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Laser Clinics Australia - SA

Laser Clinics Australia - SA

4.0 from 25 reviews

Very happy and loyal customer!

Tracey Ballard is a lovely nurse. I had my lip fillers and botox done with her and she gave me the nice plump but natural look I was wanting. Getting injectables can be a scary experience but she made me feel very comfortable, and best of all I am so happy with the result. I have been getting my cosmetic enhancements and laser treatments through Marion Laser clinics in SA for years now and have never had a bad experience. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Store LocationMarion laser clinics Australia, Marion Westfield, Level 1
TreatmentsCosmetic Injections and Laser Hair Removal

Excellent treatment - Great staff

Ash provides a professional Microdermabrasion treatment. Lovely personality combined with expertise: you can’t go wrong. I keep going back as I feel I am getting great value with her effective treatment .

Store LocationLaser Clinic Marion

Great result

My adolescent child has had great results from only one Microdermabrasion treatment, with significantly less blemishes and clearer skin. He was made to feel comfortable in the clinic and the therapist Katelyn offered great advice for care of his skin at home.

Store LocationMarion

Couldn't recommend more!

Jo is a very lovely therapist with great customer service. Jo made me feel very comfortable and invited and was willing to help in anyway possible during my appointment. She took her time to ensure her treatment was thorough and to the best of her ability. I have already seen amazing results!

Store LocationMarion, Adelaide SA, 5046
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal

Best thing I have done for my skin

I am very happy with the skin treatments I have had, my skin fells softer, smoother and looks more even. My lovely therapist, Mikalee is well informed and makes me feel confident in the treatments she is doing. All the staff are kind and efficient. Definitely recommend.

Store LocationMarion
TreatmentsCosmetic Grade Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion and Skin Needling

Mel - West Lakes

The last few times I have visited Mel has been the person doing my laser treatment. She offers very good advice and is understanding of sensitive spots and my skin type. The sales are good at Laser Australia and skin products, easily Laser Aid are awesome. Thank you

Store LocationWest Lakes
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal

Excellent service and value for money

Mel was very friendly, gave excellent customer service and made me feel comfortable for my laser session. It was a great decision that i have made. The results were amazing.

Store LocationWestlakes store
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal

Excellent service and value for money

Tara was friendly, gave excellent customer service and made me feel comfortable for my laser session. All the girls I've encountered here have been fantastic. Always have great sales on!

Store LocationWestlakes
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal

Awesome results, awesome service

Having laser treatment was one of the best decisions I've made. The results are amazing!
For what could be an awkward experience, Bianca makes you feel very comfortable with her warm, friendly & professional mannerism. Have recomended her to a few of my friends.

Store LocationTea tree plaza
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal

Fabulous Experience

Casey at Tea Tree Plaza has been wonderful from the time she took at my consult to my first injectable experience, no pressure at all to have treatment and an honest assessment given. Excited to return for my next treatment!

Store LocationTea Tree Plaza
TreatmentsCosmetic Injections

customer service n laser treatments can’t live without it now

I am customer from 2 yrs now Love the customer service Westlake provides
Very clean and very professional
Staff is very helpful at all time
I am a happy and satisfied customer

Store LocationWestlakes
TreatmentsLaser Hair Removal


I’m Customer for over 3 years now and I don’t feel confident going back for any treatment any more. Last treatment done laser treatment pigment removal, after only 2 treatments they stop - explanation better to go with skin needling. I honestly try that last and this year, no good response on my face. Two pigment treatment and I can see great change on my face, but Laser clinic staff does not agree. They insist on needing. Soon I use my prepaid skin treatments I’m out of Laser Clinic.

Store LocationAdelaide CBD
TreatmentsCosmetic Grade Peels, Fractional RF, Laser Hair Removal and Laser Pigmentation Removal

Get you in and out with no smile and no respect

Purchased a calming package and went to do my first microdermabrasion yesterday at Rundle mall clinic. Everyone seemed depressed there. The receptionist didn't greet or smile. The girl who did my facial was kinda rush. No brief introduction about herself just went straight into the session. The whole session was fine but she wiped my face like she was wiping floor. After it was done, she wrote me a card for the next appointment with only dates and time but no details on what to be done. And still I haven't received any emails regarding my next appointment which were usually sent right after. Maybe she forgot like she forgot to give my glasses back after the facial yesterday. The customer service at this clinic seriously needs improvement. Compared to other clinics or spas I've been to previously, this is by far the worst.

Store LocationLaser clinic Rundle mall Adelaide
TreatmentsLED Light Therapy and Microdermabrasion

Laser clinics rundle mall /adelaide has gone down hill.

Laser clinics rundle mall /adelaide. The staff are rude and recently I was burnt from [name removed] ( [name removed] said the last staff member that treated me didnt know her levels but yet [name removed] burnt me) said she was the manager, when i rang up and asked to speak to the manager it wasnt [name removed]. The Manager is [name removed] that had no care in the world.
Ive been going for 2 years now and the last 2-3 Months its all new staff that have no idea what customer service is!!

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Hi Sarah, we'll be following this up, thank you.

IPL is the best!!

