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Kwik kerb by Paul Byrne - 5 stars

If you’re looking at getting Kwik Kerb, certainly give Kwik Kerb by Paul Byrne a call. My experience with Kwik kerb initially was not good, every operator I called wouldn’t pick up the phone or they came out to quote but couldn’t commit to a time to do the job. Even using the 1800 number was difficult to organise someone to complete the job. Before I found Paul, I had another operator lined up but he could never commit to the work, he kept saying two weeks, two weeks, two weeks. Before you know it 3 months had past. In the end I found Paul which was a blessing, not only was he reliable, but friendly, helpful and offered plenty of advice. If you want Kwik Kerb done, there is only one person to call and that’s Paul. The completed work looks magnificent, both my wife and I are very happy.

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Hi Dave, great to hear that you had such a terrific job done by Paul!

Obviously too busy to make contact and quote

I have, on two occasions rung the 1800 number and requested Kwik Kerb in my area make contact with a view to quoting on garden edging. All I can say is, business must be booming - no contact whatsoever. If could've given a negative rating I would have.

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Hi Dabbo, I do apologise for the inconvenience. We are experiencing very high demand for Kwik Kerb in SE Queensland. If you could please call 1800 773 231 and ask for me Alex, as I am unable to identify you from here, and I will get it sorted out for you.

Terrible experience

We had our front garden edge border done, operators left mess everywhere.
End product the colour was uneven, contacted the contractor...he came back to fix it. Looked out the window and saw he’s spraying the concrete and the newly laid expensive mulch and the grass, so paint going everywhere.. told him that it was not good enough ...short discussion ...he packed up and left leaving it not finished. After putting in a complaint he returned yet again to paint it with a brush, this time ensuring that the husband was home he still failed ...partially painting only small sections ...so now it looks no better...still patchy in colour...the concrete used is so soft and fragile ..that when removing a small piece of grass that was painted on to the border it leaves a mark as it was stuck to the border ...in the end when hubby pointed out all the missed sections that where not painted ..still not fixed .
Avoid getting any work done by Kwik Kerb as you may get the guys we had and it was a waste of hard earned money

Not a real professional job

Had about 40 mitres of Kwik kerb done, am I happy with the end results, not really. Pretty rough, colour was wrong and had to get someone else to fix it at extra cost.
All in all, don’t think I would do it again.

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Hi Weed, I am sorry that you had a poor result. The Kwik Kerb business owners do stand behind their work and try to ensure that their customers are happy with their kerb. Were you not able to find a solution with the Kwik Kerb business owner at the time?

Byron Shire Council Review

We have recently been doing work with Tony from Mullumbimby Kwik Kerb. Mullumbimby kwik kerb Have recently worked on playground edging in the shire, they completed good quality work In the allocated time frame and were professional and courteous to work with.

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Hi all at Byron Shire Council, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Tony did a terrific job for you!

Garden edging

Had a Kwik Kerb rep over to install a concrete garden Kerb. Not very flexible design, very uneven, left a heap of concrete and plastic behind, was here until 8pm at night, would have been later if I didn’t help him clean up, and was cleaning up for days. Using power tools until 7pm. And less than a year later the concrete has cracked. Neighbours aren’t impressed either. Very disappointing. Will now need to design my garden around using plants that cover over the Kerbing. Would not recommend.

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Hi Tracy, we are sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with Kwik Kerb. It sounds like to the Kwik Kerb operator worked hard to get the job completed for you. As for the design of the kerbing in your garden not being flexible, I am surprised as one of the benefits of having concrete kerbing laid onsite is that it can be tailored to your garden and how you want it to look; I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with so that I can get a better understanding to give some feedback and potentially some additional training to the operator. I have tried to send you a Private Message, but that function does not seem to be working, if you could please contact me on 1800 773 231 that would be greatly appreciated.

Fantastic job, work, and result.

We had 20 metres of sloping border black colour woodgrain stamp installed by Kwik Kern By Burgess around our garden in North Lakes QLD. From first contact with Brett for a quote to the finished work Brett was most helpful, pleasant and happy with a very professional approach, excellent help and advice, and great work. Was on time, efficient and dedicated. Finished product excellent, better than expected. Highly recommended. Well done.

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Hi Des, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Brett did a terrific job for you.

Very Professional and friendly!!!

kwik kerb by Paul Byrne Very Punctual & Pro. Done a fantastic job for us, our front yard looks amazing. He is also very friendly. I will recommend him.

