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Kogan Robot Cleaner
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Good Investment, but could be improved

The vacuum was a great product. It was great value for the quality that you get and definitely got the job one somewhat done at the end of the day. The only problem I had was that sometimes it would just pass over an area of dirt and not suck up everything, it was sort of selective about the way it caught dirt. As well as this, it would vacuum everywhere but the particular area of dirt I would want it to vacuum. To improve, perhaps Kogan could have a feauture where the robot would sense the dirt before picking it up, so it would only go to areas where there was dirt sensed. Otherwise, pretty good buy.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Awesome Item

Robot Vac - have had others - nothing compares to this, so well priced - didn't even realise it also washes the floor - absolutely brilliant

pile of crap!

From day one it was ok but would only run for about 20mins and turn it self off. As we had a big 6 by 3 house we just stored it till we moved to a smaller house only for it to be fully charged and not run at all lights would flash and it would beep and that's it. contact Kogan only to string us along with emails, in the end product warranty had run out!
This is another reason why we no longer use KOGAN there just crap!

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hi Paul, Thank you for letting us know about your experience. We are sorry to see that you experienced issues with your vacuum and were not able to organise a resolution with our Help Desk. Please respond to our Private Message with the requested details and we will be happy to investigate this further for you.

When it goes it's ok.... Just

Didn't expect too much but expected better. Firstly it will never find its base. That's just garbage. But taking it back to charge wasn't the biggest deal. So now no matter how long you charge it it works for less than a minute then shuts down. I'm not sure of robot vacs are good at all but this one doesn't cut it.

Hi JakeyB, Thanks for taking the time to write a review. We have a troubleshooting guide for the Robot Vacuum here: https://www.kogan.com/media/files/usermanuals/KAVACXXROBB_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf. If these steps do not rectify the issue, please contact our Support team via email: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/complete_question/support/ or you can contact our call centre on 1300 304 292 from 9am to 7pm AEST Monday to Friday and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.Vacuum returned for refund

Present for a mother in law you hate

This is the second time I have had this machine, the first was terrible and second is the same. A gift for the dreaded mother in law. She will turn it on, it will work wonders in the first run and she will have dreams of free time, sunshine and clouds.,on the second- it will stop and she will spend an hour trying to clean it, read the flimsy sheet information and figure it out, she will try again the next day after charging it all night. It will provide 3 days of solid study in which you become an engineer and another day to head for counselling as you suffer from disappointment and you face your reality afain. All in all, an absolute piece of crap! Not even a one star rating...

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Hi Sonya, Thanks for your review about the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and we're sorry to hear that you're not happy with it. Please contact our Support team if you require assistance with the product. We can be contacted on 1300 304 292 or at the following link: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

Utter Garbage.

The thing reverses into stuff and gets stuck. Plenty of room around it but no, it just switches itself off. Utterly pointless piece of junk. Kogan, you should be ashamed of selling this, it is not fit for purpose. I suppose I was stupid for thinking it would be able to cope with a small, 20 square metre area with a relatively small number of obstacles. I'm sure my other robot vacuum, an LG square (red) would have coped with ease, but then that does cost $800. So this thing is being returned to Kogan for a refund. Burned $30 on postage, them's the breaks.

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Hi Joe, Thanks for your review in regards to the Kogan Robot Vacuum! It sounds like there may have been some issues with the unit that you received, however, to contrast we have sold thousands of units and the feedback has been predominantly positive. We're extremely sorry to hear that your experience with the product was a negative one, and hope for the issue to be resolved for you as soon as possible.

Do not buy. Item is crap! waste of money!

Vacuum gets stuck within a minute.I have 2 circular areas on my floor that are extremely clean. Too bad about the rest of the floor. I have used it on manual, I have used it on auto, it gets stuck between chairs and needs rescuing. Most of the time it is confused and runs backwards.

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Hi Martin, Please get in touch with our friendly Support team on 1300 304 292 or at the following link for assistance with your product. https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

Worked for 6 months then battery wouldn't hold charge

This worked really well, then I went away for a month came back and it ran for 3 minutes and stopped, replacement then 6 months later the same problem. The first was replaced under warranty but for some reason the replacement didn't have warranty. Seems the battery in this product is really bad, should come with a note of this issue.

One Week Life Span

I have had this Robot Vac for 8 days, it work well for the first 5 but become more noisy everyday to the point it is now un-usable, it sounds like the gears are slipping this is more ever-dent on carpet. it is so loud I can hear it when i'm upstair at the other end of the house it like having a tracker in the house.

based on what i have seen stay well away.

