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Latitude Financial Car Loans

Latitude Financial Car Loans

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Ripped us off

They told me they could pay of my existing car loan and add that amount to the new car loan so we would only have one low loan to pay of. Now we have to high loans to pay of and she said the repayments would be less then my old one technically they are more and the same interest rate which she said was going to also be lower then our original loan which it isn't. Then when I called she flat out lied to me saying she never said any of what she told me.

Car loan with better rates than Banks

Easy to apply and finalize , very helpful people, great very competitive interest rate with a variety of ways to repay,prompt settlement

Fast and efficient loan turnover

I had great customer service fromLatitude and excellent all round loan experience. Buying a car and borrowing money can be time consuming and frustrating but the people at Latitude were professional and helpful.

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Thank you for your review Sue! We are glad you had a positive experience with our applications team. Regards, Jane

Expensive, admin charges, high interest rates, you can do better else where.

The service is great but that's not the problem. The TV add states you can do better. Well I found out you can, but not with latitude. For starters 8.4% on a car loan is ok but you can get it cheaper else where I found one at 7.19%. Latitude charges admin fees and an upfront fee. The other institution charged nothing. No Admin fee, no one off upfront fee, no penalty fee. So when you advertise you can do better it's not the truth. So based on a advert you might go ahead and get a loan application only to find out...it's not that good. I will say this though they are fast, very fast approval I got mine in less than 30 minutes. Impressive I think but still expensive. In conclusion great service, fast outcome and good customer service.

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We appreciate your feedback in regards to our ad and we'll pass that on for you. Glad to hear that you liked our service! Regards, Malinda

Poor Customer Service

Applied online for Car Loan after 2 weeks of not hearing anything decided to call to see why no one had called was advised someone would call back after another 2wks still waiting for someone to call.
When i called the customer service rep was rude, arrogant and unhelpful.

Bunch of morons

3 days of back and forward with them, everyday was told this is what we need to finalize 50 months interest free with harvey norman! When they were given info would say we need some more info even thou they had more than enough info! So after wasting my time i cancelled application! Funny how i was able to get a car loan with info latitude had with another lender but couldn't get 50 months interest free! Maybe 50 interest free is a gimmick or latitude may be best served leaving Australian market as they don't understand aussies or a better deal as they suggest! To much money spent on celebs to do ads and a b grade celeb at best!!!

Very poor customer servicing

The worest financial institute ever , they offered me a very high interest rate 16.99 for a car loan which should not, when i insisted to talk to someone that can explain the reasons they put me through different departement and no one answering my call, i raised a complain but no one replied i called again several times and still being circulated from office to office With no reply
I dont recommend this company to anyone , they are really terrible to deal with !!!!!!!!!

The worst option

Unfortunately my Go MasterCard was taken over by Latitude and despite being ahead in my payments, Latitude have closed my Go Mastercard. I was alerted to this only when I tried to use my card!! Very poor form Latitude.
I also had an existing car loan with latitude and there have been countless errors along the way. They called me out of the blue and told me they had underquoted me on my repayments and then sold my debt to a debt collector. I received a knock at the door when a repo guy tried to take my car!!! I called latitude and they told they had made a mistake!! Every day I regret dealing with this company. Don’t make the same mistake.

Don’t let them make your life measurable

I have applied for a car loan based on tv advertising for Carsales website and just made an Enquiry, one of latitude staff done a credit Enquiry on my credit file for 6k and for two week I have heard nothing except an Veda security alert in my email box.
I have tried for two days to call them up and get some update on my application but always been transferred between different staff and after long time they have told me you have no application here, then I sent them my Veda security alert email and asked them if I don’t have an application why you did the Enquiry on my credit file and they had no clue.
in the last conversation a lady named [name removed] called me and she said your application been declined and when I wanted to ask her the reason she hanged up on me.
This was my worst experience ever.

Just plain RUDE

I've been a customer of GEMoney for more than ten years.
I applied online 4 days ago for a small car loan and received an email immediately saying I would be assessed and contacted within one business day. FOUR business days later, I called today and was transferred around and finally [name removed] deigned to speak with me. I explained no one had contacted me back and she said that someone would have called. I explained that no one had and she asked if I had received a text. By the time I explained for the third time that NO ONE had contacted me, she was quite brusque and I don't do 'condescending' so I advised that I wasn't happy with her attitude toward me and would call back to speak with someone else later. I have since read the complaints on here and whilst I realise that I am not alone - I won't be calling back to Latitude.

No Compassion

I am an old customer of GE with two loans transferred to Latitude. I have since paid off the car loan in full & have 15 months left on a PL.(never missed a payment in 7 years) I asked for a payment deferral for Oct to pay double the following month (Nov 16) due to a personal endeavour. They did not care of the circumstances and said I would be issued with a late fee (fair enough) but also a credit default. With these words from 3 people (and with what I had just been through) it pushed me over the edge. If this is how they treat GOOD customers - How do they treat the bad payers?

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