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Hi Ali, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Paul did a terrific job for you.

The top shelf of garden edgers ...

Longest lasting garden edge solution s on the market... perfect finishes every time....
best for colour s and water control solutions

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Hi Kano, thank you for your comments.

Hate it

I choose Slate to match my driveway with the new colour chart. The colour came out French toast. I just want to pull it up. I hate it.

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Hi Kate, I am sorry that you are unhappy with the colour of your kerbing. In our phone conversations you mentioned that the Kwik Kerb operators that did the job had offered a solution to fix the colour for free, but that you wanted a resolution from the colour supplier as you were disappointed that the colour chart did not match the resulting colour. I believe that you even said to me that the actual kerbing was very good. Hope that your follow up with the colour supplier went well. Please contact us if you would like to accept the solution offered by the Kwik Kerb business owners.

Excellent result !!!

We are very happy with our Kwik Kerb. Thierry Ducler from Alstonville, northern NSW, was highly professional and knowledgeable. He was happy to answer all questions and got the job done efficiently.

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Hi Ali, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Thierry did a terrific job for you.

Cracking and looks awful - avoid

Contractor turned up when he felt like it, would not commit to an actual date.
I didn't appreciate them dumping the left over mortar behind my bushes - thought I wouldn't find it?
Major cracking has started right across the face (not at the stress relief lines). (6 weeks in)
Also many minor hairline cracks appearing too.
This looks really awful already
Do not waste your money on this garb, I should have done more research.
Plus they wanted cash payment - that should have been a red flag.
Not recommended at all.

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Hi Blake, I am sorry that you had a poor experience with Kwik Kerb. I am concerned about the result that you received. I realise that some time has passed but I would like to see what can be done to resolve some of your issues. Please get in touch with us on 1800 773 231.

Great result from an efficient and hard working operator.

From the moment I met Steve, his professionalism and attention to detail was top notch.
The end result of the garden edging was testament to his integrity and good old customer focus.
I have no hesitation in recommending Steve for any of this type of work.

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Hi Mike, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Steve did a terrific job for you.

Kwik Kerb??? Don't Do It

We hired [name removed] to do our Kwik Kerb. Very disappointed in our 3 front garden beds. First crack appeared within 2 days of it being laid. It was repaired but cracked again within approximately 4 weeks. We have wide gaps at the joins but most of all the cement is so soft that each time my husband whipper snips chunks of cement crumble off. As I say very very disappointed and would not recommend this process to anyone. It looks shocking. I wish I could post some photographs.

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Hi MTHill, I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience with Kwik Kerb. I surprised and I know that it has been a while since you wrote this, but please do not hesitate to get in contact with Head Office (1800 773 231) as what you have described should not be happening with your kerb.

Paul Morgan did a GREAT Kerbing Job!

Just wanted to highly recommend Paul Morgan from the Doncaster area and his great work he does with Kwik kerb, (and also mention how he gave his advice on my gardening and plants). The Charcoal colour looks great and just really happy with how it has all turned out. Thanks again Paul.

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Hi Shaz, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Paul did a terrific job for you.

BROCK from Kwik Kerb Cairns

I hired BROCK from Kwik Kerb Cairns to rectify a pervious Kerber's work as the previous Kerber was appalling. BROCK's work is by far the best I've seen. I even had more done knowing BROCK does such an amazing job! Now some of my neighbors have had Kerbing put in due to mine looking neat.

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Hi Julie, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Brock did a terrific job for you.

Waste of money. Only 9 months old and over 50 major cracks. Sand cement mix was more sand than ceme

Product is nothing like the photos on the sales website. Material is weak and not suitable for driveway edging. Materials is cracking everywhere and turning into sand and washing away.

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Hi Millsy, I am sorry to hear that you have had this unusual experience with Kwik Kerb. I know that it has been a while since you wrote this, but I will send you a private message to get in contact with me as what you have described should not be happening with your kerb.

Happy Customer

I recently had Kwikkerb edging installed by Paul Morgan. He was both punctual and professional and the price was reasonable. I've had comments from the neighbours on how nice the edging looks . I'm very happy with the outcome.

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Hi Patsy, thank you for your comments. Great to hear that Paul did a terrific job for you.

Buyer Beware!!! Gawler (SA) Kwik Kerb BYSS www.kwikkerb.net.au/byss

So you look at the Kwik Kerb website and see all the pictures and information which look great and think, yep that’s what we want. Don’t be fooled by the ‘professional’ pictures on the website as the end result will depend on who you get. I'm sure there are people who have been doing it for many years and their work looks exactly like the pictures on the website, however we didn’t get one of those ‘professional’ people.