Hi steveb309, We're very sorry to hear that you've not been happy with your Robot Vacuum. We have a dedicated support team who would love to help you resolve the problem and we can be contacted on 1300 304 292 or at the link below: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/Update, I have since had this replaced by Kogan, while it did take several emails and phone calls they eventually sent a replacement robot Vac as I made the decision to take the replacement over a refund as I hopped this was a one off failure. But no after 6 weeks the robot vac is again very noisy I fear it life is just about over. What to make of this product? If you have hard floors only with no mats or animal this would probably work ok but for the rest of us "nothing like a good full size Dyson. We have since thrown this out and wiped it as a waste of money!.

It was a gift, I think the giver hates me.

I have 2 circular areas on my floor that are extremely clean. Too bad about the rest of the floor. I have used it on manual, I have used it on auto, it gets stuck between chairs and needs rescuing and on the one occasion it made it's way to the kitchen, it got lost coming home. The dust container isn't very big and it doesn't like my daughters long blonde hair either. However, my 3 year old nephew loves it because "it spins round and round" *insert 3 year old flapping arms here*. Now it's beeping at me. I don't know why. Maybe it just wants to irritate me further. There's no trouble shooting guide that I can find to see why it's beeping at me. I would regift it, but I don't dislike anyone that much. On the upside, it's a lovely colour and the power plug works.

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Hi Karen, Thanks for posting a review about the item you received as a gift! We're very sorry to hear that the item does not operate as you would expect it to. Have you tried contacting our friendly support team for assistance? We can be contacting on 1300 304 292 or at the following link: http://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

Kogan Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Fail!

I was all excited about getting this little guy to ease my household workload. Well, it hasn't quite worked out that way. Yes, it does vacuum fairly well for a machine of its price, but only on flat smooth surfaces. It struggles on even short length carpet and forget about rugs or long hair rugs altogether. Its "intelligence" is extremely limited. It seems to perform its duty using concentric circles. Problem is, it never really gets remotely into any corners because it's too busy bumping into the wall, changing course, then ending up covering the same area again! Well at least THAT spot is clean... It also suffers from a very nasty little problem: The recharging pins protrude from the front of the bumper/sensor. We have tables and chairs with metallic legs. Whenever it bumps into one of those (head on) it seems to short out these pins and resets itself, leaving it stuck right where it was, never to return to base. We've had the unit for a few months now, it hasn't had much use, but already it's squeaking as it moves. Very annoying. We got ours for $89 and as such it is not too much of a loss. It works to some degree, but a whole lot less than actually being useful. Save your money and buy one of the expensive units the likes of LG, Sony, iRoomba etc. and check out the web for reviews before making a choice.
Spot cleans OK
Poor cleaning logic, resets when it bumps into metallic legs, squeaky wheels, doesn't drive well on carpet

I wouldnt give it any star rating if allowed

Unlike most things i've bought from kogan, - this one was terrible. Don't know if i'd trust the positive reviews below- they must have got a totally different machine to the rest of us, or they work for kogan ( the 'man up for extended warranty' comment -stinks like a hard sell campaign-to me ! ) my unit was extremely slow, only travelled in circles, got trapped in corners around items (chairs, mat edges, etc) travelled back over & over the same spot continuously & got stuck on occasion too (on cords ends, plant trays, architraves). All this in one weekend. It needs to be supervised at all time- which is not what i bought it for. The only good thing about this experience is- kogan said they will refund my money - after they get it back. Working on the return now !
Kogan Refund
Doesn't work ! get trapped, stuck & slow as a wet week. Unable to clean a room in a timely fashion or unsupervised

Machine is not operating correctly afterone day

Took over 30 days to get delivery of the Root cleaners.Some of that time being over XMAS period ,so half of that would have been acceptable. Now after the first day of use the it appears to be stuck in a reverse mode ,like the sensor is telling the robot to move away .But it is no where near a wall and when it gets to one ,due to the fact is in reverse will not try remove away from the wall as it is not hitting the front bumper senses. I did download the product support manual,which has no trouble shooting details.The booklet sent with the robot said to check and clear sensor and make sure front bumpers are springing back.So far not impressed with either the delivery or now the actual item.
That it advertised as a simple robost machine at a fair price,which I agree it appeared to be,but now??
wont get out of reverse mode ,so now does not clean at all

Hi Mark. Your robot vacuum is fully covered by Kogan warranty. Please contact our support team at http://www.kogan.com/au/help/ and they will be able to assist you.Yes I understand that thanks. Spoke with your support Questioned asked on the call. Was the down load trouble shooter guide different from the one that comes in the Box. Operator answer “YES”. Actual answer should have been “NO”,the downloaded trouble shooter guide is exactly the same. I re did trouble shooting steps and outcome is the same. Video of the the robot going backwards was needed to trouble shoot. Which I have done Now waiting again. Mark.

