I guess its a little heavy. That's because its built so well!

Yes it can be a tiny bit noisy. Only on the higher speed settings. A price you pay for using anything electric!


This is a brilliant product - they are heavy - but this is a sign of the great quality.

They have heaps of accessories - we bought just about every accessory possible and have used nearly all of them already.

It is easy to clean, easy to us - the DVD that comes with it is very very informative and teaches you how to use it to get the best out of it.

I am now a Kitchenaid Fan!

If you like good quality things and are prepared to pay for it - this is a product for you.
Quality is great - output is great - never had a problem - lots of accessories
none that I can think of


Love it, love it love it and i am now starting my collection of attachments. Starting with the grating and slicing attachment and then the pasta trio.
Fantastic mixer, uses the whole bowl no need to continually scrap mixture from sides of bowl. Very quiet. Use mine 3 times a week minimum. Great for making dough don't even have to need the mix.
A bit heavy this would have to be the only bad thing but I leave mine on the counter all the time.


I had this for two years. Yes it does mix well but there is just too much cleaning and maintenance involved for that result. I have walked away whilst mixing and the cake mix has been over mixed and hence ruined. If you have to watch you may as well use a hand held. I have now bought a hand held dualit which I can scrape any bowl whenever I want. The attachments release upon eject button effortlessly without all the mess and fuss.
Looks great, solid construction, does mix well.
Doesn't get everything and still need to scrape bowl of cake mixes during process. Very heavy. Pulling off the attachments can be a bit tricky. Far to many bits and pieces to clean and you need more than one bowl for example cake mix and egg whites as you have to have the kitchenaid bowl which fits on the base of mixer.

Questions & Answers

Hi I’ve lost the instructions. Can you download them? Thx! Cheryl
2 answers
Hey Cheryl You sure can. Here’s a link to one of the website that has a copy of them http://kitchen.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/kitchenaid/kpm5_1.html Hoppe this helps :)Hi Cheryl, last time I checked I think it was possible to download but I know that I had problems downloading so I phoned them and they emailed to me. They are incredibly helpful over the phone (Because the book had so many languages it was difficult finding the information I was looking for.) There is only one piece of information that was critical and only expert users seem to know - how to adjust the height of the beaters - there is a small screw under the arm that provides small incremental adjustment so the beaters are just the right distance from the bowl) cheers trish

I've looked online before asking this question, but is there a smaller bowl that can be used with this mixer? I'm finding smaller quantities just don't mix great, and I'm pulling out my old mixer - what a waste!
3 answers
Hi Kristen, there is another bowl available from amazon, though the postage is hefty, might help you, none of them say they suit the 5KPM5 though the measurments will fit. https://www.amazon.com/KitchenAid-KN3CW-3-Qt-Stainless-Combi-Whip/dp/B002CI1X54/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1468139857&sr=8-18&keywords=kitchenaid+mixer+bowl Also, you might like the swipe beaters from beaterblade & sideswipe https://www.amazon.com/Design-Beater-5-Quart-KitchenAid-KA-5L/dp/B0015TMHSI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1468139921&sr=8-3&keywords=kitchenaid+mixer+beaterblade https://www.amazon.com/SideSwipe-KitchenAid-Tilt-Head-Mixers-4-5-/dp/B009RBWVQY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468140047&sr=8-1&keywords=kitchenaid+mixer+sideswipe+5qtYou're a legend, thanks so much KathKristen, did this fit and where did you buy it in order to minimise shipping?


Mixing Speeds1010
Motor Power315315
Price (RRP)949895
Release dateFeb 2007

Visit official website - Download manual