I logged a ‘Book a Free Quote’ via the Kwik Kerb website and were contacted by [name removed] from Gawler Kwik Kerb in South Australia, www.kwikkerb.net.au/byss . Seemed a bit strange that they would send someone from an hour away rather than someone more local. After agreeing on a price Simon and Stuart attended our property a week later and started the job. The warning signs should have been there when they pulled the equipment out which looked like it hadn’t been used. Were we their first job, their test case? It was about half way through the job that we noticed the the errors in their work. The guys were laying the kerbing over unprepared ground. Blind Freddy could’ve seen that the kerbing was high and low in areas and not at all level. We brought this to their attention and they seemed to scratch their heads when looking at the irregularities in their work. They said they would try and fix it however after a few minutes deliberating this with my husband we decided to tell them to stop and let them go. If they had gotten this far through the job and not thought that it looked terrible then we didn’t know how they were going to fix it. Would this level of work been acceptable in their garden?

I logged a complaint with Kwik Kerb head office and they advised me that that Kwik Kerb doesn’t have franchisees rather licensees, so anyone can purchase the equipment, use the name of Kwik Kerb, and the photos on the website as their own work even if they haven't got a clue what they are doing. According to head office apparently there was a mis-communication about who was going to prepare the area, I don’t think so! If there was a mis-communication would you still lay it without consulting with the client? It wouldn't have taken much to speak to us before starting the job and mention the ground preparation. We would have been more than happy to pay them extra for preparing the ground, or we would have gone out and helped them prepare the ground. Poor excuse if you ask me. Kwik Kerb took no responsibility for the work performed by [name removed] and [name removed], which is a shame as looking at some of the other reviews there are great recommendations for other Kwik Kerb businesses.

So if you are thinking of using Kwik Kerb, check who you are getting, ask for addresses of previous works they have done so you cna see their work for yourselves, don't assume that their webpage is actually their work. We ended up employing a professional concreter to do the job so I would probably suggest this if you are concerned. I hope this helps others in making a decision on whether or not to use Kwik Kerb.

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Hi Kim I am sorry that you had a bad experience with the Kwik Kerb business owners at that time. I think that your advice to check any and all contractors work is important. We do offer training and support to all of our business owners; however sometimes problems do occur and we do try to find the best available solution possible.

Kwik Kerb - Hit and Miss

A number of years ago we had Kwik Kerb installed in our rear garden. A very professional job and it still looks good today. My daughter recently had Kwik Kerb Greenwith install edging into both her front and back gardens. The back is fine but the front is one of the worst examples I have seen. It is not level, the concrete is not finished properly and it looks not even second rate. After phone calls and messages to the contractor we got no joy. This was followed up with emails and phone calls to Kwik Kerb head office. While they tried, the contractors are franchisees, so they have no real power it seems to lean on them to rectify shoddy work. So we are stuck with it at the moment, however, it is a pity this operator does not share the same ethos as some of the others commented about in this review column.

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Hi Middy, I am sorry that you had a negative experience with the Kwik Kerb business owner in your area. I know it has been some time now, but I was looking back through our communication and the complaint that you made at the time and the photo of the one corner in question. I wrote to the operator after this communication, did they never come back to you to resolve the issue?

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Hi Wondering is it worth to buy Kwik kerb business What’s its future growth I am from Goldcoast
1 answer
Hi Rajat Great question! Kwik Kerb has been going from strength to strength as an Australian business for over 30 years. The Australian landscaping industry has grown to a combined $6 billion per year and Kwik Kerb has been growing along with that trend. People still want to improve and add value to their homes, you just need to look at all the home renovation shows on TV (The Block, House Rules, Flip or Flop and all the rest) to see the reason for that demand. Also concrete kerbing has many commercial applications such as car parks, service stations, schools, playgrounds, council park, golf courses and many more. The opportunities for Kwik Kerb are everywhere. Please do not hesitate to request some information through www.kwikkerb.com.au or call us on 1800 773 231.

I had a bad experience with kiwi curb from one operator and the best experience from another operator in Shepparton. The curb is like cheese and chalk one is all cracked in lots of spaces and the other has stood the test of time. I can't remember who did the second lot it was some time ago. So if you want curbing insist on checking at least three previous locations.
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Looking for good recommendations for a Kwik Kerb Operator in Canberra. Anyone had excellent service?
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