Don't waste your money

I purchased this product in August 2013. It has never cleaned tiled floors well and does not cope with rugs at all. Despite cleaning the vaccuum with every use it still does not work properly. All it really does is move dust and dirt around the floor. It seems to get lost even in small rooms and doesn't have any identifiable pattern to it's movements.
The only positive I can write is that my children enjoy our "where's the vaccuum hiding" game, we never know which room it will be stuck in when we arrive home each day. It rarely finds the dock and is usually stuck between the dining table chairs, on the edge of a rug, or power cord.
I now own an irobot Roomba which is amazing!!!

Poor quality, poor service

Purchase process was fine. Product seemed easy to use as there was little instructions. Just charge it up, turn it on and press the mode button. Used it twice and stopped working . Remote never worked either. I knew the vacuum wouldn't clean as well as others but it doesn't even run. Downloaded manual from website but no help. Contacted kogan on the 19th oct and no response except for the confirmation of my email. Today's the 28th.
Does not run, poor service from kogan

Hi Jon, please send your ticket number to supervisor@kogan.com.au and we will escalate this for you.Thank you for your reply. Your service team got in touch with me today and I will work with them on a resolution.

Surprisingly great!

My cleaner arrived last week and for the price I must admit I wasn't expecting a lot. However this cleaner is quite a little gem, as long as you don't expect a cross between R2D2 and the latest Dyson it works very well indeed. I view it more as big dust-buster than a true vacuum replacement and use it mainly around our kitchen/dinning areas. The built quality seems good and it does pickup dust quite well, it does look a bit clueless in operation but has eventually covered the whole floor area. For the price I am very happy with it.
Cheap and it does work quite well.

A great addition! Very impressed

Anyone prepared to put this product down before trying it is downright ignorant! For less than half the price of most of the other entry level cleaners this little machine is amazing! I have my Dyson for 'proper' cleans, but having this little guy buzz around while I'm at work is just brilliant... Think of it like a robotic dust buster and you won't be disappointed. Just ordered another one! And PUH-LEASE.... for those worried about quality, man up and buy the extended warranty for goodness sake!
Great value for money

Cleans the house while you relax...

This little robot quietly whisks about the house cleaning while you get on with what you really want to do. Its very robust and can handle carpet to floor variations without any problems. Its easy to clean, quick to charge and has various settings to suit any size room. Great value for a great household addition.
Great time saving device


Purcahsed this robot vaccum cleaner for $99. I love it. I can close the door on a bedroom, and leave it to do its thing. It cleans under the bed, in places I could never reach. Simply amazing. I dust one room, while he is vacumming another. We the swap. Its like having an extra set of cleaning hands. I am going to buy another for my houseboat.
Absolutely everything

Questions & Answers

How do you use the mopping Function on the Kogan R30 robot vacuum? Can anyone help!
No answers

Im wondering why my Kogan robot vacuum keeps just turning off and stopping, then we've got to press Auto again for it to continue? Anyone got an idea? Thanks
1 answer
same this happening with ours, worked perfectly since we got in june. cleaner accordingly and now im emailing Kogan for help after trying everything in troubleshooting manual. it will power when u press auto or spot and run for 8second then power down..... I have no idea. its been wonderful though but all of a sudden this :( and we haven't even used for steam mopping vacuum only. Hope you get some answers il update you if I do. luckily I got min on sale and paid 3yr warranty.

Hi, my KAROBOTVACCA has charged over night, then when there is no power to the vac itself it wont turn on, at all. is there something im not doing i just dont get it. Please HELP me someone???
2 answers
Hi Elle, probably a silly question but is the "on/off" button on the side of the actual vac switched to on? If so I'm afraid I've got no real answers for you...I haven't had this problem occur. Hope it gets going - they are truly a brilliant lil vac.Hi Elle, sorry to hear about this. If the unit is not turning on, please get in touch with us and we can assist under warranty. You can also get in touch with us on 1300 304 292 8am to 8pm on weekdays, and 10am to 6pm on weekends (AEDT). Otherwise you can also submit an enquiry any time on our help centre here: https://www.kogan.com/au/contact-us/


Price (RRP)$129$129$129$129
Running Time90minutes90minutes90minutes90minutes
Charging Time5hours5hours5hours5hours
Bin Capacity0.33L0.33L0.33L0.33L
HEPA Filter YesYesYesYes
Replaced byKogan Ultimate KAULTROBVCAKogan Ultimate KAULTROBVCAKogan Ultimate KAULTROBVCAKogan Ultimate KAULTROBVCA

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