I have been to the West Lakes, SA store about 5-6 times over the past two years each time having a Brazilian and Underarm IPL treatment, I noticed the difference about a week after the first treatment, eventually after treatments I’d forget about it and the hair would start to grow back as usual but still after another treatment the differences were there and continued to improve. I have had my last treatment about 2 months ago and have only needed to shave my underarms ONCE as little baby hairs were coming through. I can not recommend this enough, the staff are always so cool and make you feel really comfortable in a very what should be uncomfortable situation. And at only $39 for both treatments each visit! I can’t argue with that. (Please note I have thick black hair, which I have been told is the perfect combination for the best results for these treatments)

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Thanks for the great review

Laser Hair Removal has been a saviour....

Emma with a W at West Lakes in South Australia, is lovely....have been happy with the way she does her treatments and has been very welcoming.

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Thanks for the great feedback!

Excellent treatment

I am so happy about the lazer treatment I received by Kara today. Also, Lauren (the injector) is not only skillful, but also nice and friendly. I am always happy when I see her. Overall, all the girls at the lazer clinic at Westfield Marion are friendly and skillful.
I defiantly recommend this clinic.


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Hi Leena, thank you for this great feedback. We're thrilled to hear you had a great experience. Cheers, LCA


I saw Lauren at Marion for wrinkle treatments she was extremely professional explained clearly what results I could expect and she did an amazing job I came out looking and feeling great ! I would not hesitate to recommend her she is an asset to that company Thanks heaps

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Hi lynda rose, thank you for your positive feedback which shows that you had a good experience :) We'll pass it onto Marion's clinic owners & team! Have a nice day :) Kind Regards, Team LCA.

Consultant was fantastic, treatment went well

Went to the West Lakes store. Had a fantastic consultant named Teagan. Was very patient with all my questions as I had had IPL before but didn't know the difference between IPL and laser. She also used a very systematic approach that saved time and ensured that as many hairs as possible were zapped. All the while, even though she was busy doing the treatment, the consultant was really friendly and kept a good convo going. Even though this was just a touch up treatment for me, I would definitely return if necessary and highly recommend to others.

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Hi bounc3, thank you for your lovely message! Customer service and treatment satisfaction are extremely important to us here at Laser Clinics Australia. Thank you for your positive feedback which shows that you had an amazing experience. See you soon & Have a nice day! Kind Regards, Team LCA.

Do not get injectables here

Went into laser clinic in ttp Adelaide to get my top up of botox which I had done somewhere else 1 year ago. I was attracted my the lower price at roughly $15 per unit of botox on their website.

I said verbally and filled out in my consultation that I have had 15 units of botox done somewhere else 1 year ago. I said I would like the same done in between my eyebrows (11's).
So the nurse quotes me for roughly $190 (wow I'm thinking gee...that's alot cheaper I paid $300 at the other place).
And I was thinking how much extra would it be to do my forehead too? And she works out that it will be $256. So I think yeah why not?

So she picks up her ipad and skypes someone during my consult and says that its a doctor she's talking to via skype to get a prescription for the medicine then she can go ahead with the injecting. She assures me she's a fully trained nurse. While waiting for the doctor to pick up she types in my client form into the computer and makes me sign the form which I do. So the doctor still isn't picking up she goes that the doctor is very busy and that she takes care of 50 somethink clients Australia wide. Finally the doctor picks up so she's chatting to the doctor and says 'my client here has had it done before, she's taking no medication apart from the contraceptive pill and she has no questions'.
I hear the doctor said 'yes all good'.
She makes me frown and draws dots with a white pencil where the injection will go. So it's done...she's holding gauze over where I spot bleed. I walk out pay my $256 and the girl out front puts my payment through, hands me a receipt I shove it in my handbag and walk out feeling great.

So I go home take my shopping out my bag and find my receipt. I read it. It says I paid for 65x units of dysport!!! I'm confused I just had botox not dysport. So I google dysport and its the competitive product to botox and it's cheaper. I am so furious. So they injected a different product into me when I specifically ask for botox. I am annoyed. I also have a massive headache from the injection.

So day 2 to 3, I still have a headache. I have what looks like swelling the size of a 10cent piece on top of both my eyebrows and random swelling (that look like huge mosquito bites) so I research what it is cos I didn't get this reaction done with botox. I also have 6x pea sized purple/red bruises over that swelling where the needle went in.

Day 3-4 I still have a headache I notice the bruising is starting to go away and I'm not caking on so much concealer. I also notice the dysport kicking in. I also have droopy eyelids (they look lazy) and weird looking eyebrows. I went to the doctor and it turns out that dysport if not injected by an experienced technician travels. In my case it travelled half way down my nose and froze that way. It pulled my beginning of my eyebrows downwards and now the top of my nose won't move. Even if I try too. And also when I have any expression at all happy sad or angry my head muscles pull the higher points of eyebrows up and the dysport froze my nose and beginning of my eyebrows down. I look like I've had a BAD facelift and like I have a permanent 'joker' look.

Day 7 I still have a headache, bruising gone swelling is going down and have a joker face.

So I am really annoyed after a full consultation and forms filled and signed by my me that I didn't get the product that I wanted injected into me. If I knew this I would have said I preferred botox as I was happy botox. I am also unhappy that I have a joker face for the next 3+ months until it wears off. I did not even call the stupid clinic as since I've been reading online reviews of how crap you guys are with injectables and there is nothing I can do about my joker face until the dysport wears off. I will never go back your stores again.

Please DO NOT go here for injectables.

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Hi En Nuwen, thank you for letting us know. We're sorry to hear about your experience. Customer service and treatment satisfaction are extremely important to us here at Laser Clinics Australia. We'll send you a private message, so that we can discuss further and solve this issue. Kind Regards, Team LCA.

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